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Civil War 2
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Date: 06/16/04 03:06
Game Type: Starcraft
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The year is 2176 and the United States is enjoying a time of peace and propserity. All is well within the well preserved union that has stood for 400 years on this very day. But something was about to go very, very wrong....

July 4, 2176 Congress meets on a very hot and humid day to discuss a new piece of legislation. A bill that will require all citizens to wear shoes while walking over broken glass seemed like a good idea. The government which would be paid by the shoe companies 40 million dollars a year, loved the idea. And at 12:07, the bill was passed into law in the senate 100-0. The media picked up the news from congress and broadcast it to the world. No one seemed to care. But then... Small arms fire rang out on the streets of North Dakota, and Iowa. People took to the streets crying secession and holding signs that said "Don't put treads on me!"

(*Quick note: Right now I see Iowa as green even though all the tags say red, if you see green just be aware that green = red)
The US Government was completely thrown off guard by this civil unrest, but started to mobilize it's troops for all out nuclear war. In fact the president was informed a little something like this:

"Sir, North Dakota, and Iowa have just seceded from the union"
"What? Why?"
"Because they like walking on glass"
"Oh... ok... Send in 100 marines to restore order"
"Sir, it's not that easy, the militias they formed have 1000's of members"
".... so?"
"And the Canadians have split their entire army into two pieces and sent one half to North Dakota and the other to Iowa"
".... So?"
"God dammit I don't know"
"Find let's go to the Pillars of the Gods"
"WTF? Ok!"

The North Dakotans, and the Iowans started organizing, they sacked the capitals of each state and declared independence from the United States. Almost at the same time all three new countries came on the news and declared "I'm going to go to "The Pillars of the Gods" and start building stuff there" and they did.

The leaders of the countries casually step onto "The Pillars of the Gods" a pretty awesome map made by Wakiki. The leaders are informed that each of their bases have 3 entrances which makes walling nearly impossible. The mains are very weak but the nearby expansion is very profitable and heavily fortifiable.

Who am I?

Well I've been a long time reader and I've always wanted to battlereport, but due to lack of effort I never got around to it. I started one once but never got really started with it. But here I am. I don't have to introduce the other two players in this game. Now let's see what everyone else has to say.

FS is....
"FS is a gun toting fool!" - Manterion
"FS is the epitome of celebrity gayness - he doesn't want to come out of the closet, but he's still gay." - Born)Slippy (bastard!) =D
"FS is chosu" - Maareek
"FS is gay, cocky, dumbass, a shithead" - x]O2[x
"FS is spiderman" - x]O2[x
"FS is ________" - USS_Hathaway
"FS is Sexy" - x]XR[x "FS is the reason thousands of young people commit suicide every day" Born-to-Porn
"FS is Fucking Shit" o(se7en)o
Now that I got my... rave reviews onto the game!

The beginning of the War

Each side quickly mobilizes for a quick war under the order to eliminate all opposing forces buildings. Coincidentally all 3 countries brought in one main building and 4 workers. The early game never being too exciting worked itself out to this.
x]FS[x Maareek DD>
8/10 Depot 8/10 Depot 9/9 Pylon
10/18 Rax 10/18 Rax 10/17 Pylon
12/18 Gas 12/18 Gas 12/25 Gate
14/18 Depot 15/18 Depot 14/25 Nexus
16/18 Factory 16/26 Factory 18/25 Gas
20/26 Factory 18/26 Academy 18/25 Zealots!

Starting off, Myself, and Maareek went with similar starting metal strats that broke off at the end. I proceeded to go with a typical dual fact tank strat. I'm a terran player because I like tanks, they sound cool, and that's why I play Terran ^^. Maareek instead of building a second fact decided to build an academy so that he could do some kind of messed up vult harass followed up with a couple marines, a firebat, and a couple medic assault. DD the lone protoss with the latest in Canadian equipment warped in as "Protoss" and decided to secure the good ol' expansion to the north and defend it with cannons and zealots.

