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"Good luck, and I hope you enjoyed reading it. Be the Samurai."

The MediEvil Report - First Installment
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Date: 09/30/07 12:09
Game Type: Other
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Hello, my name is KingWombat, and this is my first report. I will be reporting on a PSX (PlayStation) hack-and-slash adventure game entitled MediEvil, which I will be playing using the ePSXe emulator. MediEvil was released back in 1998 by Sony Computer Entertainment. It was followed by a sequel, MediEvil II, which was released back in 2000. A PSP remake of the original MediEvil was released in 2005 and was entitled MediEvil: Ressurection.

The game takes place some time in the Middle Ages, in the kingdom of Gallowmere. Basically, here is what happens. A certain Sir Daniel Fortesque, who is considered by King Peregrin (king of Gallowmere) to be the bravest of his knights but is actually a total coward, is forced to lead an army against the evil sorcerer Zarok when the latter invades Gallowmere with his army of zombie folk.

Sir Dan leads the charge against Zarok, but promptly gets shot in the eye by an arrow and dies. However, even without his leadership, the forces of Gallowmere are able to defeat the zombie army and drive Zarok away. Even though Sir Dan did practically nothing, he is post-humously hailed as the hero of the battle and also as the hero of Gallowmere. Statues are erected to him all over the land, and his body is put to rest in a crypt fit for a king.

A hundred years later, however, Zarok returns. He had been studying spells in his isolated castle for an entire century, and now he is out for revenge. He now has even more monsters and zombies of all kinds under his control, as well as some new spells which allow him to possess the citizens of Gallowmere. Gallowmere is unable to withstand the onslaught and is quickly overrun. However, while Zarok was passing through the Gallowmere graveyard, bringing zombies to life with his evil spells, he unwittingly also revived Sir Dan in his crypt. So now Sir Dan is faced with the task of saving the people of Gallowmere from Zarok's monsters and defeating Zarok himself, thus proving himself to be a true hero and shedding the "false" hero status that he has gained. That, basically, is the premise of the game. Let's get to the actual gameplay.

Keep in mind that this report is going to be fairly image-heavy, because as you all know, a picture is worth a thousand words!

MediEvil plays just like any other third-person hack-and-slash game. You run around, jump on platforms, pick up weapons and items, kill monsters, collect gold. There are some elements that make MediEvil somewhat unique from other hack-and-slashers, though, and I will describe each of them as soon as I come across it the first time.

Dan's Crypt

The game starts in Dan's Crypt, with Dan just having awoken from his century-long slumber,
completely unaware of what is going on. He gets up, looks around, stretches his bones, and walks down the hall which leads into the main room of the crypt. Here he is confronted by two goat heads, on opposite walls of the hall.

Let me explain Goat Heads. These guys can be found in many places on the game, on walls, on rocks, on trees. When Dan gets close to them, they almost always start up a conversation. Usually they give Sir Dan hints about the surroundings and about gameplay, but occasionally they just make fun of him or blabber some random stuff. Although some goat heads are optional (i.e, they don't automatically talk to you, you have to stand in from of them and actually activate them to talk to them), in this report I will be talking to all of them just to make the report more involved. :P

So anyway, Sir Dan walks up to these two goat heads and they start a conversation. From the goat heads, Sir Dan finds out what has happened since his death; how the battle of Gallowmere had been won without him, how he had been proclaimed the hero, and about Zarok's return. The first goat head ridicules Dan because of his false hero status, but the second goat head is a lot nicer and wishes him luck in saving Gallowmere from the clutches of Zarok. Why, thank you, goat head.

After the conversation with the goats is over, Dan continues on down the hall and into the main room of the crypt. The gates shut closed behind him, and I gain control. Right next to me I find a Small Sword, which I promptly pick up and wield. There are essentially two kinds of weapons in the game; melee and ranged. No spells or anything in this game. As a rule, melee weapons are more effective against land enemies, and ranged weapons are more effective against flying enemies. But of course, there are exceptions to every rule. The Small Sword is the weakest kind of sword in the game, but it is very effective against taking out early enemies such as zombies.

