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"Probe fit the requirements perfectly because he was loud, mean, and obnoxious."

Escape Velocity Nova!
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Date: 09/27/03 12:09
Game Type: Other
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45 pictures. Alt text my ass.

Hello again!

Welcome to an Escape Velocity Nova report! Easy schoolwork, distant friends and a very undemanding job have all conspired to give me a lot of free time on my hands. And what better way to spend that time than becoming hopelessly addicted to an amazing video game?

Unfortunately I canít brag about being the first person to BR this game - in fact, Iím not even the third. I am, however, the first Canadian ( or at least the first Dutch Canadian ), and the first person who has ever offered to have cyber with Zerg~Ling. That said, his report will not have the extensive tutorial on the game that others have - if you want some greater idea of how things work, check out this br, or search for EldritchEvil here.

Starting Up

SO with all that garbage out of the way itís time to start our glorious adventure through the galaxy. Except thereís something I need to take care of first. As you can see to the right, I donít exactly look like a Galactic hero quite yet. In fact, I look about as menacing as the backup singer in a random boy band. Hence, I went to the nearest facelift parlor ( theyíre on every block here ) and received a more threatening visage:

Alright, well that feels better - now itís time to get going. Our planet Krypton is exploding and my parents are sending me to a distant planet called Earth and - oh, wrong storyline. Sorry. That was embarrassing.


Well, Iíll let the next picture do the talking.

To my friends I am to be known as LORD Dagomauler LOLZ, and to my enemies simply as Dagomarius. I order the bartender to give me a round of Diet Coke ( Iím underage ) in a very manly way as I wait for my ship to arrive. When Iím done filling in the standard identity files my sexy new shuttle comes gliding into view through my pink drinking straw. Well not really but you get the idea. With a casual grin I christen it the ďMalevolent MehdiĒ by bouncing my pop can off its back ( hey I thought it was the front, so sue me ) and hop aboard. My journeys through a very strange and even more threatening universe are about to begin!

And away we go!

I had to kick my shuttle controls a couple times to get the system view to shimmer into coherence, but when it did I was immediately annoyed. My vessel was the smallest craft ever to have stumbled into Port Kane. In fact, it was so pathetic that a bloody terrapin absolutely dwarfed it ( for those of you who donít know, a terrapin is the worst freighter you can hope to attain ). On the other hand, I had a collection of porn on my shuttleís computer that would put that terrapin captain to shame.

I dock my shuttle with Port Kane, a horrendously ugly Star Base named after the creator of the hyper gate system. An old weathered former captain hobbles over to greet me, and offers his services as guide. He looks a little too weathered for me so I turn him down, only to be flagged down by a very unweathered woman in a blue uniform. Iím about to tell her I like girls in uniform but before I can she informs me that she wants me to work for United Shipping ( US ). Money > girls, obviously, so I politely keep my thoughts to myself and accept her request.

I jump to Sol and see Earth with its huge artificial ring called the Kane Band or whatever, and hop over to another star system, accomplishing my US assignment in record time. With that done, I now have access to a whole lot of rather lucrative missions from the mission BBS area on any inhabited planet. Letís take a look at our first map of known space before we do anything else though. All I know of is a couple Federation-controlled star systems - suffice to say, that will soon change.

Woo, this is fun to write. Even if youíve read some of the reports Iíve referenced you to youíre probably wondering what the hell the Federation is. In brief, itís a fairly powerful state consisting of a great many star systems towards the center/west of the Galactic map. Think of its government as similar to that of the United States, except secretly controlled by the Bureau, a rather evil organization similar to the KGB. As I said, similar to the United States. Its ships are fairly powerful, generally more so than those of the feudal Auroran Empire to the South. Unfortunately they resemble paper planes when compared with the extremely advanced, organic vessels of the enigmatic Polaris to the East. Federation space is not too dangerous, generally, except there are swarms of Pirates ( mostly to the North ) and Rebels ( also to the North ). Furthermore thereís this fun organization called the Wild Geese who do whatever they please ( at the Southern extreme of Federation space ). Oh and the remnants of the Vellos people ( intellectuals with long hair who use telepathic ships ) eek out a living to the extreme West of Federation space. Whew. That paragraph took a lot out of me.

