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Footmen Frenzy Baby!
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Date: 06/18/04 03:06
Game Type: Warcraft 3
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Footmen Frenzy Baby


Boring Introduction

Hello and welcome to yet another Who'sGotLag.IDO battlereport.  It's summer again, which means I just woke up from my br writing hibernation period.  This battlereport will be about a game played on Footmen Frenzy v2.0.  That is to say this report is based on a UMS map for WarCraft III: The Frozen Throne.  You can skip down to the next paragraph since you will not care about what follows this sentence.  This is report number 14 for me (numerically), BUT in terms of completed reports, this is number 10.  You may ask where are the other reports and I would say incomplete or haven't started when I got bored/lazy/busy. (Yes, I keep recycling this.)

BTW. For those of you who have web browsers that can't display pictures with brackets or use Javascript, you're just outta luck.  This battlereport was designed for Internet Explorer 6.0.  Recommended minimum screen size: 800x600 pixels.



Footman Frenzy v2.0, the newbie guide

Ok, now you are sitting here probably going "wtf is Footman Frenzy" or "I know what Footmen Frenzy is".  If you are the former it would be in your best interest to keep read my wonderful Footmen Frenzy introduction if you plan on reading the rest of the report or read the beginner's article from the official site. If you just want to start the report itself, here is a handy hyperlink to speed you on your way to the report.


A note on fake versions

First off I must say though that FF is somewhat popular on WC3, like all UMS games there are many altered versions of it floating around.  I don't know whether these altered versions are actual improvements on the original or modified to favor a starting location or certain hero so I'll just base this report on the official version.  The official version of FF is available from a website hosted by the original author, HatoUP, at  The official version is called "Footmen Frenzy v2.0" while all the other versions are either old or modified versions of the original.  There are a couple of "fake" version of FF v2.0 available, but if one enters the game 2 differences are readily visible. The first is the appearance of the minimap in the waiting for players screen which was changed since version 1.9 as seen below.  The second sign is the load screen which someone left as the old version while simply changing the name.

The easiest way to tell whether the map is probably a fake is to simply look at the minimap in the game room. If there is a square in the middle with an "X", the map is probably real. If there is a circle in the middle its definitely a fake (or old version).

Real Version

Fake Version

Link to download the official version


The Short Version

As was stated in the introduction, Footmen Frenzy is a UMS map for WarCraft III The Frozen Throne.  The one and only goal in this UMS is to destroy your opponent's barracks.  Your barracks spawn troops and you can buy heroes, get better unit spawns, upgrades, and items depending on how much gold you obtain by killing your opponents units.

Enough! Get me to the report fool!


The Long Version

This introduction will go into much, much greater detail, so if you don't really care you should use the hyperlink above.


The Map

Players start the game in one of 4 starting locations in the four corners of the map, anyone else in your team also starts in your team location and is your partner.  Each player starts with a Barracks that the player must defend.  Each player is also given 2 towers which can be upgraded to combat variants. Units are spawned from the barracks at a constant rate, with unit upgrades purchasable from the barracks itself. When a player's barracks is destroyed (or they disconnect), all the player's units and heroes should die as well (Sometimes reincarnation activates and they become free experience to those that kill them).

Each team start (if there are players in that team) has 3 default shops: a Creep Shop, Personal Shop, and Altar of Legends. Inside a friendly base, units get a +3 Devotion aura and heroes can get increased healing near their own barracks. 

The central region of the map is a square with Armor Shops at the top and bottom and Weapons Shops on the left and right. Each shop typically only contains 1 of each item at a time, so if they are out you have to wait for the restock. The ArchVault in the center of the map contains the normal consumable items such as healing and mana potions, same of stones, replacement portals, etc. The ArchVault also acts like a Fountain of Mana replenishing all nearby units mana. Be aware of this because all spellcasting  heroes can be extremely deadly here.


