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1v1 on Milton Keynes (Another Laser Squad: Nemesis Report)
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Date: 08/28/04 05:08
Game Type: Other
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1v1 on Milton Keynes


Boring Introduction

Hello and welcome to yet another Who'sGotLag.IDO battlereport.  This battlereport will be about a game played on Laser Squad: Nemesis.  You can skip down to the next paragraph since you will not care about what follows this sentence.  This is report number 15 for me (numerically), BUT in terms of completed reports, this is number 12.  You may ask where are the other reports and I would say incomplete or haven't started when I got bored/lazy/busy. (Yup, back to the same old intro format.)

BTW. For those of you who have web browsers that can't display pictures with brackets or use Javascript, you're just outta luck.  This battlereport was designed for Internet Explorer 6.0.  Recommended minimum screen size: 800x600 pixels.



First off, Laser Squad: Nemesis

Laser Squad: Nemesis is a tactical, turn-based/real-time 1v1 game where battles are played out over 10 second increments.  Translation: Each turn (where orders are given for each) are 10 seconds long, but the action that occurs is real-time as units carry out the orders they have been given.  The units react to enemies according to how you plan the orders so be careful.  There are now 4 races in this game that roughly equal to StarCrafttm races, the Marines (Terran - Barracks units), Machina (also Terrans but Factory units), Spawn (Zerg), and finally the Greys (Protoss, high value units but fewer in number).

My LSN race descriptions are here with pictures looted from, as well as some of the information is based on their accumulated knowledge.

I think I did a decent job of describing how the game works as the report goes on, but I did leave a lot out. If you want lots of information before the report starts about the game, the official players manual is  here

A link to try the free trial version of Laser Squad Nemesis (with short single player campaign) is available through the picture below.  If you do intend to use the trial version, I recommend that you play the campaign missions first to help you get a feel for the game. You are only allowed to play 50 rounds of multiplayer with the trial so don't waste them getting used to the game. If you do subscribe and are not sure about how you like the game, remember that you have a 30 day money-back grace period after subscribing:


Quick Intermission

LSN Promotional Movie!



New Race: The Greys

This race is much different from the other races in the game. Unlike the other races who have separate hit point and ammo capacity, the Greys have only 1 resource called energy, that can both be used as ammunition and as a shield. Damage done to the unit is first taken out of the energy stockpile, while weapons also require energy to fire.  If a unit takes enough damage it starts losing its energy according to the damage it would've taken. When a unit runs out of energy it can no longer fight, unlike the other races who can still fight despite being critically damaged until they are out of ammo.  On the other hand this gives Grey units the effect of being able to absorb significantly more damage when fully charged, making it more likely that a Grey unit can escape to fight again.

Be aware that changes are still being made to the Greys and their abilities. The following information is for version 2-28. The current version of LSN is 3-07 and many things have changed.


Unit (Point cost)

Unit Description

Sentry (1)

In this version the Sentry is the fastest firing unit in the game. (Version 2.28, changed now) Its damage output is laughable against armored units but it makes an excellent scouting unit with lots of energy and good vision.

Guardian (2)

This non-combatant vehicle carries a small area shield/cloaking generator. When the shield is turned on, units inside the shield and the Guardian are twice as difficult to spot (Enemies need to be twice as close as normal to see them). This shield also absorbs incoming weapons fire/explosions and can bounce grenades and goo balls away as if it were a wall. Explosions and weapons fire starting inside the shield act normally however, so if an enemy unit gets inside the shield... (Minor changes now)

Psyker (2)

This unit uses its attack to "psyke" enemy units for a single turn. Enemy units that are psyked lose their vision, can't move, and can't shoot.  In addition, the Grey forces gain the units vision until the end of the turn it is psyked. If the unit dies however, the vision is lost. (Version 2.28, change now)

Warp Gunner (3)

This unit can create warp implosions anywhere inside its range regardless of terrain between it and its target. Distance is its friend and enemy however as further distances cause the implosions to be weaker but an implosion too close can kill itself. There is no travel time between the unit and its target other than the aiming time so it can be a very lethal unit (Version 2.28, changed now).

