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"This was the biggest fucking collection of stupid since a TheAngel report."

The Blizzcon Report
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Date: 08/05/07 08:08
Game Type: Starcraft
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The Blizzcon Report

I'm not quite sure how I want to go about reporting my time at Blizzcon. There are many things to talk about but, at the same time, not much to say at all. Most of you know what is happening with Starcraft 2 due to the demos shown and other reviews given by people who get paid to write them. I am just going to give my point of view and my feelings so far on the game and with the direction Blizzard is taking it. I also played around 30 games of Starcraft 2 but I will probably only mention 4 or 5 of them as I write the report. Also, this report is probably going a good length in size. (Intro Note: I took pictures of Starcraft 2 and almost had my camera taken away but I begged to let me keep it and that I wouldn't do it again. Turns out, the pictures I took sucked. Because the room was dark and the computer screen so bright, it made all the pictures fuzzy and blurry. TT)

The first day of Blizzcon was amazing. Before the doors opened I got to meet Dustin Browder and shake his hand. It was truly a geek moment for me. (I forgot to get a picture. ><) As soon as the doors opened, my brother and I rushed toward the BlizzStore to buy our share of goodies. I got some T-Shirts, a few keychains, and a really cool Horde belt buckle. Granted, I had to wait in line for an hour and a half to get said items but it was worth it to do it early before all the things I wanted were bought out.

The opening ceremony was cool to watch. Just an overview of what is going to happen at Blizzcon plus they also showed off the new WoW expansion, Wrath of the Lich King. I hoped the Starcraft panels would also be entertaining.

After the introduction, I embarked on a quest to find the Starcraft 2 playable demo. My older brother had run off somewhere to find his guild and I was wandering around in this HUGE conference center trying to figure out where the hell I was. People were EVERYWHERE trying to get in line to try the new Starcraft boardgame, new Nvidia products, buy items, fight in a gladiator pit or ride the riding bull. I decided to partake of the riding. I lasted 45 seconds. The operator was rough! He was going rather easy on the people before me but I hung on the whole time with just my thighs and my right hand, keeping my left hand high like a true cowboy. (Which I am.)

After that joyride, I continued on to find the SC2 Demo. As I walked into another part of the Center, my eyes beheld a most glorious sight. At least one hundred computers were set up just for Starcraft 2. I eagerly formed up in a line, watching a small Starcraft 2 Demo play overhead on a huge screen. The line was moving quickly since you were only allowed to play for 20min. My turn came and I sat down only to find out I was in the "Single Player" line. I was asked how hard I wanted my computer opponent to be. Knowing this wasn't BGH and the likelihood of being rushed by Zerglings were low, I replied: "Hard as it can be." I was shown where to select the AI difficulty and which race I wanted to be. I choose Protoss to start things off, knowing they would be most familiar to me since I am great Protoss commander. *cough*

Single Player!

The game started and I was dazzled. It was like the light of heaven shining down on my Probes, who were waiting for an order to begin mining. I squealed in delight as I selected my 6 Probes to begin mining while trying to do a split. The split was horrible but the miner AI made up for it as it separated my Probes out for me in quick fashion. That will have to be something I work on... I bet a 6 Probe split is possible but I didn't care at the moment. I was playing Starcraft 2! The graphics, even for a game in it's alpha stage, were AMAZING. Lush colors, smooth building and unit graphics. It was more then a little boy running around in a candy store, I felt like Charlie in the chocolate factory.

I had built a Gateway and soon a Zealot was created. "My life for Auir!" I giggled as I heard it, remembering what Mattzarella said. I soon had him running around, he ran about the same as a normal Zealot but way cooler looking. A Cybernetics Core came soon after and that's when I noticed that Protoss buildings were slightly smaller now, even the Gateway was a few squares smaller. Good. It'll make building placement all the easier. A Stalker popped out and he definitely looked like a total, grade A, badass. Where do I get that Blink spell? Hmm. My advanced tech allowed me to go three different routes, just like in SC1. I decided it would probably fall under the Templar tech and opted to build a Twilight Council. It was completed and Blink and Leg Charge were soon researched. I had quite a army built up at this time and I set out to explore the Terran base to the north. I had one Stalker leading the way, blinking ahead to spot for the rest of my army.