Initial decision

Once the game has started (or actually before) you need to decide what you are going to do in the beginning. There are 3 main choices: (1) Get a regular hero, (2) Get more money so you can get a custom hero, or (3) Tech to a new race, a higher tier of Humans, or buy upgrades like mad. Most players should choose either choice 1 or 2, but when there are 3 players in a team one of the players generally should tech (usually expected to a ranged unit such as Night Elve Archers or Human Riflemen). 

Once the players have decided what they will do, they should move out to kill the enemy units, heroes, and eventually buildings to win the game.

Whatever happens remember this rule: The only way to win is to destroy the enemies barracks.

(1) Regular Hero

With a regular hero, a player can immediately begin killing enemy units and getting gold immediately. The units and heroes are not strong enough to win efficiently in another player's start so its best to fight in the middle. The added benefit of a regular hero is that your hero immediately starts earning experience from combat and will probably be better off than the custom heroes coming later on.

(2) Custom Heroes

Custom heroes are generally better I think than regular heroes, but they have a higher cost and take longer to become available. The random option however comes much earlier than the selected custom heroes though, so if you are planning on taking a random custom hero, be aware. Custom heroes are only available for a limited time near the beginning of the game, if you miss your chance then too bad for you.

There are several ways of getting the money needed for selected custom heroes, the easiest and most pathetic of which is to beg your partners for money. If you have some semblance of self-respect however, you will charge out with your tiny squad of Footmen and try to kill 1 enemy unit to get enough cash. Be aware though that if your enemies already have a hero at this point, they could kill much more of your troops and gain valuable cash and experience off your paltry squad.

(3) Tech

Teching when alone can be a foolish thing to do, but with a partner or two its definitely not a bad idea. There are 4 races available, the same as in normal War3, each with their own distinctive pros and cons. Every race can upgrade their attack damage and armor, with the upgrades traveling with any changes in race. However each race has their own distinctive upgrade which does not apply to any other race (If you upgrade the special race upgrade and then change to a new race, the upgrades no longer apply).

Please note that Footmen are considered a default race and do not have the human special ability.

  Human Orc Undead Night Elve
Pros Middle of the road in hitpoints and unit spawn rate. High attack damage and hitpoints Relatively high damage, fast attack rate and unit spawn rate All units are long-ranged.
Cons Low attack damage Low unit spawn rate Low hitpoints means they die quickly to spells Also have low hitpoints

Special Ability

Feedback: Takes away 1 mana and applies it back as damage Berserk: Gives faster attack rate but receives more damage Consume: Can eat the enemy corpses to regain hitpoints Shadowmeld: Can become invisible at night
Special Race Upgrade Additional hitpoints and attack rate Additional hitpoints and attack damage Faster attack and movement rate Longer weapons range

From "Tier 0" a tech to any race is possible, but from then on techs can only go horizontally or down (no moving back to a lower Tier). Listed below is the tech tree and costs (Mouseover for comments on some):

Tier Level


Cost to Upgrade
Human Orc Undead Night Elve
0 Footmen - - - Starting Unit
1 Riflemen Grunts Ghouls Archers 1050
2 Militia Troll Berserkers Crypt Fiends Huntresses 1200
3 Spellbreakers Raiders Skeletal Mages Dryads 1750
4 Knights Tauren Abominations Glaivethrowers 4000


Let's talk about heroes

Heroes are likely going to be the most important unit in your army with their spells and attacks contributing the most to the game. Picking the right hero for your choice can help, but teamwork with your partners (and other factions attacking each other) are usually more important.

When you do get a hero, there is the choice of picking the one you want or taking a random hero. Taking the random option gives you a random hero (with a chance of a secret hero) that also comes with 2 free items. One item is Jaood's Amulet of Power which increases the hitpoints and mana capacity of your hero and so is very valuable. The other item is Boots of Speed which can be useful for escaping dangerous situations. You may also sell these items if you wish for 225 gold I think if you need item space or gold.

