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SC2 Battlereport 4v4 on High Ground
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Date: 08/15/10 05:08
Game Type: Starcraft 2
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SC2 Battlereport 4v4 on High Ground

Hello welcome to another Battle Report, in this game I will be taking a look at the 4v4 solo random bracket and its wonderfully skilled players. The map in question is

High Ground, and the interesting thing about this  map is that everyone gets placed in the corners with a natural and gold expansions in the middle. Two watch towers

are placed easily accessible  below the top left naturals and on top of the bottom right naturals. Not the best looking naturals but hey at least they are nott man tits. 

Now lets look at the teams.

Tean Edward

Fearless - Terran

Chaotic - Protoss

Sentient - Terran

irvgotti - Protoss

Tean Jacob

nelsonb - Terran

JackiChan - Zerg

harry - Protoss

LittlePK - Terran

Team jacob on top

The game is oddly setup just like it was set on Top versus Bottom, which I am not  sure if its always like that but it works well in this game. My impenetrable Terran

base spawns in the bottom right and on my team I have two Protoss and one additional Terran. Chaotic the Protoss player starts off asking for gas and is going

two Stargate Void Rays and tells me  to bunker up and wall in. I take his request to the next level and give him some additional gas to fund his flying prisms,

he does not thank me but  I know the harassment should be worth it. My other ally, a forty year old  Rhythm and Blues rapper irvgotti starts off making 1 of every unit 

with his blisteringly fast 21 apm. I can understand though, the man probably is getting high on his own supply and is having lots of sex.  

My last ally defiantly does not do his name justice, Sentient , rushes to for two reactor Medivac, probably the worst unit to mass that I could think of. Hey I shouldn’t

complain much, most of the people I have played with did not make queens or Orbital Commands, so these guys could  probably hold their own in gold league.

Across the map was the enemy, nelsonb who was doing his best irvgotti impersonation building one of every unit and rushing for that  quick +1 armor. Damn this kid

was good. Next we have LittlePK rushing for 3 Tech Lab Barracks and 2 factory off one base, cant blame him for thinking long game can we? He gets a few reapers out

to piss us off aswell as adding a Starport before building anything out of his 5 unit production structures. On the opposing high ground was the Prince of Wales harry and

JackiChan, this gameis a venerable whos who of SC2 celebs.  

I was intimidated.

JackiChan rushes for Mutalisk and harry cannons his base in while teching to Air.

The first blood of the game is on me, as LittlePK gets reapers in my base and kills 4 peons. But luckily Sentient sends medivacs and Chaotic puts some cannons in my base.

Next Chaotic gets reapered by LittlePK and Sentient gets Mutalisk harassed by JackiChan. At the same time purple sends 8 Void Rays to JackiChan's base and kills everything, 

luckily JackiChan has horrible macro and has 1000 minerals and 2 expos so he can drone up soon enough.


At this time I take my natural and irvgotti throws down an expo at his natural cause they make dis world go 'round nigga ya kno wut im sayin??

C'mon man. Its about time fo a black on black crime, harry charges his void rays on JackiChan's hatchery then attacks Chaotic 's uncharged rays and easily wins without losses.

A very nice move here that kept the Prince in the game.

yup your gonna see alot of void rays

It gets a little slow with a few void rays harassing here and there, reapers dying to air and JackiChan easily gets back into the game with a gold expo. harry takes a gold expo and attacks  

irvgotti's natural with crack voids, and everyone suicides 20 units trying to kill fully charged rays one at a time. I was trying to lure them away from the base to make them drop their charge,

but harry was very watchful of his units, and his micro was pretty good. He stayed charged the whole time and killed 20 units per void ray. Eventually he gets chased away by Sentient marine

Medivac and has to retreat to the corner of the map.

2 attack upgrade thor 1-1 marine, I think

I take out harrys gold expo in the middle of the map and their entire team comes to kill my small force after the expo goes down. At the same time irvgotti got reduced to 5 probes by void

ray harass, and decided to bounce. As he leaves the game, one would think his time was  better spent mackin on hoes anyway. nelsonb finally gets in on the action and takes his natural and

kills Chaotic 's gold expo. Then harry decides to finish the job that his team mate started, he rolls into purples base and charges up on his nexus before he can react. Then Chaotic suicides a

superior void ray fleet into charged void rays and after he loses all his units he leaves the game in a fit of rage.

tank/void is pretty hard to attack charged/sieged

At the same time LittlePK and nelsonb attack Sentient, now most of the attacks in this game are into buildings since not a single person but myself has any macro whatsoever. Now in the spirit

of that comment, I attack JackiChan's gold expansion and he should have no units right? Well he pretty much only had a few Infestors and It should have been a whitewash, but he got some

nice neural parasites off. However he used the time to kill a few marines and eventually the non parasited Thors 2 shot the armored Infestors. Now the Fab 5 thors were able to regain control

and lay waste to the buildings of JackiChan as easily as mentioned above.

assimilation complete, o shiiit

I take this time to expand to the middle and cleanse JackiChan's base with a newly reformed army of thors. Meanwhile LittlePK and 

nelsonb decide to counter one of my gold expos in the middle and delay mining for a bit until 3 thors kill a few tanks and void rays.

unit count for me, pretty luls

even with armor it goes down fast

nelsonb decides to kill my second natural with void rays, and is chased off by a few thors after he kills the Planetary Fortress. LittlePK takes the high ground by the watch tower with tanks and I

fend off some harassment on my remaining gold. At this point I am looking ok and Im just trying to deny their expansions until they run out of money. A battle of the titans then takes place

for JackiChan's ramp.

hmm not sure what to say about this

It is a very important battle for the right to take my gold. He is able to win and survived with barely 5 Ultralisks, but is unable to counter my gold because of 5 fresh thors and 4 void rays

being micro'd by the other last remaining member of team Edward, Sentient.

I actually use scv's in the battle to repair, thats why I put them in there

Team Jacob combined their force and tries to assault my gold in the middle with a decent combined force. However nelsonb is out to lunch and is too busy joy riding around with his void rays

to defend his teams ground forces. Sentient is able to kill a few units and forces team Jacob to fall back to LittlePK's natural. At this time I deny the middle gold, kill a bunch of workers and

put a command center down at irvgotti's natural. harry takes irvgotti's main while I make a push for the top right. I do not really micro this attack and lose my entire force of about 10 thor to

tank/ultra. However I macro hard and deny harry's expansion while he denies mine. My troops are all at the bottom of the map, so I decide to take the bottom gold. At this point I have to

defend my bottom gold from void ray and ultra, but they allow me to get up the bottom gold. Luckily as LittlePK rolls up on my mined out middle gold, I transfer all my peons to the bottom

gold and barely take a income hit. Luckily I catch LittlePK in a bad spot and quickly dispatch his tanks with my 3/3 thors. At this point its just about cleaning up all the bases and team Jacob

slowly admits defeat. A sigh of relief washes over me, as I rejoice in my ownage. With some compliments from the other team the game ends and I collect my points. Sentient says nice job

and after that validation I move onward to my next conquest with new found confidence.

Hope you guys enjoyed this one, I hope the intensity transfers well to text format.


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