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Rook's Corner Report featuring Desert Demon
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Date: 11/24/04 03:11
Game Type: Starcraft
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Hello, and welcome to a Rook's Corner Report. Today's featured player is: Desert Demon. Unfortunately, this player quit bw quite some time ago so I was unable to get a game with him after the interview. Therefore I did the next best thing and used a replay of him. And what better opponent for my interviewee than his interviewer?

The Game

The match was played on Gaema Gowon, which is sort of like temple except that it is completely unlike it.

o]DD[o randomed to red Terran at the top left starting position. I randomed to orange Protoss at the left starting position (9, if you prefer).

DD begins his wall with a depot on 9, deciding not to scout to decide his opponent's race.

I, chosing to power econ slightly longer than usual (ok, ok, I screwed up) build a pylon on 9. After beginning my pylon, the probe begins his scouting pass over the landscape, moving in a counter-clockwise direction.

DD's barracks is put up at 11 supply, just asking for a ling rush to slap his scvs around a bit

Unfortunately, I got toss, not zerg so I warp in a gateways at 10 supply. So far my plan was going a little something like this: "..." (note: that plan is copywrited, no infringement on my rights please).

DD's first depot finishes and the scv heads out on a clockwise scouting mission. Another scv finishes the wall with a depot on 13 supply.

Following the standard build, I warp in an assimilator on 12. I also begin my cybernetics core on 12, breaking the standard build and confusing my opponent in a futuristic sort of way (ok, so he has to watch the rep to be confused, but it shows I'm planning ahead.

DD takes his gas on 14 supply. Apparently, he has decided to go metal regardless of his opponents race or build.

Since I still haven't found my opponent, I begin a zealot on 14 supply and a pylon as soon as I have another 100 minerals. Of course, as soon as the zealot is finished my probe runs into DD's scv. Gotta love that timing, huh?

Knowing my opponent's race, I begin a dragoon at 17 supply, and begin mulling over my options.

DD begins a factory and a marine on 19 supply. He adds in a second factory on 20 supply, but the barracks remains silent. No gundam rush for "Le Des" (what a weird name).

I add in a pylon behind my minerals on 20 supply and begin upgrading goon range on 21 supply. At this point, a red scv attempts to scale my ramp, but my zealot and soon after a brand new dragoon force him to take up residence in my natural.

DD adds machine shops on each of his factories and uses his marine to run off my probe. I leave him in my opponent's natural, of course, to keep an eye out for troop movements or an expansion attempt.

Seeing the lone marine, I decide to go for a second gateway and pump 2 gate goons. There's still a decent possiblity that there's a gundam rush coming and well-microed 2 gate goons counter gundam about as well as anything.

The red menace begins siege mode in his first machine shop, and begins working on an e-bay. Falling behind in supplies keeps him from producing his first tanks, so he's lucky I didn't rush him (remember kids, attacking with those first goons is normally a good idea).

With information of my enemy denied, and my 2 gate build leaving me fairly confident against what he's probably doing, I add in my robo facility. Now to go for observers or to get a reaver a shot.

As soon as he has ample supplies, DD begins a tank in each of his two factories.

Once my second gate finishes, I continue dragoon production from both gates, and move out with my force of 3 goons and a single zealot. Since I would have anticipated a gundam rush to have already begun, and a tank drop to have already arrived, I move my forces towards my opponent taking out an scv along the way. And, I go ahead and move a probe to my natural.

After DD's e-bay completes, he begins constructing three turrets around his base. One at his wall, and one on each side of his mineral much Heartcutter, do you? After his tanks complete, he starts vultures in each factory.

My probe in DD's natural discovers a tank sieged atop the enemy's ledge (imagine that, a T with sieged tanks on a cliff) so I decide to just play a little bit of containment. Back at home, I begin a shuttle and take my natural.

DD begins the upgrade for vulture speed and starts a starport. Soon afterward, specifically when he has 100 gas again, he begins researching vulture mines. He also begins another turret touching the bottom of his CC and he floats his e-bay above this turret. (An e-bay is floating above a turret to prevent enemy units [specifically dts] from targeting the turret itself).

