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"wtf i should get hit by a fucking truck"
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The "I Wish Alt Text Would Die" Report
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Date: 06/23/04 10:06
Game Type: Starcraft
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Kaka vs Leg Game 2

Hello again, and welcome to game two between Fk.Kakarotto and Legionnaire. If you missed game 1 I suggest you read it now. This second game took place on a somewhat underused, but good, map named namja iyagi.

Namja Iyagi contains 4 starting positions, located in the corners on high ground with a ramp. Behind each main is a mineral only expansion, which must be flyed to. To even things out, there is a deposit of 8 minerals where a cc/hatch/nexus would normally go so no one can expand there until they have a transport. Down the ramp from the main there is a natural, with two ramps leading out of it, one to the middle and the other to the mineral only on that particular side of the map, located at 12 and 6. The middle is on high ground, making a tank push very effective. At 3 and 9 there is another mineral and gas expansion, these are both islands with high ground around them. And, if that wasn't a good enough description for's a visual.

In this game, both players apparently pick random. Kakarotto morphs his brown hatchery at the top right position, while Legionnaire morphs his own hatchery, this one with a blue tinge, at the bottom right position. The players went with different paths from almost the very beginning.


  1. Sends overlord to scout bottom right
  2. Finds Legionnaire, and sends a drone to his base
  3. 12 hatchery
  4. 13 pool


  1. Sends overlord to scout bottom left
  2. 10 pool
  3. 11 extractor
  4. Sends his second overlord to top right after spotting the overlord coming to his base
  5. Sends drone to Kaka's base

As you can see, Legionnaire has taken a much more aggressive approach than has Kakarotto. Going for hard speed zerglings to try to overwhelm, before he even has any recon of the opposing base. He's not really in the dark, however, considering Kaka is just now discovering his opponent's race and would be expected to do a safe 12 hatch/11 pool/10 extractor build.

Kakarotto, also has not gone a standard build. Instead of 12hatch/11pool/10extractor he's gone 12 hatch/13 pool with an extractor later, powering economy. I think he would have massed drones even more, and delayed his pool until 14 or even 15, had he not seen his opponent's aggressive stance.

In a case such as this, there are typically four possible outcomes. First, the aggressor may just run over the conserveative player, and win. Second, the aggressor may be able to remove most of the drones or one hatchery and force the other player into a very tough situation, though not outrightly winning. Third, the conserveative player may lose about half of his drones, leaving both players roughly equal in economy. Lastly, and this is very very rare in a situation like this, the aggressor may be repulsed while only killing a few, a quarter at the most, of the drones. This would leave the aggressor in a poor position, since the conservative player now has an advantage in economy, because of powering early drones, and troop production, thanks to the additional hatchery.

Kaka's drone arrives in Leg's base and is quickly placed out of sight. Back home, he puts up an extractor.

Leg accumulates 100 gas and begins zergling speed, as well as queuing up 6 lings. He also hides his drone on the opponent's plateau. Once the zerglings complete, he starts 2 more, and sends the newly hatched ones to Kaka's main. After he raises his gas reserves to 150, he takes off 2 drones and place them on mineral mining duty. He also morphs another hatchery.

Following the moving out of the lings, Kaka's drone comes in and morphs a creep colony at the edge of the creep. It finishes, and he begins to morph in into a sunken, but the 2 attacking lings force him to cancel.

The drone hidden in Kaka's main now moves onto the creep, with 8 zerglings now almost reached the bottom of the ramp, and begins a colony. The lings arrive and begin attacking one of the drones, but Kaka runs them, first to the far side of the mineral line, then to the ramp. He also begins morphing 4 eggs worth of zerglings (his hatchery and pool had both finished morphing about the time the lings came up the ramp). Leg attacks one of the eggs with his own lings and begins morphing his creep colony into a sunken.

The six freshly hatched zerglings quickly dispatch 4 of the attackers, who circle around to attack the drones, which are pelting away on the morphing sunken. As the lings come around, Kaka returns his drones to mining and attacks the now finishing sunken with his 7 remaining zerglings.

