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"I thought you got captured by evil pokemon and jammed in one of those little balls or something.


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Date: 01/19/13 11:01
Game Type: Other
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Hello Everyone,

It has been approximately twelve years since I actively contributed to this site.  I very rarely check in, but when I do, it is clear that the site has transitioned to an archival system for some of the most creative minds that played the game of Starcarft (among other things).  I have accomplished the normal things associated with growing up including marriage, children, career, etc.  My life is very different now and coming to this site has a similar affect to passing a fondly remembered high school sweetheart on the opposite side of Main street.  It is a bittersweet feeling knowing you had something special that can never be replaced but also was not meant to last.  

There was this strange synergy in writing about the game of Starcraft that became a game unto itself with all the trappings of one-upmanship and ego that at the same time provided outlets for significant creativity and innovation.  Bottom line, it was a well-developed site.  The man who deserves the most credit for what happened here is Johnny Vegas.  There was certainly an element of being in the right place at the right time, but his execution was amazing.  I know he went through some rough times to keep this thing running and it certainly was no cash cow.  Yet it was always there and it continued to be an open, self-policing environment that allowed many unique personalities to express themselves with the good, the bad, and the ugly.  When I go back and read some of the absolutely horrific submissions from myself (I'm looking at you hack killer and lesbian porn) it is not hard for me to imagine a scenario where I am banned from contributing.  Johnny's system was, let the community decide the worth of the contribution.  If you sucked, you would be told so... repeatedly.  Seriously Johnny, this place was amazing.  You have a lot to be proud of here.  And by the way, your battlereports weren't half bad... ;)

I remember coming to this site in late '99 and being inspired by the original contributors. I read them all and now understand it was their efforts that laid out templates so that the many who came after could try their hands.  YRM and Cattlebruisers efforts brought Starcraft games to life with innovative graphic design.  Mark4's gritty reality reports told a story through words that often left pictures as an afterthought.  Praetor was bar none the best writer on the site and opened up the controversial "fan fic" genre.  Heartcutter brought people to the site with strategy heavy reporting that generated traffic from folks wanting to learn to play the game better.

Most of the greats to follow fell into one of these genres (well... all except Jamellan). There were so many that a full post mortem of the site is probably impossible at this point.  There was quality material coming in on a daily basis cataloging countless struggles between Terran and Protoss and Zerg.  However, for me a few of the most talented included BobtheNewt, Nobody, Jamellan, [FLS]Prozerran, Dr.Zhivago, WilliamWC3, and DrAwesome.  But it is so unfair to make this list because looking at it, I know there are many others out there worth mentioning.  Fortunately this site has excellent archival features and it is not hard to find good reports from any of the site's best authors.  Besides, the point to this post isn't really to give a shout out to any contributor who ever submitted a gold report.  So what is the point?

The front page to a website matters.  I check the front page now and it is impossible to look at it and truly understand what this site once was.  For me, something should be here that calls attention to what this used to mean for so many people.  And so here it is, my weak attempt to capture that.  For those of you who occasionally check in just to see "what happened to the site," you now get my all-in-one hello/good-bye/thank you/apology

  • Hello to those of you who have come back to check-in after a long absence.  It was a great run!
  • Good-bye to those of you who read, commented, submitted, and then moved on never to look back.
  • Thank you to everyone who ever read and posted a comment on one of my personal submissions.  Seriously, that was so cool.
  • And please accept my heartfelt apology for being a sanctimonious asshole, a hypocrite, and an attention seeking whore.

I wish you all my best and I hope this site lives on for all eternity.


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