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Why i never lose to NE as UD
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Date: 12/16/05 03:12
Game Type: Warcraft 3
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Okey im ganna make this breif and short.  My name is StarsNStripes and iv been playing wc3 since 1.12 of TFT. i started in the days where ud was horrible (not like its much better) but anyway you had such abuses agenst ud like fast human expo and tower it up (u can still milita at expo at this time) then you had games agenst orc where they would just strait mass whyvern and everyone knows air in insane mass cannot be handled by feinds.  Then you have NE...yup Ne... a race of all girls but yet they had the biggest abuse of them all , he was the pimp among his lady NE freinds and he had 3 armor and stacked with strength and 1 abusive skill called 'summon bears' we all know the mass tier 1 creep to lvl 3 beast master push was a sure way to kill an ud (or any race for that matter) with mass mercaneries just for added damage that hunts could not provide.
    back then i have found ways around this...just 1 way. This was is simply put as "MASS GARGOYLES". now u may say to me...wait a second SNS , u cant do that what if they mass arhcers or push early? early game your game consists of a DK untill u get tier 2 for the gargs. your build is as fallows

alter grave
build 2 ghouls
tech to halls of the dead
make that zig a narub
make 2 more zigs
then a crtype
then up attack on creatures

The building placement is the true key to winning this game , u need to have your dk out and in there base. You attack a wisp once then coil it for the kill.  The trick to this strat is that u must keep them away from your base for as long as possible untill u have 7 gargs and there 2-0. 7 gargs that are 2-0 can kill a wisp in 1 volley of attacks. The whole point of this strat is to just mass an insane amount of gargs while harassing there base non stop , make a few towers in your base and keep them away from it . as you harass there wisps and base , try and expo and tower it up so now its 2 mines  1. try and do this before u get into low upkeep so you have a decent gold intake because your going to use the blight skull first then put 5 or so towers at it then tower it up before u even make a mine there. this may sound stupid but its more of an investment for when you both run out of gold after all the towers are up make the mine there ect. after this u can add a lich for nova  / forst armor.  On every map there are certain high lvl creeps with very very innefective anti air such as on 2 rivers , the red creep has 2 troll berzerkers , run in and coil one then focus it down then focuys the other , then kill the 3 ogres who cant attack u.. u can do this with out 8 gargs even , and thats a red creep with a lvl 9 item.  THis works incredibly well on all maps but on twisted medows u can creep the island and expo there , u can creep all 4 islands and attack with 3 lvl 5 heros in about 16 minuts or so.  the key to winning is you will chew your enemy down untill they ether leave and give up or they have such a small force where u can overcome it with your 80/80 gargs and healing scrolls. If they try and mass hypos , auto cast frost  armor and the hypographs all attack very slow and will get demolished. You may even want to add a DL as your 3rd for camp aura / carrion but it isnt necessary. I will stress tis agian that you will not win by directly attacking there forces , u will only win by killing there wisps and buildings over and over untill u can get enough gargs to kill there main force. u can also starve them out while u mass expo.  you do NOT make any ghouls becuase it is NOT necessary at all and remember if they get dotts , stone form IS A BUFF and will remove fairy fire immidiatly and heal very fast aswell , if you stone form on blight with at leat lvl 3 unholy aura your gargs will heal at about 17 hp a second wich is almost like standing in a fountain of health.  If you can master this strat there is nothing in the world that an ne can do to counter and beat you in this game , in my entire carreer doing this iv lost to at max , 15 NE's doing this iv beaten #1 ranked players on azeroth in 1.12 with this more than once , this iS NOT a 1 hit wonder iv beaten the same player 4 times.
    in conclusion if anyone needs replays of this i have many including a commentary that was made in 1.12 of a soulessne game i played , feel free to msg me on aim goorux3x and just ask for it becuase this can be done to such an extent where it may be imbalenced. but be warned some players that know its coming WILL push you fast with hunts / balista / aop's.
    the way to go about beating this is you send your gargs to there base and harass wisps force them to make Anti air in there base while you throw up a slaughter house and make a few meat wagons to kill whatever they have left infront of your base , dont be affraid to make a few extra acolites just to repair your wagons.

    have fun with this old and still incredibly effective strat , feedback is encouraged

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