Saucer (4)

This is the largest flying unit in the game, loaded with lots of energy and fast moving. Its accuracy is only about average but does decent damage.  This unit can also function as an energy reservoir with other units able to tap into its batteries to recharge themselves. (Cost and energy level changed)

Regenerator (1)

This unit is also equivalent to the Headquarters of the Marines and the Machina but it also has a unique ability.  Grey units are able to teleport from one Regenerator to another for fast movement.


The Map

The map this game was played on is called Milton Keynes. Milton Keynes is supposed to be a shopping mall I think.

The lower-right (east) edge of the map between the two sides is lined by several small rooms opening to a north-south walkway where units able to break walls can stealthily approach. The largest buildings are in the middle north-south areas, doors are available for stealth approach in the left central building but not the right central. The top-left (west) edge of the map is relatively open allowing clear vision, but leaving units vulnerable to fire.




Minimap Key

Yellow Lines/Shapes : Mark the limits of fire coverage from a given position (where yellow lines converge)

Colored dot : Unit that will be labeled but larger dots indicate larger units

Red Lines : Weapons fire




This game was played with version 2.28 data and LSN client. Version 2.28 was the third regular version including the Grey faction. Subsequent versions since then have repeatedly and greatly reduced/changed Grey capabilities, energy levels, and unit costs. 


1v1 on Milton Keynes


This game was between me and another player in the elite league of LSN, called Alias since I didn't ask permission to use this game. Currently league play in LSN is divided into 3 leagues (Rookie, Veteran, and Elite) of which elite is the highest. In this game I played a more experienced player who was also ranked higher than me. Game settings were 20 force points, 30 turns, 30 day time limit, and random races. Since I was the challenger, I deployed from the north in the blue zone.

In this game I chose to command the rather large-headed Grey faction. My opponent was known to frequently deploy the Marine faction so I deployed accordingly but kept in mind the possibility of other races.

I placed my troops as shown in the picture below. Mouseover the picture for the gameplan visual aid.

My gameplan for this game will be to separate my forces into 2 main groups and with the remainder being spotters. Defending the middle (and center if needed) would be a Warp Gunner (WG)/Psyker combo.  Stealth marching up the east flank would be another WG and 2 protective Sentries hidden by a Guardian with its cloaking shield. The Guardian should keep the units from being seen while the wide open spaces will let my units spot any approaching unit relatively quickly. Providing vision would be 4 relatively spread out Sentries whose jobs were to watch for enemy units and allow the WGs and Psykers to attack with impunity. This plan may be slightly vulnerable to a Spawn rush, but the observing Sentries should provide some warning of a rush while the Sentries on their own should be able to kill their own value in enemy units. The ability of my troops to teleport quickly around through the Regenerators makes redeploying for a new threat easy.

The reason my western strike force didn't deploy in the west is because they would've started the first round without their shield on and there was a slight chance my opponent could've seen the waiting visible units.

Note: In the current version this strategy would probably result in a quick but violent death for the Grey faction.


Tactic Box

Guardian stealth A Guardian is a small treaded vehicle that carries a cloaking/shield generator. This shield not only protects itself but nearby units as well. Visibility of units inside the shield is 50% reduced (enemies have to be twice as close to see them)
Psyker/Warp Gunner When the units are hidden, Psyker and WG attacks are totally untraceable to the firing units and can fire anywhere in range regardless of terrain. Unfortunately they can't target units and instead must be fired at  areas where hopefully the enemy units will go/not move from. The Psyker/WG are a highly complementary pair, with the Psyker causing an enemy unit to freeze in place where the WG can blow it to pieces. 

This tactic is now not as useful due to a large number of nerfs to the Grey. Psykers no longer freeze units but do damage, WG shots are now missile-like and traceable, and both units cost more now.




Shall we begin?

Start: As you can see in the above picture there are no enemy units visible so the original gameplan is unaltered.


Commander's log

20 Seconds: Arrival

Touchdown on this strange little world completed. The dirty little natives call it Urth or something.