In any case, my goals are rather simple early on: make money, then get a better ship. At all costs. Iíve had this shuttle for the better part of a week and I already hate it with a bitter passion. Itís tiny, armed with a single light blaster and harder to control than Saddam Hussein on ecstasy. Furthermore, the main computer canít hold any more porn. I fester about the injustices of life when Iím met by a burly man with a confident swagger. Seeing the scratch ní sniff sticker of my shuttle pasted on my forehead he assumes Iím a captain and sits down. Apparently heís hunting the deadliest animals known to man ( cunjos ) with a couple clients, and he wants me to be his ticket. I laugh and shake my head, and he gets up. He turns around, about to leave, then mutters the price under his breath. 75,000 credits. With a weird squeal I launch myself in his general direction and beg him to employ my shuttle. In the end Iím forced to promise him sexual favors as well, and away we go. Iím such a good businessman.

En route to our destination I stumble about what may well be the most pathetic battle Iíve witnessed. A three way FFA starring a Terrapin, a Pegasus and a Leviathan - three freighters with the combined firepower of a tickle-me-elmo. However, thereís something disturbing about all this, I notice, and I donít quite figure out what that might be until Iíve cleared the ďbattleĒ zone. Oh yes. Not only is my shuttle smaller by far than any of their vessels, but it is also the weakest. It couldnít stand against a terrapin for more than ten seconds. The thought depresses me.

As you can see from the next screenshot me made it to Hourglass, the cunjo Homeworld or whatever without further incident. Predictably I manage to stumble into their mating ground and almost get torn apart by ten of the beasts.

After a few days of recuperation Iím good to go, and between cold beers and big laughs we retell our adventure over and over again. The good times continue until a rather interesting message appears at the bottom of my screen:

#^%$%!$$%!$%^!% DAMN SHUTTLE! With an engine about as big as George Bushís brain the shuttle is only good for 3 hyperspace jumps, and Iíd forgotten to recharge. Iím forced to drift about helplessly in a VERY violent system plagued by ionic storms, begging laughing pirates for assistance. Eventually a random trader working for United Shipping coasts in to give me a hand, but not before Iíve turned my quarters upside down in a frenzy of frustration.

I get back to Earth in one piece, and collect a very cool 75,000 credits. Thatís enough for A LOT of diet cokes, let me tell you. While in the bar a gaggle of scientists creep over and ask me to ferry a 5 ton probe to a very dangerous world on the edge of the known Universe, and deep, very deep, into Auroran space . . . for a measly 50,000 credits. Iím pretty drunk off those cokes by now so I offer a giddy ďOKAYĒ before bellowing for another round.

Well, my friends, itís that special time, the first of many such special times weíll encounter in this special adventure through a very special universe. I need a new ship ( obviously ), but unfortunately it wonít be anything good. I require the cheapest freighter with the biggest cargo bay I can afford and that will have to be . . . you guessed it . . . a terrapin. Not just any terrapin, mind you. With 110, 000 credits to my name Iím too cheap for, well, just about anything. Let the next screenshot do the talking:

The first thing I do is scamper on over to the bridge and check the computer memory. Thank goodness. Although the captain sold me the ugliest piece of junk Iíve ever seen at least the computer has twice the memory of my shuttleís. Jenna loves Brianna 4003, here I come.

Unfortunately I turned the volume up a little too loud and Iím forced to take off to the jeers of pretty much everyone in the shipyard. When I reach Earth orbit and see my ship in space for the first time I experience a rather familiar feeling. Disgust.