BOOM! BOOM! That Stalker suddenly died a horrible and painful death to the newly redesigned Siege Tanks. My Zealots charged in with rapid speed before they could reload. Knowing my Stalkers would take the hits if I didn't move quickly, I blinked them inside siege range. Destruction was brought about in short order and I smiled. I smiled an evil smile. No more would I have to deal with the brain dead children known as "Dragoons". Now I had their smarter cousins who not only moved effectively and intelligently, but I had the Blink option to quickly move in and overwhelm Terran Siege Tanks before they could strike me down. I see a future with these guys.

I soon had some Dark and High Templar roaming around. The Dark Templar just looked stupid but still kicked just as much ass to anything caught in his way. The High Templar was SLOW. Not like SC1 slow but Barracks flying SLOW. His Psi Storm was TINY and didn't do much damage at all. I was sadly, unimpressed.

The Reaver was next up on the menu and I was sad to see no option to build Reavers as my Facility warped in. I inquired to their whereabouts when I heard the dreaded news. "They got axed." NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! KHAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was a tad sad to hear the news but I decided to try out the Colossus. I waited and waited. Then I waited some more. Finally he was completed and I guess it took him about the same time to build as a normal SC Reaver. He was imposing looking though and he easily moved around and OVER my units, cliffs, and, I believe, my Phase Cannons as well. I sent him toward the Terran base to see what havoc he could cause. I didn't have to wander too far, the Terran was attacking with a huge Medic and Marine force. Again, I smiled a most evil smile. I mimicked what I saw in the SC2 Demo and got to the high ground before begining to melt the tiny figures. Oh. They put up a good fight with Stimpack being activated but blood soaked the ground and my Colossus, while damaged, stood victorious.

Around this time I had my Stargate up and was greeted with two ships to build. The Warp Ray and the Phoenix. I built the fighter first before the larger vessel. As my pilot glided around the map, I found a few Vikings just milling around the Terran base. I didn't want to get close because of all the Turrets and Marines, so I lured it out with some Stalkers. The Phoenix was powerful but it seemed to lack something... I don't know what but... Something was missing. The Warp Ray was next and it looked awesome fighting along side my Colossus, shooting down bigger targets like Vikings or Siege Tanks that got in my way. Devastating and wicked cool should be tattooed on the side of every one.

I was surprised to see the name "Carrier" instead of "Tempest" as I built a Fleet Beacon. I built one and then queued up a Mothership. I was happy to see the Carrier but there is nothing new about it except the ability to auto-build lost Intercepters. The Mothership appeared and it warped in like we were shown in the first SC2 Demo. I was sad to see the Black Hole feature missing and a slightly weaker version of the Planet Cracker, but it was still a force to be reckoned with as it tore up ground units faster then Dagomar on Keanu_Reaver. Then the Vikings came... There were only 5 of them but I noticed my Mothership wasn't firing back... I was slightly mad... All that money and the Mothership has NO ANTI-AIR ATTACK?!? IT'S A FREAKING MOTHERSHIP!!!

My turn was about to end when I suddenly realized I had not built a Twilight Archon. One was soon morphed and I was delighted to see it was still as strong as ever and with a special twist of having the Feedback ability. I casted it on one of my HT and chuckled as he crumpled under his own energies. The game suddenly told me I lost and I was asked to please get up and head for the exit. I did so and immediately got back in line to try out the multi-player aspect. Only 2 vs 2 was allowed and as I sat down at my station a guy named Jason introduced himself. He was an older fellow, older then me. He was Korean looking and said a buddy of his worked at Blizzcon. Cool. We both selected Protoss vs our Protoss/Terran enemies.

Multiplayer Game One!

The game started quickly and with no lag! As my Probes began mining, I noticed that the map was akin to Lost Temple and was revealed so to speak. The mini-map showed all the expansion locations and terrain while the main playable screen showed black. I wasn't sure how to approach the game. We only had twenty minutes of play time and I decided to do what any good double Protoss team should do. Let's double gate rush I typed. "Ok." was the reply. I was located at the 9 o'clock and my ally, Jason, was at the 6.

Money was coming VERY quickly since I had 6 Probes starting out instead of 4. Of course, I was building more and an Assimilator to harvest the much needed Vespene Gas. Soon I had two Zealots when my scout reported that the Blue Protoss to the north was Cannoning up his choke. I had my Gateways rally to the enemy base as my Zealots were en route. I killed the Cannon but saw more warping in. I retreated with a few angry Zealots chasing me and I managed, with my reinforcements, to surround them and kill them as the other player tried to retreat them. So far, no losses on my side.