Now that I have obtained a weapon, I want to explain a bit about attacking enemies in MediEvil. Almost every weapon has a primary attack and a secondary attack. The primary attack is used by pressing the X button on the PSX controller and the secondary attack with the Square button (not like you needed to know that :P). For the small sword, the primary attack consists of a small chop/stab, while the secondary consists of a humongous 360 degree swing that can knock enemies back a good distance. Also, as is the case with some weapons, the secondary attack can be charged up by pressing and holding down the Square button. In the small sword's case, if you charge up the secondary attack, the result is an awesome 720 degree spin that can kill zombies in one hit. (Borat accent) "I like!"

After getting the sword, I then proceed to the other side of the room, where I find Throwing Daggers and a Life Bottle. Throwing daggers are the earliest and weakest form of ranged weapon that Dan comes across in the game. I find them ot be not as effective as the small sword at taking out enemies, so I choose to stick with my sword, but pick up the daggers anyway just in case.

Daggers, unlike the sword, only has one kind of attack, which consists of basically throwing the dagger at an enemy (duh...). But, this attack can be charged by holding down square, in which case you will throw three daggers at once. Since zombies usually take three daggers to kill, this would essentially kill a zombie in one hit. As a side note, daggers, like all other projectiles in the game, are not unlimited. You usually get a certain amount when you pick them up, and you can get refills from the Merchant Gargoyle (which I will get into later!).

Okay, so now to explain the Life Bottle. Life bottles are essentially health containers. The number of life bottles you have represents Dan's maximum health. At the top of the screen you can see a health bar, and above the health bar you can see a bottle. This counter shows the number of life bottles that Dan currently has; right now it's at one, since I only picked up one. Each full life bottle equals one health bar. So if my health bar goes down to zero, that doesn't mean I'm dead; it only means I've used up a life bottle. If all my life bottles are empty, however, and I lose all my health, it means I'm dead.

There are lots of life bottles to find in the game, and they are usually hidden in non-obvious places. Oh, and health can also be refilled, either by means of Energy Vials, or by standing in a Fountain of Rejuvination.

Close to where I found the life bottle I see a closed door with a yellow hand on the wall next to it. The yellow hand means that I must find a yellow Rune and slide it into the hand in order for the door to open. So Runes are, essentially, keys that can help you open things. The color of the runes corresponds with the color of the hand next to the door they open.

So yes, now I must find the yellow rune in order to be able to open the door. I turn around and retrace my footsteps back to where I started, but this time I make a right turn into a tunnel. What do you know? Right in the middle of the tunnel I find a yellow Star Rune. Mission accomplished. But I don't want to go back just yet. I keep going forward, hop over a pool of water, and end up at a dead end. Here I see a chest and a bag of coins. Chests are fairly common in the game; you have to whack them with a weapon to open them, and you never know what they'll contain. Usually it's shields or weapons, though. Coins are also fairly common; they come in either bag form or "small gold chest" form (not to be confused with the larger container chests I just discussed). Gold chests usually contain more coins than bags. Coins are used to buy things from Merchant Gargoyles: once again, I'll get to those later, when I actually encounter them.

I pick up the bag of gold, then use my sword to open the chest. Inside I find a copper shield, the weakest kind of shield in the game, which I immediately pick up and don. Shields are Dan's only method of protection against enemies in MediEvil; there is no body armor or helmets or anything of the sort. To use a shield, you press and hold the Triangle button, which makes Dan cover himself up with the shield. This is a very reliable form of defense, as nothing can hurt Dan as long as he is covering himself with his shield. Of course, shields don't last forever; they have durability points just like Dan has health points. The copper shield, for example, starts off with 150 points. Every time an enemy strikes Dan's shield, points are taken away. When the durability points wear down to zero, the shield breaks. Once it's broken, it dissapears. No way to add durability points to a shield aside from getting a new one.

Alrighty, now I have both a sword and a shield. I think I'm ready to take on some enemies. I go back down the tunnel the way I came, turn left at the end and walk over to the door with the yellow hand next to it. I slide my Star Rune into the hand and the door magically opens! I walk up the long set of stairs, and at the very end of the staircase I am confronted with a sinister-looking door with what looks like green slime floating all around it.