First off, if everyone looked as bad as this ship Rosie OíDonnel would be a playboy model. Secondly, if everyone moved as slow as this ship itíd take us three days and four nights to get out the front door. On the other hand, this shipís cargo capacity makes Rosseane look like Ally McBeal. And thatís that: I just named off all the famous people I know.

Oh well. With such a huge cargo bay I can load up on over a hundred tons of tradable goods at one planet, then sell them for an enormous profit in a nearby star system. However, youíll remember that my terrapin is used. That means its speed is even slower than most, it has NO weapons at all of any type, and it only has enough energy for 4 hyperspace jumps. Avoiding pirates should be tricky.

In any case, when I settle down at the next planet and swagger into the bar this happens:

I have a feeling the writers of this game didnít like rock ní roll. In any case I accept his mission with a giggle, and walk back to my beloved Disgustingly Ugly. This is where things got a little monotonous. I need a better ship, you see, one that can actually fight something and win once and a while. The fastest way to get credits for me right now? Haul freight between Xyon in the Enlightenment system and Earth in the Sol system. Itís fast, itís easy, and itís insanely boring. Whatís more Iím absolutely sick and tired of every ship anywhere being better than my own. I mean if I saw a small shuttle along the way or something I could cackle at its size and drink a diet coke to how far Iíve come. But that isnít happening. So it is that the adventures of LORD Dagomauler LOLZ for the next week are, well, worth nothing more than a single screenshot.

Once I have about 270,000 credits or so I decide itís higher than high time for me to get another ship. I made it back to Earth in one piece, somehow. I havenít been pirated once! Pretty amazing considering I have a ship just a little faster than that of Columbus. The HMS Disgustingly Ugly sags down into the shipyard, after almost kamikaze-ing into the bar, and Iím faced with a rather tough choice. Wait a little longer to buy a civilian Valkyrie, or go with a heavy fighter that looks suspiciously like a wraith?

In the end the choice is actually pretty damn blatant: itís time for me to get a Lightning. The valk is just too expensive, especially since Iíll need a lot of outfits to make my ship work properly. Not to mention the fact that if Iím going to buy one of those ships itís better for me to purchase the pirate variant, which is much, much more expensive. With a quick nod and a slight seizure ( Iím Canadian, what can I say ) I buy the Lightning Heavy Fighter extraordinaire!

Alright well, this is a lot better. The Lightning has great speed, wonderful maneuverability and a surprisingly deadly weapons compliment for a ship of its size. That will certainly come as a welcome relief after that accursed terrapin. I shouldnít have to bolt at the first sign of a hostile ship anymore, thatís for sure. Iíd like to say it looks cool but, um, it doesnít. Thereís a reason I named it after Mattz, after all ;).

After equipping my new ship with some necessary upgrades ( solar panels, decoder, naked lady calendars ) Iím off to ferry that band to their next gig. It goes well, except Iím told to expect some rumbles on the way to the next show. Doesnít that sound menacing - but I can fight back now!

Sure enough my sirens go off as I dash out of planetary orbit and with a smile I whirl about to face my attackers. As you can imagine that grin turned to a curse in record speed. Luckily my ship is nothing but fast and Iím out of there before you can say ďraters own.Ē That one was for you, Zergling!

For the next few days Iím frantically hopping in and out of systems trying to escape our hunters while that band plays singles from their album, ďJustified: the Sequel of the Sequel of the Sequelís Sequel.ĒIf you can imagine anything worse, let me know. Luckily I arrive at the second destination relatively intact, only to discover the singers are robots and my employer a fraud. I still get the cash though - not a bad deal.

Well, that was gay. Very lucrative, but even more gay. So gay that I can no longer stomach the date Iíd set with the Cunjo hunter. Luckily on the way back to wherever I was going I happen across a derelict Starbridge with a crew eager to get back home. I was about to slide by slowly while giving them a very cool Pupilís Eyebrow but my greed gets the better of me. Another mission, another 75K!

