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SC2 Battlereport TVZ Desert Oasis
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Date: 03/21/10 09:03
Game Type: Starcraft 2
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Report Rating: 7.6, # of Ratings: 5, Max: 9, Min: 7
Lifetime Rating for All-Fear: 6.8182

SC2 Battlereport TVZ Desert Oasis

Hello welcome to a 1v1 Ladder Match on Desert Oasis Battle report  that I decided to whip up

really quick after probably the most fun game I have played in the Platinum Division yet. I

spawned in the 6 position while my opponent Baldan spawned at the 12 spawn.

I had just gotten over a baneling bust from the preview game, so I felt like cheesing hard, and

when I spawned I made a split second decision to lift my Command Center and it putted

towards the rich minerals to the west of my main. I had seen this been done to much success

before by the #5 guy in my division doomboom, and with a correct timing attack it could be


Now my opponent had scouted me and knew that I had taken the rich minerals and began

teching to spire with a very quick lair. He did probably the most hard direct tech possible, just

building lings with excess larvea that would not effect his Muta timing. He had his queen and a

few lings up with his lair started.

Now most of the replays I have seen have had the Terran doing a quick 3 Barracks M/M push

with stim shortly after reaching critical mass. So I pumped 2 Barracks of Marauder and 1

Barracks marine and headded out towards his base.

Now I knew he might have some lair units waiting for me at his ramp but I pressed on. Before

going up his ramp I checked his Natural and crossed my fingers leaving both of them

precariously over the T button. Surprisingly death was not raining down on me as I went up

the ramp, and Banelings did not obliterate my clumped army. Instead I fought a mix of Zerling

Muta that had me beat. I decided to sac my remaining Marauders to inflict some damage on

his economy since I couldn't outrun his Muta anyway.

I knew the pain was coming so I started an Engineering Bay and expanded to my Natural and

main. I sent all my remaining Marauders to his base to delay anything additional heading

towards my rich mineral base, and luckily it delayed his lings enough to buy me some time to

beef up my natural defense.

Even though I had been macroing marines I still got owned by the amount of Muta's he had.

Luckily I was able to Maynard most of my scv's to my natural and upgrade to a Planetary

Fortress there with some heavy defense. I decided I couldn't defend all game so I

started the Reaper jump pack speed upgrade and began pumping reapers. Two bunkers five

turrets and a Planetary Fortress in a pretty good sim city, I thought I had a pretty good

chance here if he tried break my base at that very moment.

However he decided to not risk it after testing the waters with his Muta. He started his Hive

and expanded to his Rich mineral base while putting spotter zerglings all around the map and

continued to deny me expanding to my main. I was pumping two Barracks reapers

and had about 8 when he decided to start his new offensive. With the help of a trusty Tech

Lab left over at my Rich mineral base I could brainstorm that he was going to use guardians or

brood lords to siege my base.

With him flying his brood lords counter-clockwise I sent my speedy assassins clockwise. With

the speed upgrade I was able to detonate his rich mineral base and get to his main to take

out all his workers as he began to hit my base. However his siege was not going

as fast as expected, since Planetary Fortresses own the broodlings that spawn from the brood

lords attacks. MVP of the game defiantly has to be my Fortress racking up 150 zergling and

broodling kills.

The siege at my natural had been intense, with him corrupting my buildings to stop the Ibiks

Cannons and Barracks producing a few marines to slow the advance of the broodlords. I had

built 2 Starports in my main and had 2 Vikings out just in time to stop the broodlords before

they took out my natural. with his peon line decimated and me running on two base he knew

that it would only be a matter of time before the zerg would crumble. With the explosion

of Lanzer Torpedoes decimating the last broodlord he left the game.

When he left the game and the leave game window popped up I started to laugh, and I knew

that his "nice try" line had pushed me when I almost quit the game when I lost my rich base.

However I had already played quite a few games where I thought I would lose and just

expanded cross map and came back and won.

Thanks for reading, Peace.

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