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Hold 'em Glory
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Date: 09/26/04 03:09
Game Type: Other
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Hold 'Em Glory

It wasn't the World Series of Poker. It wasn't the World Poker Tour. It wasn't even Celebrity Poker. It was just 10 people willing to invest twenty dollars in a game of Texas Hold 'em knowing that guts, instinct, and a little bit of luck would get them a massive $100 payout.

As you may have already guessed, one of those players was none other than I, Drefsab (playing under the alias GreenCoke). The game would be a standard tournament style game. Each player would be given 800 chips. The player who captured all the chips would be the winner (2nd and 3rd place finishers would also receive cash consolation prizes).

Blinds are the required bets made by the two players to the left of the dealer before the cards are dealt. They started at $10/$15 and went up in the following increments every 10 hands:


In order to determine who would start with the dealer button (and thus get to act last), one card was dealt to each player. I received a queen of diamonds, the high card on the board giving me the dealer button and an early advantage.

The computer started dealing and I hoped for a hand that would allow me to play. First card came 2 of hearts, second card, 7 of diamonds. An early bad omen. I was sitting on the button with the worst possible starting hand in Texas Hold 'em. I folded and there wasn't much action with Shaolin betting Phillyflash out of the hand with a $90 bet on the river.

Standings after 1 Hand:
Seat 3: Shaolin5 (955)
Seat 2: teddyisbig (800)
Seat 6: aceofspade17 (800)
Seat 8: SEVENLAO (800)
Seat 9: GreenCoke (800)
Seat 1: rugby4747 (785)
Seat 4: mpaigem78 (785)
Seat 7: SMOKEMYMEAT (785)
Seat 10: burntmj2 (785)
Seat 5: PhillyFlash (705)

By the fourth hand, I was itching to play and was rewarded with a Qc/Ks. I was playing in seventh position. Everyone folded in front of me and I raised to $75. Everyone behind me proceeded to fold and I collected $25 dollars in blinds without a flop.

My fifth hand was an As/10h. Flush from my success in the previous hand I put out a $45 dollar raise. aceofspade17 was my only caller and the flop came 9s, 8h, 4h. The flop didn't help me but I had two overcards and so when aceofspade17 checked into me I took a shot at the pot and raised $100. Unfortunately someone had taught aceofspade17 the potency of the check/raise and suddenly I was staring down the barrel of $300 in chips. I would have to commit another $200 to see the river, more than two-thirds of my chips. I didn't have to think about it long and folded cursing my luck.

Standings after 5 hands:
Seat 3: Shaolin5 (1250)
Seat 6: aceofspade17 (970)
Seat 1: rugby4747 (815)
Seat 8: SEVENLAO (800)
Seat 4: mpaigem78 (760)
Seat 2: teddyisbig (755)
Seat 10: burntmj2 (740)
Seat 7: SMOKEMYMEAT (705)
Seat 9: GreenCoke (680)
Seat 5: PhillyFlash (525)

9th place after 5 hands was not part of the master plan when I signed up for this event. But it was early yet. I folded a 5h/6s in the 6th hand and the 7th hand finally brought us to our first showdown. SEVENLAO raised $70. Rugby4747 and Shaolin called.

The flop came 8h, 10c, 6c giving Shaolin and SEVENLAO gut shot straight draws. But SEVENLAO also had a pair of 9's while Shaolin only had a Kd/7d. SEVENLAO bet $75 forcing Rugby to fold. Theoretically, Shaolin also should have folded but he must have felt something and made the call probably hoping for the 9 to make his straight. What he didn't realize was his odds of hitting the straight were cut in half as two of the 9's resided in SEVENLAO's hand.

The turn was a Jackpot for SEVENLAO. He had made his straight. He was first to act and put another $90 in, obviously trying not to scare SHAOLIN off. At this point SHAOLIN was probably feeling better about his hand. He'd paired his 7 and still had his gut shot straight draw. He probably had no idea how far behind he was when he called SEVENLAO's $90 bet making the pot $565, easily the biggest pot so far.

The 7c on the river was a disastrous card for SHAOLIN. When SEVENLAO raised $125, SHAOLIN had to be thinking he might be facing a straight. But it would now be a very tough laydown for him since he'd made trip sevens. To his credit he only called the $125 instead of raising but he still lost $360 in chips ending his short reign as chip leader.