Base setup completed, as requested by the troops we setup an outhouse in a clump of trees far away from the base easily reachable by teleporting. We also have another Regenerator in a private room in the back where the troops can "relax" after hours.

For Rest and Recreation my troops are going to play a little "hide the module", a game we've been playing with the Urthers for centuries.  One group of the soldiers will find some natives and hide a sensor-shielded module inside one of them. The remainder of the guys will have to find the module, but with the sensor-shielding the probes need to be really close to detect it. They're going to have to really get their probes in there to be able to get close enough to detect the module. 

The hiding team stopped to use the facilities in the trees to the west of our base before going to find some natives to use.

Ah, good fun.


Turn 2

Results: As my troops ran out to do their assigned mission, most had an uneventful turn. Most not being all.  The western force of 1 Guardian, 2 Sentries, and 1 WG were stealthily moving toward their spot when a quite literal barrage of fire came pouring up from the south. Multiple red shots impacted on my Guardian's shield draining the energy out of it. Marines. Only they used red-tinged laser weaponry. Before the turn was up the Guardian's shield was gone and my 7 force point (fp) attack force was caught in the open.

By the end of the turn my troops had spotted 2 Commanders, 2 Grunts, a Grenadier, and a Sniper moving up while firing north. Alias had apparently also been aware of the potential Grey mischief and sprayed fire northward through the open area. Some of the shots were likely also meant to converge on the clump of trees to the where my Regenerator was hidden. Alias knew that the clump of trees could hide a reserve Headquarters/Regenerator unfortunately for me.

Plan: With the total failure of the planned stealth attack I ordered my troops started running for cover. It would take ~9 seconds to reach the Regenerator where they came from or 6 seconds to run eastward to cover. I chose to run east because I would pretty much guarantee a loss going the other route and I wanted to see if I could conceal the existence of the Regen.

Also with the sighting of 12 fp worth of enemy units units in the west, my entire defense shifted in response. I had my eastern WG/Psyker move to teleport to the center while my Sentries in the center shifted forward to find where the weakpoint in the Marine lines to the south. With so many units sighted elsewhere, there would definitely be a few.


Tactic Box 2

Spray fire 

(Recon by fire)

This is a common anti-Grey strategy to prevent cloaked units from sneaking up undetected. Guardian shields protect as well as cloak, so when a shot hits the shields it releases its energy. Shots that hit something when there should be nothing there can reveal the presence of a cloaked Guardian.  This tactic is useful for anti-Greys but reveals the presence, general location and race of your firing units.  A player must balance the need for security with concealing their own movements.


Turn 3

Results: By the end of the turn I was quite happy. My exposed attack force had made it safely to cover and I had spotted the majority of Alias's Marine force standing around in the west. 3 Commanders, 1 Sniper, 3 Grunts, 2 Medics, and 1 Grenadier (19 of 20 fp, since there should be a hidden HQ nearby) had advanced with most stopping to fire at my troops.  The formation I had run my troops retreat in saved me some grief though. The WG was the most valuable unit of the assault force so I had the other units march between it and the Marines, with a Sentry mirroring its movements exactly to shield it with his body. The other troops weaved slightly and moved behind a tree breaking target lock by some enemies resulting in only 1 unit taking a hit. If I had chosen the other option at least 1 of my troops would likely be dead and some others injured.

Since the majority of Alias's troops were in the west, the remainder of my troops had an uneventful turn. A Grunt was visible coming up the central-left building however.

Plan: Time to earn a point. The Grunt in the central-left building was relatively isolated from the rest of the Marines and was an ideal target. Both center Sentries were told to try and kill him, with 1 unit Corner Dancing to attract attention while another quietly snuck up (behind cover so the Grunt likely didn't know he existed) to try to kill it in close combat. The WG from the west force also was going to make a warp implosion right on top of his head to further soften up the Grunt.

The remainder of the western force retreated east towards the main base as fast as they could to recharge their energy. The WG/Psyker team moved closer to the front lines in the central-right building to await the incoming Marines. The WG/Psyker's escort Sentry was told to Regen Pop from the now exposed top Regenerator. Finally the right side Sentry farthest south charged forward alone to gain intelligence. The danger was minimal since at most only a 1 fp unit was defending the area below.