When you do get your hero though, here are some general guidelines on what they can best be used for. Heroes can be separated into 3 general types though there are mixes of each depending on abilities: (1) Hero Killers, (2) Unit Killers, and (3) Support Heroes.

(1) Hero Killers

Hero Killers are the biggest, baddest units in the game. These units have the strongest attack damage, attack rate, and defensive abilities that turn other heroes into splattered piles on the floor. Some hero killers are not pure brute force but clever, with stunning abilities (such as Stormbolt), damaging abilities (like Death Coil) that make killing easier, or quick escape techniques (Wind Walk).  Hero Killers are not efficient at killing common enemy units, but their buffed up stats make it extremely easy except when facing large numbers of them.

Killing enemy heroes gives you a gold reward and experience which are very valuable. Removing enemy heroes also protects your own army from the damage the enemy would do AND MOST IMPORTANTLY prevents enemy heroes from getting experience and leveling. Once your Hero Killer is done with the enemy hero, it should be easy to get free gold and experience from the remaining units.

(2) Unit Killers

If Hero Killers are the bad boys of the game, Unit Killers are the cash machines.  Killing heroes does give you a cash bonus, but nothing is as profitable as killing a lot of your opponent's regular troops. Killing many enemy units also gives the heroes valuable experience which gains them levels and more powerful spells/abilities.

With the cash from killing plentiful enemy units, a Unit Killer could upgrade its army's attack damage and armor levels, increase race specific upgrades, tech to higher tiers, and/or buy powerful mercenaries and items to help it destroy the enemy.

(3) Support Heroes

While Hero and Unit Killers take the battle to the enemy and deal the damage themselves, Support Heroes rely on their regular army and partner's heroes and units to do the damage. A support hero greatly enhances other units allowing them to achieve what the hero alone has no chance of doing.

A Support Hero such as a tank like an Avalanche can wander through enemy bases absorbing heavy damage while its own slow attack rate would be ineffective at efficiently killing them.  Support Heroes can have powerful auras that enhance friendly units damage output or survivability, heal friendly units, or just generally be a nuisance to the enemy by neutralizing important units for short periods.

Click here for a hero summary spreadsheet


Let's go Shopping!

I won't go to far into the variety of items and mercenaries available for purchase but suffice to say they are plentiful available. Besides the expected potions and stones there are also weapons and armor items available.  Wands of Shockwave can give a powerful surprise attacks to units without Area of Effect spells. Items to increase the various attributes, orbs, and produce auras.

Whether you upgrade your army or buy items is your decision. Purchases should be made based on what is needed or most useful.

I love items and want to hear more about them


Finally some quick hints

1. Many battles involve more than 2 factions. Don't be the one caught in the middle.

2. Remember that the player who actually makes the kill gets the gold and experience. Doesn't matter if someone else did most of the damage.

3. Use the map terrain to your advantage. Remember that fighting in your own start gives your army a +3 in armor, your heroes get healed next to your Barracks, and that the ArchVault in the center of the map acts like a Fountain of Mana.

4. Teamwork is good, sharing money to buy 1 good item/upgrade is usually better than several crappy ones. A Paladin/Ravage/Undead counterparts can also keep friendly heroes alive in heavy combat.

5. I find that melee heroes with Agility as they're primary attribute are generally better than their Strength and Intelligence counterparts. Getting "Boots of Quel'thalas" not only gives +10 to attack damage, but it also increases the attack rate and armor of the hero. All valuable things in a melee hero.

6. Once enemy Unit Killer heroes reach around level 10 or so, ordinary Tier 0 and 1 units are liabilities rather than beneficial. High level Area of Effect spells can kill low-hitpoint units with one attack, giving your enemies easy gold and experience.  Basically to be worthwhile any unit should have more than 500 hitpoints to survive a single high level Area of Effect spell.

Situational stuff

7. A fast attacking Hero Killer with Ultimate Claws of Devestation and a Mask of Death is nearly impossible to kill without stunning it or using many, many high-damage units. If this is an Agility hero, it can give your enemies nightmares.