Standings after 7 hands:
Seat 8: SEVENLAO (1255)
Seat 6: aceofspade17 (945)
Seat 3: Shaolin5 (890)
Seat 4: mpaigem78 (800)
Seat 1: rugby4747 (745)
Seat 2: teddyisbig (740)
Seat 10: burntmj2 (740)
Seat 7: SMOKEMYMEAT (690)
Seat 9: GreenCoke (680)
Seat 5: PhillyFlash (515)

The 8th hand saw SEVENLAO hit an Ace/King and he managed to extend his chiplead by another $225. Then in the 9th hand teddyisbig finally made a move by pushing all-in to capture a $315 pot.

THe 10th hand found me in the small blind (the last $10/$15 hand). I was dealt a Jh/Kd. mpaigem raised to $45 with a 10d/Jd. aceofspade17 called with a Ac/8c and I put in $35 more to make a call as well. The flop brought bad news for me but mpaigem and aceofspade17 got a piece of it.

mpaigem was first to act with his flush draw and decided to try a semi-bluff pushing in $200 chips. aceofspade17 called with his Aces and Sevens and I folded immediately.

The turn gave mpaigem more outs as he paired his jacks. He came out firing with another $300 in chips. At this point I think he was pressing his luck. A $200 dollar call on the flop should have indicated to mpaigem that he was facing an ace or a seven. Aceofspade17 correctly called the $300 bet and the pot was close to $1100.

A 9s came on the river and was no help to either player. Mpaigem desperately pushed ahead with another $200 bet. At this point I'm not sure what he was thinking. If he thought his jacks were best he was either drunk or stupid or both and he couldn't have thought aceofspade17 would fold with $500 already committed to the pot. Aceofspade17 must have sensed the desperation because instead of calling mpaigem's bet, he raised all-in forcing mpaigem to commit all but $35 in chips to make the call. Amazingly, that's just what he did leaving him severely crippled.

Standings after 10 hands:
Seat 6: aceofspade17 (1635)
Seat 8: SEVENLAO (1425)
Seat 2: teddyisbig (1055)
Seat 3: Shaolin5 (820)
Seat 1: rugby4747 (745)
Seat 10: burntmj2 (725)
Seat 9: GreenCoke (620)
Seat 5: PhillyFlash (515)
Seat 7: SMOKEMYMEAT (425)
Seat 4: mpaigem78 (35)

There was more action for me in hand 11. The blinds were now up to $15/$30. I was dealt an As/Jh. I raised $75 and got two callers, Shaolin and SMOKEMYMEAT. The flop came 9h, 8c, 3c. I had position in the hand and both players checked to me. Once again I had two worthless overcards and decided to take a stab ath the pot throwing in another $75. This may have been a poor decision as I was committing 1/4 of my chips to the pot with nothing in my hand. I was hoping for two folds and what I got instead was 1 fold and 1 call from SMOKEMYMEAT. The only upside to his call was I had about $200 more in chips. I was really sweating the turn though , hoping for some help.

And there was my salvation, a jack. At this point I felt like there was a small chance I was facing an over pair. But as you can see I wasn't and I was a significant favorite before the river. I pushed all my chips in expecting him to fold. My heart jumped when he called and for a second, I was afraid my worst fears were confirmed. Then I saw his King/Nine off suit and sighed with relief. For some reason, he didn't read my Jack. The river card was 8d which was no help to anyone and I had won my first showdown. SMOKEMYMEAT was smoked literally and became the first player eliminated.

Standings after 11 hands:
Seat 6: aceofspade17 (1635)
Seat 8: SEVENLAO (1395)
Seat 9: GreenCoke (1165)
Seat 2: teddyisbig (1025)
Seat 10: burntmj2 (785)
Seat 3: Shaolin5 (745)
Seat 1: rugby4747 (700)
Seat 5: PhillyFlash (515)
Seat 4: mpaigem78 (35)

In hand 12, mpaigem was hit with a $30 blind and decided to rest his hopes on a 10h/9d. Unfortunately he ran into aceofspade17's pocket aces and was summarily retired leaving 8 players.

After losing two players everyone else tightened up for a few hands. However hand 17 found me on the small blind and I was dealt an 8d/Ac. The big blind was still $30 and Rugby, PhillyFlash, and I limped in. burntmj2 checked on the big blind. The flop was 5h, 2d, 3s. I was first to act and bet $50 once again hoping to pressure the remaining players into a fold. Burnt folded but then Rugby re-raised to $100 and PhillyFlash called. With $370 in the pot, I went ahead and added the $50 more required to call thinking I was flushing chips down the toilet.

