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"Be like JV, and randomly misplace units all across the map. When your main is burning to the ground look around for anything you might have missed like those 5 science vessels you rallied to the other side of the map."
- Johnny_Vegas

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Date: 07/13/99 11:07
Game Type: Starcraft
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Report Rating: 9.3, # of Ratings: 3, Max: 10, Min: 9
Lifetime Rating for $gt.Zorn: 8.5000

Recently I had the chance to observe a game between two of my friends, ~BluntGrande~, and D'Artagnan. I knew that this would be a funny game going into it because of the dubious characters playing it. (:
The Matchup:

The players:
~BluntGrande~ (A.K.A. Carlos), Bottom Left, Chosen Terrans, Teal.
D'Artagnan (A.K.A. Pickle), Upper Right, Chosen Protoss, Red.
The Observer:
Lt.$tyle (A.K.A. $gt.Zorn)
The map:
The only map these two would want to play on; simply because they hated each other SOOO much. (:. Rivalry.

~BluntGrande~'s mighty Command Center touched down and immediately unloaded its cargo of personnel and 4 SCVs. Meanwhile, the great Protoss Nexus sizzled in through the warp gate, immediately setting the 4 Probes who'd come through the gate to get to work gathering minerals.
D'Artagnan started off with a simple, yet common build order of Pylon, Gateway, Gateway, Pylon. He also set a small robotic Probe to gather valuable recon information:

I give my opinion on D'Artagnan's playing abilities.
~BluntGrande~, on the Terran end of things, started with a Supply Depot, Barracks, Barracks, Supply Depot, Refinery type of build order. He was obviously teching, but for what? He also sent a scout out, his being in the form of an SCV:

~BluntGrande~ continued on to make a Factory, and a Starport after that. D'Artagnan, on the other side of the board, continued to pump Zealots while warping in a Forge and Cybernetics Core. He also got two upgrades, Attack (at the Forge) and Dragoon Range (at the Cybernetics Core).
~BluntGrande~ and D'Artagnan's scouts had served their purposes by now and each knew where the other was. Seeing D'Artagnan's impressive number of bustling troops at his base, ~BluntGrande~ wisely decided to put down a Bunker at the top of his ramp and filled it with three Marines and a Firebat. He also sent a horde of Marines and several Medics plus one Siege Tank to help with defense at the top of the ramp.
D'Artagnan began the march to ~BluntGrande~'s base with approximately 10 Zealots and 10 Dragoons.
~BluntGrande~, while still teching, had to defend this attack. He was being caught with considerably less troops because of the teching style of game he was playing. Could he hold the easily defensible ramp position against D'Artagnan's vicious Protoss troops?

Of course he can. His defense worked out beautifully with the Marines and Firebat in the Bunker decimating the Zealots who were forced into walking in a line up the ramp.
Meanwhile, the faulty Dragoon pathing reared its ugly head here as Dragoons stumbled around all over each other trying to make their way up the ramp, but succeeding in killing two Marines. The lucky Tank pilot got off many uncontested Arcilite bursts from his mighty Cannon.
After the failed attack, things were looking bad for D'Artagnan, with a counter attack from ~BluntGrande~ coming soon and his teching almost completed.
During the battle, ~BluntGrande~ added a Comsat Station add-on to his Command Center, and proceeded to test his new toy on D'Artagnan's base. He also eased into his natural expansion. D'Artagnan took this opportunity to expand and build a Robotics Facility and Stargate at his base. His keen, alert eyes caught the faint traces of blue, swirling stars that indicated a Comsat sweep of the area. Upon seeing this, D'Artagnan voiced his thoughts about ~BluntGrande~'s new toy:

Little did ~BluntGrande~ realize, two Reavers were indeed queued up in that building at the very moment he said that. These large, slow, bloated Slugs were going to become the backbone of the D'Artagnanan assault this game.
As soon as D'Artagnan's first two Reavers were completed, he sent the Shuttle out towards the ~BluntGrande~ base, which was constructing Ghosts and two Nuke Silos, one on a Command Center built in the base, and one at the natural Expansion's Command Center. It became clear at this point in the game that ~BluntGrande~ intended to pound D'Artagnan into a radiated pulp, using Nukes as his key weapon.
Seeing this, D'Artagnan promptly started the warping in of an Observatory. He also dropped the Bloated Slugs on ~BluntGrande~'s main base:

