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Author:Eugenioso, Chileno
Date: 08/06/05 08:08
Game Type: Other
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hello again dudes, thou shalt read this report about W40k and give me yer opinion. anyway, here goes nothing.

The time was late afternoon. Fierce battles had been raging across the polar cap of Marcusia 4 all day, and the patience of both sides was wearing thin. Lord Ultramar was leading a crack force of Ultramarines across the enemy lines in order to engage the Tyranid command section in righteous combat. Little did he know that the command section knew he was coming...

The battle consisted of 650 point armies, of the Ultramarines and the Tyranid Swarm. The Ultramarine force consisted of Lord Macarage, a esplitory librarian, one of the finest techmarines, and a tactical squad of Space Marines of the first squadron. The battle group was attacked by a group of hormagants and Tyranid warriors before the main engagement, and the fighting was fierce. Marinus Calgar was wounded extracting a Dreadnought from the thick of the Tyranid forces and the main portion of the force, consisting of the tactical squad, stayed behind to face the menace.

Turn 1: With the delay of my tactical squad by the Tyranid event tables, and the wounding of Calgar, my techmarine flew into a rage. The dreadnought had had its fuel depleted in its previous battle and would have to be moved into position quickly so its righeous firepower could be brought to bear on the Tyranid menace. Calgar bravely held the right flank, denying it to the enemies. Our techmarine followed the dreadnought, intent of slaying as many tyranids as possible. Finally the librarian arrived, ready to stop all evil psychic powers.

As the turn progressed, I knew that the dreadnought was my best hope, so I ordered the mighty war machine to move foward, with the remainder of my troops flanking it. Lo and behold! the mighty walker spotted the commander of the Tyranid army, a gruesome Hive Tyrant. Filled with revulsion, the dreadnought activated its mighty assault cannon in the name of the Emperor. The shots flew wide, as the dreadnought spotted the fiends' bodyguard. Genestealers sat behind gruesome termigants, and a Zoanthrope sat by a evil looking biovore. My dreadnought was not stayed as it activated its storm bolter to cleanse the foul menace, but the bolter shells richocheted off the hive tyrants' chitinous caripace.

Seeing the threat, my Librarian called up the powers of the warp, channeling them around himself in a powerful warp shield. The hive mind fought mightily to prevent this, but the shield formed around him. The Hive Tyrant prepared to unleash a powerful psychic scream, but to the Tyranids' misfortune, a lurking deamon appeared and dragged the hive tyrant shrieking into the warp. The Zoanthrope attempted to even the score, but the warp backlash caused by the demon nearly destroyed its ability to create a warp blast.

The Tyranid swarm started to lose control. The biovore rampaged into the genestealer swarm, but little else was affected then. The termigants stalked foward, and shot their spike rifles at Calgar. The mighty lord of the Ultramarines laughed as the spears bounced harmlessly off of his terminator armor. Then, one of the genestealers leapt into the air and rended the biovore to pieces.

Turn 2: The turn opened as the spore mines in the biovore floated over the battlefield. Several detonated, taking a small portion of the Termagants with them. Then the Space Marines rejoiced as the tactical squad returned and joined the battle.

Seeing vengeance in sight, the dreadnought ventured onto the shattered remains of a building and discovered a small termagant herd. Bellowing in the emperor's name, the dreadnought used the mighty assault cannon on its arm to cleanse the area of several of the foul spawn. The two following storm bolter shots flew wide, most likely due to the recoil caused by the cannons' deadly spray.

Marinus Calgar jumped onto a small boulder and sighted genestealers moving towards the dreadnought's position. Yelling for the Emperors glory, he leveled the gauntlets of Ultramar and opened fire! A genestealer could not withstand the righeous assault and fell face down into the dust. Bellowing in their rage, the genestealer troops rushed Calgar, their anger at him allowing them to break through the loss of the hive mind in the form of the Hive Tyrant. The Zoanthrope lost control, and flew at one of the genestealers - who, not understanding what was happening, tore it to pieces. The surviving termigants barreled into each other, and killed one of their own.

Turn 3: The Dreadnought stalked foward, but ground to a halt as its fuel supplies were exhausted. The techmarine, chanting the emperors litany, attemped to refuel the behemoth, but the lines were too savaged by the earlier attack for him to do so. The dreadnought, weakened by this development, turned on the genestealers attempting to attack from the side. With the howl of a thousand souls screaming for vengeance, the mighty assualt cannon fired on full power, smashing the genestealer brood to pieces. Hundreds of ceramic assault shells tore into the area, and the blood of these foul abominations splattered across the ground.

With the death of the last pocket of resisting Tyranids, the survivors ran for their lives. Across the polar caps, the Tyranids retreated back to the safety of the crashed dominatrix, and the Ultramarines chanted victory songs to the emperor.

i took into consideration a lotta stuff frm forums and such, please dont hate me so much after reading this.

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