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Legionnaire vs fk.Kakarotto Game 1
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Date: 06/16/04 01:06
Game Type: Starcraft
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Kaka vs Leg Game 1

To all of you coming in here who I promised I would do the first two games of this series in one report, I lied. After lots of deliberation I decided the second game deserved it's on report, which left me with the decision on whether to report game 1 or not...any ideas what I chose? Consider this an appetizer report while I work on the next one, which shouldn't be long anyway. I would like you to note that there are no hidden messages or span titles in this report, so don't look for them. Hope you enjoy.Hidden messages are for newbs, remember that.

Recently, in the Spanish Face 2 Face challenge, Legionnaire was pitted against Fk.Kakarotto. If I knew the website, or actually gave a damn about the competition itself, I would provide a link. But I don't, so I won't since I'm only worried about this matchup for the time being.

Kakarotto is a very good player. One of the best I've ever seen. He's a member of the Spanish team Fight Klub and plays in all kinds of ladders, tournaments, challenges, etc. His usual race is random, with conflicting reports of which is his best.

Legionnaire is a pro. Member of the Hexatron Dream Team, he faces the best of the best because he is one. Damn fine protoss player who recently defeated the Terran Emperor. Before beating the boxed one, Leg faced off against another Fk. member in the form of zelotito in another Face 2 Face match, who defeated the Australian professional in what may have been his last act as a member of Fight Klub. Just a short time before facing off in the competition in question, if I remember my timeline right, Legionnaire faced off against the defending World Cybre Games champion, Ogogo in Team Liquid's Liquibition where the Korean slapped the Australian around and learned him not to mess with the swarm, not no way not no how. 3-0 defeat including utter humiliation in the first game where ogogo simply sent screen long streams of cracklings at his defenses until they faltered.

When I saw these replays posted on this site, I knew I needed to watch them since Kaka is a favorite of mine and I hadn't seen much of Legionnaire, but he did beat boxer so I had to watch. After I got them and watched the whole series I decided they would be good to report, which pretty much brings you up to date. Although I'm sure you learned nothing along the way, at least we were able to waste the time together, eh? Actually, you spent it alone, I'm not even reading this right now.

So, without much further ado, I present to you...some game with some know....don't tell yeah, Fk.Kakarotto vs Leg of nair! err, wait...Legionnaire!.I guess that would be part of that ado I was talking about...

So, in a round about way, I have led you to game 1, which takes place on a map I have never heard of before. All I know is it's something about this temple that's lost...oh well, I guess we'll see what it looks like, oh wait, nevermind. It's lost, how could we have images of it?

"Just get to the damn game!"
Alright, alright, keep your pants on, I'm getting to it. So game 1 takes place on the all too lost temple, where people place bets on how long they can hide without being found. The game commences and a brown hatchery is produced at 6 for Kaka while Leg warps in his purple nexus at 9.

The build order for our competitors went something like this:


  1. Overlord sent to scout 9
  2. Extractor trick
  3. 12 natural hatch
  4. 11 pool


  1. 8 pylon
  2. 10 gate
  3. 12 forge...
  4. 12 pylon at the bottom of Kaka's ramp

So, what we have here is a 1 gate, cannon/zeal rush. Love 'em. Kaka didn't hatch yesterday, however, and his three maynarded drones attack the pylon while the probe, erm, probes into the zerg base, seeing the almost completed pool. The zealot is already on his way, and Leg moves his probe down to the pylon and starts a cannon, which the drones attack. He then begins another and cancels the first. The zealot now arrives and chases the drones up the ramp, where 6 zerglings are headed down. Leg sends his zealot to the peon line at Kaka's main to attempt to get a few drone kills, while the zerglings and drones attack the 2 warping cannons. Leg cancels both cannons and, in a brilliant move, hides his probe in the eave of the natural cliff.

Back at home, Leg is building a core and a ramp pylon, while researching +1 weapons and blocking his ramp with 3 zealots expecting a counterattack. The 3 zealots hold the ramp against the 10 zerglings Kaka sent to check on things.

Speaking of the zerg...following the removal of the cannon threat and dispatching the pylon and the single zealot at the loss of only a zergling, gas mining has been put into effect at his main. A second hatch is being put down at the natural, between the other hatchery and the main plateau. I always thought this hatch should go at the edge of the bottom of the ramp, blocking incoming intruders giving sunkens/lurkers/hydras a few extra shots, but then I'm sure Kaka knows what he's doing.

