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Date: 06/21/04 02:06
Game Type: Warcraft 3
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Report Rating: 8.5, # of Ratings: 2, Max: 9, Min: 8
Lifetime Rating for Blarg: 8.2105

    I was idling in somebody's clan channel and 3 or 4 people were talking about having a 1v1 on Plunder Isle. Everyone was really bored and asking for obs. Eventually somone created a game but so many referees joined that there were no slots left for the people who were actually supposed to play each other. Two of the obs said screw it and chose teams and the battle began. MiRRoRMeMRoRRiM went random, getting pink Orcs at 12:00. Kreel chose red Night Elves at 6:00.
    Mirror had an interesting strategy to begin. He built a War Mill one minute into the game and fortified his Great Hall with five Towers and a few Burrows. He also chose the Blademaster for his first hero, obviously planning to fast tech and harrass. Kreel went for one Ancient of War and a fairly early Hunter's Hall and started pumping Archers while creeping with a Warden.
    As expected around 3 minutes in, Mirror's Blademaster windwalked right past Kreel's small creeping party and started attacking lumber Wisps in the red main, killing several before Kreel could chase him off. One Wisp detonaded and the Warden landed a shadow strike but neither of these were enough to keep the Blademaster from windwalking out.

    While Kreel went back to creeping, Mirror's Blademaster was on a shopping trip. At the Voodoo Lounge, he bought a clarity potion (which he used) and healing salve, then walked past the Ogre Lord and Maulers to the Goblin Merchant. There, he sold his town portal scroll and bought boots of speed, a staff of teleportation (both of which would become very useful later on) and also a circlet of nobility. Kreel was busy with the Ogre Mage and Warriors at the southern natural when Mirror's Blademaster returned. However, this time the Night Elf player was more prepared. He microed several wisps away from the Blademaster whle running back to base. Mirror tried to windwalk away again but Kreel used the dust of appearance and revealed the Blademaster, forcing him to use the teleport staff.

    Mirror got his stronghold at about the same time and immediately started a Fortress upgrade and two Bestiaries, gearing up for Batrider tech while Kreel was still running around with the same boring Arch/Huntress party. :) The constant harrassment might have distracted Kreel a little from macroing, as he was really starting to let the gold build up. However, Kreel had experience on his side. Due to the fact that he had actually been out creeping all this time while Mirror had only killed Wisps, his Warden had reached level 3 while the Blademaster was still stuck at 1.
    On Mirror's third harrassment mission, he attacked Kreel's Ancient of Wonders and killed it (!) before assaulting the Wisps again. Kreel's party ran back to the main (why he didn't town portal I dunno, he was all the way across the map) and the Blademaster fled without even bothering to windwalk.

    Kreel decided to do something with all that gold lying around and started upgrading his Archers. He also built a second Ancient of War and two partially hidden Ancients of Wind in the back of his main and near the Murloc camp. Finally, he began training a Priestess of the Moon. Meanwhile, Mirror was training a ton of Raiders. Night Elves are generally weak against siege and if Mirror could pull off even one decent Raider attack, it would probably be over for Kreel.
    Mirror's Blademaster ventured into the red main for a fourth time (what, you thought he was actually going to stop harrassing?) and beat the living snot out of Kreel's new priestess, landing windwalk damage and a series of critical hits that defied probability. Fortunately for Kreel, night fell just then so the Priestess was able to hide with about 200hp remaining and... yeah you guessed it, Kreel's warden showed up and the Blademaster teleported out. This actually happened two or three times again in the next few minutes but I won't bore you with the details anymore. :P

    Kreel decided it was finally time to move and his heroes appeared at the edge of Mirror's main with a control group of Hippogyph Riders of all things. (Now you know what he did with those Ancients of Wind.) With his Warden soaking up the damage, the Hippogryphs started focus firing a Watch Tower, getting it into the red. Unfortunately, Mirror had already seen the Hippos and had just enough time to train several Bat Riders. Three unstable concoctions in less than three seconds literally shredded half of Kreel's attacking force, turning the Hippogryph riders into a gross cloud of blood and feathers. The other half had already been ensnared and surrounded by Raiders. Kreel's Warden town portaled without destroying any buildings or units and all in all it was a pretty spectacular failure.
    Mirror didn't even send his Blademaster back to base to deal with the threat. During the battle, he was running all over the island looking for expansions and finding none.

