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2005 1v1 BW Invitational Tourney Summary
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Date: 05/15/05 12:05
Game Type: Starcraft
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Far better reporters than me will give you reports on individual games for the tourney. My goal here is to give people an idea what happened in each match up, so you will appreciate how the tourney played out and know which replays you want to watch. I got to watch parts of the semi-finals and finals live and I have to tell you, watching the finals was some of the most impressive starcraft I've seen in a long time. I can remember being this excited watching the i2e2 games back in the day.

I'll go through the games one by one in the order they came in the tourney.

First Round:

We had a lot of byes and a few no shows. I decided it was more exciting to have a 32 man tourney short a few people and give people first round byes than a 16 man tourney where some people would get screwed out of playing. With no further ado:

Maareek get a bye and 50% of his total tourney victories =]. Maar is new school php, I like the guy, but he doesn't attack or macro enough to be great.

Elder_Warfare gets a bye.

Randominator gets a bye. This is Eriador smurfing. He's essentially at the pro gamer level, he beats pros more than he loses by a very decent percentage on the PGT. I and the Shox rumor mill have said stuff like 'let's just mail him the check now and the rest of us can play for second and third.'

BlueRibbon gets a bye. I didn't know him before the tourney, but he got in on the reporter option. He also has a great report out right now.

Dibbler gets a bye. A fun guy to play with but essentially a lightweight for this tourney.

na.Raider gets a bye. He's pretty hated on Shox but I think he can be a decent guy. At least he loves SC, right? I put him on the second tier of competition this tourney, very decent but not brilliant.

Basic gets a bye. Basic is my pick for second or third. I rank him right below eriador. I saw him go 8-0 vs Fox in practice the night before the tourney.

JPaikman get a bye. He's been the subject of a great report or two. He's a bit rusty for the SC tho'!

Next GammaRayBurst and SnowSquall who are both super reporters make an old man (me) very happy by picking Dire for thier match. These guys are stellar reporters and I loved watching thier match for nostalgia's sake. What you have is a PvZ on islands. GRB is P top left and Snowy Z top right. GRB as the P goes templar archives into robo bay and expands to the island in between them, cannoning the heck out of it and dropping an archon there. Given a few minutes this will be a pretty big advantage. Snowy drops his main with assorted zerglings and hydras, and despite one nice storm essentially treats GRB's base like the new effeminate guy in a federal prison. GRB leaves the game. Essentially you can leave the replay on x16 for most of the game and not miss much =]. Snowy advances!

Everlong vs EldritchEvil is next. I like EE's Xcom's report a lot, but he couldn't show up. Everlong is Hawk who everyone loved to hate back in the day. Regardless he's a good SC player and I like him personally, playing a lot of games with him lately. Ever gets the bye.

Badme vs Linternet is next. Lint pulls a no show but isn't as cool as EE and fails to tell us why. Badme, who is actually a decent player, gets the bye.

Lithium vs Corbalt is next. Lith is not a top tier player, just someone I have fun with on bnet sometimes. Corbalt is in my top three winner slot with Basic and Eriador/Randominator. He has some very wierd opinions but I think he's essentially a cool person. We disagree heavily sometimes =]. It'a PvP on Nostalgia chosen P for Corbalt as an all protoss player no doubt. Corb start lower left and Lith upper right. Early game Corbalt 'manner pylons' (makes a pylon in the minerals of the opposing protoss player that traps a few probes and prevents some min patches from being mined) Lith. Lith does a two gate build, Corbalt follows suit albeit a little more slowly from the manner pylon cost. Lith attacks first with a few zeals and four or five goons. Corb almost matches that from atop his ramp, but superior micro essentially lets him kill the attack with the loss of only one or two units. He then proceeds to Lith's ramp and assaults it with impressive micro while his reaver kills all of a distracted Lith's probes. You essentially have a two engagement replay here, with far superior micro from Corb. Worth looking at if you want to see that sort of thing, otherwise rather heavily one sided.

Next up is The.Confessor(talk about a Hawk hating report =[) vs OverTheUnder. Confessor posted the morning of the tourney he couldn't make it, which was good mannered, but I held his slot on the off chance he could. Unfortunately he was MIA and OTU got the bye. OTU is another cool guy I played a little with lately but I don't pick him for going very high.

Next we have Necrosausage vs All-Fear. Unfortunately the dastardly Necro forgot to provide the rep for this game. Necro is pure old school and his skills reflect that. All is a newer player who I like, I actually thought he might win this one provided Necro was a bit rusty. It was not to be, the old school dominated with Necro winning.

