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)ToT(Strafe vs Squall Game 2
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Date: 05/20/04 12:05
Game Type: Starcraft
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Game 2

Well, I decided on a change of form for game 2 between )Tot(Strafe and Squall. Amazing what powers a writer has, eh? If you haven't read part 1, I suggest you do so now. After Strafe's fairly easy handling of Squall in game 1, Squall decides on a change of his own. A change of venue, specifically. Our combatants face on the all too familiar map of Dahlia of the Jungle. What's that? You've never heard of Dahlia of the Jungle? Well, I'll help you out (more writer powers).
It kind of looks like it, doesn't it?

For those of you who may not be able to see the image, I'll describe it for you (see how good I am to you guys?). It's a 4 player map with starting positions at 12, 3, 6, and 9 with mineral-only naturals behind the main, and gas and mineral expansions in the corners. Each main is on a plateau with a ramp leading into the base and down to the expansion. 3 bridges connect the middle to each main, making containment interesting. The middle contains a temple-like area with open space all around it, perfect for flanks.

And with us all having some knowledge of where the battle took place, lets get to it.

)ToT(Strafe warps in his brown nexus at 12, while Squall morphed in his teal hatchery at 9. Similar to the first game, they begin with fairly standard openings.

  1. 8 pylon
  2. 10 gate
  3. clockwise probe scout
  4. 12 assimilator
  5. 15 pylon
  6. 18 core
  7. He then blocked his ramp with 1 zealot.

  1. Sends overlord to scout 12
  2. Sends drone to scout counter-clockwise
  3. 12 hatch at ramp
  4. 11 pool
  5. 13 extractor
  6. 17 hatch at min-only expansion
  7. Once his overlord finds Strafe , Squall scouts his entire base with it, loving his lumbering sack of information gathering the whole time.

With his ramp blocked, Strafe builds another zealot, then a dragoon, and begins warping in a stargate. He uses his dragoon to shoot down the teal overlord.

Squall begins a hydra den at his main and maynards a couple of drones to his mineral only expansion. After his den completes, he morphs 4 hydras and a lair.

Squall looks to be ahead strategy wise now, mass hydras tend to do very well against a sair rusher. Of course, it's biggest problem is that any decent protoss will go storm and archons against it. It'll be interesting to see where Strafe goes from here.

Strafe sends a scouting probe towards Squall, but encounters 6 zerglings after crossing one of the bridges to Squall and runs it to the top-left corner both to scout and to annoy. The probe is killed after arriving, but Strafe got the information he was looking for. Once his stargate finishes, he begins a corsair and a robotics facility.

Squall sends a zergling to the top-right corner to keep an eye out for expansion attempts there, he didn't see, however, the probe that Strafe had left there for future expansion considerations.

Following the completetion of his corsair, Strafe sends it to Squall's main to hopefully do some overlord harassment, but after being meet with hydras in a couple of locations, the corsair returns home with a scowl on his face and a spine in his ass.

About this time, Squall's lair finishes and he begins lurker tech. Normally signals a plan to lurker contain and swarm, but we'll see.

Strafe's facility warps in and he begins an observatory and a shuttle. After the observatory warps in, he starts the goon range upgrade, an observer, and another gateway.

The lurker upgrade completes and Squall morphs 3 lurkers and begins hydra speed upgrade.

Strafe sends his now-completed observer over to scout to upper left corner, keeping an eye out for zerg swarming. Finding the base empty, the observer returns and Strafe begins a support bay. Once it completes, he begins a reaver and another gateway.

Well, after seeing the first game, Squall's strategy doesn't surprise me, hydra-ling, with lurkers is fairly usual. Strafe on the other hand, is confusing me greatly. 1 gate core vs a early hatch is normal, early corsair is normal, a few goons to help out zealots is normal, but mass goons and reavers?! Honestly, I don't remember a PvZ where protoss beat a hydra-linger without storm. I'm not sure if he is doing this just because he's 1-0 in the series and looking to take a chance, or if he thinks he's that much better than his opponent, or if he's just an idiot (I'm leaning to this one, though). But I do know that this will be very interesting to watch, since he seems to have no plans on getting templars anytime soon.
Don't even bother looking, there's no alt-text in this report.

Squall sends 8 zerglings and 3 lurkers to attack Strafe and a drone to expand to the lower left corner.

Strafe, having his corsair in the middle of the map, sees the zerg forces coming and moves his observer to his ramp. The observer joins his 2 zealots and 3 ranged dragoons and prepares to kick some zerg ass.

Squall's forces storm Strafe's ramp, where psi blades swing, claws tear, goons fire, and spikes slice through protoss shields. When Strafe seperates his units and focus fires on the lurkers, Squall retreats, but not before he loses a lurker and 3 zerglings.
Alt-text is the last thing I do on a report

So, I check my list of things to put in to get a gold rating, and only found one thing missing

There's no malt liquor in this report! Oh, the horrors of sobriety

Strafe moves his 2 zealots, 8 goons, and shuttle with it's reaver cargo out to the middle along with his corsair and observer. He moves his observer towards the bridges leading from the middle to Squall's forces.

Squall moves his remaining forces, consisting of 16 hydras, 2 lurkers, and 4 lings, to his bridges to hold off the impending counter-attack from the brown protoss. He also expands to the 6o'clock main.