First Blood

A lone SCV scout ventures into Iowan territroy. The SCV bursts in and kills a vicious probe with his bare hands! The brave SCV sneaks in and steals some valuable blue rocks from the enemy base. But a Zealot comes into say "No Thx". But DD’s faulty canadian equipment couldn't finish the job and the long SCV sped away into the night. But a nearby probe who was building a gateway decided to be funny and fire his mining laser at the SCV. The SCV exploded in a glaze of blory and all was silent.
I am put at a disadvantage as his favorite SCV was horrendously slain in the thick of glorious battle. I declare that the SCV will be avenged and begin building tanks.

After that brief little skirmish all was silent on the western front... and the eastern front... Everyone went to back to their respective bases and started building offensive units for the long, hard war ahead. Myself, always a big tank fan, started building tanks and researching the siege upgrade. Maareek with his wierd strat built a bunker and filled it with some marines and then began producing some vultures while researching Vult Speed. DD had a lower unit count due to his early expansion, but he had several zealots and had begun a cybernetics core which hinted that he was going to get some goons.

The Battle of Confusion

Apparently not noticing that they were fighting for the same cause North Dakota and Iowa have decided to turn on each other! Maareek and his North Dakotan pals filled with utter contempt decide to launch a small invasion on the unsuspecting Iowans. Maareek decides to round up 3 willing vultures and speed them directly into DD’s fledgling mining operation. They immeadiately open fire killing 2 probes instantly. DD alerted by his generals responds with his entire forces of several zealots and goon. Also luckly for DD he had 2 photon cannons warping in that were almost completed when Maareek invaded. DD’s forces plowed into Maareek's vultures who immediately turned tail and ran like the dickens using their new vulture speed to full effect. A last shot by a photon cannon put an end to one of Maareek's vulture who now begin limping back to their base. In the aftermath, 6 probes and 1 vulture lay dead in the first bloody conflict of the war, which ironically didn't include the nation from which they seceded from.

But it was apparently second laters, that they did not hear. Upset that the Iowans told them not go back, Maareek's vultures turned right around and decided to lay some newly received mines down in Iowan territory. The pursuing troops completely oblivious to the fact ran right into the mines, but the heavy armor of the troops was not fully broken and the units continued to pursue the harassing vultures. The vultures laid two more mines and fired a few more random shots at buildings. DDs troops once again oblivious to the mines run into the again, and lose 2 dragoons and a zealot. The vultures out of mines but not out of patriotic fervor run into DD's expansion and begin laying waste to several building cannons. But this time their luck ran out, 3 zealots storm into the base and corner the poor vultures as they are pierced through the head by psi blades. The final death toll of the battle: 6 probes, 2 dragoons, 1 zealot, and 3 vultures. Victor: North Dakota!

At this time, I am still at my base and not knowing of any of the events that have just taken place. I decided that I needed to raise funds for more troops so I started an expansion on a nearby plateau. It finishes without disruption and hastily rush to defend it with two siege tanks and three vultures. Fresh SCVs are brought over from the home base and I begin SCV production at both bases.

The Battle of Confusion Part 2

As word reached home to Commander Maareek he was furious to learn that he had lost 3 vultures, even if it was at heavy cost to the enemy. He immediately ordered all available troops to invade the Iowan scum! Two vultures, several marines, and one firebat were scavenged up and marched on the capital of Iowa. The small force was spotted close to DD's base by a cliffed photon cannon. The vultures sped by while the infantry waited behind. The attack force from the previous battle now with some fresh reinforcement lead an attack on the vultures. The vultures were not nearly as lucky as during the last battle, as one of the vultures was quickly cut down by dragoon fire. The remaining vulture sped back to the waiting marines and laid two mines. DD's forces charged in hitting mines and all on the way, the last vulture was quickly eliminated and the infantry engaged. Mines killed a zealot and the 5 infantrymen eliminated another zealot before being ruthlessly slaughtered by the protoss forces. Victor: Iowa.

