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Ultra Rush!!
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Date: 07/26/99 06:07
Game Type: Starcraft
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Lifetime Rating for [FLS]prozerran: 9.0833

Map: Rivalry
Me: Zerg at top right
Opp:Terran at bottom right


Well as many of you know how BNet can split so bad that you can hear your conversation over and over again after you relog, I gave up my hope logging onto BNet after my 4958th attempt this Saturday afternoon. I tried my luck on the GX-server and boom I got on with my automatic 10 wins! =] I desperately yelled out to everyone there for a 1v1 game and finally some guy named Rukulus (something like that =P) agreed to play me. Well surprisingly I picked Rivalry :P and wait for him to join. Well he did and I found his freaky record of 53-3-0 and figured I'd be dead quick. We both went random, and I drew zerg on top right and him terran on bottom right.

Early build

At first things went well. I hatched drones up to 9 and when I got enough cash I double hatch at my choke. I proceeded to make an overlord then another drone. But not until I got my 14th drone his SCV came in to scout and we did a little run and chase game until I found out I forgot to make a spawning pool!! "Ops!" bang at my head and immediately laid down the pool at the corner of my creep and started an extractor later. My scouting drone finally found his position, but 3 marines standing at his choke stopped the poor thing without even taking a glimpse inside his base. After my pool was finally (?!!) done I gathered around 50 gas and quickly made 8 zerglings and sent 2 below his choke. I also started a lair and continue to morph more drones to mine.

First conflict!

The poor little mini-dog zerglings were quickly dispatched at his natural by a squad of 10 marines followed by 2 scv and 2 medics. Seeing this precaution I quickly morphed two sunkens at my ramp and also morph a hydra den as the lair is half done. I was hoping to grab the juice of lurkers to deal with the strong terran infantry as soon as possible. About 30 seconds later this squad arrived and one marine was sent to my ramp to test my defense. Now of course it was almost instantly killed by the sunkens and he decided to switch to containment. He took a scan and found my finished lair and Den, thus he quickly put up a turret and began a bunker below my ramp soon. I was sweating until my 5 lurkers finally morphed when the offensive bunker was half done. Using my original zerglings as a bait, my 5 lurkers were able to shred all the marines and a newly arrived tank with the loss of one lurker and my zerglings.

Fate of lurkers

After decimating the threat at my front door I decided to move the battlefield to his base! Commanding my newly hatched zerglings and lurkers I attempted to run past his defense and went for his mineral line! Unfortunately, the terran commander was no newbie, and his choke was fortified with a squad of marines and a tank, along with a turret. Only one lurker survived after running past the choke, but badly damaged. As it burrowed in his mineral line, the stimmed marine caught the badass and a pile of blood was poured onto the ground followed by a swift com-sat.

At this point 3 more lurkers were morphed and I started another hatchery at my main. I sent the lurkers to his natural expansion at 3 different spots and figured that com-sat alone would not help the terrans to break out quickly. 2 drones were sent to the 12 o'clock and 3 o'clock position for expansions, and my hatches at my main were pumping drones like a madman without much troops.

Breaking out!

My lair was soon mutated to a hive, and I planted my Ultralisk Cavern and Defiler Mound at far corner of my ramp. When my 2 expansions were fully operating (via the infamous maynard transfer =) the terrans finally got a Sci-Vessel to detect my lurkers. Along with that a small squad of wraiths were sent to drive away the lurkers! One lurker was blown up by tanks, and the other fled away from the wraiths. The 3rd lurker escaped to the 6 o'clock direction and burrowed there to watch for expansion attempt. After breaking out of the containment, he quickly gather a large group of m&m along with 2 tanks, one Sci-vessel and several wraiths, and went after my 3 o'clock expansion which was guarded by only 2 sunkens, several zerglings, and a spore.

With the superior range of his siege tanks, he defeated my sunkens with complete impunity, and the remaining marines destroyed everything else on the creep. I retreated all my drones to my natural expansion which I established during his attack. At this point, my troop count was merely 10 hydras and 30 zerglings. Fortunately he decided to switch to containment mode by sieging the 3 o'clock expansion instead of attack me. He was clearly attempting to expand there too.


After finishing the armor and speed upgrade for my ultralisk, consume for defiler, and speed and adrenal upgrades for cracklings, I pumped ultralisks, cracklings, and hydras from 7 hatcheries and ran 3 ultralisks, 20 cracklings and a defiler to his natural expansion from the left side of the map, hoping to tick off his offenses on the right. Nonetheless his growing squad of wraiths (now around 12) found my slow-ass defiler and quickly killed the "underused" zerg mage ( =] ) and some defenseless cracklings. "OMFG" he yelled when he saw my ultralisks running to his natural! =] His wraiths were doing 0.01 damage to my ultras every hour! =P Anyways, this alarm gave him enough time to retreat his offensive forces just when my ultralisks and remaining cracklings destroyed his defenses at natural, which consisted of 2 tanks and a bunker and a turret. I lost my ultras and lings to the reinforcing squad of marines, firebat, wraiths and tanks, but not before his CC was flaming with merely 200 hp. I was looking across the entire map to look for a queen to infest the CC for the kick, but unfortunately I forgot to build any. =[

Wraith Harassment

I figured that I'm having the upper hand now, since I got 2 more expansions then he does, and my main was dried (so I guess his was dried too!). I guessed that he would take on a defensive role now to build up, and so I expand like crazy at 11, 3 and 11's natural at the same time. However, I never got the chance to mine them fully, as his scouting wraiths kept killing my undefended drones out of range of a spore. I'd never research speed or range for my hydras since I didn't think I'll use them for offense. Numerous undefended overlords were killed when they were scouting in the middle of the map too! However, their attempt at 12 were driven away by a nice lucky plague that got all of his wraiths. Anyways, only my 11 o'clock expansion was fully operating, as well as my original 12 and natural expansion. I rallied all my new ultralisks, cracklings, and more lurkers to 12, hoping to dodge the frequent recon via the mighty com-sat.

Mighty Ultralisks! (Grraarrrr!!!)

After fully established his defenses in his natural again, the terran attempted to expand at 6, only to be found by a silent lurker, which killed 3 scv's trying to build a CC there until he noticed my lurker there. =] His wraiths were quickly sent to kill the lurker, but noticing this golden chance to attack, I faked an offensive by sending 12 cracklings and 10 hydras from the right towards his natural, and sent in a large force of 10 2/2 ultras, 24 cracklings, and 6 lurkers along with 5 defilers from the left. My forced arrived just when he started his command center, and crushed into his natural, yet to face about 30 marines with 10 firebats, and 8 tanks with 12 wraiths from the sky. Again, 2 of my defilers were killed rather quickly by the wraiths, but my others made it to the battle field and cast darkswarm all over. Consume is a wonderful thing. =] More ultralisks and cracklings from hell were sent from hell towards his natural expansion, and he declared a pleasant "GG and go fuck these gay ultras." =]

Lessons learned:
  • Ultralisks with cracklings and lurkers under darkswarm negated the ultimate zerg doom: m&m and SV
  • Wraiths with SV are wonderful things to kill lurker containment fairly quickly. They also make good overlord hunting, gunned down zerg mages (queens and defiler) quickly. Their worst enemy, namely the hydralisks and mutas, are easily repelled by marines.
  • May be this is stupid, but if you decided to take on a defensive role in the beginning, do not build defensive structures until you know they are coming. A scouting zergling, marine, or a probe would do the job easily.
  • Build your key buildings at other safe places away from your main is a good way to confuse your opponent's recon.
  • heh, use defiler fools!

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