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Orc v Human: Long Time Coming
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Date: 01/18/05 10:01
Game Type: Warcraft 3
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Report Rating: 7.8, # of Ratings: 4, Max: 8, Min: 7
Lifetime Rating for Heartcutter: 7.5238

Map: Twisted Meadows

Heartcutter: Blue Orc (Bottom Right) Level 34

Super-wawawa: Red Human (Top Right) Level 38

Iím hating the humans.  Why is that you say?

Orc v. Human 24 wins, 32 losses.  Win 42.9%

I found the answer is that early tier 2 rifle caster just owns me hard.  I mean REALLY hard.  I mean the ĎOh shit, Iím screwed kind of hard.í 

That pisses me off.  The ĎMan Iím really, REALLY pissed off kind of pissed off.í

Never ĎREALLYí piss me off.

I start this game with a modified Farseer build.  Itís modified because Iím not racing to tier 2.  Instead Iím focused on pumping out grunts (itís a build I think of as the 9 peon build).  Lots of grunts, of the 700 hitpoint variety.  Iíve been developing this build with the help of my training in decision sciences in grad school.  Iím going to wreck this human, and Iím going to wreck him early.


So thatís how it starts.  I gruntrush him while he speedcreeps the goblin shop (and gets the Book of GG).  I show no mercy, sending grunts into his resource area and begin stomping his peons.  He gets his militia going and starts defending, along with his water elementals, book, and feetmen. 

He holds, but just barely.


I take this opportunity to expand in the bottom left, while he expands in the upper right.  I also get Fuzzy (read: Panda) and tech to T3.  Iím going to finish him off with Tauren/Walker.  Together with a sizeable army, I head up to his expansion.  Heís got a bunch of rifles, some breakers and a couple of heroes.  Iíve got more melee than you can shake a stick at, a bunch of zerks and a Kodo.  No contest.


And it was no contest.  I microed poorly.  Actually, it seems as if I didnít micro at all.  He blizzards my zerks, steals my roar and jams up my melee with some well placed farms.  I get both halves of my ass handed to me.



And now heís pushing on my expansion in the bottom left.


But in the words of an immortal black clown: ĎFuzzy donít play that.í  His AM/MK hit the wall against Fuzzy, and they are driven back.  Man, watching this replay hurt badly Ďcause I really had shitty micro.  I should have been resurrecting tauren right and left.  I think it was because I was working too damn hard on my thesis that Iíve been neglecting my game.


So he gets pushed back and Fuzzy barely escapes after dropping the hammer on the rifle casters.  My opponent takes this opportunity to expand to the top left start position and I take this opportunity to make good use out of pulverize.  I end up losing my farseer, but on the bright side I end up trashing his expansion.


At this point Iíve got a single expansion in the lower left start and my opponent is establishing himself in the bottom left expansion area.  I reassemble a decent force, get some potions and send in another attack onto his only income producing mine.  There are a couple of big differences this time, as both sides have massive heroes (level 6+) and my micro decides to show up. 


Iím expecting the bolt/blizzard/focus fire on poor Fuzzyís head, so he goes right into Earth Wind and Fire.  His MK goes into Avatar, and we begin laying into each other.  The fight was kind of like Rocky IV, where Rocky and Ivan Drago lay into each other with haymaker after haymaker.  My Tauren die, the lazy bastards that they are, so I force them to get back up.  A brilliant hand to hand fight ensued between Earth and the Avatar, where the Avatar was clapping, while the Archmage blizzarding on the combatants.


But Fuzzy donít play that.  Fuzzy donít care shit about the weather or the noise, especially when heís like the Earth.  Eventually Fuzzy and the Avatar run out of ultimate time and the melee continues.  Drinks are on Fuzzy, and of course the game ending Breath of Doom comes shortly thereafter.


My opponent was good, my micro was bad, but cash is king.


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