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Banelings Bust my Bio Balls
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Author:Axemaster The Fierce
Date: 11/06/10 09:11
Game Type: Starcraft 2
Labels:Rare game(1)
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Banelings Bust my Bio Balls

Massing marines and marauders just own

Most of ground units you know they will bone

But bio balls with the stim packs are fast

Even the enemy air will not last

But then yesterday while playing ladder

My big bio balls began to splatter

“What the shiznit?!” I shouted with dread

Marines just shot goo from out of their head

Banelings burst my bio balls

I hear them screaming down the halls

They squirt their mess on temple walls

A marauder's ass one baneling mauls...

And just today I played a game

With balls of bio and hellion flame

But banelings coupled with Kerrigan

made my bio balls explode again

Now I no longer play with the Terrans

With this mess on my screen and this mess on my hands

So write on your blogs and your restroom walls

That banelings have finished my marauders' balls


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