Jason was teching hard for Stargates and didn't have an army so to speak. Mostly Zealots since we were gathering minerals at an insane rate but gas was coming SLOWLY. (Through all my games that was my biggest gripe. Gas came WAY too slow. I would usually expand two or three times only to harvest the Vespene right away.) I decided to upgrade to Stalkers since their Blink ability would prove vital in hopping past the defenses Blue was putting up. Soon, I had a good size of Stalkers alongside my Zealots. Jason had a good Zealot sized army and we decided to attack the Red Terran located at the 3 o'clock. Jason's Zealots began charging up the ramp while mine slowly lumbered behind, not having the upgrade. I didn't really care because I just blinked my Stalkers up and behind the Siege Tanks and began picking them off. We easily overwhelmed the poor Terran and many buildings were destroyed until Blue came in. My Zealots acted as front line meat shields as Jason's Zealots would charge around behind the enemy Zealots. Blue also had Stalkers but they lacked the Blink ability. I would blink in, pick off a Stalker, and blink out before I would take too many hits. Even with this impressive harmony of micro between Jason and I. Blue simply had too many units and we were repelled.

Our Macro was still going strong though and I had a huge Stalker army waiting for me when I clicked back to base. I sent them out to harass Red's SCVs. Red was forced to lift off and fly to Blue's main. (Note: The 12 o'clock natural is not on the right hand side, but on the left hand side of the main. Otherwise Blue would have landed, I'm sure, in the Natural.)

I had Observers doing what they do best. Observing. Blue didn't have much in terms of troops so I decided to Cannon his Natural. He didn't like that and tried breaking the containment with a few Carriers and Zealots. My Stalkers, with Cannon support, owned the Zealots. The Carriers tried to flee but my Stalkers had no trouble blinking and catching up with them, killing them quickly under such concentrated firepower. I also had a unit called "Stasis Orb" which reduces attack and movement speed which I somehow missed during my single player trip. Soon Jason came in with a huge fleet of Motherships. (I was surprised. I didn't know you could build more then one. I'll have to ask what's up after the game.) Blue and Red called out GG and left the game. We stood up and looked across and said GG again and headed for the exit. I stopped to question a Blizzard Employee about the Motherships. "They have been greatly nerfed and because of that, you are able to build more then one now." Oh. Ok... So let's see... Carriers that rock vs anything or expensive Motherships that can't attack air. Yeah. Ok. Great logic but whatever. It was time for more Starcraft 2.

Multiplayer Game Two!

This game I decided to try out the Terrans. Granted, I suck with them in Starcraft and I haven't tried them out at all in the single player but I figured, what the hell, might as well play them. Soon 6 SCVs were good to go but I had no real idea what to do with them after they started mining. This map wasn't Lost Temple... But it was small. I decided to go double barracks and try a Bunker rush. I was sure I could easily get away with something newbish like that. My partner in crime was a girl who was an interesting lady... She had the basics down so I figured we couldn't do too bad.

I started off at bottom right, Girl at top right, and our Terran enemies were at the other corners. I found a Blue Terran busily mining away at bottom left and began to build a Bunker. Blue didn't really do anything about it until it was too late. My Marines poured into the Bunker and began to do nothing. I was out of range of his buildings!!!! Blue had set up his own Bunker that would prevent me from pushing in but he had nothing down near his CC. Another SCV and a few more Marines were sent over and soon I had set up camp behind half of his mineral line. The CC had been upgraded to a Plantery Fortress (Big HUGE guns mounted on top.) but it couldn't reach my Bunker. Teal, the other enemy Terran, came down and together they attacked my Bunkers. I had my SCVs on auto-repair and I went back to my base to construct some more Depots and build some Factories to get some Siege Tanks. I clicked back and found one of my SCVs missing but both Bunkers intact. Girl sent down a force of Zealots by this time and well. They didn't do much except allow me to reinforce my position with more Marines and a few Medics.

I decided to start massing Siege Tanks now and build just a few token Marines here and there to help provide cover. I also built a Factory in Blue's base and began assaulting it as soon as I could produce Tanks. I sent some Marines toward Teal's base only to see them get torn to shreds by Tanks before I even got close. I decided to build a few more Factories and just do a pure Tank/Viking macro. Blue had pretty much given up by this point and lifted off all his buildings and fled his SCVs to Teal. His CC, since it was upgraded, could not lift off and I destroyed it. (That kinda sucks...)

