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Combat, Somewhere.......
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Date: 10/27/04 03:10
Game Type: Warcraft 3
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Combat, Somwhere.....and not even knowing why!

Battle Report by Battletech

As a note, everyone should know that this is all from memory earlier this day, I play TFT rarely (though I enjoy it) and I’m so hopeless I cant even remember what map we played on. O and this is my first report as well.

In the beginning……..

A friend of mine asked me to play some one on one warcraft at a cyber café, unfortunately I was busy that day. However, the next day I was free, and wanting something to do, I asked him for some games after school. And if your wondering what he said, it was YES of course, otherwise there wouldn’t be a battle report!

Well once at the café (after a fair bit of walking) first thing up is a one on one. I haven’t played this guy (hereafter known as bob, no seriously, that’s his real name) in a month at least. And since then, I’ve played warcraft less than 10 times, while he has been playing everyday on bnet with all kinds of hard out ppl (the New Zealand No. 2 player is his real life friend apparently). Did I mention last time he wasted me? Of course not good odds, and I was thinking I’d lose, but anyway, I still wanted to try, that’s the point isn’t it?

It finally starts…..

Playing on a one on one map (which I cant remember….) I choose the trustworthy humans, which I’ve been exploring, while bob goes for the undead, which he has gone crazy over. I have no idea how he starts, and I can barely remember my own, but there are no early game rushes here. However, I know how he plays (result of occasional conversation) and bob goes for a Death Knight with fiends, while I opt for a Mountain King and footies. We both creep until I decide I am bored, and go for a small peek at his section of the map.

First Encounter!

I catch bob with pants down, fighting creeps. I attempt to creep jack him, but unfortunately due to my own incompetence, I have my MK and 3 footies, while he has 3-4 skells, and 4-6 fiends plus his DK. Before I can even hit his back, bob retreats, leaving the creeps already dead (so much for creep jacking). I do however manage to score some free hits on a nearby acolyte (hey, a guy needs to have SOME pride). Well, anyway, his acolyte runs off, and his army comes in. Now here, I realise my great mistake. Footies with defend and armor upgrades become almost invulnerable to fiends. I of course haven’t forgotten defend, but it is still researching, and I’m outnumbered. In the brief skirmish that follows, he injures my foot men quite badly, and scars my MK. I on the other hand, manage to damage his fiends, killing one (lvling my MK) storm bolt another fiend that is about 50 points short of going to undead heaven. At this point, the as said before “stunned” fiend, burrows and I run for my life. While retreating in cowardness, a footman falls while cursing his inept commander and bob gives a half hearted chase. A few minor blows exchanged, but nothing major.

Round 1, for bob. At this point, my mountain king is lvl 2, while his DK is lvl 2 or 3. I quickly recruit some more footmen, avoiding rifle men. Fiends cost almost the same as a rifle men, but have improved damage and slight better health. As a result I want to go for Defended footies (yes, I actually researched it now) until I hit tier 2.

Bob makes a small incursion into my part of the map, hitting my arcane vault with 4-6 spiders and 3-4 skellies. My well placed arcane tower quickly takes down the skellies, but the fiends are doing quite a lot of damage. While a lone peon repairs my vault, my foot men and MK desperately try to drive off the invaders. In the end, my vault is destroyed, but in the ensuing fighting, I manage to take down another crypt fiend.

Some while afterwards, I reach tier 2, and choose a 2nd hero, the blood mage and build spell breakers. I am hoping that banish with storm bolt can do some serious damage, and spell breakers will be an effective counter to bobs heroes and fiends.

During the lull, I do a bit more creeping, and build up my army of spell breakers, and post mechanical critters to key entrance points to my part of the map. At this time, with 20/20 vision, Bob must have expanded while I’ve completely forgotten (this is why I need to play more). Bob seems to be content to leave me alone for the while, and I proceed to tech armor upgrades and to tier 3.

Before I reach tier 3 though, bobs force appears on the mini map, crossing into “my” part of the map. It appears to be 8-9 fiends, 2 statues, and his 2 heroes. With forces, I dare not fight him, but he tries to creep my natural. While he attempts to creep I charge, and force him off, no kills for either side though, and I do not wish to pursue. With his army so close to my base, I dunt wish to rush newhere, and he seems happy to stay in his position. We both do some “sniping” trying to gain an advantage. A few times, we both killing something, and our heroes level but it just doesn’t happen.

Eventually he sends his army at my base, but after some fighting he withdraws, but I have lost the majority of my army.

End Game
I reach tier 3 and my paladin comes out, my MK and Blood Mage are lvl 3 each, and his Lich and DK are both lvl 4. At this point, Bob brings in abominations, and I start realizing I’m completely screwed. He first goes for the creeps still at my natural, during his attack, I attempt to rush and do damage, but spell breakers with no attack upgrades aren’t up to the job. He slaughters the creeps and suffers very little damage. At this, I retreat to my base.

Bob sends in a frostwyrm and the rest of his army a few moments later. It is game as I try to defend my base, but it is hopeless. This game lasted around half an hour and I there are things I have to have learned from this.

1. Research necessary upgrades before you need them…..
2. Expanding is a good idea…..
3. 2400 gold at the end of the game is NOT a good idea…..
4. Play more warcraft
5. People who write good BRs have a talent that it takes to realise.
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