Letís have a status report, or as close to a status report as we can get in EV:N. My goal is to save up enough money to buy a really good ship so I can fight through whatever missions I end up getting. I also need an average combat rating, which helps in getting into several storylines. Furthermore, my girlfriend wants me to deliver some tampons from Mars back to Earth, the Cunjo hunter wants another date and Mark4 needs a see-through miniskirt.

I guess this is the kind of stuff that most reporters generally gloss over in a single sentence, but I took a lot of screenshots of me blowing up random spaceships and Iím damned if Iím not going to use them. For instance, observe the image to the right. I owned a pirate viper! And itís the first screenshot I took of the game that had an explosion in it.
I was doing some random shipping delivery for US when I zipped through a battle between a Pirate Enterprise and a Federation Carrier. Since the carrier is exponentially more powerful than an Enterprise I decided to turn back and see if I couldnít land the last shot on that Pirate, thereby bolstering my combat rating. I succeeded - except I didnít know ship explosions could damage you yet. When my shields and half my armor evaporated in a split second I learned rather quickly that um, yes, LORD Dagomauler LOLZ, they could.

You know, itíd be cool if the United Statesí name were changed to United Shipping. Wouldnít it? In any case I wonít bore you with the four more screenshots I took of me triumphantly blasting random ships into fiery oblivion. Except for one. My last US delivery before I had enough money to buy my insanely expensive ship of choice took me through a usually rather non-hostile sector of space. However in this case there was a lot of hostility, probably because more and more bars in the region were serving diet coke and calling it beer ( hey, Iím underage but I need to look manly ). So it was that I stumbled straight into a fairly intense fight between a Rebel Valkyrie and a Federation Destroyer. I barely made it to the planet!

And then, lo and behold, it happens. I swagger into the bar on Earth and meet up with a body traveling perpendicular to my chest at a speed detrimental to human health ( hey, Iím taking a lot of Math ). Apparently some guy is kicking everyoneís ass. Staying true to my nature, I side with the guy kicking everyoneís ass and help him kick everyoneís ass a little harder. After that, he buys me a beer, YES A REAL BEER AHAHAHA I CHEATED THE SYSTEM GG MR. BUSH NO I WILL NOT RE ON YOUR MAP.

In other words, Iíve started the Wild Geese missions! To be honest, I donít like that much, and Iím pretty sure that if Iíd refused his offer Iíd be able to start another, different string of missions. However, this is a battlereported game, and dammit I was pretty desperate to enter any type of storyline at this point. To make an overly long story short we end up heavily drunk and stumble back to our ships, only to discover that his has been impounded. So I have to haul this fat guy off to New Ireland for his cousinís wedding. My Lightning barely makes it off the ground.

Of course for some bizarre reason thereís no actual time limit on when I need to get him there, so I can blunder about making little bits of money and almost getting blown up for another year if I wanted to. Luckily for you, thatís about the one thing I donít want to do. I do, however, want to get a really good ship.

Although I havenít been to more than half of the major shipyards this game has to offer I do know that thereís some VERY nice Pirate vessels on sale at Viking, a hugely populated mining planet found but one jump away from Earth. When I get there some ďsoft, pallid scientistsĒ ( fu game makers, Iím in science ) greet me and give me an offer I canít refuse.

Now youíre probably ( hopefully ) wondering what ship Iíve been looking at. Hereís the answer: a Starbridge! And not just any Starbridge: no, the dark, Pirate-enhanced version with enhanced weaponry and minutely upgraded engines. This ship, variant for variant, is substantially more powerful than the one EldritchEvil settled on in his reports. It also costs an arm, a leg, a chicken farm and 10 hairs from Captain Kirkís head, but itís well worth it. So I buy it! And whatís more, I graciously name it the rook, after the site mascot whoís graciously given me so many marks.