8. Towers may be "cheap" but they are so dang effective in large numbers with a meat shield in front.

9. Using invulnerable units such as Paladins/Spirit of Vengeance/Summoned Druids/etc. to kill an expensive Tower line is oh so fun.

10. If you have units that are barely alive in your base and will likely die soon, kill them yourself so your enemies don't benefit.

11. Killing the last player in a start location also destroys the player shops at that location too. Keeping them alive may be beneficial if you use them. 

12. Have fun





Pre-game setup in this paragraph, move on down if you don't care.  This game was played on June 11, 2004.  This BR will be written in the first person format with situational updates...  I myself am the most wonderful and brave MehPracticeSmrf and you will soon see why the color yellow is most apt for my army.


Footman Frenzy Baby!


This game started at full capacity with 12 players in the 4 teams. You should be able to group the players by start location as seen in the picture above.  At the very start of the game however, nydominic succumbed to the vagaries of the internet and disc-ed immediately leaving his team short a player.

At this point everyone started making their hero/tech choices and armies began moving into the center of the map.

Initial Choices

(Arranged according to placement on map)

Team Duo

Player Choice Description
TalkShowsOnMute Regular Hero Goblin Tinker
king-of-tim Regular Hero Tauren Chieftain



This team immediately chose Unit Killer heroes and set up camp in the center of the map.

Team Underscore

Player Choice Description
Thoughtless_One Tech Orc
Lady_SuN Custom Hero (Random) Falcon
MehPracticeSmrf Custom Hero (Random) Jaood

Due to the custom hero selection, the heroes for this team will be slightly delayed, but not by much due to the random option.  These heroes will also be faster and stronger than the non-random equivalents due to free items.

Team Dash

Player Choice Description
Tame-the-Beast Tech Orc
Halo-Blast Tech Orc
i-r-k Regular Hero Dark Ranger

Team Dash opted for 2 players to tech to Orc and upgrade their special race abilities while the third partner got a hero. With only 1 hero collecting experience it was going to level very quickly. 

Team NoSpaces

Player Choice Description
nick12 Custom Hero Death Sheep
SynysterGates Regular Hero Demon Hunter
HellsDemon Regular Hero (Random) Priestess of the Moon

This team opted for heroes for all members. This will slow down their leveling rate, but they'll have a lot of spells available.


Get me some $$$ baby!

As was said earlier, Team Duo quickly picked their heroes and camped with their army in the center.  nick12 wanting some cash for his upcoming custom hero unwisely chose to go head to head not just against a larger army with a Unit Killer hero, but two of them. With battle joined, opportunists from other teams and reinforcements began flowing into the center. As you can see on the right my forces are moving in to take advantage of nick12 for some easy cash. =)

After my army had killed one of nick12's Footmen my army ran like hell as a major battle between Team Duo and NoSpaces was developing with the arrival of HellsDemon and SynysterGates. Team NoSpaces had almost won this battle when the two other Teams began to knife them in the side and back. I can't well describe the battles due to the constant shifting of troops other than the fact that most involved 3 factions each trying to kill the one in front of them.  TalkShowsOnMute's Tinker darted throughout the battle Cluster Rocketing troops while HellsDemon's Priestess chased him away with searing arrows.

Team Dash's two Orcs had poured their money into upgrades and their higher hitpoints and damage output was readably noticeable. The lone hero of this group quickly gained level 2, while the other heroes had yet to reach half of level 1. Custom heroes became available and started appearing in Team Underscore and NoSpaces's base. The heroes are in the table above if you forgot already.

With Team Duo and NoSpace's initial armies wiped out, Team Underscore and Dash went full bore into each other while the others recovered.  In a 30 second period i-r-k's Dark Ranger reached level 3 then 4.

The two "recovering" armies then ambushed their still fighting ambushers separating into 1 north and 1 south battle. At the north battle I charged forward with my newly spawned Jaood and chose "Bloodlust" to increase his already fast attack rate. After flipping on auto-cast I found out why you don't use auto-cast when one of my allies Footman got really angry.

