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"I have been frequently referred to as one of the "gayest" players ever to grace the barren lands of the Starcraft universe, though I believe that title was hefted upon me by a eternally hopeful Dagomar."
- mattzarella's Good Old Fashioned Fun

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Date: 12/25/07 01:12
Game Type: Starcraft
Labels:Famous Reporter(2), Starcraft(1), Great Writing(2)
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So I was in op ~nohunters on Sunday night trying to get people to play with me. Eventually a few people show up and we start a Free For All on Flooded Plains. Long story short, I do my usual build order of Forge first, expand 4 times, and build my first Gateway on 56 supply. With half the map under my control it's only a matter of time before I assemble 20 carriers and giggle. With that gayness out of my system, I'm in the mood to observe a game, but Dagomar and Johnny_Vegas insist that I play. Wintrol and Keilah round out the squad, and we're off to another fine mess on Predators.

As you can see, Predators is a 5 player map. Each start gets a mineral+gas natural nearby, with another mineral only expansion in the center. With only 2 expansions per player, resources are going to be tight and the fighting brutal.



And on the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me...

5 minute build orders!

Wintrol started with a Depot on 8, then Refinery on 10, Barracks on 13, Bunker on 18, and Factories on 20 and 27, with assorted Marines and Depots as needed. He's clearly headed for heavy metal while turtling his ass off.

Keilah began with a Pylon on 8, then Gateway on 9, Forge on 12, Assimilator and Cybernetics Core on 24. He eventually goes 3 Gate mixed ground units.

Johnny_Vegas (JV) starts with 8 Depot, 10 Barracks, 11 Barracks, 18 Assimilator, and 25 Academy, preparing for a hardcore M&M rush. Since there are no Zerg players in this game, this tactic is probably questionable, but JV could very well catch someone with his pants down.

Dagomar starts with Depot on 8, Rax on 10, Refinery on 12 with plans to tech to metal. Unfortunately he has a skirmish with my personal favorite player in the game...

DeonPeon! This jolly fellow builds a Pylon on 7 on a cliff, then decides to seppuku himself and do hit and runs with his probe army, all the while screaming how Wintrol peon rushed him.

DeonPeon takes his crack squad of 7 Probes counterclockwise around the map and runs smack into Dagomar trying to construct a Barracks. The Probes quickly butcher the SCV building the Rax and start picking off SCVs. Dagomar, not one to back down from a challenge, counterattacks the Probes with all of his SCVs. With some micro, DeonPeon manages to take down 6 SCVs before losing his rampaging Probes to a couple Marines. Satisfied with his following Dagomar's advice, DeonPeon settles into the observer position.

While that cripple fight is going on, Keilah expands to his natural.

JV decides the time is right to go exploring, and discovers Dagomar's mostly defenseless base. JV promptly levels it with a squad of M&M. But wait? What's this? Dagomar sends an SCV to start a Command Center in his natural and eventually evacuates all of his SCVs to that area. JV figures that he has set Dagomar back enough, and returns to his home base after forcing Dagomar to abandon his main.

Since DeonPeon was saying how Wintrol peon rushed him, Keilah assumes that Wintrol is weak and attacks with 4 Zealots and 3 Dragoons. Much to his chagrin, he finds out that DeonPeon is a lying whore and beats a hasty retreat from the entrenched tanks. Keilah then tries to expand to DeonPeon's natural (right below Wintrol's main), but Wintrol finds this quickly and puts it down with a few Tanks. Not one to be denied, Keilah expands to a central mineral only while sending over what troops he has to stop Wintrol from expanding. The same Zeal/Goon force that failed at Wintrol's main is enough to quash the expansion, and Wintrol is forced to cancel his CC. Keilah then withdraws his troops, which allows Wintrol to again attempt the expansion, this time fortifying his Tanks with Mines and Bunkers. Meanwhile, JV takes his own natural.

On the second day of Christmas my true love gave to me...

The 10 minute update!

Wintrol has his main and one expansion. He is pumping Tanks and Vultures from 3 Factories, with no upgrades in sight.

Keilah has his main and two expansions. He is pumping Dragoons and Zealots from 3 Gateways, while researching +1 attack and teching to Templar.

JV has 1 expansion, six Barracks, a Factory, and a shitload of Marines, Medics, and Firebats. He has no tech beyond Siege, but has quite a formidable force of cannon fodder.

Dagomar has relocated his main to his natural. He has a Factory with no Barracks, and is praying that no one notices him while he tries to get back in this game.

DeonPeon has a pylon in a pear tree.

Not being satisfied to be on the sidelines any longer, JV takes his entire army and line dances his way into Keilah's main. At first it looks like the defending Dragoons are going to hold the line, but JV's Tanks finally show up and siege, which forces the Dragoons to retreat. JV builds a couple Bunkers near the front lines, and his Marines flatten Keilah's main. Apparently JV has not done his scouting though, and neglects to push on to either one of Keilah's expansions, even though the center mineral only is about a screen away from his Tanks. A Tank manages to become sieged away from his compatriots and is taken down by a seven Probe death squad.