When my shuttle finishes, I load up two dragoons (yes, two dragoons :p) and head off towards red's base. I also continue producing dragoons and peons.

DD produces another tank in one factory and a vultures out of the other. He also adds a control tower onto his starport.

I come in over the mineral line, drop off the tanks and...lose the shuttle. I do some damage to an scv, get a real good look at his base, and lose both goons on top of the shuttle. I did manage to kill the marine on his ramp though.

Fence: Wow, what a waste of a shuttle.
DD: lol
maareek: yeah :(

With this minor interruption over, and a dropship newly completed, DD has thoughts of ending things soon. He begins a second dropship and moves his forces out of his base.

I take this time to maynard my probes over to my expansion. I also warp in a forge. Once it completes I begin the first level weapons upgrade.

DD's 6 vultures run past my 3 dragoons in his natural, taking minor damage on the way past. I give chase with these and move the other 3 dragoons at my ramp to my natural expansion.

As my 3 trailing dragoons catch up with the vultures and kill off the first 4, a shadow covers the ground behind me. A dropship flies low and drops its payload of 2 tanks behind my goons, killing one almost instantly.

The tanks finish off the last of those goons, but my other 3 come up from my natural and take out the entire red force, including the dropship.

Fearing further vulture harassment, I warp in 3 cannons around my natural nexus. Few things hurt worse than having vultures run rampant in an undefended probe line.

DD continues producing vultures and tanks, and starts construction of a command center on his cliff. Then he sends out his 4 vultures and 2 tanks, and begins another dropship.

I warp in two cannons around my main nexus. I also warp in a gateway at my natural and finally begin an observatory (I don't ever suggest waiting this long). I also add another gateway at my main and a robotics support bay for speed shuttles.

DD has been busy, adding in another factory and filling his two dropships with the tanks and vultures coming out of his two running factories. The rest of his forces, which consist of 2 tanks, 4 vultures, and 3 scvs, are heading towards my natural. Of course, this prompts our observer, Fence(if you think I'm actually going to type out his real name, you're crazy), to make an observation.

Fence: Red wins
maareek: Yeah, I lost too much on that drop :/
Fence: yep

Once my support bay completes, I begin the shuttle speed upgrade and a shuttle. I also warp in a second forge for quicker upgrades.

DD's tanks siege up and the scvs begin to construct turrets within range of my natural. As soon as the siegeing completes, the tanks begin firing on my lead dragoons. With an army only consisting of 7 goons, things aren't exactly looking up at this point.

The vultures come down and lay mines in front of my goons. Unfortunately for them, the mines are layed within the range of my cannons, negating their effect.

At this point, another tank comes up and goes in front of the front tank. Knowing there are mines in my path, I decide against attempting a head-on assault just yet and move my three lead dragoons onto the cliff leading to my mineral only.

I had hoped that I would be able to snipe the remaining vultures, or even a tank, from that height but was unable to. So I move those dragoons back down to beside the minerals in my natural.

I decide to try to remove his troops before he gets too deeply entrenched, and since my +1 attack upgrades just kicked in I figured it would be a good time to do it. I group my 9 dragoons, and a few probes, and head for the push.

Mines and tank fire make soup out of my first 2 goons, but I manage to take out a tank. My 2 probes manage to reach the second tank, and draw fire from the rear tank onto them.

That tank quickly falls, as does one of the vultures leaving the fight to 1 tank and 1 vulture against my 5 dragoons. The vulture takes up enough time for the tank to take out one more goon, but I surround him with tanks within his minimum range, and finish the tank off. The scvs and turrets fall quickly after this.

Ok, so maybe red doesnt win.
DD: lol yeah, that sucked
maareek: :)

DD is not taking this set-back lying down, however. He has floated his expansion CC down to his natural and is loading up his 2 dropships with 2 tank and 2 vultures. He also maynards some scvs down to his expansion and sends out a tank and 2 vultures to his natural as well.

I begin goons in each gateway, begin armor and shield upgrades, and warp in a citadel of adun.

All my goons are still out in the middle of the map when my cannon pops up and begins firing on the lead dropship. It only manages to get off a single shot before the cargo is dropped.