Leg's lings, who had been chasing the drones, turn back to the brown zerglings at the same time, in either a case of the best of timing or the most fortuitous of coincidences, his speed upgraded kicked it. The four speedlings pounce on their brethren and, though the sunken fell, they killed them without a single loss.

Two more speedlings arrive to reinforce the 4 remaining from the assault and together they begin harassing the peon line. Having to use his drones to help has left Kaka very short on resources and he's only able to morph 4 zerglings to aid. He does not cancel his speed upgrade for his lings, I suppose believing either that his micro will be good enough with what he has, or, that the extra forces would be less useful in the long run. Again, the drones pile into the right side of the minerals, where two recently hatched zerglings also are sent.

Leg retreats his lings and comes around from underneath the hatcheries. Kaka returns his drones to mining, though he knows they won't get long. The six blue zerglings run into the mineral line, but run away from the two defenders, attempting to draw them out. The brown lings give chase, and attack when their opponents turn their attention to a morphing egg. The assaulting zerglings turn back on the defenders, though, who quickly return to the relative safety of the mineral line.

Leg's lings return to attacking the nearly formed egg. I assume that Kaka had rally pointed his hatcheries into the mineral line, though I can't be sure. I say this because the morphing egg now hatches, and both lings run behind the hatchery at the same time as two drones are being brought from the right side of the mineral line. The six remaining blue speedlings now face 4 brown zerglings and 2 flanking drones.

As the lings scramble to get behind the hatchery at the opposing 4, the drones come from behind. At this point Kaka sends his lings in to combat. Leg kills one of the drones before losing one of his lings, then he decides to do a little dancing, which suits Kaka just fine. Kaka has 3 more eggs worth of zerglings producing and all his drones are back to mining.

Legionnaire, however, is proving why he gets paid to play, and has kept up production at home. He has raised his number of mineral mining drones to 14, with 3 on gas, and a lair morphing with a second hatchery near completion.

Back at brown's base, the blue forces dart into the peon line again, trading a zergling a piece before pulling back out. He then runs around, and down the ramp, only to return and score a drone kill before his last lings are finally eliminated.

All in all, Legionnaire's harassment put him ahead economically, put not overwhelmingly so. Especially considering Kakarotto had proven that his micro was superior to Legionnaire's, meaning Legionnaire would need to be ahead in resources to win, as economic parity goes the direction of the one with better micro.

With the immediate threat eliminated and a momentary respite, Kaka sees that he has 6 drones on minerals, 3 on gas, 1 morphing, and a standing army of 11 lings. He also sees that his opponent has been powering drones during the previous battle. Senseing a possibility for retribution, Kaka sends his forces to the opposing main.

Ah, but we all know that the staple of Zerg vs Zerg battles are the overlords. Just as the brown overlords informed their cerebrate of the shortage of defenses for blue, Legionnaire's own spy sent home word of the movement of the lings. In preparation, a total of 8 zerglings were morphed. As Kaka's forces reached the ramp, Leg sent 4 of his own to the now undefended enemy main. Being at his supply limit, knowing no lings could be formed quickly enough, and knowing he was already far behind Kaka returns his forces home.

Leg takes advantage to solidify his position, building a sunken beside his lair, producing another overlord, and moving his 7 zerglings to the left side of his main, to swarm any would be attackers between themselves and the sunken. He also builds a spire behind the sunken, on top of the minerals.

The lings arrive at Kaka's main, but only manage to force the drones to bunch up again before being repulsed and losing one of their number. They then turn tail and run to the 12 min only position.

Kaka's lair finishes, though he's still powering drones and lings so he can't currently afford a spire. He assembles his lings at his ramp, and moves his overlord a little farther into Leg's base, to see what's going on.

What the bloated gas sack sees, and relates to his master, is a morphing spire and creep colony. There is also a 8 drone mineral line with 2 overlords recently hatched, meaning there will be no problems with supply when the spire completes.

Seeing this, Kaka begins his own spire, roughly 300 hp behind his opponent's. He also begins his overlord on the slow trek out of Leg's base. The last thing he needs now is supply problems. He also begins another overlord, an evolution chamber,a creep colony, and sends all 17 of his speedlings at Leg. Unfortunately, there will only be one of his three overlords in range of the spore when Leg's spire finishes.