To the south Team Dash's upgraded Orc forces were cutting hard into Team NoSpace until nick12 showed them why a Death Sheep was so named with Starfall.



Die heroes, die

Taking advantage of the Starfall's destuction, i-r-k's now level 6 Dark Ranger was surrounded and killed.  The next highest heroes on the map were two level 4 heroes.

Back on the top my team handily destroyed our northern counterpart's unsupported army and I bought some "Boots of Quel'thalas" to make my Jaood even more dangerous. I then headed down to the bottom armor shop in order to buy a second pair when unfortunately  for him, nick12's Death Sheep leveled right in front of me. 

I'll leave the image of Jaood beating a little sheep to death to your own imagination.

Someone else had bought the Boots already so I wasn't to happy about that and ended up fleeing as HellsDemon's Priestess had already put my hero at dangerously low hp.

Mouseover Picture

Lady_SuN had also brought his/her Falcon back home to heal and my team left the middle carnage to the other factions. After much fighting Team Dash found itself being attacked by the two other Teams and its armies crumbling.

With the other teams busy, now was the perfect time to hit one of their armies in the back. I actually attacked the southern forces first before Team Duo really started acting annoying and had to dealt with.

If you had read the hero spreadsheet earlier you would see that I consider Jaood to be a Hero Killer and so I began to use him for just this purpose.

TalkShowsOnMute's Goblin Tinker was level 4 now and running around stunning units with Cluster Rockets. He had to go.

After killing the Tinker, my army had already been destroyed by superior numbers so I retreated and switched race to Night Elves. Since none of my partners was using ranged units at the time, it would be useful to provide supporting fire.

After probing our base TalkShowsOnMute and king-of-tim decided to attack south against the Orc forces of Team Dash.



Now entering the unit slaughter phase

Team Underscore (including me) then moved out and attacked Team Duo in the rear and their un-upgraded army disappeared. We ourselves then went on to fight the Orcs south of us when another wave of red Footmen hit our line from the north.  TalkShowsOnMute's Goblin Tinker was alive again and hungry for revenge.

His army wasn't that large though and my Jaood had just reached level 6, so I threw down an Avatar of Vengeance.  With invulnerable Spirits of Vengeance holding the south we swung back north.  


The battle was going well until Team NoSpaces emerged from their base and activated not one but two Starfalls quickly ending any fighting.

Lady_SuN stopped the Priestess's Starfall with his Bash stun, but it was able to Town Portal away safely before it died.

At this point mirror image battles seemed to be occurring in the north and south as Footmen squads began engaging Troll Berserkers.


Update Time (8:00)

Team Duo

Player Army Hero
TalkShowsOnMute Footmen Goblin Tinker (Level 5)
king-of-tim Footmen Tauren Chieftain (Level 4)

This team is showing poor teamwork with each player attacking without the other, or at different targets.

Team Underscore

Player Army Hero
Thoughtless_One Orc: Troll Berserkers -
Lady_SuN Footmen Falcon (Level 7)
MehPracticeSmrf NE: Archers Jaood (Level 7)

Team Hero Killer is doing well, with the added benefit of Falcon's Shockwave being a good heavy damage spell.

Team Dash

Player Army Hero
Tame-the-Beast Orc: Troll Berserkers -
Halo-Blast Orc: Grunts -
i-r-k Footmen Dark Ranger (Level 10)

This is still the Tech team with both Orcs having multiple attack and race upgrades.  The Dark Ranger may have not been the best choice as a hero to assist them though.

Team NoSpaces

Player Army Hero
nick12 Footmen Death Sheep (Level 5)
SynysterGates Footmen Demon Hunter (Level 5)
HellsDemon NE: Archers Priestess of the Moon (Level 6)

The 3 heroes on this team are competing for experience but are doing decently against the others.



