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Stress Test
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Date: 09/02/99 12:09
Game Type: Starcraft
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Report Rating: 8.5, # of Ratings: 4, Max: 9, Min: 8
Lifetime Rating for Fractal_Wave: 8.2537

Welcome to the Dire Straights Stress Testing Facility. Please enter your Vital Statistics:
... ...

Thank you. Is the following information correct?

Vital Statistics:

The Map: Dire Straights
The Testees
Fractal_Wave: Selects White Terran, Bottom Left
Chagol: Selects Teal Terran, Top Left.

Excellent. Testing Facility activating.

You may proceed. Good Luck

Fractal begins the test with a Stress Level of 0. He begins with an odd build order, building 10 SCVS, then another Command Center, a supply depot, a refinery, and then an Engineering Bay for scouting. Finally, he begins a barracks and lands his command center at the 9:00 expansion spot, just above his base. An Acadamy and an refinery at the expansion soon follow.

Fractal's E.Bay moves north, and finds Chagol in Top-Left. The worst possible place: Directly above the expansion at 9:00. To make matters worse, Fractal is shocked to see twin goliaths blasting Hellfire missiles at his Engineering Bay! The Engineering Bay attempts to flee...but is reduced to ashes by the goliaths.

Fractal's Stress Level is at 2

Back home, Fractal constructs his own Factory and then twin Starports. His original plan was for hard wraiths, and although wraiths are goliath fodder, Chagol shows no sign of detection. Cloaking may save the day here. A Control Tower is added to the first starport, and cloaking is researched.

Fractal's Comsat reaveals a Starport with its Control Tower being added. Dropships are on the way. A Barracks and protective bunker are produced at Fractal's 9:00 expansion.

But not fast enough.

Chagol drops 2 dropships of 1/1 goliaths on Fractal's expansion and rip it to shreds. And the Charon-Boosted goliaths blow the living heck out of the flying barracks and Command Center. However, they leave Fractal's refinery alive for some reason, so he retains vision on that island.

Fractal's Stress Level is at 5

The first of two wraiths pop out of the white Starports and cruise the map looking for possible Chagol expansions. And they find one at the 12:00 spot. Chagol is trying to missile turret himself in. The wraiths attack the building scvs, but a missile turret comes online and the wraiths are blown away.

Fractal's stress level is at 8.

Obviously, this expansion cannot be allowed to live. Two seige tanks are dispatched in a dropship to remove it.

Chagol's Command Center is removed by Arclite rounds, but then the cavalry arrives in the form of that same 8 goliaths. Chagol drops them almost on top of the seige tanks, and Fractal's strike team is annihilated.

Fractal's Stress Level is at 11. On a scale of 10.

A few token wraiths are dispatched by 2/2 goliaths with comsat. Fractal's panicing.

Changing Gears

Obviously, wraiths are not the best thing here. Chagol's Goliaths will own anything in the air.

Fractal builds another CC to float, lays down a 2nd Factory and Machine shop, another barracks and a 3rd Starport. A more balanced attack than pure wraiths is needed here.

Specifically, a tank push. A comsat reavealed that unlike Fractal, Chagol has no marines patrolling his island to spot any drops.

But he does have those two dropships of goliaths. In preparation of the inevitable drop on his peon line, Fractal constructs two bunkers and places a seige tank in the peon line.

As Fractal's first dropship loads up with two seige tanks, Chagol drops 8 goliaths behind his enemy's refinery. Fractal drops his two seige tanks, seiges them, and beging laying waste to the goliaths. Chagol targets SCVs and rips through them really quite quickly. As the dust clears, about 1/2 of Fractal's SCVs are dead.

Fractal's Stress Level is at 13

The tank push is being readied, and Fractal's new CC is pumping scvs on the 6:00 island with 3 wraiths as cover. Then three teal Valkyries blast over the island and send the wraiths to the great Startport in the sky. Missile turrets are quickly constructed to remove the offending valks, and a factory is built there for tanks.

Fractal is praying that his tank push will land before the goliaths land on his new expansion.

As the 4-tank, 2 scv, 6 marines push is en route to the north end of Chagol's main island, Fractal notices somethig highly amusing. Chagol is expanding to the 9:00 island, where Fractal had his original expansion. And Fractal still had a refinery there. Now Chagol's SCVs are doing there best to remove it after missile turreting the island up.

This calls for retribution. Nobody kills Fractal's refineries. A spare dropship is loaded up with a goliath, two marines and a tank. Fractal moves it slowly along the edge of the map to avoid any missile turrets.

At the North-East end of Chagol's main island, a tank push is getting under way. Two bunker go up, with three marines in each. Two missile turrets go up, and the four 2/1 tanks seige up. The outlying one begins pounding on a supply depot. Just enough to let Chagol know that Fractal's there. Soon, the dropships of Goliaths that were meant for Fractal's 6:00 base are dropped on top of the push...but they prove to be no match for four tanks and six annoyed marines.

At the same time, Fractal's other dropship unloads it's payload on the west end of the 9:00 expansion. The tank seiges up, the marines stim up and the goliath opens up on the command center.


Fractal's Stress Level is at 0

End Stress Test. Elapsed time is 22:31. Thank you, and have a Nice Day.


I know this game wasn't really anything special, but I wanted to write it up for a few reasons.
#1.) Double Terran on Dire is a really neat game
#2.) Both me and Chagol did rather strange stratagies: A fast CC float and hard goliaths arn't the most usual maneauvers.
#3.) I was panicing after Chagol took down my expansion but kept his. This game was closer than it sounds. I switched to tanks just in time.
#4.) The timing was really important: My tank push started just as the dropships of goliaths was en route for my new expansion.
#5.) Likewise the recon: I had patrolling marines covering my island to avoid any dropped tank pushes. If Chagol had done the same with Goliaths, we could still be playing.

Anywho, on to the real lessons!

#1.) Goliaths OWN air. Any air. Live in fear of them.
#2.) Floating CCs are incredibly useful. That early resource advantage I had was ~very~ key.
#2.)a. One of these days I will expand AWAY from my enemy #3.) It's very key to be able to switch tactics on the fly. Once I saw the hard goliaths, I should have IMIDIATLY gone to seige tanks. And by the same coin, Chagol should have switched to tanks + wraiths once he saw my tanks.
#4.) Playing certain races on the wrong maps is fun. Try playing Zerg on Showdown. Now THAT's hard.
#5.) Chagol, you should try using goliaths instead of missile turrets on your islands. At least they can move. And seige tanks are a must for any terran.
#5.)a Good game man
#6.) Chagol = Charoned Goliath. But i didn't learn that until after the game.

Hope you liked it, & Thanks again Mark
All the best,
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