Tactic Box 3

Corner Dancing Corner Dancing is a tactic made popular by Crank in his Grenadier Bible. A unit comes around a corner/wall edge and Opportunity Fires down a passage/doorway/whatever. With corner dancing a unit "fires" once then ducks back behind the wall. Enemies that sight the unit may try to shoot at it, but if the unit is fast enough it will be behind the wall again before a shot can reach it.
Regen Popping Regen Popping is similar to both shuttle popping in StarCraft and corner dancing. The difference is that Regen popping is much more dangerous but unexpected. Basically a unit teleports to a Regenerator in an exposed location, fires once, and then teleports out again. The problem is teleporting takes time and the unit may be hit during this period. The farther the Regen is away from the targets, the safer it is to do (though less effective also)

This tactic is also less useful now that Sentries take longer to fire. 


Turn 4

Results: Four seconds into this round the isolated Grunt fell to the ground dead from unnaturally accurate Sentry fire and a WG implosion giving me a 1 point lead. The Regen popping Sentry also managed to hit Alias's Grenadier doing slight damage but taking a shot in return. The Regen itself took heavy damage and looked to die next round. The Grenadier bounced several grenades behind the wall my troops were hiding behind caused both west force Sentries to lose all their energy

A second Grunt was sighted coming up the central corridor, he was the lone defender of the entire bottom of the map. Basically sent to watch the bottom and yell loudly before he died. Alias probably had predicted my units' lack of energy and sent the Grunt up to try and get some easy points but instead ran into my central defense.

Plan: The second Grunt was nearly in range of my WG/Psyker combo so they were assigned to try and kill him. The 2 Sentries who killed the other Grunt were told to rush the position once the implosion had gone off. Otherwise the western force, all but 1 unit out of energy, were still fleeing home to recharge. The scouting Sentry in the east continued moving south toward enemy territory.


Turn 5

Results: The WG/Psyker combo missed, but the rushing Sentries managed to hit the Grunt twice. The western force finally reached a doorway to the main base area, with the Guardian arriving first. The western Regenerator for some reason has still not been destroyed.

Plan: Everyone but the 2 pursuing and 1 exploring Sentries stopped at a Regen and started recharging their batteries. 


Turn 6

Results: All units but the 3 Sentries were surrounding a Regenerator and recharging. The pursuing Sentries didn't follow the Grunt too closely to avoid being ambushed and taking damage. The exploring Sentry reached the bottom corner of the map, finding nothing as expected. The western Regenerator surprisingly still has not been destroyed.

Plan: The 2 pursuing and 1 exploring Sentries keep going while most units recharge. I decided also to be crazy and send my 1/4 recharged Guardian and some Sentries to snipe from the now critical top Regenerator. The only vulnerable moment in this plan is if the Regenerator is destroyed while the Guardian is teleporting and before the Guardian's shield can cover it.


Turn 7

Results: Everyone who was recharging did so, the Sentries continued to pursue and explore finding nothing, and my Guardian appeared alone at the top Regen just as a shot blew the Regen away. With the Regen dead, the Guardian couldn't teleport away. Even more alarming was the sight of 2 Grunts who might get close enough to see through the cloaking shield.

With the loss of the Regenerator, the score is now 1:1.

Plan: Run Guardian, run! The southern Sentries continue to explore while everyone else recharges or peers out of windows looking for the enemy.


Turn 8

Results: The Guardian was out of sight range of the Grunts but that didn't matter when one of them ran closer and spotted him anyway allowing other units to open fire. After several shots its shields went down again and his little vehicle had to run while visible and unprotected from enemy fire. The 3 southern Sentries kept searching.

Plan: Push the pedal to the metal little Guardian, maybe you'll make it back. To the south, the Sentries kept searching, trying to find the Marine HQ or kill something. The recharging Sentries should be topping off their tanks by now and will start spreading out looking for Marines again.


