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Another load of Footmen Frenzy
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Date: 02/01/06 07:02
Game Type: Warcraft 3
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Footmen Frenzy (Replace me)


Boring Introduction

Hello and welcome to yet another Who'sGotLag.IDO battlereport.  This battlereport will be about a game played on Footmen Frenzy v3.61.  That is to say this report is based on a UMS map for WarCraft III: The Frozen Throne.  You can skip down to the next paragraph since you will not care about what follows this sentence.  This is report number 18 for me (numerically), BUT in terms of completed reports, this is number 16.  You may ask where are the other reports and I would say incomplete or haven't started when I got bored/lazy/busy. (Yes, I keep recycling this.)

BTW. For those of you who have web browsers that can't display pictures with brackets or use Javascript, you're just outta luck.  This battlereport was designed for Internet Explorer 6.0.  Recommended minimum screen size: 800x600 pixels.


Some filler

I was actually planning to fill all the title/alt text of the pictures for this and the previous report with Mitch Hedberg quotes, but I decided that the delivery was much more important than the actual text. So here's some zip files full of videos.  You'll have to wait an hour or so between downloading the two files unless you're a premium (paying) member.

3 Videos

Dane Cook

To download the files, click on the "Free" button at the bottom of the page and wait for the countdown timer. Then enter the security password to start the actual download.




Footman Frenzy v3.61, the newbie guide

Ok, now you are sitting here probably going "wtf is Footman Frenzy" or "I know what Footmen Frenzy is".  If you are the former it would be in your best interest if you plan on reading the rest of the report to either read the Frenzy Compendium at  the official site or my wonderful Footmen Frenzy introduction if you plan on reading the rest of the report. If you just want to start the report itself, here is a handy hyperlink to speed you on your way to the report.


The Short Version

As was stated in the introduction, Footmen Frenzy is a UMS map for WarCraft III The Frozen Throne.  The one and only goal in this UMS is to destroy your opponent's barracks.  Your barracks spawn troops and you can buy heroes, get better unit spawns, upgrades, and items depending on how much gold you obtain by killing your opponents units.

Click me for the Long Version




Pre-game setup in this paragraph, move on down if you don't care.  This BR will be written in the first person format with situational updates...  Spread throughout the report are strategy boxes that I think are true... at the moment at least. Read them if you want to get more into depth on the issue or skip them if you don't care.

This game will be a quicker one than the previous game which I wrote about 2-3 months ago.  Don't really feel like writing a lot anymore so I'll be skimming through this one rather quickly.  This game was played on January 26, 2005.  I myself am the most wonderful and brave MehPracticeSmrf camouflaged and hidden in the southeast corner of the map.



As you can see in the chart above there are 4 teams.  Team 1 is composed of 2 random heroes and 1 tech which we can can Team Regular for now since their setup is the preferred choice by most teams currently.  Team 2 in the northeast is composed of 3 selected heroes, with 2 Bloodmages when they were considered to be very strong.  We'll just call them Team Pickers.  Team 3, which is my team, contains 2 techs which is unusual for games and we'll call them Team Techers.  Finally we come up with the team 4 which we'll just call Team Feeders for obvious reasons later on.

Team Regular did very well in the opening minutes getting lots of Footmen kills from Team Pickers and Feeders.  The Ghouls were able to do a lot of damage to enemy units and heroes while DanaCrysalis's Crypt Lord was stunning groups of units left and right with its ImpaleTomitain's Blademaster acted as most do early game, which is hover around in the back and fight sporadically.

All players with heroes started acting like they normally do at the beginning while the teching players began their upgrades.  My partner fofo however stopped at 1/1/1 (attack/armor/race ability) and held this remainder back to purchase a creep, Goatzilla.  Goatzilla is a mercenary with 2 attack buff spells (first being Roar "plus 50% attack on friendly" and second a Howl of Terror "minus 50% attack on enemy units") and truesight passive ability.

As our armies advanced into the middle, fofo not only cast Roar on his/her/it's own troops but also on 60105's Ghouls as they just before they came out.  The battle in the middle was a general melee as heroes and units from all sides merged in the middle.  The 3 teched players in the game concentrated on attacking enemy heroes, with many forced to Town Portal out and a few kills.

