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Fading Realm Fracas
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Date: 07/17/03 11:07
Game Type: Warcraft 3
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It's that time of the month again.

Behaviours suddenly change and certain people get more needy and urgent. Common symptoms include, but are not limited to, irrational behaviour, loss of respect, baseless accusations, and general bitchiness about the world. When it's all over they'll pretend that nothing happened or that they were a victim in the whole torrid affair, but it's painfully obvious to anyone with half a brain that those poor souls are just UMSing.

As a public service today, I'd like to ease the burden of anyone suffering from UMS with a brand new battle report set on classic battlefields of yore. This particular battle was fought yesterday afternoon. Links to download the replay or the custom map can be found at the very bottom of the report.

Map Overview

(2) Fading Realm

The main thoroughfare of Fading Realm is a switchback in the shape of a 'Z' (the hotkey of choice for all the hacking remappers). The corners of the 'Z' are circled by loops, each one decorated with a tavern and two standard-size expansions. A Goblin Merchant and Goblin Laboratory are available in the middle of the map, and each main base has a Mercenary Camp hidden behind a stand of trees. There are also a variety of inaccessible cliffs which would make for deadly seige drops by an enterprising zeppelin owner.

Creeps are from the typical Sunken Ruins tileset and are scattered in homogenous groups across the map. There are three camps of trivial creeps near each main base and a squad of Jungle Stalkers guarding the Mercenary Camps. The expansions are guarded by fairly difficult groups of Murlocs and Stormreavers, respectively. The former group is often mistake for its much weaker Plunder Isle cousins (with disasterous results) and the latter group contains a Level 9 Warlock who can cast Monsoon and Animate Dead. Finally, the central shops are guarded by Revenants who are much tougher than they appear.

To many players, this map is vaguely familiar.



slimon [nh]
Level 14 Orc (Rank 117 on USEast)
Chosen Orc, upper left

Aether-X [A-X]
Level 10 Random
Randomed Human, lower right

In the beginning...

Ever since patch 1.10, which made the construction of tier one units a viable alternative to losing, build orders have become much more predictable. slimon, who starts this match in the northern start spot, constructs an Altar of Storms, a burrow, a barracks, and a second burrow. His Farseer begins training before the second burrow.

Poor_Lil_Newb opens with an Altar and four moonwells, and then immediately upgrades his Tree of Life while training a Keeper of the Grove and chattering incessantly. However, he's not in this game, so we don't give a rat's ass about his build order.

On the south side of town, Aether-X (aka fatalblow) builds an Altar of Kings, a barracks, and two farms, followed by the old standard, an Archmage. He begins training footmen immediately, and slimon does the same with grunts.

Oh What Her Ass Meant!

With the aid of a water elemental, Aether-X clears his starter creeps, a Makrura Pooldweller and some Makrura Prawns. After collecting a sexy pair of Spiderman boots (+3 Agility), he defeats a small camp of Stormreaver Apprentices near the tavern. Meanwhile, slimon erects a Voodoo Lounge and sends his Farseer out on a mission to spread Orc gospel to the Human infidels. After a long pilgrimage, the Farseer gets into missionary position and harasses peasants and militia until Aether-X can walk his creeping party home.

The Farseer and his wolves manage to kill a single peasant before being routed but no real damage is incurred on either side. Both players upgrade their town centers to tier two and Aether-X sends the Archmage and a bevy of six footmen to pursue the Orc hero all the way home.

Halfway there, Aether-X shows a spark of ingenuity by sneaking past some sleeping Revenants and hiring a zeppelin from the local Goblin Laboratory. In the time it takes slimon to maneuver his Farseer to his grunt army, Aether-X has flown his force directly into the Orc base, officially stealing the First Drop of 1.11 Award from any competitors.

slimon has just started attacking his Makrura Prawns and Prooldweller when six frootmen lay into the nearest burrow. He's quick to return despite the creeps nipping at his ankles, and loads up the burrows with peons. Aether-X commands his footmen to Defend and destroys two burrows while the water elementals act as a meat shield against the angry grunts. Although he loses two footmen, Aether-X is very effective at using the zeppelin to shuffle wounded units around the battlefield, and his Archmage reaches Level 2 before he decides to retreat.

slimon's Farseer gets a few pot shots off at the zeppelin, but soon it disappears over the horizon. Thinking that the threat has passed, he rebuilds the burrows and finishes the construction of a War Mill. But then, he discovers that Aether-X had not gone home after all! The zeppelin had unloaded at the top of the ramp and the Human army had engaged in a healthy game of creepjacking.

Afraid of getting surrounded in the cleft, Aether-X escapes to the skies with stolen experience, leaving slimon a goodwill gift in the form of Slippers of Agility.