    Kreel was surprisingly unruffled by the whole encounter. Back at the red main he still had six Riders, a few Archers, and a Huntress. Pouring all his remaining capital into the Wind Ancients he trained about half a dozen Druids of the Talon while Mirror hightailed it toward 6:00 to strike the killing blow. But things didn't quite go as planned. The objective of a Raider attack is usually to rush in, destroy a few buildings, and run away. But Kreel's army met Mirror's Raider brigade outside the red main, and the Raiders had to fight as normal combat units. The Druids' cast faerie fire on every single Raider, bringing their 2/2 armor down to a flat zero. And the faerie-fired Raiders made nice targets for three Fields of Knives from the Warden. Kreel also used all three charges of a Wand of Illusions he had acquired from the creeps, and the Raiders wasted many seconds surrounding and killing illusory Wardens before finding the right one. While not spamming FoK, Kreel's Warden was stabbing the Blademaster in the back repeatedly while Mirror's supporting units were distracted. Mirror tried to windwalk the Blademaster but his hit points were too low and the lingering venom from the Warden's shadow strike killed him (finally).

    The remaining Raiders ran home in varying states of injury, leaving both bases undamaged and both armies severely depleted. Mirror didn't have any troop-producing buildings except for the Bestiaries and he trained a few extra Raiders, not losing hope in them yet apparently. Kreel started training huntresses, a unit he had hardly used until now, with both Ancients of War. Given that both gold mines were down to around 1500 by now, both players also expanded to their natural at the exact same time, making a cool pattern on the minimap. :)
    Kreel chose to immediately scout for his enemy's expansions however, while Mirror's entire army was waiting in base for the Blademaster to resurrect. The pink natural expansion was discovered very quickly and Mirror was forced to cancel it. Kreel also leveled his Warden to 5 off the nearby Gnoll camp.

    Mirror bought an orb of lightning and other goodies for his Blademaster and went chasing after the red army and the results were entertaining. First, every non-hero night elf unit was killed. Then Kreel's Warden took the Blademaster down from something like 400hp with FoK and shadow strike, making him die while windwalking a second time and causing a page worth of LOLz from the observers. Kreel's heroes ran like hell. Mirror kept ensnaring and encircling the Warden but Kreel repeatedly microed his way out of it. First, he hid the Warden with shadowmeld, making it appear as if she had cast blink, and then run away when the Raiders began to move. Mirror did the ensnare/encircle thing again but this time Kreel cast shadow strike on one of the Raiders, killing it, and ran the Warden through the empty space in the circle. A third ensnare/encircle had similar results except this time Kreel found the Raider with the fewest hp and killed it with a normal attack. Fortunately for Mirror still had more than enough Raiders to surround so the Warden finally died, to the applause of all.

    With the pink Raiders now being the only military units left standing, six or seven of them, Mirror could actually do something useful with them. He searched the southern natural, found Kreel's expansion, and destroyed it. Did you know that ensnared Wisps can't repair a treant? I didn't. :( Kreel's PotM counter-attacked the Raiders in the expansion for some bizarre reason, with uh... one Huntress and an Archer I think, but they all died in approximately 0.001 sec. so it doesn't really matter.