Taking off from the planet I meet the first powerful vessel looking to kill me: an Auroran abomination. Although I couldnít afford to purchase any additional weapons or outfits for my Starbridge ( meaning my ship has a tiny fraction of the armament it can carry ) I still blow my attacker to dust in seconds. This ship is so fun I might not need my midget porn for a long, long time.

Surprisingly enough, I do make it to New Ireland eventually, and stay there a few days in the company of the hard-drinking, fun-loving, and wife-beating Irish folk. Though the wedding is glorious and the potato famine is non-existent the time comes that I need to take my big friend ( whoís actually an undercover operative working for the Geese ) back to Earth to pick up his ship.

On the way there I drop off those pallid scientists looking to form a base camp on some volcanic world ( donít worry, the other scientists who want to launch a probe are still aboard ). As I pass through a system enroute to Earth I meet a Pirate Argosy who ridiculously enough launches an all-out assault on my Starbridge. Now an Argosy is a fine light freighter ( if ugly ) - it has a decent weapons compliment and great speed. Itís better in many ways than my Lightning was. It is also worth about a third as much as my current ship. In other words: It is not better than my Starbridge. Soon enough, itís disabled, and I gleefully pirate the ship that would have pirated me.

When I get to Earth, however, things donít go quite as smoothly. In fact, they go about as smoothly as Michael Jacksonís last facelift. As you can see from the next bit of dialogue we seem to be in a whee bit of trouble. Apparently, even millennia into the future, bedding other peopleís wives is still frowned upon.

I am underage and I drink diet cokes. My friend is Irish. GG. We get trounced a couple times over and I wake up to a rather grisly sight. As you can expect, I wind up sick with a rage ( or something ), and sadly enough I have to take his body to New Ireland for the funeral. This should make for a good episode of ďThe Young and the Irish.Ē

When I get back thereís a fleet of Thunderhead heavy fighters waiting to greet me as an escort. Many tears are shed before we resolve to have our very cool and exciting bloody vengeance. I accept the mission given to me by the Commander of the Wild Geese and soon enough Iím off to some desolate, snowy world to destroy . . . well, just read the dialogue!

Now in all honesty I expected this first real combat mission with the Geese to be fairly easy. I mean, Iím new to the organization, and besides all I need to do is destroy a crashed ship with some Irish special forces Jedi character. As I was leisurely hopping closer to the target system I docked with a Wild Geese Starbase just a jump away from Sol. As I undocked from the station, midway through composing an opera I called ďThe Adventures of Dagomauler LOLZ,Ē a hundred sirens rang forth along the entire hull of my ship. I angrily whirled about to face my opposition, only to find an Auroran Carrier and its escorts filling half the screen. I put up a brave fight, but had it not been for the timely intervention of a Federation destroyer I would have been scrap metal in moments. The carrier allied me for now to face the new enemy and I got out of there as fast as my engines could take me.

When I finally arrived at the druggie system there were two thunderheads lying in wait for me. I smiled. This was pathetic - fine prey for that deadly Starbridge of mine! Unfortunately, my ship was still mostly empty ( over 20 tons of free space for weapons remained ) and, well, pirate thunderheads are some of the best fighters in the game. In short: I was forced to retreat.

New tactic: evade, donít attack. A Canadian strategy that has worked for decades. When I jumped back into the system one of those thunderheads had been replaced by a class IV Valkyrie ( the same type Eldritch used in his journeys ), which, to say the least, was a rather unwelcome surprise. I bolted off away from the planet, getting the thunderhead to follow me with a couple stray shots. When it was isolated from the Valk I smashed it to bits in short order ( though I lost some shielding ), and waited. Sure enough the other pirate vessel rocketed out to enact some timely vengeance. However, Iíd just read ďDogfighting for DummiesĒ and dodged him rather effectively, returning to planetary orbit before he did. I desperately tried to slow to landing velocity before the Valkyrie could catch up and force me to fight with almost no shields. However, the first of his missiles landed square on my shipís nose and knocked me off course. I compensated frantically and - lo and behold - Iíd landed!