Battles continued across the map and I charged Jaood south into Team NoSpace's start hunting HellsDemon's Priestess.  Mirror Image wasn't enough to keep him alive and so he decided to take a breather in my Barracks.

Team Dash at this point apparently decided to pick a fight with everyone else and began fighting them all. Lady_SuN upgraded to Tier 1 Humans and started Spawning Riflemen to push the Orcish hordes back. king-of-tim likewise recognized how poorly his Footmen were doing and began purchasing Giant Sea Turtles to assist his forces.

Tame-the-Beast's Berserkers had several race upgrades done and had more than twice as many hitpoints and did twice as much damage as Thoughtless_One's.  After defeating Team Dash's hordes facing them, Team NoSpace then pushed north into my team's armies as well marching in step with with their previous foes. As the two columns got closer fighting erupted between them and their combined threat faded and continuous slaughter began.

The fighting finally stopped when HellsDemon's Priestess used Starfall to clear a zone in the middle. TalkShowsOnMute rushed in and stunned the Priestess with Cluster Rockets but no real damage was done to her.  Annoyed with her, Team Dash launched a renewed assault, but unfortunately discovered that nick12's Death Sheep had reached level 6 and a massive Stampede crashed into their attacking troops.

I had also been annoyed by the Starfall earlier and had created another Avatar of Vengeance. On a corpse rich field such as this, the limit on the number of Spirits is the cooldown time of the spell.  I sent my little yellow Spirits behind Team Dash's army and sighted the lovely little Death Sheep sitting in the middle of the Stampede. It Town Portaled before it was killed, cutting the Stampede short.

TalkShowsOnMute attacked my partners Thoughtless_One and Lady_SuN with a massive Footman swarm. I was just teching to Tier 2 NE and Huntresses were beginning to spawn at my Barracks.  Since he attacked alone the assault was of little consequence as was the second attack by king-of-tim just after.  Soon after though TalkShowsOnMute's Tinker fatally stunned my Jaood while it was fighting Tame-the-Beast's Raiders and while also being sniped at by HellsDemon's Priestess and Archers.

HellsDemon continued to push west toward Team Dash and was soon overrun by Orc units, but not before the Priestess's Starfall pummeled them until Town Portaling out at low health.  Taking advantage of the confusion, my yellow elves slipped in and killed nick12's level 8 Death Sheep.


Quitting time

After much more combat of little consequence other than earning gold and experience, Tame-the-Beast, who had been lagging for awhile finally disconnected and with him went his heavily upgraded army. SynysterGates after losing his Level 9 Demon Hunter quit soon after.  Unsurprisingly the metamorphasized Demon Hunter couldn't take both a level 15 Falcon and a level 11 Jaood with support from their respective armies.


During the same battle you can see that king-of-tim was using his Creep Shop to good effect with multiple Giant Sea Turtles in battle.  TalkShowsOnMute is in the upper-left waiting with his Robo-Tinker to use his Cluster Rockets again.

As a group the rest of my team moved into Team NoSpaces base and began an ill-fated assault. Lady_SuN's Falcon managed to flee before focus fire killed him, but my Jaood wasn't so lucky. I thought that a "Mask of Death" on would keep him alive during the battle but that wasn't the case.  After consuming a Potion of Invulnerability, nick12's Death Sheep started yet another Starfall and my team withdrew the few units that survived. Again in retaliation I sent some invulnerable Spirits of Vengeance into Team NoSpaces main and chopped that little Death Sheep's head off.

i-r-k also followed his teammate out of the game leaving Team Dash with only a hero-less Halo-Blast to defend its honor.


Update Time (16:00)

Team Duo

Player Army Hero
TalkShowsOnMute Footmen Goblin Tinker (Level 9)
king-of-tim Footmen (compensating with Mercenaries) Tauren Chieftain (Level 5)

This team is still showing poor teamwork and the Tauren Chieftain hasn't left the base very often after being killed several times. With the Goblin Tinker near the battles most of the time, it absorbed the lion's share of experience.

