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Make That Nada
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Date: 12/07/03 07:12
Game Type: Starcraft
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.... Once again I, BlueRibbon, return to you with yet another Starcraft battlereport. I relized recently the sort of decline in the number of reports, and decided I might as well help out. Recently more Fanfics than actual battlereports have been created, and considered the URL of the site thats bad news bears. But I'll try to liven up the Starcraft end of the site, which my man El_Suxor recently showed off on. The game I bring you is between two professional gamers (what else is new?). Avatar's to right, Pictures to the left.
The first contestant is, *Cue cheesy inspirational music* Red[Nada]. Recently there has been some controversy over who is the best in the world now, BoXeR, or Nada. I won't even pitch my two cents because I would have to start into large ongoing paragraphs to explain their Pro's and Con's. But I can say this, Nada is not just a pushover, one hit wonder, like Chumbawumba, the 50-member band who made that song "Tub Thumper", or whatever the fuck it's called.

.... Red[Nada] is a Terran lover. He boasts victories over such stars as Slayers_`BoXeR`, and [NC]Yellow. He appeared on the scene a few years back and has been gifted with some skill. Unlike BoXeR, Nada is a bit more defensive, and as such usually keeps himself alive longer.

.... The other contestant is *BUM BUM BUMMMMM* H.O.T.Forever. HOT (As I will refer to him) is another big timer. He has several victories over such illustrious stars as Slayers_`BoXeR`, and Elky. HOT won one of the more recent WCG tourneys. I believe it was the 2002, but I can't figure it out when the information that is of an interest on, is in Korean. Anyways He loves Zerg from the bottom of his heart, and has some very handy experience/skill.

....If you've ever seen the pictures of him taken after he won the WCG tourney, his hair is all these different bright colors of orange, blue, and green. I use to think the kid in my school with Ice blue hair was weird, but like all Korean's are into this "Make Your Hair A Different Color to be Cool," thing. But that must just be because they are all commies. Anyway...

On with the report!

.... The map will almost naturally be LT. Despite the multiple great maps around lately including, Dahlia, Gaema Gowon (Which was actually named after a highland in Korea o_o), and JR's Memory, Lost Temple will always be a favorite of pro's, and simple gamers alike.

.... As the game began Nada chose Brown Terran, and received the 9 o'clock position. Meanwhile HOT chose Purple Zerg, and retrieved the 6 o'clock position. Both players started their common build stratagems. HOT chose to build a hatchery at his natural early, and would begin to tech toward the almighty Lurker. Nada on the other hand would build double barracks, and move quickly toward M&M drop. Both scouted early to their adjacent bases, and found one another. At this point Nada new that HOT was building a fast expanse at his natural, and without the backup of medics, sent 5 marines to the site quickly, to probe the defenses and to try and cause some confusion. He moved toward the hatchery only to find one Sunken colony finished, and another halfway complete. To his dismay, he retreated after losing 2 marines.

....Not to long after this Nada had finished his Starport, and loaded up two firebats, four marines, and two medics. Meanwhile, HOT had finished his Lurker upgrade and was creating several Lurkers.

....At about the same time the dropship came across the trench, the lurkers were spawned, and as they were moving toward the ramp, they noticed the dropship, and were right on its tail. As the dropship came in it noticed the lurkers and veered off course to the right, and unloaded its cargo below HOT's ramp. Nada moved his men forward after unloading them, and tried to attack the natural. However he ran straight into a Lurker spine from right next to the geyser and retreated back to his dropship. He then tried his luck in the Main, and moved his men via dropship to the far left of the 6 main. He unloaded them and started to fire on the vespane geyser. Not until after it was eliminated however, was there an attempt to disperse to Terran menace. Several Lurkers, and a few Hydralisks moved in and forced the Terrans to leave before they could eliminate the Spawning Pool nearby.

....Nada, soon after leaving the Zerg base made a re-drop onto the base, and landed right next to a spawning Spire. He used this surprise attack and eliminated the Spire, and then hastily retreated again. Instantly following this HOT remade the Spire. At the same time HOT was already making preparations to break out of his containment where several M&M&F were sitting. He was also ready to make a new hatchery at his third. As he moved his men out he did succeed in pushing back the Terran's but he prematurely made a Hatchery at his third and the MMF moved around and flanked it on its weak side. After having to cancel the Hatchery the Lurkers again drove off the Terrans and he restarted the Hatchery.

....Nada was retreating but was far from beaten. HOT had just expanded and was now massing troops. In response to this Nada dropped again in the far left of the Zerg Main. He dropped 8 marines without any medic support who although had no one to heal them managed to take out a Lurker, the Extractor (again), and the Spawning pool before being forced to retreat by Hydralisks. At the same time HOT took two Lurkers to the top of Nada's cliff and tried to destroy some economy. However with a bunker below, and several scv's to repair it, the drop was repelled, and only one of the Lurkers survived who proceeded to get in an Overlord and hitch a ride home. After these drop attempts, Nada moved a small percent of his men to three's main after a scout SCV saw a Hatchery being spawned.

