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"Quotation from the Book of Eldritch;
'And the lord spake thusly; 'Thou shalt have a Carrier, and thou shalt destroy many. And in this holy baptism by fire, thou shalt freeth many souls of their unholy bondage to such evil cults as the Aurorans, the Polaris. Then, thou shalt be raised above all, to such heights as thou darest not dream.' And then EldritchEvil, cowering before the lord, spake thusly; 'Indeed, O Lord, I shalt do as thou asks. And many shalt fear my name.'
-1:9 Book of Eldritch"

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Author:Desert Demon
Date: 11/16/05 01:11
Game Type: Starcraft
Labels:Image Heavy(2), Famous Reporter(1), Starcraft(2), Gorgeous(2), Great Writing(1), Flashy(1)
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