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LOTR: Rohan VS Gondor (miniatures)
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Author:Eugenioso Chileno
Date: 08/24/06 06:08
Game Type: Other
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Welcome! Sit back, relax and prepare to spend a pleasant 10 minutes reading this LOTR miniatures BR.!

1.- The Description Before THe Game Starts.

(as a quick sidenote, the rules for teh game are slightly different for the LOTR games than it is for 40k and Fantasy Warhammer, so if you donot know the rulez, leave a msg plz and i will explain you as we go)

A) Da Rulez

The game of LOTR plays on a sort of "realistic" set of rules (if i shoot at a horseman, i have a chance to kill the horse. if the hose is killed, the rider of the beast falls to the ground and could end up taking damage by rolling on the "falling off" table, etc.), and for that reason the amount of rules that are used far surpasses the ones of, for example, 40k games and other miniature tabletop games.

Also, unlike most more known tabletop games, in this game you get to move single miniatures around the table. This adds a whole new dimension to the strategy of the game. if you dont want to divert a 1/4 of your force to a possible position that will come under attack, which would happen in 40k, simply put a few single models and perhaps some archers in the plug.

B) Game setup

The gaming table is from my local GW store, so i was unable to move the terrain.

on the south is my deployment zone (Gondor) while on the very north the starting point is for Rohan.

Analizing the table: while it may seem like the southern edge has a lot of advantages like high ground and even a bottleneck area between the cliffs, the presence of the two rocks and the trees hinders or completely stops any bow fire if the enemy carefully fumbles around the trees, and if they all manage to set behind the rocks with few archer casualties, it gives you a great headache to know that the enemy army is so close and cannot be shot at.

the northern edge is the weakest looking, but it secretly provides either a good ambush area (if you want to defend) and a great place to move around at high speed in order to avoid archer fire. if, again, you land your full force next to the rocks without casualties, you can get to the front line with few casualties due to bow fire.

C) Force Composition

Outpost Garrison Force led by Faramir

8 warriors of minas tirith with shields

8 WOMT with shields and spears

8 WOMT with bows

Faramir in Ranger stance (bow, sword and armor)

Perhaps the most balanced force in the whole LOTR games. it's core lies on it's WOMT with Heavy armor and shields and the warriors with spears, which provide the main battle line while the archers whittle down the opponent. good on attack and defense, it has no real weakness or strenghts. The points cost are normal. perhaps one weakness in this force is the lack of some cavalry to add speed to the force. Faramir is the guy that stands behind the front line and takes out troops that get through, and even has some skill with the bow should his opponents be far away. his courage is also good should the force ever be broken. (broken forces are forces whose numbers are reduced below 50%, and start taking Courage tests for each model on the force. normal warriors usually have low leadership, so having heroes scattered around allows for the warriors nearest to him to take a single courage test on his higher courage, which usually keems them fighting).

The Riders Of Rohan Led By Eomer and Theodred

4 Riders Of Rohan with Hand weapons, bows and horses

4 ROR with Throwing Spears and Horses

Eomer W/ Horse

Theodred W/ Horse

The forces of Rohan have been living in the steepes their whole life, so even the basic soldier has a horse to carry him around. Rohan is a race that can have it's entire force mounted, and that is already a huge advantage in that it adds speed and charge power. however there are also drawbacks. the basic horseman is rather point heavy, their defense is not too good for the price you pay, and the heroes that he fields, as great as they may be, can't handle a force of 5 WOMT attacking all at once from all sides, especially if his heroes are alone and unaided.

while it may seem that Rohan has a huge disadvantage, the horses provide two bonuses:

  • Extra attack: whenever you charge with a mounted unit you get an extra attack. eg. 1 attack goes to 2, 2 goes to 3, etc.
  • Knock to the Ground: if you win combat while mounted, you knock the enemy down and they take double the amount of attacks. eg.- if a ROR wins combat againt a WOMT, the ROR strikes two times (ROR's have 1 base attack, but since his opponent is knocked down he gets 2 attacks against him)

2.- The Game

Deployment was not a surprise. my deployment was to set up the bottleneck at the cliff edges with 10 WOMT with swords and spears, the 8 archers at the left edge of the cliff along with the remaining 6 WOMT with swords, spears and shields in case of a small raid to kill archers.

Rohan deployed on a wide frontage, with 5 ROR going with Theodred on my left and Eomer with 3 ROR on my right.

Turns 1-3

As teh enemy decides to be sneaky, it takes him three turns to get into position, and i have not gotten any kind of bowshot against his warriors. the only move i made was to get Faramir all the way up to the archers just in case the enemy attacks in force.

