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"hey I'm zerg I can just attack-move my swarm anywhere with no ill effects because of gay imbalance while terran has to micro its ass off to get anything decent to work."

Vampire 2v2
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Date: 12/27/07 05:12
Game Type: Starcraft
Labels:Starcraft(2), Pro Player(3), Strategy Focused(2), Flashy(1)
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Report Rating: 8.5, # of Ratings: 4, Max: 9, Min: 8
Lifetime Rating for Gentho: 8.5000
Hello and welcome. This is Johnny_Vegas, presenting to you all for the first time ever a battle report by pro RTS champion Gentho (more about Gentho). Not having followed the World Cyber Games, I first heard of Gentho after seeing the highly informative starcraft guides he has at After watching some of his videos, I thought that we'ers would be the perfect audience, for his insightful commentating. This is a ICCUP 2v2 game, featuring some high quality video and commentating by Gentho on one of his own games. He graciously agreed to post this report, and if we are lucky there may be more in the future. Lets give him a warm welcome!

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