Let's Get Down to Business

Twin towers arise in Aether-X's base -- Arcane Sanctums which officially open round two of the fight. Luckily, Aether-X doesn't crash his zeppelin into them -- he does a slow bank near his base and returns to the Goblin Merchant to defeat the Revenants. He narrowly misses bumping into slimon, who sends his army around the northern trail.

The Goblin Merchant is guarded by two Revenants of the Sea (Level 5) and a Level 8 Revenant of the Depths. It's marked on the minimap as a medium difficulty creep camp, an incredible tidbit of misinformation. (In patch 1.12, you'll be able to buy False Recon at the Goblin Laboratory and mess with an opponent's minimap. You can mark dragons as easy creeps and mark fake expansions for ambushing purposes). When the footmen strike the granddaddy Revenant, it summons a sea elemental -- a buff water elemental with a seashell bra. The elemental targets the zeppelin first, and Aether-X wisely decides that this enemy is a tad too hard. He reloads his zeppelin and flies away.

They're met at home by a welcoming party: a brand new Mountain King named Buri and slimon's riled up grunt army. (Slimon hasn't made any tier two buildings at home, but a Shadow Hunter is currently in the queue). slimon's charge falters as his grunts near the base, giving time for Aether-X to rally his forces and train priests. The Orc army uses a pair of wolves as a bottleneck, trapping all the footmen between an Arcane Sanctum and the treeline. While the Farseer shoots over their heads, Aether-X's militia are forced to flank and face the grunts away from the Mountain King's protection. This plan backfires when the grunts themselves become bottled up behind the wolves and slimon gives up some ground to get in a better position. With liberal use of Stormbolt on individual grunts, Aether-X breaks out of the bottleneck and attempts to divide the enemy.

slimon's Farseer finally gains Level 2 from a Human death and immediately launches a Chain Lightning across the backs of the footmen and militia. Both players are micro machines, dancing wounded units away from the front or into the zeppelin. The arrival of two priests and a water elemental even out the battle, but slimon decides to play it safe and teleports away with severe injuries but no casualties. Aether-X's lost a little wood, but that's more of a personal problem. He repairs his zeppelin and then gets his peasants back to chopping. Both armies take a moment to heal their men, and Aether-X's army is the first to get back in the hunt. Supported now by priests and sorceresses, he flies his army back to the central valley, where the previously disturbed Revenants are eerily patrolling the southern path.

Although he has not replenished his stock of footmen, Aether-X's army is now fortified with a daily allowance of spellcasters and they do a credible job of attacking the Revenants. It's here that they're discovered by slimon, with his healed grunts and two new demolishers (French for catapults). Aether-X beats a hasty retreat, and both players endure a strange period of truce as they divide up the Revenants. Once the hardest has been killed, battle lines are drawn and the true fight begins.

Aether-X sets a Healing Ward behind his magicians and holds the line with two water elementals, two footmen (errantly Defending), and the Mountain King. slimon's force is haphazardly positioned, mainly due to the nasty creeps running amok in the middle. slimon makes ample use of Chain Lightning and Healing Wave, but the tenacious Humans push forward slowly but surely.

At one particularly hairy moment, slimon uses his Shadow Hunter to tank. As his health drops dangerously low, he darts for the Goblin Merchant and fills up on battle-turning goodies, like a Periapt of Vitality and a Scroll of Protection. slimon obliterates the Human front line and retreats just far enough for the pursuing spellcasters to be in range of his demolishers. Aether-X, meanwhile, is focus-firing one grunt at a time and using all the spells in his arsenal. After one of his sorceresses explodes on contact with a demolisher payload, he brings the zeppelin back into the fray to dance units about.

The Level 2 Mountain King is the first hero to fall, but by now, slimon is reduced to his demolishers and heroes. When his Farseer falls into the double digits, slimon runs him away, and Aether-X breaks formation to give chase. The Shadow Hunter buys a few precious seconds by Hexing the Archmage into a seal, and the Farseer gets away.

Aether-X's forces are now reduced to a Level 3 Archmage and a sorceress, both in the red. Rather than fight slimon's Shadow Hunter and demolishers, Aether-X hops back into his zeppelin and flies to his cliff, where magical reinforcements await!

The refreshed army returns to the fray (except for the archmage who prefers the view from the zeppelin) and pursues the Farseer with single-minded determination. Once the sorceress has cast Slow, the Farseer's mount runs like a little girl, and it's a trivial task for the Archmage to fall out of his zeppelin directly in his nemesis' path.

