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Starcraft 2 On Lost Temp (Horrible Report)
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Date: 05/16/10 04:05
Game Type: Starcraft 2
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Report Rating: 2.0, # of Ratings: 2, Max: 2, Min: 2
Lifetime Rating for Lightofauir: 2.0000

This is my first br so it is nothing amazing. You could even say it is horribly shitty. Anywho, this is a 4 player FFA on Lost Temple, but with a twist, it is SC2! First of all, if you are one of those peeps who absolutely HATE text only BRs and boring white backgrounds, leave now. If you are also one of those people who are trying to get better, you may also leave. This is purely a report for me to see how works. ok? Now that that is cleared up, let's start. (P.S. If you are wiling to give me advice, it is greatly appreaciated).

So, this was played on Lost Temple (Of course). Basically, it looks about the same, except that there are no more minerals right under the ledge of your main. Instead there are 2 rich mineral fields in the 10 o'clock and the 4 o'clock.

The Players:
Me, Lightofauir: I am a pretty decent player, currently ranked 50 (pretty bad huh, mostly because I don't have too much time to play) in the 2v2 Gold League and Ranked 58 in the 1v1 Gold League. Start at the 12 start as red Zerg (Picked)

Here are the other players:
I do not know anyone on bnet right now so I can not give a formal intro (sry guz who played).
Samcobra: Blue Terran at 3
SUPERMAN: Purple Terran at 6
Winterstorm: Teal Protoss at 9

I start out with a basic build, get all the way up to 10/10 on drones, then an ovie. Upon the ovie finishing, I immediatly begin a pool, then pump drones. Samcobra pumps SCVs then makes a barracks at his choke at 9/11 supply, then an early refinery at 10/11. Finally he makes a supply depot at 11/11. SUPERMAN also pumps SCVs, but does no rally so his economy is slowed. He then makes a supply depot at 10/11 way in the back of his base, no wall-in. The then makes... another supply depot? This stratedgy is unclear at the moment. He then makes a late barracks at 12/19. Winterstorm makes probes then at 10/10 makes a pylon. Then another pylon at 13/18. an assimilator at 14/26 and a Gate 15/26.

First Blood:

SUPERMAN continues to build supply at the back of his base with a scv, while sam has a maurader. I scout with my ovie and find sam. Everyone seems to be turtling into their bases, no one scouting except me. Sam going infantry while SUPERMAN getting some of everything. Winterstom is massing stalkers and zealots. I basically get everything in this game except corrupters. The first blood of the game is when sam kills 2 of my ovies with his numerous amount of Vikings.

The War Begins:

Sam assaults Super's base, but is repelled by Banshees, thors, vikings, and hellions at his base. He loses marines, marauders, and about 3 ravens. Then Sam sieges 5 tanks and starts to pound on Super's army, taking out over half. At this point I am maxed out 200/200, so I prepare to move out. Winter mpves to the center of the map, and I follow. There is a quick engagment but I win with minimal losses. I destroy Winter while Sam detroys Super.


About this time I start a spire to check the island expainsions. I move toawrd sam and catches his army returning from Super's base. I focus his tanks then I press in. Sam makes a mistake and does not lift his wall depots, so my zerglings run in and quickly destroy his dangerous tanks. I destroy his base, then go searching for exspansions. I find his gold expo and try to assault it, but the planetary fortress with all the scvs repairing stopped the advance. So I attack his other expansion at Super's old base. Then attack the fortress with my mutas, for they cannot attack flying units. It is about this time Sam concedes.

Final Thoughts:

-Use Money




Thanks for reading my very first report! Like I said, this isn't the best game, and it isn't the best report, it is just to get used to Advice and feedback is greatly appreaciated. Please give feedback in the comments section or email me at Thanks!


For those of u who want the replay, here is the link:


Like i told u this is not pro level stuff, so don't be disappointed if I played like ur granny.

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