My instincts were correct and the turn was no help. At this point I was ready to fold at any bet. Rugby's re-raise at the flop appeared to be a semi-bluff and when I checked he bet another $200. PhillyFlash was down to $270 in chips and decided to push all-in. The 3c on the river brought an end to a sorry hand where three players tried to bully each other with Ace/Crap off suit. The dust settled with PhillyFlash winning a $960 pot leaving Rugby severely crippled with only $300 in chips remaining.

Standings After 17 Hands:
Seat 6: aceofspade17 (1895)
Seat 8: SEVENLAO (1335)
Seat 2: teddyisbig (1010)
Seat 5: PhillyFlash (960)
Seat 3: Shaolin5 (900)
Seat 9: GreenCoke (845)
Seat 10: burntmj2 (755)
Seat 1: rugby4747 (300)

Hand 20 saw the blinds jump to $25/$50. I commemorated the event by pushing all-in pre-flop with an Ah/Kc. The reason I did this was two players limped in. Everyone folded and I picked up $175 in blinds and limps.

Things stayed pretty quiet until Hand 26. I was dealt an Ad/10c. Unfortunately Shaolin raised to $150 with a Ah/Kc and SEVENLAO called with pocket queens. I didn't know what they had but sensing danger I folded. However, rugby took the opportunity to call with the discount since he was on the big blind.

The flop came Qd, Th, 7s. Of course this was a great flop for SEVENLAO but Shaolin acted first. Not wanting his big slick to go to waste, Shaolin raised $225 semi-bluffing with a gut shot straight draw. Of course SEVENLAO called and then rugby folded.

There was no help on the river and Shaolin was running out of cards. However, he plowed blindly ahead pushing in his remaining $445 chips. SEVENLAO immediately called and Shaolin's only hope was drawing a Jack to make his straight.

With a few choice swear words, Shaolin exited, booted out unceremoniously by a quad of queens. SEVENLAO with his good luck just barely passed aceofspade17 to take the chip lead.

Standings after 26 hands:
Seat 8: SEVENLAO (1980)
Seat 6: aceofspade17 (1970)
Seat 2: teddyisbig (1040)
Seat 5: PhillyFlash (835)
Seat 9: GreenCoke (830)
Seat 1: rugby4747 (755)
Seat 10: burntmj2 (590)

At hand 30, blinds rose to $50/$100. By hand 31 I was still languishing in second to last place and ran into the big blind. SEVENLAO was the small blind and called me. I checked my 9d/Jc and got nothing on the flop. Even so, when SEVENLAO checked to me I bet another $100 and was rewarded with a fold that saved me from dropping into last place.

In hand 32, mass chaose broke out. I was the small blind and was dealt a 6c/As. Rugby was first to act with a Kh/Ac and he raised to $200. SEVENLAO called the $200 with a 10c/9d. I folded and once again, burntmj made the discounted call from the big blind with a 10h/8s.

The flop gave burntmj a jackpot straight and he jumped from a 17.7% underdog to an 88.9% favorite. He played it slow, checking over to rugby whose big slick now had a 1% chance of winning in a showdown. But that didn't stop him and he pushed all-in $480. Seeing this probably made burnt blow his load but the best was yet to come. SEVENLAO called the all-in with nothing more than a pair of 9's. Burnt happily pushed all $465 of his chips in and the 4c, Qd on the turn/river did nothing more than make burnt's straight better.

Rugby was sent on his merry way and burntmj jumped into the chip lead.

Standings after 32 hands:
Seat 10: burntmj2 (2045)
Seat 6: aceofspade17 (1995)
Seat 8: SEVENLAO (1280)
Seat 2: teddyisbig (1090)
Seat 9: GreenCoke (880)
Seat 5: PhillyFlash (710)

The next few hands saw me trying to make a move. On hand 33 I raised to $300 pre-flop with a pair of tens and picked up $150 in blinds. I picked up another $265 dollars on hand 34 with an all-in move after the flop with a King high. Then in hand 36 I picked up $200 when I flopped a pair of Jacks, queen kicker on the flop.

In hand 37 I was dealt pocket 8's. PhillyFlash called the $100 blind with an 8s/Ks and then I raised to $265. PhillyFlash called committing more than half his chips to the pot before the flop.

As you can see, the odds were decidedly in my favor after the flop and I pushed all-in. PhillyFlash must have felt pot committed at this point and pushed in his remaining $165 chips. However he could not get his miracle card as the turn/river was Jh/2c. I netted another $495 in chips putting me in the lead for the first time with half the players now eliminated.