Strafe pours his units across the bridge and takes out the lead lurker. Squall's hydras spring on the enemy forces, with the zerglings and remaining lurkers bringing up the rear. Strafe unloads his reaver, but it's only able to get off a single shot before falling to the spines of the teal hydras, it was able to take 5 hydras with it however. With the reaver and zealots gone, and lurkers and lings arriving on the scene Strafe decides that the intelligent thing for a brave protoss commander to do is run. And run he did. All the way back to his main, losing another goon on the way and sending one to kill off the ling at the upper right. All told, he lost all but 6 goons, a shuttle, and an obs in his assault.
Silly Rabbit

Tricks are for kids

I'm glad the only bunnies I deal with are playbody bunnies ;)

Funny how quickly things can change in a game, isn't it? Just a few moments ago I was solid in thinking that Strafe had this one in hand. Now, his forces are cowering in his base, while Squall has map control and is outresourcing Strafe 2 to 1. And even though Strafe removed that ling from the upper right, he lost his dragoon in the operation, not very cost-effective in my book. Well, I guess it's just another case of poor strategy, everybody knows zealot/templar/archon is the way to go against zerg.
Beware the knights who say 'ni!'

Squall begins a spire at his main going for mutas to wear down the protoss defenses. Now it's just a matter of time. In the last fight Squall lost 7 hydras, a lurker, and 2 zerglings while killing off a reaver, 2 zealots, and 7 dragoons. Combined with his expansion, Squall is now far ahead in resources. To be safe, he leaves a ling at the bottom of Strafe's ramp to keep an eye on him, and moves his forces into the middle.

Strafe re-enforces his troops with 2 more reavers and 3 gates pumping goons. Having stored up a few minerals, he also takes his min-only expansion.

Squall morphs 3 of his hydras in the middle into lurkers, and sets them up at the bridges. Squall's spire completes, but he's too low on gas to produce more than 1 muta. To solve the gas problems, he begins harvesting gas from his lower left corner expansion.

Strafe moves his forces out again, to the bottom of his ramp. His troops now number a control group of dragoons, an observer, and a shuttle with 2 reavers.

Squall sends over 2 of his un-upgraded overlords to solidify his forces into the middle. A smart move, considering the unusual strategies Strafe has been using, dark templars would be the icing on the cake. Upon seeing the oncoming protoss units, he sends his zerglings across the bridge, hoping to use them to let the lurkers get some shots in. It is not to be, however, as Strafe unloads his 2 reavers and makes short work of the little beasts. Squall begins another hatch in his main, calls up a pair of scourge, and retreats across his bridges. Unfortunately for him, his overlords are left bare and are kindly and gently torn to shreds by Strafe's corsair and dragoons.

Strafe only loses 3 of his dragoons and his shuttle while eliminating the entire standing force of the swarm. He then assembles his forces at Squall's ramp and begins a replacement shuttle, a forge, and an expansion at the upper right corner (first time the probe had moved since he got there...8 minutes ago).
Have at thee!

Do you give now sir knight?

'Tis but a scratch

Only a scratch?  I cut your arm off!

Alright, we'll call it a draw

Squall now decides on a strategy change, and begins pumping muta-ling. This is getting ridiculous. Do they have a side bet on who can use the worst strategy against what the opponent is doing?

Strafe assaults Squall's ramp with 17 dragoons, 2 reavers, and his corsair. The reavers are stuck behind the single goon who is taking up the ramp (don't you just love when that happens?) and aren't able to attack. After firing a few volleys at the hatchery, Strafe figures that his reavers should be attacking instead of loading up probe porn. He moves his goon off of the ramp and lets a reaver on before 2 more goons step onto the ramp and leave the other reaver to um...proceed. Squall sends a few mutas and zerglings to kill the reaver, but to no avail. He then puts down a sunken behind his hatchery and begins massing troops near his overlords. Once the sunken finishes, the reaver begins focus firing on it. Quite a few lings and a couple of mutas take out the reaver with 4 hp left on the sunken. Unfortunately for Squall one last scarab got off before the reaver died, and took out the sunken and all but 3 of his lings, since they were surrounding it.
Ok, time for the thanks

Thanks go to .Praetor and Z~L, for the constructive criticism

Thanks to JV and the Staff

Thanks to my fellow writers, for the help and the ideas

Thanks to MSPaint and Wordpad, since those are the only programs I have available

Thanks to the raters for giving this a gold ;)

Or even if they don't, thanks anyway

Thanks to everybody in nh, although I'm not sure why

And, last but not least, thanks to all of you who are reading this

Strafe, having now destroyed the hatchery, sunken, and most of the zerg forces, loads up his reaver at the ramp in his brand spanking new shuttle and unloads it on the plateau. The few defending mutas fall to the corsair and the dragoons, although Squall gets one final laugh when he kills off the corsair with his last 2 scourge. Strafe begins taking out the overlords between him and the teal main, sending two corsairs to aid him. A few zerg units are thrown at the protoss juggernaut, but it's too little, too late. As the brown units begin firing on his main, Squall leaves the game.
That reaver earned himself a night with the praetor's own personal probes

Hope you weren't looking for alt-text in this report...I told you there wasn't any

Parting Thoughts

  • I'm a thief, if you hadn't noticed. The background for this report was stolen from this Drefsab report.
  • The build order idea was stolen from endersshadow, I'm far too lazy to link to them. At least I gave credit.
  • Besides that, there's been stolen ideas and text in every one of my reports, what can I say, I'm not that original.
  • I love writing reports, reading reports, and Thanks to the community and staff for the site.

    Please leave a comment, and thanks for your time.

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