Turns 4-6

I was quite scared up to this part of the battle. his entire force was in an almost great position to attack my weak flanks with a charge of all his warroirs in one turn. Lady Luck (or sheer stupidity and rashness) sort of saved the day, as the warrois led by theodred on the right flank forfeitted a charge into my sensible left flank, instead going straight for the centerof the table! no doubt to support Eomer, who along with a sigle ROR went berserk and attack my front line in a charge that makes the charge of the Rohirrim at Minas Tirith seem gay. my happiness was great, even if he did manage to kill a single WOMT with Eomer.

at my turn to move, i capitalized on his mistake by sending 5 WOMTs to attack the ROR that went along with Eomer and Eomer himself. his response was to move the ROR on the far right flank in a surrounding maneuvre to attack my WOMTs attacking Eomer. my archers let loose a volley of arrows and manage to kill a ROR. the WOMTs on the far left flank decide to move closer to the edge of the cliff should the troops below need help, and still manage to stop any sort of attack against the archers.

Turn 7-9

DEATH! DEATH! DE... oh shit

The battle has now truly begun. i get priority this turn and so decide to move about half the WOMTs on the cliff against Eomer and one againt the ROR helping him. Theodred and his ROR charge down the center in an effort to reach Eomer, but they are stopped dead on by the WOMTs standing guard on the very center. the remaining WOMTs on the far left decide that an attack down this way wont come, and so move towards the edge of the cliff and climb down, ending next to the cliff walls but unable to start combat just yet. Faramir stays put, for no apparent reason, deciding that seeing a battle unfold is great fun. no wonder Denethor hates the whiny bastard.

the fight phase brought a little surprise: ALL the combats were won by my WOMTs, except for the one against mighty Eomer, where he was unable to kill anyone, though he only needed 5's to kill. at last the brave ROR that charged to help Eomer died due to being poked by a spear. he was lucky and became a ROR without a horse, so now he had to fight on foot.

Theodred wasn't faring any better, since their charge had the strenght of a hammer hitting a pillow, bouncing off and breaking a lamp. they all lost combat but didnt take wounds.

Turns 10-12

The hard phase of the battle was over, however the intensity of the combat hasnt died down just yet. The swirling melee has generalized, and it seems that the ROR are about to get overwhelmed.

finally the WOMT on the left joined the fight, prophetizing the end of my enemy. Faramir was bored of just watching the battle unfold, and now that he knew victory was near he decided to jump on down and attack a lone ROR swamped by 5 WOMTon the very center, while just a bit upwards another ROR struggled to fight against 5 WOMT. the only fair fight was that of a lone ROR in the middle against a WOMT that separated from the large group.

fighting happened yet again on a predictable basis, with my WOMT and Faramir killing 2 more ROR on the left/ center, while the duel between the loners ROR and WOMT ended in defeat and death to the WOMT by a sword to his face.

the other remark was the renowned efforts of Eomer and Theodred by killing 2 more WOMT in combat. Eomer had to waste all of his Might points (points which allow you to either add or take away 1 number to any dice roll. for example, if Eomer had a bow and rolls a 2 to hit but needs a 3+, he can use a might point to add 1+ in the roll) however, now came the killer: his force was broken.

now that his troops needed to start taking Courage tests to stay alive i knew the battle was won, so decided to do a fun thing: overwhelm his heroes with crack troops, namely the archers on the hill to the left. down they went to join the fight.

His force is broken. warriors in combat need not take a Courage test, but his ROR that killed my WOMT in single combat decided that enough is enough and ran away into the woods. my intentions were to kill his heroes, so i let the SOB run.

Turns 13-15

the ending phases of the fight have come. his lone ROR runs and leaves his captains to die, no doubt coming home and telling his fellow men that they fought against thousands of men, fought bravely and then ran. Go Rohan!

no movement happened since all his men were in combat, but if he could kill enough WOMTs he might just break my force and turn my great victory into a minor victory.

alas, it was not to happen. the captains commended themselves one last time and fought like lions, winning all their combats but failing to kill anyone. the next turn they werent so lucky, with Eomer taking 5 wounds and dying under a sea of WOMTs. theodred was swamped, lost combat though he used all his might points, took three wounds and failed to roll high enough on the fate rolls (4+ armor saves of limited amounts), bringing an end to the House of Theoden and the death of the Captain of the Riddelmark! HURRAH! VICTORY!

3.- Conclusion

it was at first a tense game, more of a waiting game the first turns without me being able to do something, but in the end the tactical retardedness of my enemy brought about his defeat (and a very strong handshake by his part).

so what went wrong for him?

  1. USE YOUR BOWS! the reason that ROR are so point heavy is because they have the equipment of at least 2 warriors + a horse, but you need to sacrifice half your total move to fire. WOMTs move 6", while he would move only 5". that is TONS!. for people who dont know anything about LOTR, think it like this: ROR are ninjas with bows and a horse, but little armor.
  2. you split your forces. while this may seem like a good idea in an army with lots of models, when you have 10 models total against 25 you should keep them together and support each other rather than try a really elaborate plan that requires you to roll six dice and six sixes to win a single combat.
  3. rashness was your undoing. WTF were ya thinking buddy? ok, it was fun, but not exactely leading smart to charge Eomer and a ROR against half my total force. what about Theodred and the reinforcements!? one more turn of waiting could have brought you victory!

By my part i found no real mistakes i my strategy, perhaps forgetting to move Faramir down the cliff. (yes, i forgot. im human)

thank you for reading this report, i hoped you liked it and you enjoyed reading it as much as i did in writing it.

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