Next we have Fox^1 vs Ashwin. Fox is a legend here, I first played him during the Tao ladder phase of BW and he's grown in skill and reporting to an immense degree since. Fox is one of my favorite people online for his pure craziness =]. I did see him go 8-0 vs Basic the night before the tourney tho' so my faith is not at an all time high. I should mention he went 1-0 vs me, so he's not completely out of step I'd like to think =]. Ashwin is cool new schooler I get games with sometimes. The game is Fox's P vs Ash's Z on Temple. Fox's usual race is zerg so I'm assuming he randomned. Fox 1 gates to corsair and Ash does a standard quick tech to lurks. Ash can't break Fox's ramp and Fox starts a little rape with sair/DT, exping before Ash. From there Fox does some macro work, Ash trailing behind. When Fox takes 6 to expand, Ash quickly rapes it. Ash takes his min nat to make up for lost time, which Fox tries and fails to stop. Fox is doing a little bad on his macro with huge amounts of resources, but slaps down seven gates and starts ramping up. Unfortunately mostly zeals vs a lurker heavy army. Fox takes down the min only expansion with zeals and Ash tries to save it instead of countering with his larger army. Fox takes the hatch then runs his zeals in and suicides on the natural expansion hatch, taking that down as well. Say what you will about Fox but he can play annoying. He then proceeds to kill most of the main's drones. Whew. The replay is worth it just for that. Fox repels a counter on his min only expansion he now takes, essentially putting the game in the bag. Another assult gives Foxy the big W.

The final match of round one is Zerg~Ling vs Micro)Machine. Did I even need to link to ZL's report, or do you all have it bookmarked like me? Anyway, BM Micromachine pulls a no show, giving ZL the bye.

This concludes round one. Keeping reading for a round two with a huge frickin upset!

Second Round:

We start out with Maareek vs Warfare. You really need to click that link btw. The game is a P (Maareek, top) vs Z (Warfare, bottom). Maar opens up with a two gate vs and early zerg expansion, and runs off after the sunkens finish at the exp. Maar opens up with sair/DT to early expansion, but he's not as sexy as Fox. He does kill a lord at the Z exp and then assult with a DT....just as another lord rolls over the hill. By mid game Maar could probably win with an assult but he's constitutionally incapable of making one =]. I mean for the love of T_Mac, he has 150 supply to War's 50 at one point. If Maar could halve his apm and double his attacks he might win a game or two. His evetual attack sort of breaks on the zerg sunkens at the natural and he make carriers. Oh Maar.... Maar eventually assaults War again right as War drops his main, and the split off the forces works out better to the advantage of the 150 supply guy than the 40. I suggest watching the replay for the comedy value ^^.

Eriador vs BlueRibbon. This is the huge upset. The pro gamer vs the reporter, and the reporter comes out on top? Eriador chooses toss vs Blue's Zerg. Eri opens with a cannon only build to a quick exp. Blue does a nice two hatch to exp ling build. His first assult he runs his lings past the cannons and instead of attacking the defenseless probes at the main, kills a pylon then the gas. Very tricky but very confining to Eri also. Eri gets a little more abuse including the loss of his forge before cannons put a stop to the harrasment. He starts going essentially all out reaver/sair from buildings at his natural. Blue is going lurker tech. He drops about eight lurks and some lings in Eri's main and completely rapes it. Eri exps to a side exp that quickly falls to lurker/ling. A reaver drop on one of Blue's exp goes bad with the reaver and shuttle dying. Eri finally his own main. A massive zerg assault on Eri's main production facilities barely fails with some inspired reaver/shield battery micro. Another assault follows, with Eri never getting enough reavers to make the attacks cost ineffective. Eri attempts to expand again but it's once again thwarted, bringing the exp count to 6 for zerg and two for toss. Eri temporarily stops one of the exps with a reaver/shield battery cannon on the cliff behind it, then tries to expand to the expansion on the cliff. Blue responds with 4398473987 hydras that barely manage to take it vs Eri's micro. Persistent, Eri waits till the hydras leave and tries to re-expand there with massive cannon/reaver prescense. Blue, not sticking to a strat Eri can counter, switches to guardian/devourer/muta and assaults it. Eri sees he can't do anything else and throws in the towel. This is a must watch replay.

Dibbler vs Raider has Dibb with T and Raider with P on Nostalgia. Raider almost manages to break the terran wall in early.... I mean, very very close there. Dibbler gets some siege and chases him off after some pretty bad losses. Raider takes advantage and expands to his min natural and few other places on the map, macroing merrily all the while. When Dibb takes his min natural, Raider assaults, and with the gate in the wall in up, just keeps going up the ramp and finishes the forces there too forcing Dibb to concede. Worth watching if you want to see a decent toss opening vs T.