After that battle there is a brief break in the action. I continue to mass my favorite unit, tanks. DD starts pumping goons out of two gates while taking to observers and Maareek recovers from his battle wounds and makes several marines and medics and two siege tanks. During The Battle of Confusion part 2 he began making a command center to take his ramped plateau. At about the same time it finished I decided to make my move. I took nine fresh siege tanks and 3 vultures and started marching on maareek's base.

The Slaughter of Dakota

The name of the battle esentially describes itself. As my 9 tanks and 3 vultures marched past maareek's expansion plateau his trusty marine was hunting a playful begalaas completely unaware of the slaughter that was about to take place. Without even waiting for a second for the 9 siege tanks to catch up the 3 vultures bravely leapt into battle eager for dakotan blood. They quickly ran into two unsieged tanks and a vulture. The vultures open fired on the enemy and the enemy fell back into it's very close together buildings. With the enemy tanks back and unsieged my own tanks moved in and set up shop. What followed next was the most brutal asspounding the world had ever seen. All 9 siege tanks opened up on nearby buildings killing them instantly. 8 infratrymen rushed into the fray only to get vaporized before even firing a shot. A lucky medic got close enough to a tank that splash damage managed to kill one of the tanks. Several other units tested their luck at the heavy artillery barrage but all were cut down miserably. The artillery barrage that lasted for more than a minute and a half completely decimated the enemy dakotas. The pride of the United States Army unsieged it's glorious tanks and moved them in for more manhandling. They moved within range of maareek's command center's comsat. maareek in all his cruel malice sent all of his workers charging into the massive barrage of artillery fire. More than 15 innocent workers were massacared before an SCV evenr eached a tank, and by the time the last 4 SCV's reached the tanks, they had decided to unsiege to prevent friendly fire and finish off the tanks. The tanks of the United States moved in for one finaly barrage of the enemy, three tanks went in to far and were destroyed by the finally in range Dakotan artillery. Yet the three tanks could not stop the destruction of the Command Center. At the end of the slaughter maareek had lost 12 buildings, most of his supply brining him down to 17/10, all but 2 of his SCV's, 8 infantry units, and several vultures. And during the two minute shelling of maareek's base I only lost 5 measley tanks which were replaced and then some during the battle. Victor: United States

The marine was later court martialed and executed in front of family and friends for dereliction of dutymaareek

Even though I probably had the forces to conquer the last of maareek's base I decided to focus my efforts on expanding, building forces, and seeing what DD has been doing the entire game. During the last battle I took the liberty of expanding to the lower right hand corner AND the lower right corner's ramped plateau expansion in order to get a strategical base of operations where I could attack DD more effectively from. I also started adding on a few more factories for some uber-macro. DD in the mean time also started his third expansion which he defended with a couple photon cannons. DD has also a massed a large goon army and has started the production of dark archons. My lonely scouting marine found that large goon army and ended up having more plasma then the sun.

Maareek took two of his last three tanks and placed them at his last base of operation the ramped plateau of his base. DD at this point had observers scattered over most of the map which would mean any sneak attacks would be quickly discovered, and that my expansions were in grave danger. About a minute later maareek had begun reconstruction of his main base, he was way behidn but he was not out yet. Then, I began mobilizing my large army of tanks and goliaths and moved them down to the mineral only along the outside of the lake in the middle on the bottom in order to prevent a massive sneak attack from DD. Since he could not attack my expansion along the bottom without putting himself in EXTREME danger of a slaughter similar to maareeks. DD saw my units coming from almost the time they left my base with his observers. By the time my units got to the mineral only they were preparing for battle. My 12 tanks and 5 goliaths were pulling into the mineral only about when DD's 21 goons and 2 dark tempalrs decided to take action.

