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NH FFA Chronicles III
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Date: 07/26/07 01:07
Game Type: Starcraft
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Report Rating: 8.2, # of Ratings: 4, Max: 9, Min: 7
Lifetime Rating for Decay: 8.0385

Welcome to another Decay report. This game is an FFA on Blood Bath.

Badme floats in as blue Terran at the top left spot.

Decay morphs his white Zerg hatchery at the bottom left spot.

Dagomar warps in his brown Protoss nexus at the bottom right spot.

Ashwin morphs his purple Zerg hatchery at the top right spot.

Once the game starts badme builds an scv then sends it with his starting four to attack Ashwin. With some micro Ashwins 8 drones beat the scvs and there are 3 left. So now badme is out of the game because he doesn't have more money to build more scvs.

Decay started out by four pooling while Dagomar made a forge in his main. About the time the forge got done Decay's first 6 zerglings got there and killed the warping cannon and then some probes. Meanwhile Dag's scouting probe made an offensive assimilator in Decay's base. Another group of lings go and finish off the probes and then Dagomar is out of the game.

Then Decay sent some zerglings to kill Ashwin who was crippled from badme's attack. But Ashwin just barely hangs on with his zerglings morphing in just as Decay gets there. Could he make a comeback? No, Decay kills him dead with more lings.

Thanks for reading, this game was really fun to play because I won. I know it's not as good as some of my other FFA reports, but I hope you enjoyed it anyway.






























































































Just kidding lolz!!!1! Click here for the real report. (Although since I actually won this game, which I never do, I knew I had to tell the world somehow!!!)

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