These slime-covered doors are "exit level" portals. They can be found in every level. Walking into them takes Dan to the map screen, regardless of whether he has finished the level or not. Well, I think I'm done here, so I walk into the door and out into the dark, evil graveyard... (shudder)

The Graveyard

The Graveyard is the first "real" level in the game. It features a lot of zombies that need to be sent back into the ground; in fact, zombies are the only kind of enemy in the entire level. Now you understand why I was talking about zombies earlier.

As I start the level, an evil-looking gate creaks shut behind me. I walk forward along the path. Suddenly, the ground splits open in front of me, and a coffin rises up out of the earth. It slowly opens, and a zombie stumbles out. I promptly chop it into pieces with my small sword. Further down the path I encounter some more zombies, which I also chop up nicely.

At this point I notice that whenever I kill an enemy, purple lights of some kind float out of them and a percentage in the upper right of my screen increases. This percentage represents how much the Chalice of Souls has filled up. The Chalice can only be collected when it is 100% full. What is a Chalice, you ask? Let me leave you in suspense for a while. I will get to it later.

I keep going down the path. I come to a clearing with three zombies standing around in the middle. When they see me coming, they start panicking and running around. I kill them all with my sword, just like before. No challenge here. Over to the right of the clearing I find an Earth Rune... interesting. That means I now have to look for a door/gate with a green hand next to it, because the rune will allow me to open it. Going on, I come to another clearing. Two zombies come stumbling towards me, but I end them both. I spot a Fountain of Rejuvination off to the side of the clearing (remember those, I talked about them earlier)? Since had lost a little health during my fighting with the zombies, I decided to step into the fountain and heal. While healing, I took the time to look at my surroundings. On one side of the clearing was a set of steps, leading up to a closed gate with a red hand next to it. That means the gate requires a red rune to open, which I don't have. On the other side of the clearing, however, I spot what I am looking for; a gate that I can open with my Earth Rune. I go over to the gate and open it, and am instantly charged by a horde of zombies.

I hack and slash my way through them, and in a matter of seconds they are all lying dead on the ground. Looking around, I spot a Chaos Rune (red in color), which I grab, as well as a bag of coins, which I also grab. Seeing no way to go forward, I turn around and go back into the clearing with the Fountain. I heal again, then go up the steps and open the gate using my chaos rune.

I am confronted with a narrow, poorly lit street with tons of zombies stumbling around in the darkness. I charge right in, swinging my sword left and right, killing them all. The street leads into another clearing with a stone statue of an angel in the middle. To my right I see a closed gate, with no rune hand next to it, meaning there must be some way to open the gate without using a rune. Besides, I REALLY need to get in to that gate, because behind the iron fence I can see... guess what? The Chalice of Souls!

I think this would be a good time to explain what purpose exactly the Chalice serves. There is a chalice in practically every level in MediEvil. When you enter the level, the chalice starts out empty. As you kill enemies in the level, the chalice fills up with their souls. These "souls" are the purple things you see coming out of enemies when Dan kills them. The percentage in the upper-right of the screen, which I mentioned earlier, shows the extent to which the chalice is filled. Once the percentage is at 100% and the chalice is full, you can collect it. Collecting the chalice enables you to visit the Hall of Heroes after you exit the level. That is, once you exit the level through the green-slime door (or, in some cases, another way), you will not go directly to the map screen. You will first go to the Hall of Heroes, which is a floating hall in the sky where the souls of "true" heroes from the past (as opposed to the "false" hero that is Sir Dan) spend eternity feasting, singing and arm wrestling. A lot like the Valhalla of Norse mythology, if you know what I am talking about.

Anyways, I will explain the Hall of Heroes further when I actually visit it. Right now, all you need to know is; one chalice in every level, and collecting chalice = going to the Hall of Heroes. You can only get the chalice once in a certain level; once you get it, it disappears and you can't get it again. Also, if you exit a level without getting the chalice, you can always go back to the level and try getting it a second time (and maybe a third time and a fourth time, however long it takes you :P). Getting all the chalices in the game is the only way to get the "extremely good" ending. You can get the "good" ending if you defeat Zarok but don't get all the chalices. However, if you are truly a star, which I am, you will go for "extremely good".