Turn 9

Results: Alias moved at least 1 Commander and began firing at the retreating Guardian who took light damage. To the south, the Sentries inspected most of the rooms in the buildings and didn't find an HQ inside. The HQ was either outside in the open where his army was or concealed a room I didn't want to check because it might reveal my troops presence.

Plan: The Guardian would be safe next turn if he managed to get inside my base area next turn. The Sentries in my base would continue to shoot at the Marine units attacking the Guardian they could see. The 3 Sentries waiting in the southern room of the central-left building would burst out next turn and let fly tiny blue shots of annoyance on anyone they spotted. Hopefully they would spot the Marine HQ and blow it to pieces.


Turn 10

Results: Under heavy fire my Guardian zipped into the main base area and was almost safe when a powerful red bolt struck him from the rear blowing the vehicle to pieces. The corner dancing Sentries in my base kept up a barrage of insignificant fire hitting the units shooting at my Guardian but doing little damage. Also visible in the picture below are holes in the walls as high-power shots began destroying them. The score was now 1:3.

In the south my Sentry force opened up the doors guarding the south and spotted a Grunt aiming back at them. The faster Sentry firing rate was to my advantage as my units would fire and be behind cover before the Grunt could hit them. At the end of the turn, the Grunt was injured but still alive and 2 units were visible nearby which could come to its rescue.


Commander's Log

110 Seconds: First Loss

These natives are more hostile than we imagined. Old Ghlbt almost made it back to base in his little tractor safely where he could recharge his shields and help us sneak up on the natives.

The loss of the outhouse didn't matter much but now the boys are angry. They're talking about using extra large probes on the next alien they catch.

Plan: I ordered the 3 Sentries in the south to Red-line the half-dead Grunt in the south before retreating. Each unit then op-fired in a different direction to check for enemies before continuing to flee. With the loss of my Guardian, I've lost a powerful tool in my arsenal. Now either the Marines have to come closer to me or my valuable troops will have to expose themselves when they advance to get the enemy into range.


Tactics Box 4


Red-lining is a shorthand for a common order pattern in LSN. An aimed shot at a target is indicated by a bright red line and indicates the firing unit will shoot if it can see the target or skip the order if it can't or the view is blocked. Repeated aimed fire by a unit tells it to shoot at a target until either one of the 2 units are dead or there is no ammo. Red-Lining means that on almost every step along a route the unit is taking, it takes several aimed shots at a unit. This is done with step by step movement so if at any point along a route the target is visible to the shooter, the shooter will fire. If not then the shooter continues along its route without stopping.


Turn 11

Results: With 3 Sentries pouring rapid-fire death at it, the Grunt crumpled to the ground. On the exit route however a Commander appeared from the top of the room and caught a Sentry with Halt on Sight on. The Sentry stopped and fired as fast as it could against the Commander, but a single Sentry vs. a Commander is like a normal human with a pistol vs. a Terminator. Not a pretty sight in other words. I believe the Sentry shot the Commander 3-4 times but as you can see below that hardly mattered.

There was also trouble in the north from Alias. Using the superior range and firepower of the Marine army, Alias backed his forces up and began cutting his way through brick walls of my base area.

Plan: The two surviving Sentries in the south were to immediately flee eastward away from the Commander while my the rest of my army cut paths through walls, recharged, and pulled back from firing positions being destroyed by long-range fire.


Turns 12 - 13

Results: Alias's Commander pursued the retreating Sentries across the southern edge of the map. An third Sentry coming down from the north was unable to help its compatriots significantly. What was significant however was the movement south of a lone WG which hid in the building above.

Plan: With the support of the WG far to the north it was time to make a stand. I ordered the obviously targeted Sentry to dodge south before coming back up. This unit would then remain standing there as bait.  The second Sentry in the meantime would be standing nearby aiming down the path the first Sentry came from. Also timed to this setup was the WG, at the spot where a pursuing unit was likely going to stop the WG was ordered to fire 2 implosions.


Turn 14

Results: The plan worked perfectly, with Alias's Commander following its pursue order precisely and stopped at exactly the right point. The Warp Gunner critically injured the Commander while the Sentries pinpricked him to death. The Commander did manage to get off a shot that burned through the bait Sentry's energy and injured his hp directly. With the death of the Commander, I took the lead in score 5:4.