Battle of Monly

Things started off sour as I immediately lost 2 goliaths that held off the onrushing goons. Unfortunately my tanks were in a giant line and when they sieged only two were in range of hitting the goons and they inflicted no casulaties. Even worse, if the goons decided to charge there was a good change of getting absolutely slaughtered. At this time I decided to unsiege all of my tanks and move them inrange of DD’s waiting troops and get a more favorable alignment of them instead of in one solid line. I called command and asked for immediate reinforcements. The US Government saw it fit to send me 3 tanks, 3 vultures, an SCV and 2 goliaths. I figured it would have to and sent them down to help the soon to be besieged troops. DD’s troops now bolstered by four fresh DT immediately engaged my troops. My tanks ended up in a line still as my goliaths entered the fray to take the heat off of my tanks! The canadian protoss troops fought my tanks with extreme vigor and with mind control and ended up bringing the match up 2 tanks vs 2 dark templar. The tanks were in bad shape but the reinforcement vultures saved the day by laying mines right behind the tanks making the DT's retreat to the safety of DD’s base. Meanwhile the rest of my reinforcements parked farther back from the mineral only and set up a defensive perimeter with mines in the likely event that DD reinfroced his own troops and broke through the struggling front line. The battle was over except one DT that probed for detection and made it's demise from a mine, which also took a tank with it. Victor: United States.

What followed next was an offshoot of the battle of monly. Realizing that I need to get an economic advantage to really take control in this game I took my remaining troops at my mineral only and charged DD’s bottom middle expansion. I set up tanks with mines behind it and sent in goliaths to kill all of the drones. The two defending photon cannons were shelled immediately and destroyed. DD sent a quick response force of one DT which was quickly taken care of by mines. Being outnumbered heavily DD’s troops reached from his base and my tanks did the best they could to hold off the goons while the goliaths killed the probes. Eventually the battle line fell and the dragoons broke through. They quickly killed the goliaths but not before they got a solid 13 probe kills!

In a similar battle of the last two I sent down several scvs, a tankload of tanks and some goliaths. They set up in an appropriate perimiter and I laid down some mines with some vultures I brought to. Determing that Iowa shall never defeat the United States I shouted my battle cry and waited for an onrush of zealots to come attack me. The zealots charged in and engaged the ever loyal goliaths as 40 pound tank shells slammed into them. The front line of goliaths was overwhelmed and the valiant tanks started taking hits. The psi blades of the zealots punctured the 14 inch armor killing all in side with burning hot plasma. Blood spilled over the ground and explosions shook the earth as all hell broke loose. The missile turrets exploded in giant fireballs as the brave Iowans marched on the United States defensive perimeter. The battle was close, and ended in the United States losing by one unit. DD was left with one dragoon with 25 hp to finish off my two remaining turrets. Victor: Iowa

But I was by no means screwed, in fact! I had about a dozen tanks, a few goliaths, and a couple ghosts, armed with a special gift that I could deliver directly to DD’s doorstep. Muahahaha I put on my "special peoples hat" and continued to fight for The Union!

Finally getting fed up with DD and all of his mind controlling shenanigans I send down all my troops from my base which included an assortment of infantry including 3 ghosts, some tanks, some goliaths, and a couple rowdy vultures. Hoping to get off a quick nuclear strike I cloak my ghost and move towards DD’s base. A quick comsat reveals a nearby observer and the whole plan has been foiled. I begin constructing turrets with some SCV's I brought down from command, and preparing for a siege. Then that son of a bitch DD decides to feedback my ghost! As I set up my defenses at the bottom's mineral only, I decided to take the very top middle expansion for some added gas mining and to gain an ultra-superior economy. I bring my tanks a few clicks forward and siege them in two masses. It's about this time DD decides to make his move.