Okay, back to the game. I need to find a way to get the chalice once I get enough souls, but I don't know how. I decide to explore around a bit more. To my left I find another dimly lit street with zombies wandering about. I kill all of them, but at the end of the street I am confronted by ANOTHER closed gate with no rune hand next to it. What?! What do I do now?

I backtrack and search the area for clues. Nothing. In frustration, I take a swing at the angel statue with my sword. Amazingly, the statue moves. It turns at a 90 degree angle. What's more, the gate through which I first entered this clearing shuts closed and the ones leading to the chalice open. Great success!!!!! The statue controls the gates! Whichever gate the statue is facing, that gate opens!

I turn the statue so that it is now facing the dimly lit street which I just finished exploring, and I assume that means the gate at the end of the street is now open. I go to check, and sure enough, my assumptions are correct. The gate is now open. I walk through it and find myself in a small dark field filled with tombstones.

I walk across the field to the other side, and find two gold chests and a life bottle. Suddenly, the earth behind me shakes and multiple coffins rise up out of the ground. Out of them come several zombies. I take them all down with my sword, then go back to the angel statue. This time I rotate it so that it faces the gate with the chalice behind it, and the gate opens. But since the chalice is not full yet, I do not bother trying to get it, and instead go left, up a set of large stone steps. On my right I come to a large, red gate with a sinister-looking face drawn on it. Next to the gate is a book, which I read.

Let me explain books really quick. They are everywhere in MediEvil. There were a lot of them in Dan's Crypt, but I never read them because I think they are usually a waste of time. They are similar to goat heads in that a) they give you hints on gameplay and b) that they give you background information, for example on the history of Gallowemere, to enrich your gaming experience. They differ from goat heads in that they can't talk, which makes tham a lot more boring. But it also means they can't insult you, so there is a positive side to it.

Anyways, I usually don't read them, largely because they are for "noobs" (I hate that word) who have never played the game before and have no idea what they're doing. But some of them I read, because I feel they will make my report more interesting. So I read this one, the one that is next to the big red gate I was talking about before I went off on a tangent. It tells me that "this Skull Gate leads into the realm of the living. The Stained Glass Demon, Master of the Hilltop Mausoleum, has possession of the Skull Key".

Okay, so this means getting the skull key from the glass demon will be my first big goal in the game. I continue up the steps and into a little clearing with a large column in the center. There are a couple zombies in the clearing, which I slay. Suddenly, a message pops up saying that "the chalice can now be collected"! Yes!!!

I run back to where the angel statue was (by the way, Sir Dan can do both running and walking in this game, and I usually opt to run, because it is faster and it doesn't use any stamina or anything) and grab the chalice. The Hall of Heroes awaits! I then go back up the steps, into the clearing, and down a different, more narrow set of steps to the right. I find myself in a brown, sickly looking pit with lots of zombies roaming about. Killing time! But before I can commence the slaughter, the ground all around me starts shaking, and several coffins start rising up out of the ground. All of them are close enough to reach with my sword, so I charge up my alternate attack, and as soon as all the zombies are out of their graves I let them have it with a 720 degree swing to their heads. Since the charged attack is so powerful, they are all instantly annihilated. MULTI KILL!

I kill any zombies that remain in my immediate area, then climb the ledge onto the grassy plateau right in front of me. At the end of the plateau is a gold chest and a Merchant Gargoyle. Let's explain Merchant Gargoyles. These are kind of the like the goat heads, except they don't talk, they just sell stuff. For a hefty price, you can buy practically anything you need from them. You can buy additional ammo for your ranged weapons, you can repair anything you need repaired (however, most weapons are non-repairable), and you can enchant certain items.

