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your run-of-the-mill(ionth) time sc report
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Date: 02/27/11 11:02
Game Type: Starcraft
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first? ok thats good size.

its been about 6 years since i last posted a BR about LOTR, and after having recently had 3 inexplicably intertwined events (my computer formatted, me looking at my dusty pile of CD's and finding starcraft) have led me to write this, my very first real attempt to write a report. and of course, since this is indeed my first attempt, i will be using the same ol' formats ive watched from all your other reports, so dont expect anything new. in fact, dont expect anything (except a report).

Well, as an arguably famous black person once said, "here goes nothing"...

Part 1: the setup.-

(oh snap i got a problem)

apparently i cant copy/paste the pics onto photobucket because whenever i print screen it just creates a .pcx file that i cant read with paint. stupid outdated thing. anyway, if i can get an email ill send the pics to you and you can upload them onto this. i say this because i think it was the admin that i sent the pics from my last report to and he pasted them onto it. well hopefully this wont take long.

...ok so heres what im gonna do: ill write it as if you could already see the pictures. im very sorry. if you dont want to read on right now i suggest you wait for the pics to be fixed.


so i am blue (terran) playing against purple (zerg) on this map called LSC-python. why its called like that i dont know, but it looks like a standard mp map. its a 1v1 game and there was no previous talk about no rushing or whatnot, so basically anything goes.


the map is a nice little symmetrical area, with expansions on all the corners of the map as well as another expansion thats only reachable by air.

my strategy is simple: use infantry exclusively by building 2 barracks and focusing on marines, leaving my vespene on zero for a while until i get my first 6 marines out. after getting no rush whatsoever i begin to wonder if he has chosen to expand. by mere chance i happen to find and destroy a single drone that had gone north to expand there, but this only makes me fear him more as i fear he might have a few more drones scattered around.


after scattering my 6 marines all over the place, 3 of my marines get ambushed by an enemy scouting party of 11 zerglings (odd, where is the other one?) and get anihilated. thankfully, i have also been gathering my forces, and 17 marines along with 2 firebats rush to his base access ramp to block them off. after gathering my scouts i march right onto his zerglings, which end up getting anihilated with few losses to my men.


this was clearly a mistake. he expanded onto his side expansion and held it with only zerglings, losing valuable resources in the process. however, he has sunken colonies right inside his main base, and i lose my 2nd firebat there. i however feel confident at this point. if i can stop his expansion efforts i can win in the long run. while all of this was happening i began to rush battlecruisers as well as siege tanks, despite the process being slow due to my lack of vespene gas.

9 minute mark:

BLUE: 1402 minerals, 251 gas

PURPLE: 152 minerals, 1251 gas

so ok we have gone different paths it seems, though im not suprised on retrospect as he had lost a hatchery and the zerglings, while my losses were still 5 marines and 2 firebats.


a force of 8 more marines joins the blockade of his main while i begin an expansion at 9 o' clock to fuel my war machine so i can produce those damn carriers. up until the 12 minutes mark all that happens is i lose a marine due to scouting his main and he loses an overlord to 2 of my wraits, which i have made mostly to scout and harass rather than outright fight him.


however the rines hit the fan at 12:15, when a force of 12 hydralisks tear through my marines, who only fight the battle on small parts due to them being scattered, and end up getting butchered by the hydras, while he only loses 4 i lose 8 marines and i call a retreat back south to my main, where i just manage to set on the edge of my base 2 siege tanks ready to kill the interlopers, however they retreat shortly out of range and pull back. the second battle and i can say it was a tactical defeat. i now have a fully functional expansion though, so its not a big problem.

for the next five minutes i muster 16 marines, a science vessel (which was good for nothing. i had forgotten after all these years that they dont have those hiding under the ground mobile sunken colony guys from the expansion. meh, i can still d matrix the rines) and 3 siege tanks with deploying capacity. as i am about to march onto his main i get the message:


expansion under attack! shiiit. i manage to get the command center flying north safe from his hydras, but the scv's and the barracks are gone. when i get there i find the place empty but luckily as a backup plan i dismount my siege tanks on a neat line and lo and behold if i dont find the hydralisks hiding right on the corner of the expansion. a battle ensues where i lose 6 marines and he loses all 9 hydras. revenge is truly great.


18 minute mark:

BLUE: 973/945

PURPLE: 135/3030

what the hell? he clearly seems to either be using his minerals as he gets them but his gas reserves will definitely last him some time.

well since the last battle and after getting an additional siege tank and a few more marines i prepare to lay siege to his main once again, only to find that purp is a busy little bee.


he has fortified his lower base with sunkens, but thats nothing that a little siege mode cant fix. in the next 3 minutes i sweep his defenses killing 3 hydras and 3 sunkens before i send the infantry in and kill his hatchery. another tactical win for my men.

also finally i get some reinforcements...


3 flaming sparky battlecruisers arrive from my starport, working nonstop to meet my demands. at the 20:30 minute mark, however, i have to quickly pull my army back to my base. why? through my expansion i see a force of 12 mutalisks rushing straight south to what i can only assume are my scv. with no force in there to defend, i call all the SCVs out of the base through the ramp while i call my (now) 4 BC to go back home along with my marines, leaving 3 marines and 4 tanks to hold the siege. luckily, my SCV get out on time while my marines arrive and attack his mutas as well as my BC arrives through the north part of the base, and i take out 3 mutas before the rest retreats north. my only losses were 2 marines already on the base and some damage to the command center.