Next is Basic vs Jpaikman. Or it would have been if Basic hadn't gotten to drunk too remember that an alarm clock means you need to get up and play in the tourney. Jpaik get the last bye of the tourney for his second win =].

SnowSquall vs Everlong is up next. Ever opens with a very quick expand vs Snowy's metal. Snowy claims he had to stop and remember how to wall in on temple =[. Ever runs over Snowy's first assault but get pushed back at the ramp. Snow tries a few exps, one to the island nearby and one to another main but Ever's obs see all and both attempts are failures. A reaver/DT drop on Snowy's main opens thing up enough to let the rest of Ever's army charge in. Pretty one sided, watch if you're an Ever fan =].

Next we have Corbalt vs Badme. Corbalt picks Toss vs Badme's Terran on Gaia. Badme knows he won't be taking Corb straight up so he resorts to a tactic I highly admire, beeing cheesy as hell. He start with a 2 rax proximal build vs Corb. He gets the bunker up near the gas of Corb's main, but 12 probes and a goon take it down rather quickly. In the meantime two goons are owning up Badme's main. Badme throws in the towel. Watch the replay for the shortest and cheesiet game of the tourney =].

OvertheUnder and Necrosausage is a P (Nec) vs T(OTU) on temple. I did hear a whisper from in game that 'Necro is cheesy as hell, watch out for cannons if you play him' or something to that effect. Nec expands before OTU gets his first tank out. This is followed by some probe rape from vultures. Mid game comes quietly, with Nec denying a Min Natural Expansion to OTU while expanding all over the map himself. OTU finally secures the exp and then cliffs Nec's Natural quite well. A follow up tank drop on another expansion puts OTU ahead 3:2 on exps. Nec goes air, getting carriers, and uses some badass storms on OTU's next tank assault. Nec cliff assaults OTU's Nat with carriers while OTU uses his massive ground force to kill another Nex expansion. Both players got for mutually assured destruction in a race to kill the others main, but Nec's carriers carry the day. Great replay to watch for an even game with exciting swings.

Final game of round two is Fox vs Zerg~Ling. I should mention that ZL is no longer undefeated in SCV football, I am 1-0 vs him. GG no RE EVER! We have Fox's customary Z vs ZL's P on temple. Fox starts out BM by o-gassing ZL. Some ling and zeal/probe dancing follows with not much action. They each then run around each other's forces and attack thier opponents respective mains, with Fox doing a bit better than ZL. Fox goes his usual mass lurker strat, forcing ZL to cancel his exp. ZL has DT which gives him a bit of breathing room but he's still contained. Obs tech takes a while coming as Fox exps to his min nat. When ZL finally clear the lurks Fox two lurker drops his main and forces the probes to clear out. Fox switches tech, takes out ZL's expansions nexus with a swarm of mutas, before being driven off by storm. ZL finally attacks, only to get dominated by cracklings. He concedes, robbing Fox of the chance to use his control group of guardians coming into the natural. Watch this if you want to see how Fox plays every single time =].

Third Round:

Starting off we have Maareek vs Blueribbon with a chosen P for Maar and Z for Blue. After the last game we have to assume Blue has the eye of the tiger here. Maar does an early 1 zeal raid killing a drone, and then it's followed by much nothing as Blue techs to lurks and Maar gets observers and templar. Marr finally tries to expand, and Blue comes in with a huge horde of lings and lurks vs zeals/archon. The one archon isn't enough and the expansion, then the ramp gets run over. From there, the fat lady starts singing. Watch if you're interested in Maareeks contention that Blue had a pro gamer friend smurfing as him.

Jpaikman vs Raider with a P (Raider) vs Z Jpaikman on Nostalgia. JP hasn't had to play a game yet this tourney =]. Raider opens up right into corsair, getting one a little after his second zealot and goon. Some severe olord ownage occurrs as JP quickly tries for hydras. Raider expands as his first DT hits the floor. JP's first attack is ruined by a dtemp, his second by the high templar. Raider flanks amassive assault on his min natural, then kills one of JP's exps. JP responds with a lurk raid on the toss main. A bit of back and forth commences with Raider doing some assaults and conatinment as JP sneaks around uses his ninja style game to delay the inevitable. Raider finally just rams an attack home and JP gives in. Decent PvZ fun, good zeal/htemp stuff.