Not the Battle of the Bulge

DD surges his zealous zealots forward into a barrage of heavy artillery fire. You think DD would've learned by now, my tanks > all. Carriers < My tanks. That's right. But he didn't get carriers so that wasn't an issue. As the zealots plow forward into a large field of mines, infantry, tank fire, DD moves the rest of his army consisting of a few goons and several dark archons into the fray. He feedbacks my two ghosts in order to prevent a fun nuclear strike. Each sides shouted their battle cries.

"FOR IOWA!!!!!!!"
"FOR USA!!!!!"

But since I outnumbered the protoss forces by almost 2:1, I trounced the resistence and moved onto the main prize, DD’s base. Unfortuanetly it was at that time DD sent 4 DT to even the oDD's, even though I still outnumbered him I wasn't paying attention and by the time I knew what was going on the battle was hopeless. A badly placed comsat which revealed none of the dark templar sealed my tanks fate, and the protoss forces cheered in victory....

The protoss filled with all their Iowan patriotism begin a charge on what I think was going to be my base. Sadly for DD, all my forces did not engage in the previous battle, and 6 tanks held the rear of the bottom mineral only. It was a close battle at least until the calvalry arrived. 8 vultures, fresh out of boot camp, stormed in to save the day. They quickly eliminated the zealots attacking my tanks. The tanks now unhindered laid waste to DD’s squandering troop count. DD now had a very low troop count, and the United States war machine was gaining momentum. Now I decided to deliver a special present to DD. But then something struck me... Whatever happened to maareek? A quick scan reaveled that he was still not anywhere near a threat, but I felt sorry for him since he wasn't getting any action. So I decided to nuke him instead. I went up behind his ramped plateau expansion and hit my precious hot key. I then sent maareek a special package from the good ol' USA. The nuke landed unhindered laying waste to half of his SCV's, a tank, and a bunker.

Well after I got my brief fun out of the way, it was back to the US vs Iowa battle. I wasted no time in sending vultures in right in front of the goons to lay mines. The goons spotted me easily and opened fire. The mines were laid and vultures hauled ass back to the safety of the tanks. DD’s troops wisely retreat, and much to my happiness fresh reinforcements consisting of a bunch of goliaths come into my bustling outpost. Declaring to myself that I would not lose this expansion, I begin a CC and wait for the onslaught of DD’s troops. Though I didn't know it yet, DD began constructing high templar for storming my tanks. During the grace period between battles I decided to nuke maareek again =D. But much to my dismay hit comsatted in time and he was cut down by tank fire. RIP ghosty :*(. I proclaimed SWIFT AND MASSIVE retaliation against maareek's once my precious troops were through thrashing DD. Every moment DD waited my defenses at my new favorite expansion grew stronger and stronger. In some a cheeky show of antics DD decides to be cute and mind control one of my SCVs. Not showing any mercy I blew the SCV sky high with several tank shells. In what turned out to be the deciding factor 5 fresh siege tanks moved into a proper position right next to my command center and waited for the battle to begin. Being bored with waiting for him I decided to take a quick strike at him. I sent several vultures in to elminate a High Templar that was too close for comfort. The vultures dispatched the templar with little trouble and even attracted a few goons into my tank fire. DD let about 12 goons slip into tank fire, clearly showing that DD was not in control of his troops anymore. Iowa was losing momentum and was thrown into a state of disorder. It wouldn't be long now!

Then it begins!

The battle of the game, or at least one of them. DD in all his wisdom, sends a ton of goons barrreling into my tanks. About 8 templar come in with the goons and start raising mayhem by storming my precious tanks. But hardly any storms actually got through. One of DD’s mistake was sending all the HT's in a very close area. They got blown apart by tank fire and vulture grenades in record time, and I only lost a few tanks. Seeing that DD was down for the count, I move my tanks to his middle choke and begin laying waste to his expansion. DD sends up 3 more HT's who are quickly dispatched and concededs the game. But just to be funny, I decide to nuke him after he left. I hear Maareek's comsat going off like there is no tommorow, but luckly for him the nuke lands harmlessly (for him anyway) in DD's base blowing up his buildings.