27 minute mark:

BLUE: 728/1221

PURPLE: 530/1486

where is this bastard getting his minerals from? his main must be expended by now.

from the last attack to now little happens. he fortifies his hillside edge with sunken colonies which i begin to attack, and i frantically use the comm tower's radar scan to find any expansions and keep tabs on his base.

at 27:30, i say enough and launch an attack with my 14 marines, 2 firebats and 4 BC. though at first i manage to kill 3 sunkens and lose a few marines, i end up getting my attack dashed to pieces as he sends 8 guardians and 20 hydras to attack my already weakened attackers. i manage to retreat my heavily damaged BC fleet south but my marines and my tanks get destroyed. tactical win for you. i do destroy 5 hydras though, so at least it wasnt a massacre. however he can simply rebuild his cheap defenses.


 i send 3 SCV's to fix my BC fleet, and at 28:30 purple launches a counterstrike against my expansion, which i had reinhabited with my surviving command center. despite it actually being defended now with a fully manned bunker, it falls and again im forced to retire the command center north. for the next five minutes i expand my army and airforce thoroughly and my marines have +1/+3 to defense and attack respectively. i also rebuild my expansion for the 2nd time and expand onto my 5 o'clock expansion that can only be reached by air.


finally i gather my army, a full 5 BC, 3 siege tanks and 9 marines and after doing a radar sweep i find he has an expansion on his 10 o'clock. against such a force the enemy crumbles quite quickly. now i go back yet again to siege his main, and my high vision rate lets me spot a force of at least 35 hydras right outside his main. i set my siege tanks and fire. they come in droves but they utterly fail to do much save fall a single marine and damage a siege tank. in return they lose all but 1 hydra that escapes. another tactical win by me, and now im still confident once more.


i send my BF force in, all 5 of them, and destroy yet another hatchery right below his main. however, a queen rushes in and green snots my battlecruisers, which i immediately pull south due to me knowing he was gonna send his hydras south to attack them. i send my infantry to block them as best as i could but i still lose 2 BC to his 8 hydras.

38 minute mark:

BLUE: 1671/1297

PURPLE: 54/1651

HA! F U BITCH! finally my plan begins to pay off. im the british royal navy and the noose begins to tighten on his germany. can he continue to take such losses? i can. and thats all i need.

at 40 minutes, in the 2 minutes leading up to the 40, i killed with my BC 3 sunkens a little bit into his main and yamato gun'd a spore colony. also i took out his sneaky queen who had so far destroyed 5 of my siege tanks. and at exactly 40 minutes, he launched a full strike against the besiegers (me) with another 8 hydras and 7 guardians. the hydras sold their lives dearly and fell 5 marines, while the guardians took off straight west onto my expansion. my BC fleet of 4 got there just in time as 5 infantry from my main along with another BC came in from the south, trapping and destroying all 6 of the guardian rotters. my losses amounted to a damaged in the red barracks on my expansion which was quickly fixed.


up to the 52:00 mark, not much happens. i find his (already long time empty) reach by air expansion, and i land 8 marines there. after destroying a few bases but finding nothing important i pick them up and send em back home. i also destroy 4 sunkens and one spore colony right inside his main base, and receive no retaliation. is he out of units or cash?



at 52:20 i attack his main base with 12 marines and 6 BC. i lose about half of them while he loses 8 hydras, and i yamato his fully evolutioned hive, destroying it. suddenly all of the eggs hatch in his base and release 15 new hydras, as well as the scorpion looking bug that shoots the red gunk of pain onto my BC's, the combination of which ends up costing me 5 of them. while the lone survivor retreated south i found something which made me feel happy and stupid:


an expansion right under my nose. i clearly see im rusty on my starcrafting. before i can even mount an assault against that expansion my 1st expansion is (FOR THE 3rd friggin TIME!) under attack by 11 hydras. not this time! i have 10 marines and 2 bunkers, so despite me losing 7 marines i hold the base and kill all the hydras. this is the turning point. a considerable attack against a weakly defended expansion failed. now is when.


i shift around my construction completely. now i wanna smash the enemy and end this battle. my efforts go to building as many marines as possible as well as goliats. with 3 barracks and a factory full of building orders, i send a small force of 5 marines and a siege tank to destroy his expansion. the enemy builds 3 hydras to counter, but they die after i lose a single marine. then for some dumb reason, the first legitimate mistake that my opponent does, is he sends 6 more hydras south to aid his beleaguered expansion. suffice to say i lose the siege tank and he loses all his hydras.


40 marines, 2 firebats, a BC, 3 goliats storm the enemy base. no more holding back. i am met by over 20 hydras as i attack his base, as well as sunkens and those goddanged scorpion thingies launching red gunk onto my army. i finally breach his defenses and yamato that goddamn scorpion. at 1:01:02'', he concedes with a friendly GG.


AAO (after action opinion):

i clearly made some horrible mistakes, worst of which was not scouting and harrasing his expansions more often. the game could have gone to him on more than one occasion, but luckily i always managed to counter him. my main winning card was the fact that i used my army for what it was intended: siege. while the protoss can fight field battles and win, they dont have good base defenses. the zerg can outnumber any other player and have the support of the best sneaker units in the game like the queen and the scorpion guy. and finally the terrans can kick ass by laying down his tanks and starving the enemy.

overall my strategy worked: keep him boxed in and stop any attempts at expansion. his biggest mistake was to use too much money on his base defenses, some of which i never even fought. when he GG'd he still had about 6 sunken and 6 spore colonies intact but too far away from his base to do any good. he also expanded too early and before he had the chance to defend his base, and those early losses proved vital in the long run.


well thats it, the end of my report. again, i know you might be unfamiliar with what is going on, but unfortunately i couldnt upload the pictures. so again, sorry. if you know how to upload it please tell me as photobucket wont allow me to upload those files with .pcx. aside from that, comment please. all comments will be appreciated. thank you.




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