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Warhammer 40k-Chaos Marines vs. Orks
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Date: 11/05/09 08:11
Game Type: Other
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It's been a while, but here's a 40k battlereport. Enjoy!

So anyways, a little background. Orks are basically a horde army filled with extremely tough soldiers that are very cheap; however, their armor is very poor. Their accuracy is also pretty bad, though they compensate for it with plenty of firepower, so something will at least hit. Their vehicles have decent accuracy, as they are manned by the tiny Ork slaves, the Gretchin.

The Chaos Marines I have already described in another Battle report ( where I crushed a force of them with my Tyranids. I ironically sold them a while ago for Chaos Marines. As a quick recap, they are an incredibly small yet elite force of evil super humans who benefit from the blessings of their dark gods. They have a variety of vehicles and troops. The army is focused around combat and short ranged firepower in general, with some long ranged-shooting.

Regular deployment (12" from table edge), kill points, so every squad you kill is a point earned for your side.
Points total: 1500 points.
My Chaos Space Marines versus my friend's Orks.

I brought:


Desecrator: Chaos Lord w/ Mark of Nurgle, Demon Weapon Plaguebringer, Meltabombs. 150 points. (Has a nasty weapon that hurts pretty much everything badly. Is also quite resilient. Has anti-tank equipment just in case.)


The Fists of Change: 6 Chaos Terminators w/ IoT, combi flamer, chainfist, champion, heavy flamer, 5 powerfists. 290 pts. (can deep strike in, have tons of short ranged firepower, resilient to all weapon fire, great in close combat)


The Rotted: 10 Death Guard: 2 Flamers, Aspiring Champion with Power Fist, Meltabombs, and Personal Icon in Rhino with extra armor. 340 pts. (extremely resilient to small arms fire, not very resilient to heavy weapons. Is a great counterattack/tarpit unit. Anti-tank equipment.)

The First Blood: 9 Khorne Berzerkers, Skull Champion with power weapon and meltabombs in Rhino with extra armor. 269 pts. (Combat troops, in the same rhino as the chaos lord. Are really good if they get the charge off. Anti-tank equipment.)

The Fallen: 5 Noise Marines, sonic blasters. 125 points. (Medium Range anti-infantry guns, fast in combat)


The Enduring: Predator with Twin Linked Lascannons and Lascannon Sponsons. 165 pts. (great at killing tanks at long range)

The Relentless: Vindicator w/ Demonic Possession. 145 pts. (has a giant cannon that has medium range, will usually kill whatever it hits. Has a blast radius)

1499 points.

He brought:

Warboss: Power Klaw and twin-linked shoota. (nasty in combat and resilient)

8 Nobz: 3 with Power Klawz, Painboy, in battlewagon with the big blast thingy. (Warboss here) (nasty combat squad. Like all Ork squads, are great on the charge.)

20 Slugga Boyz in a battlewagon with the big blast thingy. (tough, lots of them. Close combat unit. The battlewagon has a giant gun that with hurt my units badly, and is heavily armored, especially to the front.)

20 slugga boyz on foot, 3 big shootas, nob w/Power Klaw. (same thing, but not in a transport)

15 or 20 shoota boyz on foot, 3 big shootas, nob w/Power Klaw.(a shooty squad, short-medium ranged and pretty decent in combat)

10 Sluggas in a Trukk, big shoota, nob w/Power Klaw. (another combat grunt squad, mounted in a weak yet cheap and fast vehicle)

Deff Dread with 3 cc weapons and a big shoota. (combat vehicle, is nasty because most units have trouble hurting them in combat due to their vehicle type armor)

I won side, and deployed first.

The board was like this:

'``````````````O`O O`````O O``bb`O
' ````````````````````````b`````hh
'````````````````tt`````b CC``b
'````````````````CC bC

t=trees, h=hills, b=buildings C= Chaos Marines O=Orks

On my left, I had my two rhinos filled with zerks and plagues. In the building right next to them were the Noise Marines. The two other units, from left to right, were my vindicator and predator.