I however spent the first few minutes of the game using my feeble Electric Backstab to annoy enemy units and just staying alive while the Ghouls and Archers earned experience for me.


Edge is another custom hero for Footmen Frenzy a sort of combination of a Naga Sea Witch and a Warden with Banish.  This combination can make Edge a powerful Unit Killer hero with some useful Hero Killing abilities against low hp enemy heroes.

Electric Backstab - Same spell as the Naga Sea Witch but with a higher mana cost.  At low levels its not very scary, but at high levels its incredibly useful against most non-magic immune units. 

Teleport - Useful for getting out of dangerous situations and into profitable ones.  

Banish - This spell is the same as the old Bloodmage spell which reduces the movement and attack speed of the targeted unit and makes it immune to physical attacks.  This however also makes it much more vulnerable to spells by increasing the damage taken.

Electric Backstab is a must have for the Edge while the other 2 are useful in utilizing and enhancing it.  I usually get Electric Backstab first, followed by Teleport.  After that it depends on the situation on which spell to get (with Electric getting priority of course).

Firebird - Same ultimate as the Bloodmages with chaos attack and a powerful splash attack that damages non-magic immune units over time. 

Team Pickers however was faring poorly in the game with missed and poorly aimed spells, a few hero losses, and a general weakness against the armies of the teched players.  Steadily they fell behind while the other players units and heroes advanced.



(6:15) Goodbye Team 2

A little after 6 minutes had gone by, Eyeglazer's Ghoul swarms swarmed into Team Pickers' base and rolled them over one by one.  Rarely at any point during this 'battle' did Team Pickers have 2 of their heroes alive at the same time.  ZGJ and GHFPPY died quickly with wild_lil_pebble quitting soon after losing his hero again.

Both DanaCrysalis and I had reached level 6 before then while Team Feed remained far behind at levels 2-3.  While I had the highest level hero, Team Regular was close behind with 2 heroes slightly below.  Team Regular did have the highest upgraded army on the field with Eyeglazer's Ghouls, but now all of my team had Tier 1 tech now as I had upgraded to Humans.  I teched more to avoid a similar fate to Team Pickers rather than an overwhelming desire for cute Dwarven Riflemen.

Human Tech

The Human tech line is a hybrid of the Undead's enhanced attack speed and the Orc's plentiful health.  While not as fast or healthy as the other 2 individually, they have a strong combination that can be very useful against enemy units.  Some of their units are very vulnerable to Area of Effect spells, the Humans are usually very good at fighting and taking out enemy units before they themselves die.  The Human racial upgrade increases the attack rate and total health of units slightly with each level and make them very deadly at high levels.

Tier 1 : Riflemen - Riflemen are one of Humans 2 ranged units.  They are strong ranged units (more so with upgrades) and can deal plentiful damage if given the chance.  On the other hand Riflemen are rather slow, clumsy, and have a low spawn rate.  Losing many of them can seriously hurt their ability to deal damage (in relation to other races).

60105 had much less upgraded Ghouls than Eyeglazer because his units spent most of their time chasing after enemy heroes, forcing them to maneuver or TP out.  fofo on the other hand acted similar to Eyeglazer in fighting, but spent more money in race upgrades (increased range) which increased their lethality while Roar supplemented their attack and armor wasn't as important.

The Ghouls that killed Team Pickers then descended on us but our units aided by my Edge and its Firebird were able to kill them off for similar losses.  Another attempt (seen below) to surround my hero failed as the Edge teleported out after shocking them first.  A second attempt 30 seconds later did kill him as I was upgrading my barracks to Human Tier 2.  The Ghouls than killed the Firebird egg before taking off for home.  60105 isn't in the picture below because he was busy annoying Team Feed inside their own base.

Human Tier 2: Militia

Tier 2 : Militia - The fastest spawning melee tier in the game, unupgraded militia are better than Footmen in every way.  With upgrades they can be extremely fearsome to face but are extremely vulnerable to high level Area of Effect spells, especially ones that include stunning or speed reductions such as War Stomp and Thunder clap.  Militia are the first Human units to come with the Human race ability (though weakened) which burns enemy mana during attacks, Feedback.