Far to the north Alias continued to burrow into the buildings with long-range fire and now the bottom Regenerator in the building was visible to the Marines.

Click picture for movie. 458 kb.


Technical Explanation of the ambush

The enemy Commander was following a pursue order when the Sentry dodged south causing it to lose sight of it.  As per its pursue orders, the Commander then ran forward until it regained sight of the Sentry, which had by then run back up. The other Sentry in the meantime was firing at the pursuing Commander. When the first Sentry reappeared the Commander stopped to aim and shoot at it. The Sentry itself was told to remain standing there as bait to make sure the Commander stayed right where the implosions would go off instead of chasing it again. This whole planned ambush hinged on the Commander being given a pursue order and following it to the letter. If the Warp Gunner missed... well you can see how effective the Sentries are without support in the movie.

Don't understand? Watch the movie its easier. =)

Plan: The 2 combat weary Sentries headed north to recharge as did the supporting WG which also needed energy. The WG/Psyker combo moved to take over the WG's area of responsibility in case any enemies appeared with a scouting Sentry in front for spotting/protection.


Turns 15 - 18

Results: The units needed recharging headed north but its a long trip and the Sentries were still on their way there. The Sentry scouting the center-right building found no Marine units inside and probed further westward. The southern Regen in the center-right building was also destroyed by long-range fire bringing the score to 5:5.

Plan: The scouting Sentry along with another recharged one, will continue to probe west while the WG/Psyker followed a safe distance behind ready to attack any targets sighted by the scouts.


Turns 19 - 22

Results: The scouts for the WG/Psyker spotted some of Alias's units retreating south along the western edge to reload and enemy Grunts scouting my Sentry's building. The WG/Psyker missed 1 Grunt but on a subsequent turn froze and killed another Grunt giving me a 6:5 lead.

During the last turn I could see Alias's troops charging along the north edge of the map toward my base. With my WG/Psyker short of energy and far out of position it was a deadly threat. Alias after seeing my WG/Psyker combo to the west, had apparently decided against reloading and instead was bum-rushing my base while half of my remaining army was away.

Plan: I ordered my WG/Psyker team to quickly retreat back to where it could cover my base. The 2 Sentries from down south had recharged by now and were ordered to corner dance in front of the Marine units mainly to stall the enemy advance. The lone WG had also recharged by now and run forward, but I had a plan to conceal my top Regenerator. With no units running in or out of the room it was in, Alias wasn't likely to suspect there was anything inside. I told my lone WG to take the long way to reach the back room to conceal the existence of the Regenerator.


Turn 23

Results: All units moved to their assigned positions, with my forward WG firing a speculative implosion along the Marines suspected approach route. Alias's Grenadier also launched grenades at positions he thought I would fire from while a Commander ran through the building, probably hoping to arrive before my defenses could form against the new threat.

Alias also had a second group digging for my Regenerators and after seeing many units running to and from the far-right location, burned down the terrain until he could see my eastern-most Regenerator.

Plan: The Commander inside my base area was a serious threat to my base and needed to be neutralized. Only my expensive units stood a decent chance of killing or disabling it though since my Sentries' attacks are laughable in close combat. I had to use my WG/Psyker pair to disable the threat, but they both had 9 energy left, only enough for 3 shots apiece. The only way I could recharge my units was to run past the Commander to the Regenerators, but that would be an almost guaranteed death. In addition, the 2 Sentries closest to the Commander were almost out of energy as well.

I decided to use my WG/Psyker combo on the trespassing Commander while running my low-energy Sentries away. The lone WG hiding in the backroom placed 2 implosions on a Commander and Sniper that were about to snipe at my eastern Regenerator. The remaining Sentries were ordered to disrupt the Marine assault and keep them away from my valuable units.


Turn 24

Results: Success! The Psyker hit the Commander dead on, therefore ensuring that the following Warp Gunner implosions would land on their target. The other Warp Gunner also had an unexpected success as both the Sniper and Commander to the west remained stationary, absorbing the full impact of the implosions there. Snipers aren't built to take damage and this one was no exception. Both a Commander and a Sniper were killed this round giving me a 11:6 lead.