As you can see, the mission was a resounding success. Taking off would be another matter. A full-fledged Pirate Manticore and a small escort waited for me as I breached the planetary atmosphere. Manticores are really not the type of things you want showing up at your birthday party. Theyíre vast, and besides their other armament ( which is immense ) they also have a devastatingly powerful device called the Crown of Thorns which, well, puts a supersoaker to shame. However, Starbridges are extremely fast and tough, so I make it out in one piece, just about.

Whew, that was an adrenaline rush. When I get back to New Ireland Iím the toast of the town, and suffice to say I had something a little stronger than Diet Coke that night. However, another day means another mission, and our vengeance against those bloody pirates is far from over. Head Commander Flannigan of the Wild Geese wants me to deliver some explosives to some evil dockworkers working for some evil Pirate boss. I agree to the job, pretending Iím doing it for truth and justice - but really, Iím just a pyro in need of release. Something like Osama bin Laden I guess.

THIS time the mission IS easy. I actually happen upon an angry marauding terrapin along the way, and in the best moment of the game up to this point I lock phasers and engage! Well theyíre blasters and light cannons but you get the idea. You know I really donít understand the rationale of attacking a rather deadly warship with a two-bit freighter but then, marauding in a terrapin is grounds for automatic entry to the Special Olympics.

Regardless, I deliver the bomb at Ryll and watch a lot of people die on the news. The life of a Galactic hero.

The return trip to New Ireland is relaxing and leisurely. I make a slight detour to the planet Rauther in ( surprise surprise ) the Rauther system. This is one of the only planets in the game thatís actually owned by a corporation, and though Iím not a big fan of companies I had to stop here. Why? Thereís outfits at Rauther that you wonít get anywhere else in Federation, and I need to fill up a lot of empty space. I buy a Hellhound nuclear missile launcher, four layers of carbon fibre armor, stock up on warheads for my radar missile launcher, buy a light blaster turret and some more light cannons. Furthermore I order my ship to be enhanced with vectored thrusts ( greater maneuverability ) and a quick Port and Polish ( slightly enhanced speed and agility ). The trade in value for my ship is now roughly 500,000 credits, compared with 120,000 for my Lightning, 30,000 for my terrapin and 10,000 for that shuttle!

I land on New Ireland eventually, and sure enough another mission is waiting for me. This will be the last mission of this first installment of our adventure, and itíll be the toughest by far. It seems my trusty Geese have found the location of the evil Pirate leaderís dreaded Prison ship, the ďDesperation.Ē Thatís good news. Unfortunately, the vessel is very heavily guarded, and Iím supposed to wipe out all opposition before boarding the thing and rescuing the inmates. But this isnít the worst of it. Supposedly, according to the game, Iím blushing at Commander Flannigan. Ick.

I depart New Ireland with a heavy heart, knowing that a tough battle awaits me near a distant star. On the way I stop by Earth and receive a simple cargo mission from Sigma Shipyards. Upon completion Iím told that I can now buy any manner of heavy freighter, right up to Leviathans! Whatís more I can now get fairly well paying sigma shipyard tasks in the Mission bbs section of any star system. Finally, if I complete the various sigma missions ( some of which are really dangerous ) Iíll get access to the hypergate system, a much quicker and more convenient way of traveling the galaxy. But weíll save that for Chapter 2!

Just before I reach my target system I stop at a nearby Starbase with a heavy heart. Iíve tried to do this mission before when I first downloaded the game, and failed miserably. I drink my diet coke in silence, my mind not once drifting to that burly Cunjo hunter.

After fending off some light opposition when I leave the base I make the short jump to the next system, and, lo and behold, thereís the Desperation. Not just the Desperation, mind you, but three Pirate Vipers and 2 Pirate Enterprises. All that versus my Starbridge. Ridiculous? No kidding.