Speaking of which, spires that is, a blue one has just finished at the bottom right base. Upon completetion, 2 mutas are called up, along with a pair of scourge and a second sunken colony. The sunken of course is created because 17 brown speedlings have just worked their way on to the plateau and are seperating into an attack formation. They move down the left side of the plateau, but once they see the 12 defending lings surround the morphing sunken, they quickly and quietly make their way down the ramp.

Kaka regroups his zerglings in Leg's natural, but they only get a momentary respite, as they see 2 scourge fly overhead. They are immediately recalled home where the spire is nearing completion and the spore is a third of the way done.

Leg has sent an attack force consisting of 2 mutalisks and 4 scourge to the brown main. He sends the mutas in slightly ahead, to take the fire of the spore, while the 4 scourge plow into the 2 overlords huddling over the colony, destroying them. He then brings his mutas around the left side of the peon line, and kills a lone mining drone before coming into range of the spore again. Having caused grave supply problems for Kaka, and seeing a completed spire with eggs morhping, Leg retreats his forces.

The 2 retreating blue mutas are chased by 3 brown scourge, who retreat after following all the way into enemy territory. 2 of 3 other newly hatched brown scourge kill the overlord who had been scouting for Leg. Seeing that the defending mutas were out of position to help the 2 overlords watching over Leg's ramp, Kaka sends in 4 of his scourge to eliminate the bloated sacks.

Both sides have taken hard hits to supply levels. Kaka lost 2 overlords and now resides at 24/26 since a new overlord has just hatched, with another on the way. He is also researching the melee attack upgrade, seeking to combat his opponent with mainly ground attacks with scourge escort, based on his poor economic positioning. All of his lings are positioned near his ramp, prepared to go to battle.

Leg sits at a very displeasing 33/10 with his last remaining overlord all the way across the map at the top left position. He now begins the morphing of 3 new overlords as well as building an evolution chamber, and beginning to upgrade his aerial weapons. His lings are sent to 12, in hopes to catch Kaka's main undefended if he should launch an attack.

Kaka sets his 2 overlords that had been checking on blue to keep an eye on the bottom left start position, and the 6 min only expansion. He also sends a zergling to check on what's going on in Leg's base.

Speedy Gon Zergling only gets about halfway when a control ground of hostile speedlings ascend Kaka's ramp. Most of them are cornered and attacked on their way up, but they make a beeline for the peon line, losing one of their number on the ramp and 3 more making their way to the drones. They are only able to get in a couple of hits on random workers before they're forced to retreat.

The remaining 7 split up, with 3 brownies giving chase. Once they get up the ramp into the middle area, 3 proceed on to their main, while 4 others break off and head back to 12. Kaka's lings return to their natural.

What about Speedy, you ask? He has taken up shop in Leg's natural, thinking about how dumb people are who confuse his kind for rats, no matter how similar they look. He sees his 3 brethren, turned enemies come towards him, he moves a little ways, hoping to stay out of sight. They go up the ramp into the opposing main and Speedy is happy, it looks like he'll be able to get to see the next time forces move out. Unfortunately, the 3 lings turn around and come back down the ramp. Does speedy run? No, he fights, and takes one of them with him as he goes. Speedy Gon Zergling...a man among rodent-like critters.

Kaka now knows, thanks to Speedy and the ever watchful overlords, that Leg has not expanded. He also knows that he has ground superiority with over 2 control grounds of speedlings, as well as a pair of mutas, and 8 scourge. With this, he decides it's time to take over the game and begins morphing a hatchery at his natural. Beforehand, he moved many of his lings to the top of the ramp to 12, and saw nothing. So now he moves his lings to the bottom of the ramp from the middle, and begins sending out lings of his own to scout.

Remember those 4 lings Leg had left at 12? Well, 2 of them run into Kaka's natural to see what's going on and, seeing a budding expansion, run up the ramp, with 2 brown lings on their heels. They manage to not only bring the majority of the brown force in to the base, but also to kill a drone. The other 2 stayed at 12, where they have been spotted by one of Kaka's scouts, who they easily dispatch.