Okay, so I grab the gold chest, but don't talk to the gargoyle, because I don't need anything at this point in time. I then turn around to go back into the pit. A bunch of graves rise up out of the ground to block my path, but I kill all of the zombies they yield and continue on.  Descending into the pit, I turn left and follow the narrow, earthy pass as far as it goes, slaying multiple zombies along the way. Eventually, I come to a small plateau, at the top of which I see a Fountain (of Rejuvination) and a bag of coins. Since I need to heal a bit, I get up on the plateau and survey the landscape while happily healing in the fountain. Just beyond the plateau on which I stand is a shallow lake, with zombies spashing around in it. There is a small island to the left of the lake with a chest on it. Intrigued, I cross the lake, killing several zombies along the way, and open the chest. Voila! A new copper shield! Not that my old one was too damaged, but a new shield never hurt anybody.

I keep going forward, across a bridge, and come to large, evil-looking door with green slime around it, meaning this is the exit. I've beaten the first real level of MediEvil! Great! Before exiting, I decide to talk to the goat head next to the gate to see what it has to say. It tells me that Zarok is just beyond the gate, and that he is having a business meeting with his friend the Stained-Glass Demon. Sweet! Both of them in one place! Just what I need to make my job of saving Gallowmere a hundred times easier! After the goat finishes blabbering, I head into the gate and out of the Graveyard.

Alright, since I got the chalice, it means I don't go straight to the map screen. Instead, I get to visit the Hall of Heroes. The power of the chalice teleports me directly into the Hall, and I appear in the middle of a teleportation circle. This circle serves as both the entrance and the exit to the Hall of Heroes. When you go here after finishing a level, you appear on this circle, and whenever you want to leave the Hall of Heroes, you also have to go back to this circle to be taken back to the map screen. Okay, so I teleport into the Hall of Heroes, and immediately a goat head on the wall near me starts up a conversation. It tells me how the Hall is the home to countless heroes from years past, and that if they think I am "worthy enough", I might be able to persuade them to give me a new weapon. New weapon, you say? Sounds great!

After I finish talking to the goat head, I step into the Hall. The Hall consists of two levels, an upstairs and a downstairs. The upper level can only be accessed once you have talked to all the heroes on the lower level. You can only talk to one hero during a Hall of Heroes visit, and you cannot choose the order in which you talk to different heroes, either. It is largely pre-determined (although you do get the occasional choice here and there). Hero statues are found all along the walls of the Hall, and "talking" to a hero involves stepping up to its statue and waiting for it to come alive and start up a conversation.

I look around at the different statues, looking for one that is glowing green. If a statue is glowing green, that means you can talk to it. Since the order in which you talk to heroes is mostly pre-determined, as I said before, only one statue is usually glowing green. I find a green statue fairly quickly; it is the first one to my left. I step on the button in front of the statue and wait.

The statue comes alive and talks to me. Turns out it is Canny Tim, a crossbowman who was with Sir Dan's army at the battle of Gallowmere. He tells me that after I (Sir Dan) was slain, he was able to take down Zarok's champion Lord Kardok, by shooting a crossbow bolt through his eye "at some thousand yards", as he says. So this was his claim to fame, and now he is in the Hall of Heroes because of it. Interesting. He then tells me that he wishes he could fight at my side again, but since he can't, he will give me his crossbow. He says it has rapid fire, and the darts can be ricocheted off walls to shoot around corners. Sweet! I'll take this over my throwing daggers any day!

When the conversation ends, a crossbow drops out of the sky and I pick it up. The crossbow is a formidable early weapon, because of its distance and its ability to shoot rapid fire. It does not have a secondary/charge attack, unlike the throwing daggers, but it is a lot more effective at taking down enemies nevertheless. I then head back to the enter/exit circle, and teleport out of the Hall of Heroes to the map screen.

Cemetery Hill

The next level which I am confronted with is called Cemetery Hill. The level opens with a short cinematic which features Zarok at the top of a high hill. Zarok decides to make Dan's life miserable and commands his two gargoyle friends to spit huge boulders from their mouths. These rocks will roll down the path leading to the top of the hill, and make getting up the hill almost impossible. Oh great...