After the core warps in Leg warps in a citadel of adun as well as a ramp cannon. He also darts his probe up the ramp and out of sight.

Kaka reaches the 100 gas plateau and begins morphing a lair at his main. He's completely unaware of the danger that's lurking oh so near.

That danger is in the form of a little purple probe. Her little robotic heart pounding as her commander orders her to build a pylon in the bottom left corner. She begins warping in the pylon, leaving room for 2 cannons to warp in between it and the edge. The situation becomes more and more tense as the pylon finishes, and she warps in 2 cannons directly adjacent to the pylon. Stealth is key, and the risk of putting the cannons on the edge is too much until there are backups. Once those 2 are over halfways completed, she begins warping in the last two, on the edge, and holds her breath. Another probe, this one in the safety of the protoss main, warps in a templar archives.

Meanwhile, back at zerg camp...a hydra den is being morphed at the natural along with an extractor and a sunken colony. His advance scouts saw the 5 zealots come down the ramp, and kill 2 of the 3 zerglings in their natural. The last one was on his way back, with all of the zealots giving chase. Hydras were morphed with available gas, and lings were morphed after that. The protoss attack would be dealt with easily, or so he thought.

The first 2 cannons warp in, and immediately take aim on the morphing zergling egg nearest the cliff. Undoubtedly, Kaka sees the 4 cannons on his cliff and knows the danger they present, but he needs all his troops to take out the offensive on the way. With the cannons finished, Leg begins a gateway on Kaka's plateau and a robotics facility at home. +1 weapons also come online during this time.

Kaka's lair finishes, and he begins researching lurkers. His best bet at this point is to stop the incoming zealots and contain the protoss with lurkers so he can remove the cannons with hydra/ling forces. Towards this end, he sends his hydra-ling force to the top of his ramp. The zealots come in and begin attacking the sunken, and the zerg spring on them. The protoss run into the bottom left corner of the natural, into the cover of the cannons. The hydras are in still in range to damage the zealots, however, and the 4 remaining attempt to run up the ramp to safety. They encounter a flanking of zerglings there and only one manages to reach safety. He then heads for the peon line again but is fended off by lings after scoring a single kill. Kaka begins morphing and expansion at his mineral only, a hatchery at his main, and lurkers from his hydras.

Unfortunately for Kaka, Leg wasn't going to let himself be contained. The cannons on the plateau have already scored a ling egg kill, a drone kill, and a hatchery kill. Leg smells victory and he goes for it. He produces dark templar from both of his gateways. Once the first one finishes, at his main, he sends it to the morphing zerg mineral only expansion and adds a 2nd ramp cannon and two cannons on the low ground under his ramp, obviously looking to expand if things don't turn out as he plans.

Kaka has all his troops at his mineral only, except for the 3 recently hatched lurkers at his natural and the zerglings in the middle, just itching to flank something. They got their wish as the lone dark templar arrives at the mineral only and begins hacking away at the hatchery. With an overlord sighting for them, the lings are able to force the dt to withdraw. Seeing an opportunity, Kaka sends his 3 lurkers to the protoss encampment by way of the right side of the map, looking to avoid being seen.

It is not the day of triumpth for the zerg, however, as Leg's proxy gate has pumped out a dt and a zealot which are assaulting his drones at his main as the probe warps in another pylon and cannon. Kaka recalls his remaining 6 lings to his main to kill the intruders, but 6 lings just don't do much to a +1 dt and zealot. The newly hatched lurker at the zerg natural comes into the main just in time to die to the newly warped cannons, although he did kill the dt. The 3 remaining lurkers come in but the last one dies at the same time as the cannon detecting him did. Kaka then leaves the game as his spawning pool is laid to waste by the cannons and two zealots.

The, I refuse to call this the "Lessons Learned" section, section

  • Personally, I think that in a 5 game series such as this you should play very aggressively in the first game to feel out your opponent. Legionnaire did that, Kakarotto didn't, and the aggressor won.
  • I think Kakarotto would have been well served with the typical double sunken at his natural. Though it was very apparent that he was willing to sacrifice defense for economic advantage and seemed to be heading for swarming his opponent. He just got caught this time.
  • It's easy to be a monday morning quarterback, I think both players made understandable calls in the game, and did their best. Sometimes you just get lucky.

Thanks for your time, have a nice day, and leave a comment

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