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JulyZerg > me: a TvZ on Peaks of Baekdu
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Date: 12/18/07 02:12
Game Type: Starcraft
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Bored to tears because the guy I was going to spend the day with got his ass stranded in Canada, I decided a report was in order. It has, after all, been more than a year (almost a year and a half) since my last report.

Tragically, I haven't been able to find a game that I really want to report. I'd like to do a 2v2 but it seems like I keep missing the game nights in ~nohunters, and I'm too lazy to dig through replay listings for a game that fits what I want. Instead, I headed over to and downloaded a replay.

It was a TvZ on the Peaks of Baekdu, which is my favorite map right now, between Canata and JulyZerg. I'll be the first to admit that I know nothing about the Starcraft pro scene. In fact, that's usually the first thing I tell women. "Hi, I don't know anything about the Starcraft pro scene." Gets their pants off every time.

Back to the point, I really have no clue who these people are and so I'll refrain from providing insightful commentary on the stuff they do and the players themselves because I imagine you all know it already. Besides, I suck at this game. What the hell do I know about what they're doing.

The game opens excitingly, with Canata's command center showing up top right and July's hatchery on the bottom left. They both build stuff for a while, mostly workers to start with and then a few buildings. July is fast to air units with an overlord. Who knows what crazy things he'll do with it!

July moves to his expansion after building a spawning pool and starts a hatchery there. He takes his gas and builds some zerglings to deal with Canata's pesky SCV, who is poking the spawning pool. Five of them run off to enjoy the cool mountain air, while the sixth starts beating on the terran worker. Canata, meanwhile, is building marines out of a single barracks while he takes his geyser and builds depots. Smelling fresh meat, the five zerglings not chasing around the SCV charge across the map. And you thought no one could surpass Johnny_Vegas's mountain climbing report.

The zerglings engage a couple SCVs that had run down Canata's ramp to do I don't really know what. They quickly bail up the ramp, and the three marines that Canata has produced open fire on the zerg. Zerglings, of course, are pussies and run as soon as the first shells start ricocheting off their carapaces, but they don't run too far, only going back to meet up with the last of the sextuplets to exterminate the SCV scout. They retake positions just outside of marine range.

In technology news, July begins morphing a lair and Canata builds an academy. Amazon released the Kindle, and this report will be readable on it within the end of the month.

Canata has hatched a dastardly plan, and this is the reason there has only been one barracks sitting in his base. The usual second floats its way behind July's base, on a small patch of land that the mining drones cannot see. As July's overlord menacingly looks at the marines on Canata's ramp, firebats and marines start popping out of the barracks. July sends more zerglings to the front line and starts a spire, completely unaware of what's about to happen.

All becomes clear to him as the division of infantry - a marine, medic, and two firebats - storms the hapless, unprotected drones. They panic and hightail it to his expansion, where two creep colonies are quickly morphed into sunkens. The zerglings waiting outside of Canata's base are quickly ordered back home to hopefully deal with the threat. As the drones leave, the firebats and marine turn their weapons to the spire. Canata's building more firebats, and while they can toast the zerglings, it'll be a little bit harder to incinerate mutalisks.

As a third firebat joins the first two, July realizes there's no saving his spire and cancels it as his zerglings charge onto the scene. July starts showing of some excellent zergling micro, running them around like a madman, picking off a firebat while losing only one zergling, and then bailing like a little bitch. As the terran infantry turns its attention to the spawning pool, the zerglings return and tear the marine to shreds.

The pool explodes, but July manages to morph a few more zerglings before this happens. He's got fight in him still, but Canata's sending the troops he built at his main towards July's expansion. As they cross the halfway point of the map, July converges his zerglings on the troops in his main base. Around eight are incinerated in the two or three seconds that the fight takes, but the infantry is butchered. As July repopulates his main, Canata floats his barracks out of the corner over July's bases, and opens fire on an overlord that got too close. July's zerglings join the sunkens at the expansion to hold off the terran. He restarted his spire there, but he remains pool-less.