Let the battle commence. I take the time to read a book which is right next to me, and it tells me that certain walls and boulders can be smashed up with clubs and other weapons. Hmm, well I don't have a club right now, but I'll keep that in mind. As soon as I walk out of my starting alcove, I am ambushed by two zombies, who run at me emitting deathly howls and moans. My crossbow makes short work of them. I continue on, take down a couple more zombies, and then am faced with a choice of paths. I can either go right through a gate, or left to the foot of the path that leads up the hill. I decide to go right first. I go through the gate and come across some zombies sitting around a campfire. Before they can react, I turn them all into pincushions with my crossbow.

I now come to a large stone wall with what looks like the entrance to a cave, except it is blocked by a huge boulder. I remember what I read in the book earlier, about certain obstructions being smashable, and I think this is one of them. However, I will need a club to find out, which I don't have. So I add "find a club" to my to-do list.

I grab the bag of coins that is next to the boulder-blocked entrance, then retrace my steps and head over to the path that leads up the hill. Sure enough, boulders of all kinds are rolling down the path, courtesy of Zarok's gargoyle friends at the top. I decide not to go up the hill just yet. Instead, I keep going forward and come to an open field with a lot of zombies wandering around. I take down a couple with my crossbow, and suddenly notice a chest marked with a skull sitting in the corner. These "skull chests" are common in MediEvil. You can break them just like regular chests, but when broken, they will emit a huge purple explosion that will kill most enemies in the vicinity. It will not hurt you, but it will push you back a considerable distance, so you have to be careful when you are using this that you are not next to a cliff or anything of the sort. Currently I am not, so I fire on the chest and it explodes, killing many zombies. I shoot up those that remain, then walk over to a little enclosed area in the corner where I find an energy vial and a Merchant Gargoyle. I contemplate buying more darts for my crossbow, but decide to save my money instead, since I still have a fair amount of darts left.

Now I see nothing left to do but try and climb up the hill. I head back to the path, but as I am walking along, I notice an area which I didn't spot before. It is blocked off by several large boulders, so I cannot get in just yet; I will need a club to do that. Behind the boulders I can see a chest of some kind and two LARGE zombies. Large zombies are the older brothers of the regular zombies we have been fighting up to this point. These guys are a lot bigger, a lot faster, and a lot meaner. If you're not careful, these guys can break your shield in a split-second as well as take a huge chunk of your health away. Their weakness is the fact that their only attack consists of charging at you kamikaze-style, and if they miss you, they will inevitably trip and go sprawling onto the ground. While they are on the ground, this is the best time to beat them to pulp before they get up again.

Okay, enough said. Time to get up the hill. I walk over to the path and start going up. I notice that if I stick close to the walls, and time my jumps just right, I can avoid the boulders as they are coming down. There are also stone steps carved into some of the walls to make my getting up even easier (the path is not straight; it is really curvy like a snake, but if I use the step shortcuts I can cut across some of the curves, if you know what I mean).

This goes on for some time. I get hurt a couple of times by boulders lightly grazing me, but it's nothing serious. Finally, I am at the top. Zarok has run off somewhere, so only his gargoyle friends are left. When they see me, they say to each other "we have failed the master! We give our lives!" and then proceed blow themselves up. Well, that's one way to deal with them, I guess.

The top of the hill is dominated by a large, elaborate building which I guess is the Mausoleum. The door to the mausoleum glows with green slime, meaning this is where I can exit the level when I am ready. But I am not ready yet. I still need a chalice, and a club to open all those blocked-off parts that I spotted earlier. I pick up the gold chest that is over on the left, heal a bit in the Fountain of Rejuvination that is also here, then head back down the hill. This time I follow the snake path instead of taking the shortcuts, and I find several bags of gold and chests containing replacement copper shields. As I am nearing the foot of the hill, I find some kind off green slope jutting off from the side of the path that I can descend safely into a valley below. I do so, and find myself inside the blocked-off area that I spotted earlier, the one with the two large zombies in it. Oh noes!!! ZOMBIES!!!

One comes charging at me, emitting terrible screams. I bravely stick out my shield, but the monster crashes right through it and it breaks into a million tiny shards. I panic and jump to the side. The zombie misses me and flies to the ground, and I run up behind him and start chopping him up with my sword. It takes a couple of well-placed strokes to get rid of him. I turn around to find his friend also charging at me. I avoid him by jumping, and he also trips and goes sprawling on the ground. I give him the same treatment as the first zombie. Area secure.