Girl had expanded to her Natural when Teal came knocking down her front door. She had NO units from what I could see but I didn't have time to check out her base as she leaned over and yelled at me to help her. Not wanting her to PMS or anything, I sent my Vik/Tank force up to deal with the threat. Cool thing about Vikings, they can be either air to air or ground to ground units and you can transform them a la "transformers" between the two phases. I had no problem dealing with Teal. I decided I needed to expand and I saw two options. There was my Natural which I didn't want because of Teal still lurking about and there was this high ground expansion that I could, not for the life in me, figure out how to get to. I built a CC and lifted it up there and saw that there were a bunch of destructible rocks blocking my path. If I had removed the rocks, I would have gained access to the expansion. I decided to leave the rocks as they would buy me time if Teal tried attacking. He would have to destroy the rocks first.

The timer was almost done and I told Girl it was time to finish them off. I sent in my Vikings to engage Teal's Vikings while Girl came in with an impressive Warp Ray and Mothership task force. Teal had a huge M&M army waiting near the rear of his base but I just sieged up my 20 or so tanks and watched them all get GIBBED in one shot. It was very pleasing and made me giggle like a little Korean school girl. Suddenly the game ended as both Blue and Teal left. As Girl and I stood up, our opponents began cursing us out. "The game is a demo man! Don't take it so seriously! "Yeah! You're just suppose to check out the units! Not fight!" Girl and I looked at each other. She said "GG" and left. I said: "Look. If you want to do that, go try Single Player because I'm here to rape face. GG." I left and decided to go grab something to eat.

I explored around some more and saw people playing the WoW trading card game. I had recieved a special starter kit and a booster pack but after my short lived Magic: The Gathering days. I decided to just ignore it. It looked fun but I'd rather get something to eat and check out the other stuff. A Starcraft tournaments were being shown as I was eating, I saw a game between Savior and Iris. Poor Iris got worked this time around, unlike what happened at the Starleague. After enjoying that game I got back in line for Starcraft 2. I also noticed a large crowd milling around the SC2 Demo. (Mostly HOT Asian chicks.) I walked over and I saw Xellos and Nal_rA vs Iris and Reach in the SC2 Demo. It was amazing as they fiddled around and began wrecking each other. Good stuff to see. The game ended in a tie as time ran out.

Multiplayer Game Three!

I had played alot of Starcraft 2 by now and found a most excellent strategy. Mass Stalkers just OWNED early game. I would actually do something akin to a 2 gateway Dragoon rush vs Terrans that would work in a 1v1 but I adapted it for a 2v2. I would tell my Ally to just mass up to high tier tech units and I would keep the enemy busy with my Stalker army. So far I had only lost one game of the 10 I had played so far. (It was these two Koreans that just utterly destroyed my partner and I.)

As my group sat down to play I was greeted by my opponents. One of them recognized the website I had splayed across my shirt and said he used to visit the site quite often between 1999 and 2001. He even remembered some of my reports. Sadly, he was just a lurker to the site and said he never posted. I told him to check us out. I had gotten several inquiries about the site from random people and even someone from the media back East asked about my shirt as I was leaving the Demo area. I was more then happy to explain to people what the quote on the back meant and what was all about. I hope I generated some interest.

Anyways, this guy and his buddy were good Starcraft players back in the day. (So they say.) As I sat down I was greeted by a rather enthusiastic twelve year old who turned out to be my teammate. "This is my first game of Starcraft EVER!!!!" He chipped happily. I groaned. We were so gonna lose.

The game started up with everybody choosing Terran except me. The map was strangely familiar but... different. It was like Tau Cross but on the space platform and made for four players. Players were spread out in a Diamond shape formation with me at mid right and my ally at top mid. I told 12yr. to just make lots of Marines and explained how to do so. "Ok!" He shouted. "I'll build lots of the Marines!!" I cringed. I knew the other guys heard that. Oh well...

Knowing I would have to probably be the one to pull us through I decided to do something that Protoss normally do on Tau Cross. I expanded. See the way my base was set up is that I had a small choke at the front of my base. My Natural was located on the high ground right next to my main and could be access via a nearby ramp. I walled off my choke with a Forge and Cannons and then built a Nexus. Soon I was harvesting minerals and gas like crazy, all the while building Gateways and a Cybernetics Core.

I didn't know what my opponents were up to but I knew I would need an army soon. I had about 6 Gateways online by the time the Core warped in and I soon started massing my Stalker army. I knew it was probably a little late in the game to try Stalker harassing but I figured with all the ramps and obstacles located throughout the map, I could use it to my advantage. Suddenly I noticed that 12yr. is under attack. Blue and Teal had hoarded a huge army of Medics and Marines together and were assaulting my ally. His Bunker filled with 3 Marines could do little to hold off the Assault and soon he was eliminated. I tried to tell him to lift off but he built a Plantery Fortress and was not allowed to do so.