The blue overlord that had been stationed over the top left starting position had seen no activity there for the entire game, therefore Leg decided he needed to expand there. The drone was nearing the middle of the map when the last 2 lings at 12 killed of their opponent. They then headed for the soon to be expansion, and located and killed a zergling sitting just below the ramp.

Kaka shows why recon is key now, when a pair of speedlings placed near the top of Leg's natural ramp see 9 mutas and 4 scourge come out and settle into the mid. Seeing such a large aerial force means there shouldn't be too much on the ground in his opponent's base, and he knows he can't combat them in the open, so he sends almost all his forces to attack.

The blue mutas come up and begin attacking the morphing hatchery at Kaka's natural. Knowing he has no hope of saving it, and that losing it would probably cost him the game now, he cancels it and moves all his air force, which consists of 2 mutas and 8 scourge, with more morphing, to his main.

While he braces for an attack on his main, he also sends almost all of his lings at Leg. His attack force of 22 speedlings crashes hard into the defense of 6 speedlings and 2 sunken colonies. Once the defending lings die, which obviously didn't take long, the mining drones move to surround the nearest sunken, impeading the attacking lings and getting in extra shots both from the sunken and from the drones themselves.

Showing why these players are among the top in the world, while this very bloody and micro-intensive battle is taking place at Leg's main, there is another bloody and micro-intensive battle going on at Kaka's main. After killing the drone formed from the canceled hatchery, Leg's mutas continued on to the brown main, where they were instantly attacked by a spore colony and 2 defending mutas. The four blue scourge quickly removed the mutas and the remaining attackers focus fired on the spore. At about this time, Kaka's scourge arrive. The 8 of them come in and quickly eliminate 3 of the attackers.

Having suffered quite a few losses and seeing that blue defenses were stronger than expected, Kaka withdraws his ling forces, just as 6 more lings are hatching out. He did manage to get several enemy lings, and, more importantly, some of the mining drones.

Back at home, Kaka's spore colony finally falls, but 2 more scourge hatch and take out another muta, bringing the remaining total to 5. With the spore gone, the mutas begin attacking the lings who had hatched when the batle began. Then, Leg turns his attention to the mining drones, killing 1 and badly damaging quite a few others before they run off to the ramp, leaving 1 still on gas. He is promptly pelted with whatever it is mutas spit and dies. The rampaging mutas then turn their attention on the lair. Six more scourge hatch, and quickly remove 3 more mutas, leaving only 2 though both are unhurt. After 2 more scourge hatch, the remaining mutas run back home.

During the assault, both players upgrades had hit. Kaka's had come in after he retreated from his attack, and Leg's had taken place after the spore colony fell. I have to say, considering the economy of both sides, and the troop production capability, Kaka's +1 melee attack upgrade is more useful than the +1 aerial attack upgrade of Leg's.

The blue mutas are racing home to find a fairly large amount of upgraded brown speedlings tearing into drones. The attackers, who have already removed the nearest sunken, then proceed to lay waste to quite a few of the drones, who then attempt to return to mining. The zerglings follow, and get a few more before being engaged by enemy zerglings and the remaining sunken.

Kaka tries bringing his forces around and hitting the evolution chamber, but finds it useless after the defending lings find them. He then promptly retreats his remaining 5 speedlings.

Kaka is now ahead in momentum and economy after the last assault. He managed to simultaneously stop an assault on himself with minimal losses as well as removing the majority of Leg's forces and kill of a good porportion of his mining staff, roughly an eighth of mining drones died in the assault, and no minerals were gathered during the time. Though Kaka still has a standing force of lings with a few scourge for support, he's far from complete victory. And, if you consider that there is a blue expansion that's now beginning mining in the top left, he's close to falling behind yet again. If he doesn't find it before it's defenses are established, he will be hard pressed to win this game.