Canata's squadron charges past the tentacles of the colonies to the back of July's mineral line and opens fire on the drones there. July manages to pick off a few marines with his zerglings before the firebats turn their attention to them. Lacking any way to rebuild them, he retreats for now. Canata takes this opportunity to start beating on the half morphed spire. He can't send his firebats out, but they stand beside his three marines, protecting them as they try to down the spire. July is again forced to cancel his spire, and stands incapable of troop production.

Canata expands. It's a buyer's market on Baekdu.

Some poor firebat control from Canata as he tries to finish off the drones on gas results in his bats taking two tentacles up the ass each, leaving the marines undefended against the zerglings. Not even the medic is enough to stop the assault, and they fall in a matter of seconds. July, however, has only two zerglings left, and is restarting his spire for the second time. He still doesn't have a new pool, and is incapable of troop production. Canata on the other hand has two working barracks in his base, and a third floating over July's lair should he choose to land it and use it.

July sends his two zerglings out, finds Canata's expansion, and watches as they bite it to infantry. Canata's started building an engineering bay and factory in his base. I don't know how hot Canata is, but he plays videogames professionally, so he can't be that much of a looker, and July looks mildly fucked.

July finally starts rebuilding his pool, now that he has absolutely no army and only two sunken colonies standing between him and being defenseless. On the upside (of sortS), his new tech structures look like they'll go off without a hitch. Suddenly he cancels his pool and starts building a hatchery instead, confusing the crud out of me for a second. I'm guessing he wants to build more mutas in less time, since his spire is a lot closer to done than the pool was.

The spire finishes and mutas start.

Canata is bunkering and turreting up his expansion, but his main remains fairly defenseless. He moves some marines to the valley to the left of his base, presumably to catch the mutalisks as they fly by. July sends them straight into Canata's natural, picking off a firebat there before pulling back briefly. The terran commander quickly orders his marines back to his expansion and turrets to be put up in his main base, protecting his minerals.

July starts doing some crazy ass micro, picking off a marine at a time with his mutalisk swarm before pulling back out of their range as they attempt to return fire. For a relatively small amount of mutalisk loss (three or four, by my count), he takes out a healthy portion of the marines that were defending the expansion. Reinforcments join the mutalisks, and they continue the back and forth assault on the outermost turret at Canata's expansion, before focusing on the SCVs mining there. Between his focused fire and their bouncy attacks, he does a fairly good job of picking them off. Canata sends newly built marines out from his main, and July, seeing them, regroups before starting to pick them off one by one again.

July loses a few mutes flying around Canata's base, picking off only a few marines, but he takes out a couple turrets as well, including a newly erected one at his expansion. He then returns to taking out the expansion. Canata is forced to bail out his SCVs, and send marines to help them out, but July's crazy ass micro comes back into play, and the marines are falling faster than they're popping mutalisks. July has finally restarted his spawning pool, and is now sufficiently on the offensive for it to finish easily.

The mutalisks are now dancing around Canata's base, which is more defended, and consequently his crazy micro is less effective, but he's still freaking Canata out, and reinforcements are constantly coming. Canata's trying desperately to get irradiate, with a science facility researching it and a starport building vessels, but July is wreaking more and more havoc by the second. Turrets around his main base's mineral line begin to bite it, and July starts to have free reign on the mining SCVs. His pool has also finished, and a horde of zerglings charge into the scene, and completely unwatched, die to a bunker, although they manage to destroy it in the process. As the first science vessel shows up, July sacrifices some of his mutalisks to exterminate it. As a fresh horde of zerglings turn up, and the mutalisks start picking off the remaining marines with ground support, Canata's base has a few turrets standing as its last remaining defenses, and more and more zerg are showing up by the second.

They fight a little longer, but in the end, Canata leaves.

This was a really short game, but really it was kind of cool to watch. I wasn't sure how July was going to save his ass, but the mutalisk micro was amazing to watch. Images don't really do it justice, and honestly it's left me wishing I could control mutalisks like that.

The lack of expansion was kind of weird too, but I suppose with the game length being so short and July microing his ass off, there wasn't a great deal of time to take bases. Both players only took their naturals.

I'm going to report a 2v2 one way or another, by the way, and hopefully inhouse, so I can make fun of the players more. Seriously let's do some 2v2s this week.

And that's all from me for now.

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