I see the tanks drop out, and begin sending my probes over to clear them out. It's then that the vultures pop out and I turn my probes around and run them away. Between the vultures and the tank splash, DD managed to kill about 6 probes and 2 cannons before 6 goons showed up and put an end to the drop.

All told, the drop killed 6 probes, 2 cannons, and 2 dragoons on top of mining time. He lost 2 tanks and 2 vultures. It was definitely much more effective than I would have liked.

I return my miners to working and warp in a templar archive. I also begin some observers and zealot speed. With speed upgrading, I start building zealots out of every gateway.

DD sieges up a tank beside his natural CC. He moves his 10 vultures and 2 tanks out to the edge of his natural. He also begins an academy and repairs his dropships.

My base is filling out as 3 new gateways are warped in. I also begin another pair of cannons around my main nexus. To equal out the resources, I also slip a probe up to my mineral only to warp in a nexus there.

Red vultures are running around the map laying mines at untaken mineral nodes. Then he moves his vultures back into the middle of the map. He also adds a comsat station on each of his command centers.

I send one of my observers toward DD's natural, and another one towards the middle. I also upgrade observer speed, because without it your penis will shrink.

My observer comes to rest over the peon line at DD's natural. The other one sees 12 vultures, 3 un-sieged tanks, and 3 scvs in the middle. Back at home, I begin 3 dts, a zealot, and 3 dragoons. These are to complement my force of 9 goons and 6 zealots, which are on the move to the edge of my natural.

DD's vultures come to near the mouth of my natural and all of them lay mines. He also moves his tanks and scvs down to near the mines.

My armor and shield upgrades finish, giving me 1/1/1 upgrades to my opponent's 0-0. You would be amazed at how effective these upgrades can be, don't skimp on them. I'm also beginning the second tier attack and armor upgrades.

DD's tanks move in front of his mines and fire on one of my dragoons. They immediately retreat behind the mines and my forces give chase. The outcome of this isn't exactly pretty...

I lose all but 1 of my zealots, though they take the scvs with them. The last zealot is finished off by the oncoming 12 vultures wile the tanks siege up. Fortunately for me, my 3 dts show up at this point and start swiping away at vultures.

My goons are spread out, sparing myself from the deadly splash. And, without turrets for detection, the vultures are quickly eliminated and the dts move on to the tanks. Three new tanks and 2 new vultures show up on the scene, but they are too little too late.

All in all, I lost 6 zealots and 6 dragoons. The Red Whore lost 6 tanks, 14 vultures, and 3 scvs. This also keeps him from having the control of the middle, which is very important. Now I have the pressure on the terran, instead of the other way around, which is always nice.

DD begins building a new CC at his mineral only, his main is now mined out. His forces currently number 3 tanks and 2 vultures. He also has 4 factories, 2 producing tanks and 2 producing vultures.

I continue building my mix of dt/goon/zeal and maynard some probes over to my mineral only expansion. To prevent vulture raids, I warp in a couple of cannons at my min-only. I also warp in a pair of stargates at my main.

DD builds up another factory and adds a machine shop to 2 of his others. He pumps tanks continuously out of these factories, building up a sizeable force of over 12 and begins forcing his way out of his base.

DD manages to push out of his base quite well. My force in the middle is engaged by 6 tanks, and only manage to kill 2 before all 3 dts and 7 goons fall.

Little does "Les Des" know that he is, in fact, building right into my build. His mass tanks will be about as effective against my carrier/zeal as my pickup lines are on good-looking women.

I attempt a double sided attack on DD's push, but it fails horribly. I managed to get one at the cost of 5 zealots, 3 dt, and 4 goons. I don't think that really warrants a comment.

Thankfully, DD attempts a drop on my mineral only natural that is almost as effective. He loses all 3 vults to the 3 cannons, but he does keep the dropship alive.

I finally put my shuttle to use, building a reaver and flying him into DD's natural peon line and kill about 4 scvs before loading it back up. Unfortunately, I try to pick off units in his main instead of going for his min-only and nearly lose my shuttle. I unload my reaver and it dies to tank fire, however.

Back at the base, I'm upgrading air weapons and carrier capacity. My first two carriers finish, begin building interceptors, and I begin my third carrier.