From left to right, he had the trukk, the shoota boyz, the battlewagon w/ sluggas in it, the dread, the foot-sloggin sluggas, and then the battlewagon with the warboss and nobz.

He failed to seize the initiative, and the battle commenced.

Turn 1 Chaos:

The Rhinos zoomed up, staying behind the area terrain forest, while the Vindicator moved up 6 towards the shoota boyz.

In the shooting phase, the vindicator was just out of range. Darn! But my army's lack of performance was about to be made up for by the Predator, which fired its lascannons to the front of the battlewagon, causing it to explode! 4 of the sluggas inside died, and 4 more shootas, who were standing next to it. Score!

Turn 1 Orks:

The Trukk zoomed straight forwards, on the other side of the patch of trees from the rhinos. Everything else zoomed forward at max speed without firing, except for the Warboss's trukk which went 7.

In the shooting phase, his Boss's battlewagon missed the predator's side.

Not a very eventful turn.

Killpoint total

Chaos Marines: 1
Orks: 0

Turn 2 Chaos:

the Chaos Terminators teleported inside the woods thanks to the plague marine's teleport homer. The Plague Marines jumped out of their rhino and ran around the edge of the woods, in rapid fire range of the trukk. Both of the rhinos sidled up in front of the noise marine's building. The vindicator inched forward 3 inches.

In the shooting phase, the plague marines ran around the copse of trees with their bolters a blazing, and their flamers a flaming. The result was nil on the ork trukk. However, the veteran combi-bolterist in the plague marine rhino who was not looking forward to his cleaning duties involving the interior of the rhino leveled his pintle bolter, fired one shot at the ork trukk, and... immobilized it! Jeez. The terminators, however, determined to not be outdone heavy flamed the ork trukk into oblivion, causing it to explode and kill two of the orks inside. the vindicator vaporized five of the sluggas on foot, and the other rhino failed to do anything. The predator couldn't hurt the battlewagon.

The crux point of the turn was when the noise marines aimed their sonic blasters and blew apart five of the dismounted slugga boyz. This caused the cowardly ork unit to run away for forever. Score!

Ork turn 2:

To turn the game around, the warboss called a Waaaaaaaaaaaaaagh!!!! His battlewagon scooted up 12 and dumped his unit off, which then ran and fleeted. The trukk boyz ran up in front of the plague marines. The shoota boyz tried to get closer to the terminators in order to assault them, but bricked their fleet roll. However, the footslogging slugga squad ran up from behind the building, fleeting a large amount.

In the shooting phase, the Dread shot the vindicator in the side, stunning it, which was then ignored by its demonic possession. wink.gif

In the assault phase, the shoota boyz bricked their assualt and stood there, awaiting the wrath of the heavy flamer... The large slugga mob, however, charged the vindicator and used the nob's power claw to immobilize it in the opposite direction I didn’t want... away from the warboss and co. Ugh. ohmy.gif

Dem trukk boyziz charged the plague marines, and learned about blight grenades, T5, and feel no pain after all their regular attacks bounced off. However, the nob offed one plague marine with his powerfist. The plague marines made sure to kill 5 orks, causing the mob to flee and get cut down, as I had been hoping.

Killpoint total

Chaos Marines: 4
Orks: 0

Chaos Marine turn 3:

The Terminators ran out of the woods towards the shoota boyz, their combi and heavy flamers ready. the khorne zerks and lord bailed out of their rhino, and ran towards the ork squad along with the plague marines. heheheh...

In the shooting phase, the terminators managed to kill about 7-8 of the shoota boyz, leaving about 6 remaining after the rhinos’ combi-bolters fired their load. The vindicator missed the shoota boyz by about a mile and a half.

The plague marines and khorne zerks fired their flamers and pistols at the large slugga squad, while the Predator vaporized 3 nobz with his lascannons. The Warboss fled from its power!