(8:30) Teching on up

At about the same time I upgraded to Tier 2, fofo upgraded as well.  Times weren't totally great for fofo however as the valiant Goatzilla who had been Roaring and Howling the whole game while hanging around the middle until now was surrounded and killed by a pack of ravenous Ghouls.

While this happened 60105 was still bothering Team Feed, who were living up to their name and had gotten 2 hero kills.  The 2 battles merged and Team Feed began to supply both sides with money and experience.  DanaCrysalis started putting more points into Carrion Beetles and using them instead of Footmen. Eyeglazer had upgraded to Tier 2 Undead (Crypt Fiends) as seen below.

Things were looking difficult for a moment but then Team Feed came in and harassed Team Regular's flank just enough for Edge's Electric Backstab to begin taking out their damaged groups.

This got the attention of Team Regular which began to skirmish with Team Feed in the middle.  This was great for us in Team 3 as our units could keep harrying their flanks and Electric Backstabbing any weakened groups of Footmen or Crypt Fiends for little damage.  Then Team Regular would turn on us and Team Feed would flank them instead

There was a short break than as Team Regular backed off to upgrade and heal, during which time 60105 upgraded to Crypt Fiends as well.  All of us in Team Tech then sent our armies rolling into Team Feed for some easy cash, as surprisingly enough three Tier 2 armies are better than three Footmen (Tier 0) armies.

Team Regular of course came in soon after and flanked us but we were still raking in some cash with the distraction.  At least until my Edge, which was parked next to the Archvault in the center regaining mana while shocking Footmen and Grunts, was Impaled and stunned while next to 2 control groups of Eyeglazer's Crypt Fiends.

The battles in the middle continued with both sides killing many units but not gaining a significant advantage.  DanaCrysalis's Crypt Lord's Impale combined with Eyeglazer's Crypt Fiends were able to stun multiple units and kill them efficiently.  At the same time however, my Edge's Electric Backstab and Firebirds were continually doing damage to the attacking Fiends while fofo and 60105 would hit and run against them while trying to avoid the Crypt Lord.  My Edge was also carrying a Warsong Battle Drums item now to enhance the attack strength of friendly nearby units 15%.

Below you can see DanaCrysalis's Crypt Lord Impaling a group of fofo's Huntresses with Carrion Beetles running around and its ultimate Locust Swarm activated.   In the background Eyeglazer and 60105's Crypt Fiends are duking it out under Firebird bombardment.  Tomitain's Blademaster remains invisible and soaks up experience while Footmen run in to distract.

With hefty contributions from his partners, Eyeglazer then upgraded twice to Tier 3 Skeletal Mages and then immediately to Tier 4 Abominations.  fofo also upgraded as well, from Impale vulnerable Huntresses to spell immune Dryads.  Unfortunately this didn't protect them from Tomitain's Blademaster using his ultimate Bladestorm on them.


(21:30) Further tech

At this time DanaCrysalis's Crypt Lord was equal in levels to my own due to the many kills and more experience earned due to 2:3 hero/player ratio.  Eyeglazer was also supporting his troops with 2 creeps, a Renegade Wizard and a Priest of Protection.  A quick attempt to kill the Priest with Banish/Electric Backstab was foiled when it whipped out an Anti-Magic Shell (AMS) to ward off further damage and Healing Wards to recover health.

Gratuitous color shot

Team Feed's heroes had also gained enough experience in the previous battles to be annoying if not a really dangerous threat.  Their influence could tip battles between Team Regular and my own Team depending on who they hit.  On their own however, they folded quickly yielding plentiful cash.

At this point the forces were close to equal between my Team Tech and Team Regular who had good heroes and 1 player with Tier 4. Both my Edge and DanaCrysalis's Crypt Lord reached level 16 at about the same time and began using their new level 6 spells as fast as they could.  Impale by the Crypt Lord while less damaging could stun enemy units for a short time letting units fight uncontested.  A single cast of Electric Backstab could kill almost any enemy units except for Abominations and Creeps which required two.  After the Crypt Lord romp and a single cast of Backstab wiped out keviny's hero and army pursuing the Crypt Lord, Team Feed quit the game.