On the other hand the Sniper and Commander both were firing shots toward my exposed Regenerator and whether by accident or intent, one my retreating Sentries took a shot and blew apart in the icky way Greys die. Alias's Grenadier also slipped into my base and fired several grenades at the exposed Regenerator, pretty much guaranteeing its destruction.

Plan: Running the test orders I could see that my exposed Regenerator was dead. Two grenades were bouncing on their way and would destroy it soon, but with a hop, skip and a diving leap one of my Sentries could teleport to the backroom. Even with the significant point lead I had right now, the situation was still critical. Half my troops had barely any energy and couldn't safely run to my last Regenerator to recharge. With their energy this low, practically any of Alias's units could kill my valuable troops.

My first priority of course was to kill the Grenadier in my base. That little fellow could discover my hidden backroom or could drop an unlucky grenade which would do a lot of damage to my low energy troops. I had the Psyker attack him while bracketing his position on one side with the last of my southern WG's energy while the hidden WG covered the other end. The implosions were placed close enough to kill the Grenadier if he stayed in place or was psyked, but also would hit him if he ran. Also coming down was my Sentry outside the backroom on a "kill or die trying mission".


Turn 25

Results: The psyke successfully went off and ensuring that both bracketing implosions would blow the Grenadier down. Visible in the west however was the formation of a Commedic team near the top and charging Grunts and Medics further down south. The killing of the Grenadier and my Regenerator made the score 13:7.


Tactic Box 5


Commedic team is a unit combo popularized by Crank in his Grenadier Bible. This team is composed of a Commander and a Medic. A Commander is a big imposing SOB with heavy firepower and strong armor. A Commander teamed up with a Medic who is healing him constantly (1 hp/2 sec when standing still) is potentially an extremely dangerous threat. Especially against units that do little damage at a time.


Commander's Log

260 Seconds: Enemy Casualties mounting.

We have done heavy damage to our enemies but they are rapidly closing in on our position. The men don't know what to do, but I do. I needed to give them a speech.

I told them about the valiant old days when our forefathers probed many an Urther with vigor and delight. We must carry on the traditions passed down to us so that they would not be forgotten. We must do what we can for victory.

They understood my message, priming their weapons and readying to move. Next turn we go. For Victory!


Turn 26

Results: The Sentries moved out and laid down suppressive fire searching for enemies while my northern WG, lacking targets, began firing speculatively in its hunt for Marines. Out of the darkness of the base however marched a precision shooting death machine. Two deadly shots from >17 meters away by one of Alias's Medics disintegrated my energy-less Warp Gunner from my WG/Psyker group. The score was now 13:10.



Commander's Log

270 Seconds: Friendly losses.

I'm proud to say the troops understood my orders perfectly. I don't think my men or I have ever run so fast in our lives. 

In the backroom the trapped Warp Gunner and Sentry are pretending to be furniture while the Sentry aims his gun at the door.

Like our forefathers before us, whenever the going gets tough, its time to get into the spaceship and fly far away. One of the Warp Gunners was hit and went down but he should've run faster.

We've only got to run and hide a few more moments until the retrieval ship arrives to pick us up. To victory! Technically at least. Oops, got to run. They're coming.

Plan: Read above.


Turns 27 - 30

Results: My mostly energy-less outside soldiers continued their flight from combat heading south but Alias's deadly units could not be denied. The combination of sniper-accurate Medics and Grunts took out an additional 2 Sentries, before the others could seek shelter in nearby buildings. Alias's troops continued their pursuit for several turns but to no avail.

In the meantime, the Warp Gunner and Sentry crouched in the backroom waiting, for at any moment a Marine could come through the door and try to kill them. Especially a Terminator-class Commander. Hidden in the backroom was 5 fp worth of units, more than enough for Alias to win the game. Luck was with them though as the deception held and Alias bypassed the room in pursuit of the fleeing troops.


Game Over

Final Score 13:12

gg Alias.




Link to my other reports if you are extremely bored is here.


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