The terminators failed their difficult terrain check to charge the shoota boyz, which was fine by me, as the khorne zerks and plague marines charged the large mob of boyz. In the combat, the combined chaos marines absolutely gutted the mob, as the nob with his power claw was the only one able to score some kills- 2 plague marines. The mob got run down, however. The zerks consolidated in a straight line away from the remaining battlewagon, fearful of its large gun, while the plagues and lord consolidated towards the warboss and nobz.

The game was tipping in my favor, with most of his center and left destroyed.

Ork turn 3:

The dread moved up towards the building. The Warboss rallied. The shootas moved towards the zerks.

The battlewagon fired its cannon, deforming 4 khorne zerks, while the shoota boyz killed another 2. The dread ran right to the doors of the forward building.

Nothing happened in the assault phase.

Killpoint total

Chaos Marines: 5
Orks: 0

Chaos Marine turn 4:

The plagues moved towards the warboss/predator, while the khorne zerks moved towards the shootas. The terminators ran next to the shootas, but ignored them. They had a dreadnought to catch. The Noise marines ran out of the building towards the warboss.

In the shooting phase, the khorne zerks did nothing to the shootas while the rhinos picked one off. The predator, tempted by the battlewagon’s side armor, lined up, fired, and continued the tradition of blowing up vehicles instead of simply destroying them, leaving the orks only 3 units on the board, until the khorne zerks absolutely savaged the remaining shootas in combat before the orks can raise a hand to stop them, leaving only 2. The khorne zerks consolidated back into their rhino.

Ork turn 4:

To kick the turn off, the dreadnought smashed through the front of the building in style near the plague marines. (pun intended), while the Warboss ran towards the predator.
In the shooting phase, the dreadnought couldn’t hurt the plagues, while the warboss barely reached the predator in the assault phase and caused it to explode. There are no merely destroyed vehicles in this game! Short-circuit their power lines!

The Orks had officially obtained their first kill point. Hurrah.

The dread failed to reach the plagues.

Killpoint total

Chaos Marines: 7
Orks: 1

Chaos Marine turn 5:

The noise and plague marines ran towards the warboss and his fellow nobz, while the terminators sprinted towards the dreadnought at a pace that would make any speed trainer proud. The khorne zerks and the two rhinos did something… I can’t remember. Maybe they just hung out in the center of the board, behind the terminators who were almost at the dread’s building.

The noise marines opened on full auto, while the plagues flamed and shot the nobz. The end result was one dead nob, due to that pesky painboy who was also wounded in the firefight.

The plagues charged, with the chaos lord wounding two nobz. The Plague Marines finished all of the nobz except for the 3 power klawed ones who each had one wound remaining. The returning ork attacks killed 5 of the plague marines. The plague champion killed two more of the nobz. The orks had lost combat by two.

The Ork Warboss, who was starting to get good at running, did so. This time, however, it was for good, as he was attached to a 1-wound nob that was under half strength. How unlucky.

Ork turn 5:

The dreadnought was determined to make a game of it, and ran towards the terminators, ready to take a few down. He sprinted through the ruins, shot the terminators to no effect, and charged them.

The ensuing combat was similar to throwing a glass bowl at a steel wall. The dreadnought wounded the terminators twice, both of which were ignored thank to Tzeentch’s divine favor. The Terminator champion, who conveniently happened to be carrying a chainfist, finished off the game by smashing the ramshackle structure, causing it to explode. Go big, or go home!

Killpoint total

Chaos Marines: 10
Orks: 1

Massacre for the Chaos Marines!

I hope that this shows Chaos Marine players how to use their squads together, and Ork player not to spread out.

Plague Marines absorb the enemy charge, zerks made a counter charge. Devastating.

The problem was that he didn't keep his forces together, had uncoordinated attacks, and made other errors so that he couldn't ever put me in too much danger. And that's the thing with horde armies. If they get too spread out, then they won't be able to overwhelm a more mobile and elite force at any point.


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