Knowing they would be coming for me next, I place a Pylon and a Cannon on the high ground overlooking my choke. I figured with 4 Cannons at my front and 12 Stalkers on top of that with first tier weapon and armor upgrade. I would be ok. Then I noticed a purple blip at the back of my base. Clicking on the mini-map I noticed that there was destructible terrain behind my mineral line and that it was slowly being destroyed... Oh snap! I thought. I warped in a Pylon and two Cannons while my Stalkers blinked onto the scene. Teal and Blue Marines were chipping away at the rocks but I had farther range with my Stalkers. I began picking off a few of the Marines, trying to stall the assault. The Terran army ignored me until the debris were removed and rushed into my base, stimpacks activating.

My Cannons were doing a great job at picking off the Marines but there were simply too many. I had my Stalkers doing hit and run attacks, focusing all their blasters on just one or two targets before blinking away. (The Medics were healing insanely fast. Faster then SC1 I believe.) Suddenly, my Pylon was destroyed, putting my Cannons offline. Thinking they had the upper hand, Blue and Teal rushed toward my Stalkers hoping to kill them off before moving on to the Probes.

There was plenty of room in my base to do something that I thought was the only way I would survive. I had my half my Stalkers line up in front while another group lined up behind them. Then as one Stalker would get focused on, I would blink him to the back of the line. Then as another Stalker was being hit, I blinked him to the back. The micro was fierce. Marines stimming and running forward, trying to kill the wounded Stalkers before they could blink away only to retreat as Medics would fall behind, letting a few Marines die. Back and forth it went. As he retreated, I would blink forward. Trying to prevent him from going after my Probes now that he was committed to fighting my Stalkers. Then blinking back as they would turn their army around. I had another Pylon building by my deactivated Cannons. I had 10 Zealots about to be built with the leg charge ability upgraded already. If I could keep them busy a few more seconds and keep my Probes at my main alive, I would pull through.

Success! Too late did they realize the trap I had sprung around the poor Marines as my Zealots, on auto-rally began auto-attacking the Marines. Charging in with blinding speed. (Units on auto-rally now auto-attack anything that gets in the way or attacks them.) The Marines tried to fall back, out the way they came only to discover the Cannons coming back online. Trapped. The Marines were cut off and overpowered.

I survived but I had lost about half my Stalkers in the exchange but with 10 Gateways going, they were soon replaced. My army poured out of my base, heading south. I had at least 12 Zealots and 16 Stalkers on a rampage and I knew they would not be expecting 2-0-2 Protoss fighting units to retaliate so quickly. I was right. Blue was not prepared at all as I stormed into his base. The scattered units put up a pitiful fight but succumbed to my vastly superior army. SCVs fleeing the main told me he had taken his Natural and I was right in my guessing as I blinked a few Stalkers up the ramp to find a pack of SCVs cowering in the minerals.

BOOM! BOOM! "Your Base is under attack!" I clicked back home to see Teal Siege Tanks tearing down my Cannons with a small group of Reapers and Marines waiting to assault my Probes. I had prepared for such tactics already and my 10 Dark Templar quietly surrounded the force and eliminated the Tanks and Marines in shocking quickness. (The Reapers, even with jump packs, couldn't jump over the DT. Kinda dumb...) Teal tried to order his units to flee but because of my circle of death. Not one man escaped. I knew time was of the essence and I sent my DT to assault Teal as I finished up with Blue. More Stalkers were created to ensure I could keep the pressure on Teal as soon as the DT were finished off or to pick off flying buildings.

Blue was done for but I saw him lift off his Barracks and his surviving Command Center and watched them speedily fly away. When I say speedily I mean FAST! VROOM! GONE! Those suckers can really move now. I built a Starport to get some fighters to take down the buildings as I redirected all remaining troops toward Teal. After a few more minutes of struggle, both players gave up.

"WOW! YOU WERE SO AWESOME!" Cheered the twelve year old who scared the crap out of me. I thought he had gotten bored and left awhile ago. Actually, I noticed a small group of people were gathered on both sides of the computers, watching the game. One of them was a Blizzard Employee. "Wow! That was great." My opponents stood up and shook my hand. "Good job man. Thought we had you. GG" I actually felt pretty good and full of myself after that game. I felt like I was king of the world as I got back in line to play another game. I met up with some Koreans who promptly put me in my place a half an hour later. (To talk about the Koreans for a minute. There were tons of them! Mostly HOT Asian Chicks. I think I mentioned that already...)