Using this attack as a distraction, JV expands to the mineral only node closest to his main. At the same time, Dagomar expands to his main while Wintrol takes his own natural and DeonPeon's old main.

Dagomar's reclamation project is quickly spotted by JV and terminated with extreme prejudice. JV then moves on to Dagomar's new main with three Tanks and a handful of M&M. Through some nifty micro with Dropships and Tanks, Dagomar beats off JV. JV probably has his mind elsewhere though, as his garrison at Keilah's main vanishes.

Keilah managed to replace his Templar Archives before his Citadel went down and is pumping Dark Templar like a madman from 3 Gateways. Once 10 DTs are assembled, Keilah ambushes JV's forces and commences wreaking unholy vengeance on JV's Marines. A Science Vessel finally pops out to provide detection and the Marines begin fighting back. A force of Zealots and Dragoons show up moments after the last Dark Templar perishes and slice through the rest of JV's main like a lubricated dildo through Dag's mom. Keilah then goes on an expansion frenzy, warping in Nexuses at his main, the 2 central expansions on his side of the map, and JV's old main and natural. JV floats his buildings into the fog of war while calling for observer status and cackling madly.

Keeping with his philosophy of pacificism, Wintrol calmly takes a central mineral only. For the third time so far, Dagomar tries to reclaim his main.

And on the third day of Christmas my true love gave to me...

The 20 minute update!

Wintrol has five bases with his main mined out already. He is still pumping Tanks and Vultures, which are upgraded to 1/1. He has teched up to a Science Facility, but has not attached an add on yet.

Keilah has seven bases, five of which have just warped in and are not heavily mined. He is pumping mixed ground units that are upgraded to 2/1/1. He has also started teching to carriers in a remote part of the map.

Dagomar has two bases. His only standing army is a squadron of tanks used to defend himself. His highest tech is an addon to his Starport, and upgrades just aren't in the budget this year.

JV has some random floating buildings, including 2 Command Centers, a Starport, and a Science Facility with a ton of cash in the bank.

DeonPeon still has his pylon in a pear tree.

JV leads Keilah straight to Dagomar's expansion attempt and Keilah obligingly slaughters it and starts his own Nexus on the remnants of Dagomar's CC.

Wintrol decides its time to make his presence felt and sieges some tanks in Keilah's left-most expansion. The expansion is erased quickly and Wintrol attack moves his army west into Keilah's waiting army. Wintrol doesn't siege his tanks, and Keilah's Zealots and Dragoons kill them with few losses. Keilah counterattacks Wintrol's main and pushes all the way into it before he is finally rebuffed by Wintrol's tanks.

Keilah suffers heavy losses, and Wintrol pushes back with a Vulture squad backed by a few Tanks. Keilah has a single DT roaming in this force which racks up 25 kills before Wintrol notices he needs to ComSAT it. Wintrol kills Keilah's main and moves onto his natural where a couple cannons lay waste to the Vultures. A single Carrier makes its presence known by driving off the Tanks. Wintrol promptly builds more Starports and starts a Physics Lab.

To free up supply and hopefully disrupt Keilah, Wintrol sends 12 Vultures out to do hit and runs on Keilah's other expansions. He finds a completely undefended base, murders all the Probes mining, and sets to work on the Nexus. The Carrier arrives, but four Interceptors do not beat 12 Vultures, and the Nexus falls with ease. Dragoons and Zeals finally show up, trapping the Vultures and exacting inadequate revenge.

Dagomar quietly takes a central mineral only expansion and fortifies it with tanks and turrets.

Keilah uses a force consisting of 2 Carriers, 4 Dragoons, and a Zealot to evict Wintrol from his most recent expansion, and then runs like hell from the reinforcing Goliaths and Tanks. Wintrol gives chase, only to meet up with Keilah's bigger army of more Carriers, Zealots, and Goons, which kill Wintrol's army with no problem. Keilah counters with 6 Carriers and an Arbiter, which are no match for Wintrol's BC/Goliath army. Keilah retreats, Wintrol follows, and an epic battle ensues. On one side is Wintrol with BCs, Goliaths, and Vultures. On the other is Keilah with Carriers, Zealots, Goons, and High Templar. Just look at the image.

Astute readers will notice the blue blob at six o'clock. That's right. Dagomar, using his secret ninja powers, Tanks Keilah's expansion and takes it for himself for the fourth time.

And on the fourth day of Christmas my true love gave to me...

The 30 minute update!

