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Debunking Bunker Command
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Date: 05/17/99 12:05
Game Type: Starcraft
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Bunker Command II BR and Strategies

I have been addicted to Bunker Command II since it came out. The games are short, intense, and fun. Perfect for me, since I can only steal 15 to 20 minutes at a time to play SC.

I (playing under my ChemicalYouth nick) joined a game and the creator says TVB. “WTF? No bunker command is a FFA game,” I chat. There are 5 of us. We lose one coming in. Again I get this TVB message in game. I ignore it and do my standard opening, which is to kill my own bunker and hope I pop up somewhere either in the middle of everything or far away from the action. Often you catch units in transition and you stim fire right into their backs. If you are far away you can go rack up some kills with little regard to your own bunker, and then fortify/attack with your reinforcements. There is no penalty for killing your own bunker.

I played for awhile and had exchanges with red, then I noticed that I had purple’s vision. So I do ally with him and saw him attacking red also. At this point red is almost 5000 points ahead of the pack, with his partner, yellow, severely in last place. I tell purple to start attacking yellow since he had the lowest score. I explained that the more we attack red, the more points red will get. Many people don’t understand this about bunker command or BC II; you want to avoid attacking the leader if you can especially if he is far, far ahead. If the leader is about to win, you don’t want to walk the winning points right up to his forces. So often people let their emotions take over and they attack the player who is winning. That player just sits there and lets the points come to him; he doesn’t even have to work that hard for them.

Anyway, I continue, and my ally has established a fortified position at the bottom of the map. My philosophy in Bunker command is if you do not have enough units to hurt the enemy, then get a fresh start. Either 1.) suicide your units or 2.) kill your own bunker. I would only suicide your own units in certain situations because they are worth points and you are just giving them away. The marines are cost effective to suicide, but beyond that, raze your own bunker unless you are unable or if you need some recon. Face it, 2 zeals and an observer is rather pedestrian compared to 10 marines and a firebat with stim. The opening set of units is one of the best all around attacks in the game. First of all the units are so cheap’o that the opponent does not score many points for killing them. Secondly, they really shell out a good amount of damage in a hurry and can be used to quickly gain points against high level units.

People think this game is about bunkers; killing them and defending them. It isn’t! This game is about units and killing the most high level units and then getting as many bunkers as you can along the way. The high level units are worth more points.

I hardly ever protect my bunker, and if I do it is with a lurker or tank or maybe a templar. The point is, if you have lost most of your force, get a new one. You will do more damage more quickly by getting a fresh set of units. Look at it this way, if what you currently have will not kill 10 stimmed marines, then kill your own bunker. As you frag your own bunker, send your observer out to gather some recon so you will know where the opponent is when you re-spawn.

My partner probably thought I was crazy as many times as he saw me kill myself. In the end, I pulled away and won by over 7000 points. Look at these stats:


Notice I respawned 16 times, but was only razed 7 times, and a few of them were by my own hand. I respawned 9 times due to running out of units. If you lose all your units, then no one can get the bunker points. The other players in this game usually only re-spawned after they lost their bunker.


The number of units produced as far more than anyone else due to the number of times I respawned. My red opponent killed more units than I did; he also lost fewer units.

Red killed more units AND he razed more bunkers than me. Hmmm, how did I win then?

The unit kills he racked up were a lot of low level marines. The unit kills I racked up were broodlinged defilers, Irradiated ultralisks, MCed BCs, etc.. These game summaries prove that bunker command is all about attacking as often and as quickly as possible and killing more high level units. Most players would assume the player with the most razed bunkers and the most unit kills would win the game. This is simply not the way bunker command plays. This game was not even close. I started offering GGs with 2500 pts to go.

Tips and Tactics

1.) The opening set of units. 10 stimmed marines and a stimmed firebat are a very good attack force. As I said before, the units are low level so not very valuable to kill, but their ability to quickly wipe out a templar, defiler, DTs, etc… is awesome. Kill higher level units for bigger points. Also, you will often lose your marines just as they do enough damage to gain reinforcements; nothing as cool as re-spawning and then immediately getting reinforcements.
2.) The de-matrixed Infested terran. You usually get a science vessel with your infested terran. Make use of it. The IT can instantly kill the bunker and all the units all around it. This is probably the biggest pay off attack in the game; He goes alone. In fact I usually send him to a known enemy bunker while I attack with something else in another direction.
3.) Dematrixed Ultralisks, Dematrixed Battle Cruiser, Dematrixed DTs, see a pattern here.
4.) Irradiate runs. Use the science vessel to kill defilers, ultralisks, etc.. those high level units rack up more points.
5.) Queens seem to be used a lot for recon. They are good for that but better to go out and broodling any thing possible. Tanks, Templar, Ultralisks, etc.. You get the picture.
6.) Hydralisks and Medics. This is a great attack especially if you have a few zealots or marines to mix in. You can do a substantial amount of damage very quickly, when you have healing medics. If you are facing a medic combination, kills the 2 medics first.
7.) Full scale bunker assaults. You really only want to target the bunker first if the opponent doesn’t have units to defend or if there are too many good units to survive the battle. Use the BC’s Yamato and a combination of other forces to rack up a quick bunker kill. Use a dematrixed defiler to get plague off over the bunker. Surgical strikes on bunkers should be used when an opponent becomes very powerful, this will reset him, and hopefully you will not lose many of your good units trying to take it out.
8.) When left with units that can not attack structures, (Science vessels, Templar, and Queens) go use their special attack to get some points. When out of energy suicide them, so you can get a new set of marines. That is a lot better than waiting for mana to charge while everyone else is scoring points.
9.) Mind Control. I love it so much I often merge the 2 DTs you get just to have another DA. MC an opponent’s BC and SV and then dematrix the BC, Yamato and irradiate. This is a huge swing in points and you gain the units, and can most likely take down the bunker after the Yamato.
10.) If your bunker is on fire and will burn out, kill it yourself. This keeps the opponent that last attacked you from getting the bunker points. I have seen many players get plagued and just let the bunker burn out. The player that plagued gets those points whenever that bunker falls, so you might as well kill it yourself to prevent the opponent from getting those easy points.
11.) When in doubt, frag your own bunker. If you are not attacking then your are losing. Sitting at your base with 2 Goliaths isn’t going to stop anyone from killing you and you will not get too many points out of them unless you are attacked with flying units. Turn then on yourself. Same with that lone tank or lurker you left defending. What are the odds of moving a lone lurker or tank into position to kill more units then they are worth? Not very good, Give you self a fighting chance with a fresh set of marines.

Please add any additional comments, tips, or tactics.

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