Team Underscore

Player Army Hero
Thoughtless_One Orc: Troll Berserkers -
Lady_SuN Human: Militia Falcon (Level 15)
MehPracticeSmrf NE: Huntresses Jaood (Level 11)

The strongest out of all the teams right now due to having all its members and having highest Tier armies.

Team Dash

Player Army Hero
Tame-the-Beast Orc: Raiders -
Halo-Blast Orc: Grunts -
i-r-k Footmen Dark Ranger (Level 15)


Badly crippled after the loss of 2 of its players, the upgraded Grunts still command respect on the battlefield..

Team NoSpaces

Player Army Hero
nick12 Footmen Death Sheep (Level 8)
SynysterGates Footmen Demon Hunter (Level 9)
HellsDemon NE: Archers Priestess of the Moon (Level 12)

Even though the Death Sheep is spending a lot of its time being resummoned, its powerful Ultmate spells are making the most of its time alive.



Bring on the carnage

Team Duo launched a large attack with many of their accumulated Footmen (and Giant Sea Turtles with War Drums Aura), sending them crashing into Lady_SuN's part of my team's army.  The weight of the assault however was met by a like number of Militia who spawned at an alarming rate.  The un-upgraded Footmen and Militia were almost equal in hitpoints, but the Militia were doing 25% more damage (even including War Drums aura) and had stronger armorTalkShowsOnMute's Goblin Tinker continued his rain of Cluster Rockets on the battle, but the power of Shockwave from Lady_SuN's Falcon combined with the Militia could not be denied.

From the south came another attack as nick12 and HellsDemon drove into my part of the combined army and began driving me back. After cleaning up the remainder of TalkShowsOnMute's Footman army, Lady_SuN showed why low hitpoint units are not preferred this late in the game. HellsDemon's Priestess escaped the battle with about 25 hitpoints.

Mouseover picture


Note to new soldiers: If you see bright wave of light, you're dead

Things were looking badly for TalkShowsOnMute however he had a wildcard hidden up his sleeve. The reason he had spent no money on army upgrades emerged from his start in the form of an enormous walking pile of purple stone. A Granite Golem was here and it was going to kick some ass.

Mouseover picture

At this time Lady_SuN upgraded to Tier 3 Humans and got Spellbreakers which had more hp and so were in less danger of 1 shot spell kills.

After terrorizing the middle several times, the Granite Golem returned home with Lady_SuN and Thoughtless_One's armies in hot pursuit.  In battles between titans however, ordinary units were of little importance. To the south Halo-Blast was sending his Grunts out on sorties to finance a Tower upgrading program in his base.

Mouseover picture

While my partners were busy attacking Team Duo, I felt compelled to head into Team NoSpaces base and start beating some heads in.  HellsDemon responded to the attack by activating the Starfall on his Priestess, while I focused fire it.  Unsurprisingly since I had no stun ability and the Priestess was standing in healing range of her Barracks the attack failed.  Quite badly.

While waiting for my Jaood to be resurrected, I puttered around the map, watched the battle above and sent some Spirits of Vengeance that were sitting around into Team NoSpaces base yet again.

The Spirits approached just as Team NoSpaces army passed by, but a slow little Death Sheep had a hard time keeping up with them and fell behind.  I think you can figure out what happened next.

nick12 had enough abuse hurled upon his Death Sheep at this point and bowed out leaving HellsDemon alone.  The plentiful corpses around the map provided ample resources for my Spirits of Vengeance which continued to flow into their base.  Realistically the Spirits were more of an annoyance than being an actual threat to the Barracks, but focus fire did manage to bring down 1 Scout Tower.


Update Time (23:00)

Team Duo

Player Army Hero
TalkShowsOnMute Footmen Goblin Tinker (Level 12) and Granite Golem
king-of-tim Footmen (compensating with Mercenaries) Tauren Chieftain (Level 7)

The Unit Killer Goblin Tinker is a dangerous threat to any enemy armies and the Granite Golem is even moreso.