Wintrol has five bases, three of which are mined out. He is pumping 3/3 Goliaths and Vultures, along with 0/0 BCs with 1/1 air researching. He has 183/200 supply and roughly 2k minerals and 5k gas in the bank.

Keilah has six bases, three of which are mined out. He has 3/2/2 mixed ground units and 2/2/0 Carriers with full Arbiter tech. He is at 124/174 supply and has roughly 1200/1200 in the bank.

Dagomar has three bases, one mined out. He still has 0/0 Tanks but is supplementing those with 2/0 Wraiths. He has a Covert Ops addon but can't spare the gas for Ghosts. He's at 72/76 supply with 1440/36 in the bank.

JV is massing Wraiths out of his one Starport despite being in observer mode with no bases. Way to macro early on JV!

DeonPeon still has only his pylon in the pear tree.

Keilah isn't finished with Wintrol however, and attack moves his entire army into Wintrol's mineral only expansion. This isn't wise though, as it separates his Carriers from his Dragoon/High Templar support, and his ground troops run into Wintrol's waiting Goliath/BC army. The Goon/HT are killed quickly, and Wintrol attacks. Keilah tries to do hit and runs with his Carriers but is forced back into his own main where reserves are waiting. Despite some interesting micro from Wintrol, like moving his BCs on top of Keilah's Carriers so that Psi Storm hits both armies, Wintrol has to withdraw after suffering heavy casualties. Keilah resumes attacking Wintrol's expansion with his Carriers, but the Interceptors start attacking Dagomar's Turrets at his expansion nearby. Thinking that he is under assault, Dagomar cloaks his Wraiths and sends them in. The Wraiths manage to kill 2 Arbiters and 4-5 Carriers before an Observer shows up. Dag beats a hasty retreat and saves 4 of his Wraiths. Keilah retaliates by squashing Dagomar's original main yet again.

Wintrol has created his own Wraith army and uses them to hunt Probes while Keilah is distracted, killing all of the little robotic bastards in Keilah's main and bagging most of them at the mineral only just south of there.

JV announces that he has a fleet of Wraiths for sale to the highest bidder, eventually making a pact with the Dagomar. JV attacks Keilah's Carriers and kills 4 of them before Keilah can unally. Keilah puts the rest of his Carriers to use and attacks Wintrol's mineral only expansion again. Wintrol simply scans, kills the Observers, then sends in his cloaked Wraiths to finish off the Carriers. Just like that, the balance of power is tipped. Keilah slips from superpower to practically penniless, while Wintrol assumes control with his Wraith/BC fleet.

And on the fifth day of Christmas my true love gave to me...

The 40 minute update!

Wintrol controls four bases, two of which are mined out and the other two are more than half gone. He has 2500/1400 in the bank and is pumping 2/2 BCs with a few Wraiths mixed in.

Keilah has six bases, four of which are mined out and the other two are Probeless. He has 197/510 in the bank and quite a few units, including 3/2/0 Carriers and 3/2/3 Goons.

Dagomar has three bases, one of which is mined out and one of which he can't hold on to for more than five minutes at a time. He has 1800/165 in the bank and is pumping 2/1 BCs and Wraiths.

JV still has 0 bases, but has constructed a Barracks and is using his remaining minerals to build Marines.

DeonPeon is getting lonely with only a Pylon in a pear tree.

Wintrol has 8 BCs under his no longer pacifistic command and decides to use them to completely shut off Keilah's economy, destroying the Nexuses at Keilah's only mining bases with no resistance.

Dagomar, working his ComSAT overtime, sees that Wintrol's army is on the other side of the map and invades Wintrol's nine o' clock base which just happens to house all of Wintrol's Starports. Dagomar manages to take down one Starport before retreating from Wintrol's reinforcements. Wintrol moves into Dagomar's mineral only expansion, which has just been mined out. Dagomar loses the expansion but manages to pick off a few BCs that were separated from the rest of the fleet.

While this is going on JV uses the Marines he's been covertly building to attack Keilah's mined out bases at JV's old main. This crack team of elite troops manage to do absolutely jack except piss of Keilah, who in retribution flattens Dagomar's six o' clock expansion.

Dagomar wisely doesn't even try to save either expansion, preferring to keep his troops alive. Both Keilah and Wintrol pass over Dagomar's only base and Dagomar still has his Wraith/BC fleet hiding in a corner.

Wintrol moves his BCs north to defend an expansion attempt to the center. Keilah has an observer posted though and sends his Carriers+Arbiters to deal with it while expanding to a different mineral only himself. Carriers and Goons invade Wintrol's expansion, and Wintrol attempts to defend it with his BC army. Keilah is having none of this and snags half of the BCs in two different Stasis cells. The divided BCs fall rather easily to the Goons/Carriers and Wintrol is thwarted.

