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Writing History: part 1
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Date: 08/06/04 02:08
Game Type: Other
Labels:Image Heavy(1), Famous Reporter(1), Civilization(1), Long(1), Tutorial(1), Series(1)
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Wiring History: part1

This is a Civilization III report. It is best viewed at 1024x768 resolution. I have a few words to say before I send you off to read. Please select the appropriate group for yourself (or skip to the bottom and click on the report link):

-If you are a rater, this report is almost 20,000 words...sorry.

-If you are a broadband user, enjoy.

-If you are a modem user, lol? NOTE: screaming "halp" will not help.

-If you are .Praetor, man, honestly, how could you?

-If you have read .Praetors Civ3 report, what do you think, how could he?

-If you haven't read .Praetor's Civ3, go read it!..right after you finish this.

-If you are Johnny_Vegas, I hope you do not mind my creating a report status page (you'll see)'s only 1 KB.

-If you came here from civfanatics, welcome to

-If you were looking for a BW report, get a few drink, you won't be able to tell the difference.

-If you were looking for a War3 report, what were you thinking?

-If you are Zerg~Ling...woo woo CSS!

-If you don't know CSS, go bug Zerg~Ling, he will help you.

-If you are under 5 ft. tall and are over 21, well, at least you can drink legally.

-If you are wondering why I am writing this, blame the above-mentioned Johnny_Vegas and the minimum report length rule.

-If you are wondering how my jokes can be this bad, well, you aren't the only one.

-If you know why my jokes are this bad, please contact me and let me know

-If you have no sense of humor, you can probably get one on ebay. I mean, I did see a guy there buy a can of Canadian air for over 30 dollars.

-If you are the guy who bought said can of air, take it back to Canada and set the air free.

-If you think I am lying about the can of Canadian air, I am not lying.

If you want to just read the report, click HERE. Maaan!

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