....Nada was moving several M&M toward a spawning Hatchery at three. Despite the fact that Zerg reinforcements arrived it was too late and HOT had to cancel his new plans for a base. After the Zerg reinforcements showed up they destroyed the Terran troops who had caused mischief in their new lands.

....Not long after the destruction of three's main at the hands of Nada, HOT made his own move. He moved an Overlord who had been sitting on the top of Nada's cliff all game, down overtop of his third, and noticed a new Command Center. With the combined forces of his troops at home, and the men who killed Nada's troops up at three, he made an attack on this barely defended base. With a large force of Hydra/Lurker, he rushed in and quickly destroyed everything in site. A few tanks survived the chaos thanks to defense matrix but the Command Center was lost to Hydralisk focus fire, and the Zerg troops retreated after a great victory.

.... Not long after the satisfying victory at Nada's third, HOT retreated to the middle of the map. However, Nada had not been beaten as badly as he thought. Nada had saved the majority of his troops in the battle at his third, and quickly organized a counterattack onto HOT's third. He moved a large M&M force, and five Tanks with numerous Science Vessels down the left side of the temple wall, and right into HOT's third. In only a few seconds, not even enough time for HOT to act, the Hatchery had been destroyed and Nada was returning to his base.

.... Following the destruction of both players thirds, HOT was again intent on attacking into the heart of Nada's forces. He reinforced his men in the middle and then launched a massive attack against the awaiting Terrans. Despite the numbers they faced the Terrans overcame with help from Defense Matrix, Tanks and Micro. In the first part of the battle Nada's M&M were out in front stranded far from tank fire, but as more Zerg came they hastily retreated, and the Tanks laid fire to the advancing Zerg forces. The vast number of Hydralisk's coupled with the Lurker's should have overtaken them, but Nada preformed Micro well, and moved men in and out as they took more fire than the other flank. Doing so caused all of HOT's men to be killed, and Nada suffered fewer casualties.

.... As HOT recovered from that attack he had to realize now that he was still ahead. He had 5 bases whereas Nada had only two, making his income a hell of a lot higher. He also now had made a Ultralisk Den. Spawning Ultralisk would be a major blow to the M&M forces as they are extremely strong and durable beasts. Not to mention once they make melee range with M&M the splash from tanks hits the Marines also. With this in mind HOT started several Ultralisks. However, in the mean time, taking advantage of his strength in numbers Nada made his way to three's main, where the Zerg had re-established a base at it and its natural. When the Terrans arrived HOT sent all of his Hydra/Lurker he had remade + macro'd during the battle, and sent them to three. But before they arrived the Terrans had taken the high grounds and placed their tanks up there. This forced the Zerg to have no chose but to retreat and leave their bases to the wolves. The lead was now narrowed to three bases to two.

.... After this catastrophe for HOT, Nada moved all of those men for three toward twelve where the Zerg had infested the Natural. This time however, no high ground was aloud, and the Zerg had Ultralisks. They flanked the enemy from behind, and destroyed the Terrans with extreme prejudice. At the same time, Nada was flying in troops with that pesky dropship once again, and dropped 7 marines, and 1 medic on the lower left hand island destroying the Zerg attempts to infest there as well.

.... Despite the loses suffered at the hands the forces that had been being made at home base for Nada were quite large. He had a sizeable force sitting in his base, which also consisted of numerous Science Vessels with plenty of mana. He moved his men forward with his Vessels out in front. When they arrived at the previous battle site, they found HOT's Ultralisks sitting together. The Vessels promptly coated them with some icky gooie green stuff. The Ultralisks ran around like brain damaged horse before all but two of them exploded. The Terran forces came up after the Vessels and put to death all of the Zerglings, Lurkers, and Ultralisks they ran into. Well this was taking place, Nada landed several marines from the Island battle on HOT's cliff. They eliminated several drones before HOT ran them away.

.... After Nada finished with the myriad Zerg forces below twelve, he moved the bulk of his force to attack the natural where a Zerg base lay. He sieged up his tanks, and let his M&M go mop it up. The dropship that was on HOT's cliff flew into his main and opened fire on HOT's tech. With a sigh of disgust HOT left the game, and a victory was awarded to Nada.

Congrats to Red[Nada] for his victory and his success as a professional gamer. Most if not all of us nerds wish we could be in your shoes. Also special thanks to whatever site I got this replay from because I don't remember which one it was :D. As always I appreciate any commentary positive or otherwise. I learned nothing. Considering I haven't reported in awhile this will probably be my last report until after Christmas sometime, so Marry Christmas/Chanukah/whatever gay holiday you might celebrate. Until next time, let no crabs in your pants and no lice in your hair.

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