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The Bestest 3 Way FFA Ever (VidRep)
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Date: 12/22/07 04:12
Game Type: Starcraft
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So here I am.

I've been lurking this website for roughly 5 years. Most of the time I just read reports without even leaving a comment. When I did it was usually to compete in the infinite competition of "being the last". Ahh the memories.

Oh, I did make one report of sorts. Back in 2003, when I was still using my old nickname "hidden". But it is best that we do not speak of it.

But now I am ready to make a fool of myself in a way that is worthy of I will follow the bandwagon that the great Psyonic_Reaver as built for us. I will rape what is left of the reporting tradition. I will make a bland black and white text that most people will simply skip, and I shall imbed tacky looking Web2.0 crap into the battered face of this once holy website.

Yes Dagomar and gentlemen. I HAVE MADE A VIDEO REPORT!


Plus I've not chosen to make a 1337 Pro league game the subject of my heresy. I have chosen to most despicable game I have played in a very long time. Three players, incapable of remembering even the simplest of build-orders and unit shortcuts, battle it out in a three way FFA. The replay is utterly painful to watch. It was so painful that it even got pruned out of the replay archives. Now imagine this report being narrated by a hopelessly bored Belgian, attempting to maintain a posh British accent. This report is not for the easily distracted. It will be tough.

Go now, and be entertained!

(it might look like there are 6 sections. But I fucked up with VobSub. They aren't all 10 minutes, so don't worry.)







(Zeven, acht, negen, tien, congratz you can count to ten in Dutch!)

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