Standings after 37 hands:
Seat 9: GreenCoke (1990)
Seat 6: aceofspade17 (1945)
Seat 10: burntmj2 (1895)
Seat 2: teddyisbig (940)
Seat 8: SEVENLAO (1230)

My chip lead was short lived as the next 9 hands didn't see a single showdown. Aceofspade, burntmj, and SEVENLAO all made headway betting other players out of their hands. At hand 40, blinds jumped to $100/$200 and by the start of hand 47 I had dropped into third place with burntmj hot on my heels. I was dealt an Ac/7h on the small blind. Teddyisbig pushed $1040 all-in with an Ah/10h and for some inexplicable reason I decided to call.

As you can see, the odds were definitely not in my favor and the 6h, Qd, 5s did not help matters any. The 2d/3d turn/river dashed any hopes for a miracle and my foolhardy call dropped me to the short stack with $450. This was a very bad thing as blinds would soon be jumping to $150/$300 meaning I had to play something in the next 4-5 hands or risk being drained by blinds.

I folded The 7h/4c in hand 48 and the 10c/8h in hand 49. Hand 50 took us to $150/$300 blinds and worse yet, I was one hand away from the big blind. I was dealt a Kh/10d and decided this was where I'd make my stand. I was called by SEVENLAO who was the big blind and only had to put in another $150 to call. He had a Kd/6s. This was great news as I was a 71% favorite pre-flop.

However the flop brought very bad news. The 6c gave me an 86% chance of being eliminated. The 9d on the turn was no help dropping me to a 7% underdog. My tournament life hung in the balance and I needed a miracle card on the river.

YES! THANK YOU HOLY JESUS! The 10s gave me the higher pair. I had survived and picked up $600 in chips. However I wasn't out of the woods as a $300 big blind would hit me on the next hand and I still had the short stack.

Standings after 50 hands:
Seat 2: teddyisbig (1930)
Seat 6: aceofspade17 (1895)
Seat 8: SEVENLAO (1680)
Seat 10: burntmj2 (1445)
Seat 9: GreenCoke (1050)

Hand 51 saw SEVENLAO and aceofspade17 call my big blind. We all checked after the flop. And then on the turn aceofspade raised $750 and then SEVENLAO re-raised $1380 all-in. I was forced to fold my 8s/5h and soon found that both players had started with king/ten and made a straight on the turn. So basically they ended up splitting my $300 big blind.

Hand 52 had me on the $150 dollar small blind and my 10s/5s did nothing for me. I was forced to fold dropping me back down to $600.

I had made it to hand 53 which took me out from under the gun for a couple of hands. I had a Qc/4c and I quickly folded. The action went to aceofspade17 with a Kd/Js and he raised to $600. Teddyisbig was on the $300 dollar big blind and was probably thrilled when he saw he'd been dealt pocket aces. He re-raised $1930 all-in. Aceofspade17 called for some reason and had a 13.2% chance of winning the hand.

The flop came Ks, 6s, 8d, a glimmer of hope for aceofspade17 bumping his chances up to 22.8%. Then came the nail in the coffin...

Shockingly, the nail was for Teddyisbig. Facing trip kings, the only card that could save Teddy was an Ace and instead, to add insult to injury, the river brought an 8c giving aceofspade17 a full house and giving him a commanding chip lead as he eliminated Teddyisbig.

Standings after 53 hands:
Seat 6: aceofspade17 (4125)
Seat 8: SEVENLAO (2280)
Seat 10: burntmj2 (995)
Seat 9: GreenCoke (600)

Quite suddenly we were down to 4 players. With the top 3 players getting paid, I realized I had a conceivable shot at making it. I just had to somehow hang on until someone else got eliminated.

Hand 54 saw SEVENLAO stealing the blinds with a $600 bet. Then it was once again time for me to grit my teeth and face the big blind. This blind would take half my chips and I saw no other alternative but to push all-in when SEVENLAO raised on the small blind to $600. SEVENLAO had pocket 3's and I had 10c/7d. It was a coin flip.

Fortunately for the sake of my mental well being, I picked up a 7 on the flop putting me well ahead. The 10 on the river was a nice touch and I once again survived defeat and bumped my chip count up to $1500.