With order finally restored in Iowa and with it resubmitted to the Union, I march on North Dakota. Maareek has been quiet and plenty of time to grow and build up a fearsome army. And he was doing just that, while I was fighting DD, the tricksey hobbit maareek decided to be cute and get some battlecruisers. I now controlled over half the map and had the capacity to make a sizeable army in less than a minute. I was confident that I was going to win the game and I began to do just that.

The 0wn3ing of maareekinator

A lot of what follows next does not warrant analysis like I've been doing so far. So I'm going to summarize sort of. Well Maareek in all his glory sends 5 brand-spanking new BCs towards my top middle expansion and starts eliminating it with extreme prejudice. Since I was concentrating on DD with mostly tanks I was in a tight spot. I had next to no anti-air and their were 5 BCs on my doorstep with more on the way. I grabbed all of my factories and almost destroyed my "G" hotkey. The three or so goliaths I had at home were sent to slow down the onrush of the behemoths. Meanwhile, I sent all of my troops that were at DD’s to counter maareek. My forces ran into maareeks defenses into one big line, and as tanks got there I sieged them in random spots. Maareeks defenses were light and consisted of about what they did when I attacked him at the beginning of the game. My precious terran troops shelled the enemy building and defenses as they were being fired at from maareeks troops. The attack was going alright and it inflicted moderate damage on maareek's base. But freshly made BCs popped out of his starports and ended my pathetic counterassault. Back at home my goliaths were just finishing and I sent them to battle. Much to my dismay, none of my goliaths could get past the intense network of buildings in my base. Maareek continued to blow through my defenses and tech buildings. My goliaths were powerless and I despratley began attacking my own buildings to clear a path to the BCs. About the time my goliaths broke through my barricades the invincible charon booster upgrade came online. Nearly all of my more than 12 goliaths began attacking the BCs. All of the BCs quickly went up in smoke except for two. Several of my gols pursued and continued shooting on the running BCs. The BCs ran over to maareek's plateaued expansion where tanks were able to hit my goliaths and destory them.

Almost the beginning of the end

I was in good shape, I eliminated the majority of Maareek's army and I had a sizeable force of tanks and goliaths ready to begin the final assault on his base. I sent about 18 goliaths and 5 tanks storming towards his main base. I thought victory was assured, but much to my annoyance my goliaths were quickly cut down by sparse tank fire. I let my goliaths wander to much and soon they were no where near my tanks. All of my goliaths except one were destroyed, and thanks to some yomato cannon my tanks were soon dispatched, and the entire invasion repelled. Deciding to finish this game fast, I tapped into my immense resources and constructed 6 factories at my old bottom miDDle mineral only expansion. At this location I would be easily able to slip around the side of maareek's base and attack from a virtually undefended side. Another minute later, I get 12 fresh tanks from my new base and march them on maareek's newest expansion, on his island plateau. I siege tanks at the base of it and bring over a science vessel to spot for me. Maareek responds by sending down several off his finest BC's. But their engines are horribly weak and move very slowly. The rest of his evil BCs are harassing my dried out expansions, which I don't even bother to defend. Sensing that the game was basically over, I sent long streams of goliaths up Maareek's undefended left flank. 7 BCs flew out from over a random cliff and started laying waste to the expansion located there. 2/0 BC's were no match for dozens of 3/3 Goliaths. With the destruction of his BCs maareek conceded the game.

With the restoration of the union my first battlereported game comes to and end. I had fun during the game even though I never really was on the defensive.

Things I didn't learn section

- How to enrich uranium
- How to pass my math exam
- How to play "Curling"
- Why Canadians are so evil

I hope you enjoyed, and please don't ream me on my rating:). Leave a comment! Next time I'll try to make it look purtier and just make it better overall...

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