I then break open the chest that is near me, and inside I find... a club! Great! Just what I need. I walk over to the three boulders blocking my exit and smash them. So now I am back at the foot of the hill, just at the start of the snake path going up. But right now I don't need to go up; I must go and explore that cave I spotted earlier, the one that was also blocked by a boulder.

Oh, let me talk about the club really quick. It's only got one attack, which is accessed by pressing the X button on the PlayStation controller - and this attack is the SMASH. If you press the secondary key (Square), Dan will just stick the club out in front of him. This does not hurt enemies, but if you hold the club over a flame like this, you can get it to catch on fire, which is useful in some situations. Having a club on fire doesn't increase its attack strength, as far as I know. The fire lasts only for some time, but it doesn't take away durability or anything like that. You can keep relighting and relighting to your heart's content: the club will never burn up.

I run over to the cave and smash the entrance open, then go inside. I find myself in a narrow, dimly lit hallway, with a goat head on the wall. I talk to him, and he tells me that old witches used to dwell in this cave, but that now they have all moved on.

That's good, because I wouldn't want to disturb them if they were still here. I exit the hallway and find myself in a large room with a staircase on one side and zombies (regular zombies, not large ones) all over the place. Two come stumbling towards me as soon as I come in, but I smash them with one well-timed swing of my club. I then go up the steps, killing the zombie standing at the top, and go left into a different room. This time it is a circular chamber with locked doors all across the walls. Behind the doors I can see zombies, as well as items of all kinds. But how do I get them open?

In the middle of the chamber is something that looks like a pot or an urn, but I don't know exactly what it is. It might have something to do with opening the doors. I retrace my steps back into the previous room, and this time I notice a bookshelf in the corner blocking what looks like yet another entrance to a cave. Hmm...

I smash the bookshelf, and sure enough, it's an entrance. I go in and find myself in some kind of library, with bookshelves all over the walls, and one of those urn/pot things in the center again. This time however, there's a fire burning in it. Oh! So they can be set on fire! I see a book in the corner and go over and read it, seeking new knowledge. From the book I learn that a Witches' coven would only reach its full power once all its sacred flames were lit. Oh, so that's what those pot things are - they're sacred flames! I guess there are only two in this coven, as far as I know, and one has already been lit.

So I just need to light the other one to make the coven reach it's full power, and what happens then I don't know. I stick my club in the fire, and after several attempts, get it to light. I quickly go back up the stairs to the chamber with all the locked foors, and light the second "sacred flame". All the doors open simultaneously, and zombies of all shapes and sizes (including the biggies) pour out, overjoyed at finally being free.

They all go for me, and I fight back, smashing and bashing with my club. I lose some health in the process, but eventually they all lie dead on the ground. At some time during the fighting, the "chalice can now be collected" message pops up. Great, if only I knew where the chalice was. I proceed to explore all the doors that have been opened as a result of me lighting the flame, and I find a bunch of stuff. Including the chalice. The Hall of Heroes awaits!

Oh, aside from the chalice I also find; a new copper shield, lots of gold, an energy vial, and a Witch Talisman which looks suspiciously like a pentagram. No idea what to do with this, but I'll keep it just in case. Okay, I think I'm finished here. I head out of the chamber, out of the witches' coven, and back out into the fresh air. Now all I have to do is go back up the hill and exit the level via the Mausoleum. Sounds easy, and it IS easy. Level complete!

This is where I will cut off my report for now. I know I haven't written that much, and this is only a small chunk of MediEvil and I still have a long way to go, but I want to get this report out there and see what people say. Since this is my first one, I would like comments on how I can improve my writing style to make my reports more enjoyable to read, because at this point I feel my writing is a bit drab; i.e. trying to explain everything instead of focusing on important aspects.

My next report will hopefully be longer and cover a lot more of the game than this one did. In the next report, we will be fighting the Stained-Glass Demon in his Hilltop Mausoleum, recovering from him the Skull Key, and using it to open the Skull Gates which lead into the realm of the living. From there, we will let fate guide our path. See you soon!

- KingWombat

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