    Mirror scouted the southernmost gold mine and found nothing, correctly surmising that he had just taken out Kreel's only source of gold. Apparently he thought that the game was already over since he didn't bother to charge into the red main but ran his Raiders back to base to wait for the Blademaster to resurrect.
    Kreel had other plans though. He uprooted every treant in the main and started walking them north. I don't think anyone was really sure what he was trying to do- lose dramatically by attacking with the trees or something more interesting.
    Mirror's Blademaster and Raiders ran south to attack Kreels main, and then realized that Kreel's main was marching toward his. The two clashed very briefly but Mirror realized that half of his Raiders had little or no health left and Kreel still had faerie fire. He burned a town portal to get out of there, probably marking the first time a siege weapon ever had to flee from a building. Kreel did attack Mirror's main with the treants, but it didn't turn out as expected. They actually destroyed several buildings and all of Mirror's remaining units were killed. Furthermor, Kreel's Warden was now at level 6 and the Vengeance spell helped him considerably. The Blademaster died again to shadow strike and trueshot aura and Kreel's warden discovered a fledgeling expansion attempt in the southeast, unnecessarily casting field of knives on the peons. ^^ He didn't waste time destroying the great hall, but only left a wisp nearby to warn if Mirror tried to mine from there again.

    In total, two treants survived the tree-battle. One Ancient of War was getting beat on by Mirror's raiders and almost dead. But the Tree of Eternity crept slowly toward Mirror's natural expansion, out of his field of vision, and... entangled the gold mine! This might have been the most desperate game of TFT ever, but neither player would give up.
    Kreel's Warden ran up to save the Ancient of War and killed one of the Raiders. But the Blademaster showed up and gave chase. Remember those boots of speed that Mirror bought at the beginning of this game? They enabled the Blademaster to chase the Warden through the map, landing several critical hits and finally killing her near the defunct southern main, albeit with only 200hp left.
    Mirror also started mining from the southeast again. Kreel noticed it and tried to build an ancient protector next to the great hall with his patroling wisp, but the Blademaster got there first and killed it, saving enough income to train still more Raiders back home. He also went on a perfunctory expansion hunt but didn't check his own natural, which is a shame because that's where the enemy was.

    In fact, Kreel was raking in the gold from his newly entangled mine. He revived both heroes and an Ancient of Wonder and an Ancient of War, which went to work producing (drumroll) Mountain Giants. He also tried to expand to the northwest but Mirror found it during his search and bladestormed the Tree of life to death before it could even start entangling the mine. A Wisp sneaking into the southern natural after Mirror seached there had better success and started growing a tree. That's right- after losing his own main and regrouping in the enemy natural, Kreel was now taking a second expansion and out-mining his opponent. Meanwhile, the resurrected Warden and PotM ran back to Mirror's southeast expansion and razed it... with an Avatar of Vengeance (overkill is fun).
    In retaliation, Mirror ran down to Kreel's base with six Raiders and started destroying Moon Wells. After two or three of them went down, Kreel arrived with the heroes and avatar and chased away the orcs, killing several. The Blademaster actually managed to survive this time, however. Kreel tried to rebuild the Wells in Mirror's natural with everything else, but the un-creeped Ogres on the high ground woke up and came charging down to attack the buildings, resulting in a very amusing fight between the Ogres and the Giants.

    Mirror might have been able to afford one last expansion with his remaining capital, I'm not sure. But he chose to spend the money on units and items instead. His chosen units were two wyverns, which seemed kind of strange, but it could have been anything for all the difference it made. Kreel had been given too much time. The ragtag pink forces marched southward, saw three Giants with siege clubs and two heroes with levels 6/5 walking northward to meet them, turned tail and ran like hell back for the base.

    It was all over. Kreel's heroes and giants slaughtered the few units Mirror had left and laid waste to the rest of his base. GG! I know this wasn't a very "serious" battle and the players may have been less serious and chosen more unusual tactics than they would in a ladder game , but this report isn't about who is more skilled or even who won. It's just here because exciting things can happen when you stay in the game. Peace and warcraft to you all. God bless :)

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