DD is showing why terran is imbalanced (kidding...kidding) by pumping tanks out of 4 factories and is coming dangerously close to running me over with tanks numbering somewhere between 24 and 234234234. He's also adding in an armory to upgrade these behemoths.

The only problem with this plan is that tanks don't do very well against carriers. Which is, interestingly enough, exactly why I am building them.

DD's tanks, about 10 of them, roll up beside my main and siege up. He then scans my main and discovers my scheme (hax) and spams the g key on his factories until he gets finger cramps. He then uses his dropship to give sight of my main to his tanks. He also builds a couple of wraiths without cloak for some reason or another.

A few of my units suicide their way to kill a couple of tanks. Of course, once they give their lives the tanks start firing on my observatory. He also starts firing on my natural assimilator...things are getting hairy. I begin another carrier, and head my 2 already made to engage the bastards.

Meanwhile, 9 more of the bastards have sieged up within range of my natural. One is even close enough to be in range of a cannon. Unfortunately, it only gets off a few shots before being blown to kingdom come. The tanks quickly clear out my assimilator, pylon, and cannons at my natural. They then begin pounding on my nexus and one of the gateways in my main.

With a cry of "Die, mothefuckers" my 3 carriers, 24 zealots, and 3 goons head out to rid my base of tanks. Most of my zealots manage to make it all the way to the tanks. Between the splash on the bunched up tanks and the damage of the zealots, the tanks are cut in half very quickly.

A group of 8 goliaths run my carriers off and my zealots have to finish up the tanks. That leaves 6 zealots against 7 goliaths, but since the zeals are 2/1/2 (armor/shields/weapons) the goliaths are raped easily.

DD only has 4 tanks remaining, but he has 5 factories working making a steady stream of goliaths. If he manages to get them upgraded, he may make my tech choice pay a heavy price. As if reading my mind, (from the past even, DD is gosu!) he begins upgrading vehicle weapons.

I notice scans going off at my stargates and at my forces in the mid. I know that he knows what and where my forces are. But I'm also fairly sure that he can't do much about it as this point. I have a fairly large group of zealots backing up those 3 carriers.

Despite my expectations, DD decides to test my forces. Fortunately, my zealots are more than he expected and I manage to take out 2 tanks and roughly 10 goliaths at the cost of 12 zealots.

DD gets his revenge, however, as 2 wraiths and 7 goliaths engage my carriers in the mid and do some fairly heavy damage. They finish off one carrier and run two carriers under the 50 hp mark.

About that time, however, zeal/goon reinforcements arrive and run the goliaths back. I take back control of the mid and decide it's time to finish this.

DD isn't giving up easily though and keeps harassing with a group of 12 goliaths and manages to force me back a bit.

Things seem to be coming to a head. The final showdown is near. I send in my 2 new carriers and 10 more zealots. DD has changed production to include mostly tanks and is moving three out to assist his goliaths. This will be it, if I win the battle I win the game. If DD wins the battle, he wins the game.

DD's tanks siege up and begin firing on my zealots. The goliaths step up and begin firing on my carriers.

The goliaths quickly rid the skys of my carriers, but the zealots are already in their midst and reinforcements are arriving. The tanks fall under the vicious psi blades of my zealots. The last of the goliaths fall and interceptors begin to swarm the last two tanks.

With the combined zeal/carrier task force having map control and much higher troop count, Desert Demon leaves the game.


Well, it wasn't exactly the best game between a group of was better! Two battlereporters go at it and, best of all, I won! But it was fairly closely contested since we both screwed up.

-Don't 2 goon drop unless you are pretty sure it can help you break his wall.

-Using your first goon to test his wall is always a good idea, he would have been hard pressed to fight me off.

-Get observers much, much, much quicker than I did. 14 minute obs do not win games.

-Reavers are very effective peon killers, if you find an un-defended expo (aka his min-only) feel free to rape the peons there until he learns better.

-Laying mines in front of tanks is a good idea, if DD had done this I probably would have lost.

-Spread out tanks when pushing an opponent, this also probably would have lead to my demise.

-Upgrades win games.

Be sure to read my interview with my noble opponent here.

Well, that about wraps it up for me, hope you enjoyed the report.


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