The match we've all been waiting for Everlong vs Corbalt. Well, a lot of people wanted to watch, all four obs slots and both non player slots filled with lifting terrans =]. Me and Johnny were on hand as well. I was rooting for Ever as he's a friend, and I really thought he could do something here. Corbalt tho...well, he's an awkward nerd in RL but online he's frickin' CORBALT! =]. Yup, love that quote. PvP on Nostalgia. Corb again manner pylons his opponent, but this time only traps one probe. Hawk is not pleased. He has matured however and keeps good mannered through the game despite what happens. With early cheese out of the way, both players conduct aggressive scouting. Hawk/Ever attacks first, getting repelled in good order. Oh, and apparently through some misclick or unknown arcane strat Ever kills one of his own goons a few minutes into the game. God only knows why. After the assult Corb contains Ever from the bottom of his ramp, backing it up with a reaver. When Ever gets a reaver of his own he attacks, but superior micro from Corb kills that reaver and Ever's attempt to force the containment out fails horribly without it. Corb then runs over Ever for the win =[.

Final match of the third round is Fox vs Necrosausage. This is truly the old schooler battle, with Fox as Z again and Nec as P. I won't even try to describe this game. This game is pure magic. Every few minutes the whole full house of obs would say 'Fox has this won' followed two minutes later by 'Nec is dominating.' This game was so back and forth amazing you have to watch it to really appreciate it. Great rep, must see!

Fourth Round:

First we have BlueRibbon vs Raider. This is P (Raider) vs Z(Blue) on temple, and the one semifinal game I didn't get to watch live. Blue has been handling people very well left and right, but Raider is not going to go down like a punk. He plays tight and aggressive. A little sparring keeps them on thier toes and this time when Blue's lurk/ling assault comes in Raider, like Maar had to cancel the exp but with obs and an archon ready forced the zerg back afterwards. A follow up assault on the zerg main was repulsed. Blue's next assault with a massive number of lurks killed the natural again, and then forced the ramp. Raider had no choice but to concede.

The second game is Fox vs Corbalt in a classic P v Z on temple. These guys match each other in annoying/harrassing play styles perfectly. Both of them get very, very annoyed this game. Lurker and dtemp harrasment all over, more lurker drops and psi raids than you can shake a stick at. This game has all the annoyance you could ever want. It's truly a sight to see. I classify this as one of the must see replays of the tourney.

Final Round:

The finals matches. Game1 is a PvZ on Nostalgia, chosen by me as tourney organizer. Corb's P starts out with a 1 gate build to corsair that I consider risky in the extreme. This game starts out as the others did, with Blue forcing an expansion cancellation with his lurk/ling attack. Corb's corsair proved of little use. I was ready to write off the game, but Corbalt wasn't. At one point Blue had more expansions than Corb had gates, but he quickly started macroing out of five of them when it became apparent he was confined to one base. Corb broke the lurker containment with superb timing and godly storm control. I've been 1v1 with Zileas and I don't remember him doing better =]. Corb's aggressive nature leads him to an immediate attack on the Z natural, but he's run out of storm and luck and is forced back. Next begins a great back and forth of expansion kills by Corb and assaults by Blue. Finally an expansion defense by Corbalt that had Hawk (as an obs) screaming that thier was no decency left in the world led into Corb's final assault and Blue's concession. If you only watch one replay, watch the next one. If you watch two get that one and this, and if you watch three get Fox vs Nec too.

Game 2. As loser of the first game, Blue got to pick the map for the second. Neo Guillotine is his choice and it's once again PvZ. Corbalt tries to play it off like he doesn't know the map to which Hawk obs comments that he probably sits at home on friday nights memorizing SC maps. But then again, doesn't everyone? Corb goes Forge first and cannons in his main and an expansion. Blue simply expands. Some nice muta harrass puts Corb on edge until a guardian rush of 12 guards lurking over his expansion gets most of us thinking its game over. Corb once again storms like a god and pulls his bacon out of the fire, barely keeping the nexus alive. With Blue over half the map it doesn't look good but with his skill hack in full effect Corb switches to what he needs for the next round. What follows is simply the most amazing starcraft I've seen live in years. It's back and forth with raids and feints all over, tech switches, odd strats, ninja dtemps and unkillable ultralisks. Dload this baby now and enjoy one of the best games I've seen. When it's all over Corb stands triumphant, and of course $75 richer =].

That leaves Blue with second at $50, but what of third? Fox takes on Raider in a ZvP for the honor of third place. Quite frankly this game is rather ugly, short and not very sweet at all, especially for Raider. Suffice it to say that Fox is now a pro gamer having won $25 at starcraft =].

Thanks to all who played, and all those who helped. I believe some of the games, especially the finals will be reported on, so we can all look forward to that. Congratulations to the winners, and we'll be having more tourneys soon. If this report inspired you to contribute to the next tourney prize please do so with my thanks! Thanks for reading.


Courtesy of Convider, get all the reps in one zipped package here.

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