I race off away from the Desperation as quickly as my engines can take me, with the vipers in hot pursuit. The high speed chase continues until Iím far enough away that I can engage without worrying about being fired on by anyone but the fighters. As you can imagine, all three perish in record time.

Then thereís those Enterprises. Pirate Enterprises are powerful freighters indeed, and the heavily modified versions are extremely capable warships in their own right. The Desperation is now in hot pursuit, but I nonetheless manage to lure one of those Enterprises away from the pack. Itís a tough battle, even one on one - the enemy shipís railguns are deadly and difficult to dodge. In the end, however, my speed and weaponry are just too much. The Enterprise erupts in a ball of fire, and the other drifts off to the edge of the battlefield. Itís just Rook versus the Desperation, now.

Iím feeling rather confident about my odds until I realize the Desperationís shields recharge at an absolutely insane rate. I knock the vesselís force fields down to about 50% before being driven away by that Crown of Thorns. When I whirl about to make a second strafing run, the shields are back up to nearly full intensity. This goes on for surprisingly long before a particularly devastating volley from the Pirate ship blows through my shields and vaporizes half my armor. I have no other option but to flee. With my tail between my legs I rocket out of the star system and head back to Rauther.

Iím pissed. No, really pissed. Maybe not as pissed as those scientists who STILL have their probe in my cargo hold from way before, but still, the fact remains. How can I possibly fight a fleet of that size? I raid a couple pirate vessels on the way to Rauther for credits and brainstorm. I used no fewer than five Hellhound nuclear missiles on the Desperation last time and all were jammed. Radar missiles were even less effective. Obviously my blasters couldnít cut through the shields alone - what I needed was a secondary weapon that always hit and did a huge amount of damage. The answer? Gravimetric missiles.

A gravimetric missile launcher costs 60,000 credits, if I remember correctly, which isnít too bad. Its missiles, however, cost 1750 apiece ( which is pretty insane ) and each takes up a ton of free space! I sold my hellhound launcher and seized this monster off the shelves. Well, actually it took three robots, five big men, 2 whores, a goat and a fully grown Johnny_Vegas, but, you get the idea. I also loaded up with a grenade launcher, a handy little device crafted to throw pursuing ships off your tail. I sighed, kissed the Canadian flag and headed back to the Desperation.

This time, 6 vipers, an Enterprise, another Manticore, a class IV Valkyrie and the Desperation loomed in wait for me as I left hyperspace. This was obscenely bad. My strategy was similar: Iíd soar out into the abyss, and get those vipers to follow me. All six of them did, and all six fell prey to random concussion grenades and a withering barrage of blaster/cannon fire. The same tactic worked rather well on the Enterprise, especially when a couple Federation fighters jumped in to help me, temporarily distracting the Valkyrie. I went for the Desperation, launching no fewer than five gravimetric missiles at the big brute and waiting for its shields to plummet.

The results were rather abysmal. The Pirate vesselís shields dropped a measly 10% with every hit, and by the time I closed in for close-quarters combat they were only down to 50%. Not to mention the fact that those Federation fighters had been slaughtered and the Valkyrie was closing in on an intercept velocity. The other manticore held its distance for some reason - perhaps he was scared off by my handle-bar moustache. Nevertheless the battle was hopeless, and to a hail of erupting nuclear missiles and railgun fire I got the hell out of there as quickly as I could!

Well, Iíve been repulsed twice in this Starbridge, and Iím not making any real progress against the Desperation. Obviously I need a new ship, a better ship, and THAT will take an awful lot of money. Meaning, wait for the second installment! Next time, weíll change ships twice, journey into the extremes of Auroran and Polaris space and undertake missions that, well, see a lot of dead ships and explosions and such.

See you soon in the world of EV:N, and stay tuned for that new website by Keanu and myself, coming up soon!

luckynewb: btw, this report you're writing
luckynewb: better include my name two dozen times

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