Keilah takes his victorious army and moves into Wintrol's nine o' clock expansion but ComSAT and Wraiths drive the Carriers off, killing one of them. Wintrol has a couple thousand minerals in the bank but no gas, so he starts Vulture production again with a plan to deny everyone else their economy.

Keilah sends his Carriers, Dragoons, and High Templar to the six o' clock base in order to set up a Nexus there. He finally realizes Dagomar is a major power in this game, being the only one with an actual army, and attempts to attack Dagomar's only base. At this same time, Wintrol invades Keilah's northern mining bases with a control group of Vultures and assassinates all the Probes. Keilah sends his Carriers and Observers north to deal with the Vultures, leaving the Dragoons and Templar to continue the assault on Dagomar's base. Dagomar sees that Keilah's army no longer has Observer support, assassinates the Templar with his Wraiths, and cleans up the Dragoons with BCs.

JV is using his last Wraith to kill Keilah's gas probes. The geysers are mined out but it's still enough to annoy Keilah who sends his Carriers to deal with the Wraith, allowing the Vultures to bring down another Nexus.

Wintrol tries to expand yet again to the top-most mineral only but Keilah's trio of Carriers show up to stop that noise. They kill the Command Center before Wintrol's Wraiths show up and force the Carriers off.

And on the sixth day of Christmas my true love gave to me....

The 50 minute update!

Wintrol has 407/149 in the bank and his entire army consists of 1 Goliath, 12 Vultures, 3 Tanks, 8 Marines in bunkers, 1 Battlecruiser, and 7 Wraiths. He has no mining going on.

Keilah's army consists of 1 Carrier, 2 Goons, and 3 High Templar. He has mining going on at the six o' clock main and has 80/873 in the bank.

Dagomar is the major player in the game with 8 Battlecruisers, 2 Science Vessels, 3 Wraiths, 2 Marines, and a Tank. He is mined out as well with 817/28 in the bank.

JV has finally given up hope and is reduced to an island covered in Turrets.

Dagomar sees that with Keilah's Carriers in the North part of the map the time is right to take his old main for approximately the millionth time this game. 8 BCs flatten the nexus in no time and Dagomar now has a mining base.

Keilah and Wintrol try to long distance mine from the top mineral only at the same time and a skirmish breaks out between Vultures and Goons. Wintrol's Wraiths carry the day but the victory is short lived as Dagomar's BCs rumble out of the fog of war. Wintrol's expansion is halted yet again. He isn't interested in crying over spilt milk though and sends all of his remaining Vultures to six o' clock to stop Dagomar's expansion. Dagomar attempts to defend with his BCs but gives it up as a lost cause and takes out his frustration on Wintrol's buildings at nine.

Keilah and Wintrol figure this is as good a time to ally as any and set their sights on bringing down Dagomar's BCs. Their forces? 1 BC, 7 Wraiths, 2 Goliaths, a handful of Marines, and 3 High Templar against 8 BCs and 2 Science Vessels. This ought to be good.

Dagomar Matrixes 2 of his BCs and splits them off of his main group to attack the High Templar. He realizes his mistake too late, losing one BC to Wintrol's Wraiths and almost losing the other. With this taste of victory the coalition forces move southwest to engage the rest of the BCs. Instead of just trading shots Dagomar attempts to retreat his BCs while taking heavy fire. He loses a couple BCs before finally making his stand with what's left of his badly damaged Cruisers. The only reason it isn't a total victory for the coalition is because Keilah storms Wintrol's Wraiths. After this final fight each player has approximately four fighting units each.

Keilah is attempting to long distance mine with 2 Probes, which Wintrol kills in revenge. Dagomar is long distance mining with approximately seven SCVs and barely manages to keep a one alive through the last remaining Vultures and single Dark Templar from Keilah with a Defensive Matrix on a 4 HP SCV. Dagomar eventually scrapes together enough to purchase a BC and threatens to spend all week Yamatoing structures one by one. After a few minutes of random inanity everyone allies and the game is over. They agreed to rule it a draw but in this humble reporter's opinion Dagomar gets the win because 2 SCVs mining beats 0 SCVs/Probes mining and Dagomar would eventually have enough troops to finish them off.

Winner: Dagomar!

Post game thoughts:

This was probably the craziest game I've ever observed with everyone using each other for their own goals. Although the only official alliance was at the end between Wintrol and Keilah, at various points in the game there was cooperation between Dagomar and Wintrol, Dagomar and Keilah, Dagomar with JV (just not all at once, even Dag's not that good), and Wintrol with Keilah. The gas on the map was completely mined out at the end and there were only three mineral bases left, each at about a third capacity. Ironically enough one of the bases that was not mined out was Dagomar's original main.

Lesson learned:
Never ever trust an observer. Even JV, who has spent way too much time around Dagomar lately.
HTML is stupid annoying.

You can find the replay of this here.
This concludes a DeonPeon production. Peace!

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