I spent the rest of Friday playing SC2 and listening to panels. I was sad to hear that alot of the SC tournament games were being held privately in the back because the WC3 Tournament had run late. I missed a lot of games because of that, but I did get a picture of the game between Iris and Savior that I mentioned earlier.

Tomorrow they said everything would be back on track. Checking my watch and noticing that the Center would close soon, I went back to the hotel and went to bed.

Day Two was more Starcraft 2. I did stop to watch the Starcraft Semi-Finals between Nal_rA vs Iris. I managed to videotape the first game before my camera died and I still have game 2 and 3 fresh in my memory. I will try to get a report out on those games as soon as possible since no replays are avaliable. I also saw the spanking Nal_rA received at the hands of Savior. Game 1 Nal_rA went Corsair//Reaver and was actually doing well against Savior until he got too relaxed. Savior expanded, massed, and just ran over Nal_rA. Game 2 Nal_rA decided to do a proxy gateway rush. The map was Reversed Lost Temple with Nal at 3 and Sav at 6. Nal built his Gateways near the 12 o'clock start and his Zealots had too much running to do. GG Nal_rA.

After that, I watched some of the WoW 5 on 5 PvP tournaments and it was fun to watch. I would play WoW solely to do the PvP. I was eating a later dinner when my phone rang and I heard my brother yell at me. "Get over to the SC2 Demo exit right now!!!" I left my food on the table and ran trying to put stuff back into my backpack. I don't know what he was excited about but I knew it was important.

I arrived to find Dustin cheerily chatting away with my brother. He asked me how I was doing and I told him I was doing great! "How do you like it so far?" I told him I thought Stalkers were a tad overpowered. "Well, we're still playing around with them but so far the unit that has been dominating the Demo thus far has been the Immortal. Turns out his shields are blocking almost any attack thrown at it. We'll mess around with it later. Why do you think Stalkers are overpowered?" I told him about the 1v2 I played and how I was microing my Stalkers around to kill the Marines that attacked my base. "Oh yes! We have a special name for that. We call it "The Rolling Retreat." We've only had a few games were that has come up in our play testing and I'm glad to hear we're not the only ones figuring that out. That is what really separates the better players from the average ones. Glad to hear you used your Stalkers effectively. Actually, I'm going to tell our play testers about your game. Thanks for sharing." I had a truly orgasmic nerd-geek explosion right there. I even got a picture!

After that nerdtastic experience, I started playing some 2v2s with my older brother and only one game stuck out in my mind.

Multiplayer Game Four!

We were playing some Koreans and I knew we were gonna get in trouble. Brian was playing Terran and I was playing Protoss. We were having fun going really whacky strats as we played so this game we decided, hey, since we're gonna die. Let's have some fun. Brian would mass Ghosts and nuke the crap out of everything and also calldown Marine Drop-pods. I would just do my normal Stalker harass until he could do that.

Game was going better then I had hoped. These Koreans weren't very good I guess because my Stalkers had no problems taking on both their armies at once. Brian was taking hella long to get nukes but he was sneaking Ghosts in to drop Marines on enemy Probe lines. (An idea I suggested.) We were having fun and when we saw that time was about to expire, I did an all out attack on a Protoss base. His color was Red. So Red was dying and I was having no trouble moping up his base when suddenly I heard: "Nuclear Launch Detected" repeated three times. I saw some of my brother's units near the other enemy base (also Protoss) and figured he was nuking down there. I wasn't really paying attention until I noticed 3 big red nuke dots over my troops. "Uhh... What are you nuking?" "I'm nuking the Protoss army in that base." "Uhh. THOSE ARE MY UNITS!" "Uh oh." It was too late. The nukes fell and totally destroyed my huge army of Stalkers and two Colossus' I had. =( tt. We all had a good laugh though as the game ended and our opponents were laughing at my army's destruction.

We continued to play more Starcraft 2 until it was time for the Center to close. With a feeling of accomplishment and nerdiness. We left happy. I left happy. Despite my fears of having Dustin run the show after working on the C&C series, I am glad he is on the team. He was helpful, he was excited, and he wants this game to be a huge hit. I had my doubts before but Dustin has done a great job with the game thus far. I can say I trust him completely now in his decisions of where to take the game.

P.S. If you have any questions leave them in the comments section!

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