With momentum and power on his side, Kaka rebuilds his spore colony, sends a ling to check top left, and another to check bottom left (he's had an overlord there all game, but there's always the natural, as well as sending his lings to the middle. This puts him in good shape for staving off land attacks, stopping expansion attempts, and killing off new expansions.

Just as his last lings arrive in the mid, his scout in the top left discovers a hatchery with 3 drones and 2 morphing eggs...sounds like a meal for some poor zerglings. The scouting ling kills off 2 of the mining drones before falling to the last as the morphing drones hatch. One builds a colony in between the hatchery and the geyser, while the other 2 begin mining again.

Just as things are beginning to look up for Leg, 9 zerglings appear. As you might expect, these are not reinforcements, but instead a wrecking crew, or perhaps killing crew is more appropriate. They tear through the semi-formed expansion, colony first. While they attack the hatchery a pair of lings hatch and manage to tag 3 attackers before kicking the bucket.

All told Leg lost about 825 minerals in the exchange. 300 for the hatchery, another 300 for the drones, 75 for the creep colony, and 150 for the 6 zerglings. Kaka lost a total of 5 zerglings, or 125 minerals.

With this accomplishment under his belt, Kaka now begins another hatchery at his natural, knowing victory is now in his grasp. He also uses his 4 scourge to watch for troop movements at blue, begins aerial armor upgrade, and brings his lings into the opposing natural.

Having accumulated his forces, he moves them onto blue's plateau and moves in. 20 lings attack with 4 scourge waiting to assist if needed. 2 recently morphed mutas begin raining death down on the lings as they remove one of the sunkens. At the same time, the 4 scourge come in from the left side, and get 1 of the mutas.

While the scourge come in some of the lings go and attack the other, more well defended sunken, as they do the drones turn and help clean them up. As they do, the other lings succeed in killing off the spore colony. More scourge come in and take out another muta as the lings turn and take out a drone and the last sunken, though the last of them dies almost at the same time. With the spore gone, more scourge come in and take out an overlord and 2 mutas. After the assault, Leg is left with 1 very badly damaged muta and drones.

As Kaka's expansion hatchery finishes, he sends 4 more scourge in and takes out another overlord and the last muta in Leg's base.

Leg begins 2 more mutas and 2 new creep colonies. After losing his last muta, he morphs his colony beside his hatch into a sunken, expecting another assault. Kaka does send in 5 lings, but runs them after losing one to the 2 defending mutas. After his second creep colony finishes, he morphs it into a spore.

At his own natural, Kaka sets up 2 colonies of his own, one morphing into a spore then other into a sunken. He also sends 11 more zerglings to Leg's main. Again, they are engaged by mutas, 3 of them this time, but 2 scourge come in and take one out before the lings run off again.

After scourge come to reinforce, the lings return to their attack. They surge in and immediately kill off the 4 defending lings then head for the spore, killing it just before the last of them fall. Thanks to good micro by Leg, 4 scourge were killed by the spore without any mutas taking damage.

After this, Leg takes his 5 mutas out to do some damage. They run into 4 scourge on their way out, but manage to lose only one of their number thanks to focus fire. He also puts down another creep colony so he can replace his spore colony.

The mutas fly up the middle of the map, and encounter Kaka's expansion. The awaiting spore fires on them and they retreat to get a shot at the drones. As they do, 8 scourge come in and take out 3 of the mutas.

After this, Leg concedes the game.

The Section Where I Tell You What You Already Learned From This Game

  • Zerg vs Zerg matchups involve a lot of blood.
  • They also involve very little expansions, until you have forced a big advantage.
  • Kakarotto is damn good at this game, very few people would have survived the first attack, much less end up winning this one.

I'd also like to say a few things about what some people believe about the ZvZ mathcup.

  1. "ZergvZerg is all luck"
    That's crap, it's no more luck than any other matchup.
  2. "Whoever gets to spire first, wins"
    Well, generally this is true. But, this game, and many I've played, involve the player who got spire first losing.
  3. "ZergvZerg is all micro"
    Definitely. It's very difficult to purely out macro your opponent in this matchup, which means whoever makes the most out of what he has will have the chance to expand or tech, and eventually win.

Thanks for your time, and please leave a comment.
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