Team Underscore

Player Army Hero
Thoughtless_One Orc: Troll Berserkers -
Lady_SuN Human: Spellbreakers Falcon (Level 18)
MehPracticeSmrf NE: Huntresses Jaood (Level 14)

The strongest out of all the teams right now due to having all its members and having highest Tier armies.

Team Dash

Player Army Hero
Tame-the-Beast Orc: Raiders -
Halo-Blast Orc: Grunts -
i-r-k Footmen Dark Ranger (Level 15)

Badly crippled after the loss of 2 of its players, the upgraded Grunts still command respect on the battlefield.

Team NoSpaces

Player Army Hero
nick12 Footmen Death Sheep (Level 8)
SynysterGates Footmen Demon Hunter (Level 9)
HellsDemon NE: Archers Priestess of the Moon (Level 15)

Alone after the loss of both teammates, HellsDemon still has the second highest level hero.


Into the lion's den

With the threat to the south far lessened, my team sent our armies with reinforcements streaming behind them into Team Duo's base.  The power of the Unit Killers could not be denied though as Cluster Rockets and Shockwave slammed into our attacking armies causing heavy casualtiesHalo-Blast was also wisely choosing to harass our army from the south, leaching gold from the players in conflict. TalkShowsOnMute managed to stay safe behind his armies, showering rockets into the battle and gaining experience.  king-of-tim's level 7 Tauren Chieftain got into close combat with Lady_SuN's Falcon (a level 18 Hero Killer by now) and quickly died.  Lady_SuN Town Portaled out soon after with heavy damage and stayed to heal at home.

Still in the thick of the base however were Thoughtless_One's Orc hordes and my own Jaood and Huntress army.  TalkShowsOnMute had lost his entire army at this time except for the Tinker and the Golem.  king-of-tim's Tauren Chieftain was resurrected and died soon after to my Jaood, with the Granite Golem falling to him soon after facing the same problem.  king-of-tim quit as his base was being destroyed and I withdrew my Jaood to regroup.

In the meantime, Lady_SuN took his entire army and overran HellsDemon's base wiping out all opposition. Since Lady_SuN's Falcon did have a Bash stun and the Spellbreakers had Magic Defense, the Priestess couldn't turn the tide and was killed.

With the large amount of resources from the battles just completed, TalkShowsOnMute commenced a Tower building program while the Tinker "suppressed" the few surviving units nearby.  After he finished healing, I sent my level 16 Jaood into Arcane Tower range after the Tinker only to have him die as Cluster Rockets froze him in place while the Towers sprayed rapid fire death.

While our armies regrouped for a massive assault, Lady_SuN asked for 300 gold and used it to purchase his own Granite Golem.  TalkShowsOnMute's Tinker continued marauding so Lady_SuN also sent his level 18 Falcon into Tower range to try to kill the Goblin Tinker but also died to powerful, concentrated Tower fire.

Finally we launched our attack into the red main and were met by a large number of Footmen while Cluster Rockets and Arcane Towers leveled entire groups of soldiers.  Even though our army outnumbered TalkShowsOnMute's by 3:1, our own armies were destroyed by the time the red army was gone.  This however was not that bad a thing, since before heading into combat I had my Jaood cast its level 3 Ultimate, Avatar of Vengeance.  The mountains of corpses fed the creation of a huge swarm of Spirits who assisted Lady_SuN's Granite Golem in destroying the Towers.  In the end the Granite Golem died due to bad pathing around my advancing Spirit line, but I gave Lady_SuN 3500 gold that I had been saving for some Claws of Ultimate Destruction.


With only one enemy player remaining, our armies reformed and marched to the southwest.  Halo-Blast's base fell soon after due to the much smaller number of Towers in his base and most of the units focus firing on his base.


The End



No, there isn't any replay link. 


Link to my other reports if you are extremely bored is here.


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