The next 6 hands consisted of various blind stealing activities as everyone played conservatively waiting for someone to make the move that would decide who would finish in the money. The blinds jumped to $200/$400 at hand 60 and hand 61 saw me with a Ks/8s. I was still short-stacked with $1200 in chips and I pushed all-in. SEVENLAO was on the big blind and he put in $800 dollars to call. He had 8d/7s.

The eight on the flop gave us both a pair. But my King kicker reigned supreme and the Qh/Jd on the turn/river was no help to SEVENLAO. I had doubled up and out of nowhere was firmly entrenched in second place.

Standings after 61 hands:
Seat 6: aceofspade17 (3525)
Seat 9: GreenCoke (2600)
Seat 10: burntmj2 (1295)
Seat 8: SEVENLAO (580)

Unfortunately in the very next hand, SEVENLAO's won back $580 when his Jc/6s outdrew my Qs/10s when he paired his six.

Hand 65 brought another shocking turn of events. Aceofspade17 was dealt a Ks/Jh and raised to $800. Burntmj was on the big blind and with his Ac/Jd re-raised to $1295 all-in. Aceofspade17 called and couldn't have been pleased when he saw the cards. Going in he had a 25% chance of winning the hand and it got worse after a 4s, 6d, 4h flop. Two more low cards on the turn/river ended any hope of aceofspade17 winning that round and burntmj2 jumped into the chip lead.

The next two hands saw SEVENLAO trying to make his move. An all-in followed by everyone folding when he was on the big blind netted him $800. In hand 68, SEVENLAO was dealt a Ks/9h. He called $200 to match the big blind. I was on the big blind this hand and was thrilled to see pocket aces. I quickly pushed in an additional $1420 all-in. The call came rather quickly. This was big because SEVENLAO only had $140 more chips than I did so whatever happened, one of us would probably finish out of the money.

I liked my chances and I liked them even better when the flop came Th, 5d, 7c. SEVENLAO would need runners to beat me and when the 2h came down on the turn, SEVENLAO was drawing dead.

Standings after 68 hands:
Seat 9: GreenCoke (3640)
Seat 10: burntmj2 (2590)
Seat 6: aceofspade17 (1630)
Seat 8: SEVENLAO (140)

Hand 70 saw me in the most commanding position I'd been in yet and I was determined not to blow it. The blinds jumped to $250/$500 and burntmj stole the first $500 big blind from aceofspade17.

Then hand 71 put SEVENLAO into the big blind. Aceofspades17 was the small blind and made the free call with an Ah/8d. SEVENLAO's hopes rested on a pair of 2's and those hopes were dashed when an ace came down on the flop. SEVENLAO was eliminated and the three remaining players were gonna get paid!

Standings after 71 hands:
Seat 9: GreenCoke (3440)
Seat 10: burntmj2 (3290)
Seat 6: aceofspade17 (1270)

In Hand 73, burntmj was on the small blind and raised to $1300 with a 10d/9d. Aceofspade17 would have to push all-in to call and with $500 already committed to the pot, did so with a Qh/Jc. He was a 62% favorite pre-flop and managed to survive as neither player made anything better than ace high. This put aceofspades into 2nd place.

In three out of the next six hands I stole a big blind and two small blinds solidifying my lead. We finally reached hand 80 which meant $300/$600 blinds. I was in the big blind and was dealt an Ah/7h. Burntmj acted first and raised $2270 all-in with a Js/10s. I called and had a small advantage pre-flop

When I first looked at the flop I was relieved because he hadn't paired. Then I realized he'd added 8 more outs with an open-ended straight draw.

The 4d on the turn made me breathe a little bit easier and increased my chances of winning the hand to 70%. The final card came and it was a 5d. I had taken all of burntmj's chips with an ace high! This put me in firm control. The tournament was mine for the taking.

Standings after 80 hands:
Seat 9: GreenCoke (6510)
Seat 6: aceofspade17 (1490)

Aceofspade17 stole one big blind from me forcing me to fold an 8h/4h. Then in hand 82 I was dealt an Ac/2c. I raised all-in and aceofspade17 called with a Kd/3h. Pre-flop I had a 64% chance of winning the tournament and $100 real dollars.

The flop was awesome giving me aces and twos! Aceofspade17 would need runners to get me. The turn came down a 7h and aceofspade17 was drawing dead! I was the tournament champion!

Lessons Learned:
1) Don't get flustered if you fall behind early.
2) You need to get really lucky if you fall too far behind.
3) If you suck at Poker, try to sit at tables where all the other players suck too.

That's all I've got folks. Hope you enjoyed it.

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