(25:15) Showdown

During a short break, DanaCrysalis parked his Crypt Lord in the middle to recharge its mana and fofo began to harass him with his Dryads since they were immune to Impale.  The Crypt Lord instead threw down level 5 Carrion Beetles and followed them home.  This started a massive battle as both sides rushed in reinforcements and heroes charged in to do battle.  Tomitain's Blademaster Wind Walked into fofo's Dryad cluster inside the base and Bladestormed getting multiple kills as they attempted to flee.

Human Tier 3: Spellbreakers

Tier 3 : Spellbreakers - With the ability to become spell immune, Spellbreakers are an interesting force to wield.  They can serve as a decent meatshield against AoE enemy heroes and they have a decent version of the human special ability, Feedback.

With its magic immunity raised however the Spellbreakers become about as dangerous as a Carrion Beetle which is to say "not very". Against a powerful melee line such as Abominations without support, the Spellbreakers are inadequate to say the least.

In the front lines, DanaCrysalis's Crypt Lord, Beetles, Grunts, and Abominations began to do battle with my mostly Militia army and 60105's Crypt Fiends.  My newly spawning Spellbreakers had a different task given to them, all of them focus fired on the Crypt Lord and soon began to burn away his mana pool forcing it to retreat.  Eyeglazer also brought a Pocky the Rat along to Silence my Edge along with a War Golem and a Rock Golem which were immune to Edge's spells.

DanaCrysalis's Crypt Lord hit level 18 during this battle and reinforcements continued to arrive from Team Regular but the constricted space vastly helped us in Team Tech since we had almost all ranged units at this point. DanaCrysalis's level 6 Carrrion Beetles were actually more of a hindrance to their attack since they reduced the space available for Eyeglazer's Abominations to fight. An ensuing wave of twelve Abominations and assorted others came about 10 seconds after the first attack broke ran into Edge, who had penetrated to the middle by this point, engaging them early with hit and run attacks. More than half of the Abominations died with 2 casts of Electric Backstab at the cost of 3 supporting Firebirds that had fallen onto the ground due to low health.

A single Banish/Backstab combination from my Edge then took out the half-damaged Crypt Lord in the middle as it attempted a fighting retreat but then had to Town Portal out to an ambush by Tomitain's Blademaster using its Wind Walk attack.  Due to this sudden development we in Team Tech had a small window of opportunity.

After a short time to regroup we counterattacked hard with my new army of Spellbreakers as a meat shield. Tomitain's Blademaster again Bladestormed in the middle of the ranged units but wasn't able to deal sufficient damage.  We were steadily able to break into Team Regular's base while my Edge was the main suppressor of Eyeglazer's Abomination army.  The Abominations had no equal against our army spawns but the Grunts that supported them were well below par.  After cutting through my Spellbreaker wall the Abominations found themselves alone against my partners' ranged units and our heroes.  That and each cast of Electric Backstab would typically kill ~6 Abominations at a time while the late recruited secondary heroes absorbed the experience reaped and leveled up to their ultimates.

DanaCrysalis's Crypt Lord would normally at this point have been romping gleefully through our armies during this battle, possibly even with his level 3 Locust Swarm keeping him healthy regardless of Feedback. Fortunately though he was dead and our battered armies were superior to theirs.

fofo's Beastmaster and 60105's Firelord unleashed their ultimates (Stampede and Volcano respectively) which while pretty were probably not very consequential at the time. Likewise my Paladin while standing near the front spent most of his time in hold position or healing.  DanaCrysalis's Crypt Lord supported by Tier 2 Orc Berserkers showed up late in the party but was unable to have a decisive effect due to his low starting mana pool, facing a Dryad Cluster, and the slowly streaming arrival of my newly minted Knights.



I would say once Eyeglazer saw the burgeoning power of Edge's Electric Backstab, he should've switched tech paths or done something more beneficial but the point really was that he reached Tier 4 before the Edge became a threat.  That being said, the spell immune Night Elves or the higher hp Humans/Orc tech routes would've been much better choices than the Undead against an AoE hero.  A micro intensive support route might've been to purchase more Priests of Protection and simply cast piles of AMS on the Undead minions before going to battle.  Of course the simplest option as seen in the previous report would simply have been to drop a Rod of Envy on the Edge instead.


The End




No, there isn't any replay link. 


Link to my other reports if you are extremely bored is here.


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