The Reavers proceeded to lay into ~BluntGrande~'s base with a fury. After losing all his SCVs, two Tanks and around 10 Marines, ~BluntGrande~'s forces finally brought down the menacing Slugs.
After the attack, with his base left slightly cripple, ~BluntGrande~ prepared his counter attack. A lone, Cloaked Ghost set out from his base, passing right by, but not under, D'Artagnan's first Observer, which he'd sent scouting for Expansions.
The Ghost ran into a lone Photon Cannon's firing range and was promptly detected and the Cannon got off one shot, but didn't kill the Ghost. ~BluntGrande~ at this point snuck the Ghost around to the backside of the base, carefully avoiding the Cannons. From here, he launched the devastating Nuke, and D'Artagnan, without any nearby mobile Cloak detectors, was forced to watch the Nuke destroy/injure a vital chunk of his main:

I offered some advice to D'Artagnan. (:
The big, fat, ugly Nuke dropped and killed many Cannons, a few Probes, and several Dragoons. It seemed that D'Artagnan hadn't been that focused on moving things from the Nuke's blast radius. I had to ask myself: Why?

The Slugs were fought off by a Tank utilizing its Range, and several Marines with Salt Shakers, but not before destroying an Engineering Bay, Academy, and several Supply Depots.
Finally, the exchange of attacks was over, after D'Artagnan's counter to ~BluntGrande~'s counter.
Or was it?

~BluntGrande~ at this point had a tattered main, while D'Artagnan, who continued to apply pressure, without any forthcoming attacks from ~BluntGrande~, had rebuilt his main.
D'Artagnan was becoming quite predictable with his Reavers though, and would need to change strategies to take advantage of the battle.
The Slug Brigade wanted a final go at ~BluntGrande~'s base before they were through:

I once again give out some valuable wisdom, this time concerning Reavers and Lockdown. ~BluntGrande~'s main is completely ravaged by now, and he must work quickly to get himself on his feet before D'Artagnan attacks again.
But D'Artagnan will have none of this, and immediately sends the Dragoon and Corsair force that he had been constructing to attack ~BluntGrande~'s base:

~BluntGrande~'s troops have been diminished by the massive army of Slugs thrown at the base by D'Artagnan, and as such, don't have the numbers to go up against the Dragoon army of D'Artagnan. D'Artagnan proceeds to dismantle the rest of the base. A lone Engineering Bay floats off silently to the East... But is immediately destroyed by Corsairs and Dragoons before ~BluntGrande~ can access the computer's "Land on the Bad Guys" command. (:
Good games are exchanged all around and from it all emerges the Winner:

So ends another report. I hope you enjoyed it. I know I sure had a great time watching the game.
D'Artagnan: "Curse you and your damn Backwards Smileys Zorn!"
Lt.$tyle: (:

D'Artagnan: "I don't wanna play anymore ):"
Lt.$tyle: "Why not? You're still alive? If that matters. (:"
D'Artagnan: "It just means he hasn't gotten around to killing me yet. :)"

Lessons Learned:
Continue to apply pressure, if you hurt your opponent, don't stop attacking, you've got to continue to deny him the chance to rebuild.
Variety is the spice of BroodWar, people aren't stupid, they *do catch on to a repeating pattern of attacks. Mix up your forces and attacking angles.

A strong defense against drops is necessary in every game you play. If you can deny your opponent a chance for a first strike, or kill it off quickly, the damage from further strikes in the long run will be less and less as well.
If you're under attack, chances are, he's not defended as well as he'd like to be. If you send a counter attack right after or even during an opponent's attack you can really catch them with their pants down.
When you expand, the first time is usually a good time to pick a spot away from your base. If you expand to the natural right away, any attack against your main will kill a vital expansion also.


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