With the Farseer out of the picture, Aether-X now has the larger army. He makes a stand atop slimon's hill with his spellbreakers protecting the army. Each spellbreaker has the ability to Feedback enemy magicians, taking their mana and converting it directly into damage. This was not a happy day for the Shadow Hunter. The Orc hero is forced to retreat to the Merchant for a Scroll of Town Portal, losing one of his demolishers in the process. He puts up a second barracks at home to replenish his troops faster, and revives his Farseer.

It's like Ping Pong.

It's now fourteen minutes into the game. Aether-X has revived his Mountain King and commands a small force of spellbreakers and sorceresses. He has a Castle at home, and has finally built an Arcane Vault and Blacksmith. slimon has a Shadow Hunter, a severely damaged demolisher, two grunts, and a fresh adept witch doctor from the local Spirit Lodge.

Aether-X wastes no more time and sweeps into slimon's base with his magical friends, followed by a led zeppelin. slimon responds with a controlled retreat, deftly dropping stasis traps in his trail. Because the spellbreakers have medium armor, they aren't as affected by the demolisher. They press the attack with the aid of a stomping Mountain King, despite the use of Hex, wolves, and a peon.

With only two grunts remaining, slimon retreats to the rear of the base and Aether-X moves in for the kill. He uses Stormbolt to stop fleeing grunts and then peppers them with magical attacks. Reinforcements are arriving by the minute, with a knight being the latest addition to the army. The Farseer falls yet again, and slimon pulls back even further, near the cover of his loaded burrows.

Aether-X almost pursues the Shadow Hunter in a full circle around the Burrows of DEATH, but wises up and decides to attack them instead. While the Human army is distracted by the burrows, slimon focuses on killing the Mountain King. He's almost successful too, but the zeppelin once again intervenes and collects the Mountain King with 66 hitpoints left. Magic is still playing an important role in this battle -- slimon continues to use his stasis traps, while Aether-X finishes off his stash of creep-given healing wards and casts Inner Fire on everything in sight. slimon has only his hero, a grunt, and the faithful demolisher left when Aether-X unexpectedly calls the retreat! The Human army, reduced to heroes, a spellbreaker, and a priest, load up the zeppelin and fly away to the south.

The Turning Point

The southern migration halts on slimon's river bank and the zeppelin abruptly turns around. Evidently, Aether-X was just concerned with staying out of range of the burrows. His meagre troops re-press the attack while repressing the defense, and soon the final grunt falls to a Stormbolt. slimon gets his revenge by launching an unflaming pile of crap in the air with his demolisher, finally murdering the Level 3 Mountain King. He then returns to his old tricks, drawing the Archmage and his support into the heart of burrow land.

Burrows are insanely quick to destroy units when focused, and the Archmage loses over half of his life before the zeppelin driver's contract can be renewed. slimon launches a Hex at the Archmage as it retreats, but an Inner Fired critter is just as sturdy as a human one, and it makes it safely back into the air. Meanwhile, the first of the last burrows falls to a knight and water elemental.

Aether-X destroys another burrow before losing his knight and sorceress. With only an Archmage to play with, he flees the base, calling frantically for backup. The flaming zeppelin and near-dead Archmage limp away just as slimon's Farseer pops out of the Altar. slimon sets a pair of wolves in pursuit and reduces the Archmage to under 10 hit points before it again takes cover in the zeppelin (which will be renamed Coward's Blimp in 1.12).

The zeppelin, however, isn't much better off that the Archmage, and the Shadow Hunter's spinning propellors knock it out of the sky without much effort. Still stunned from the fall, the Archmage nevertheless has the sense of mind to summon a water elemental and town portal away with only three hitpoints to spare.

No doubt the Orc heroes had some choice words for such frivolity, but most of them would add too much colour to this report.

Money Whoa's

With the threat gone, slimon begins rebuilding. Luckily, he had not lost many peons, so resource-replenishment was his number one action item. Both players realize that their main mines will run out soon and after training more troops they each tackle gold-guarding creeps near their bases. Aether-X had two priests in the field, and it took mere seconds to restore his Archmage to full health. After defeating a clan of Stormreavers ([StRe] on, Aether-X brings his Archmage to Level 5 and his revived Mountain King to Level 4. He immediately begins building a Town Hall next to the southwest gold mine, and then loads up his zeppelin.

No doubt hilarity will ensue.

After a brief stop to clear the Revenants at the Goblin Laboratory, Aether-X drops his army on the hills overlooking slimon's base. The surprise is spoiled by a rallying grunt who is quickly slaughtered, but slimon is now in the central valley and far from home. He runs to the Laboratory, but for reasons unknown, he does not buy a zeppelin. Instead, he sends his army across the valley to the Merchant, where he buys a Scroll of Town Portal and returns home.

In his absence, slimon's base was guarded only by a demolisher and a newly trained spirit walker, an ethereal unit that cannot be harmed by physical attacks. Aether-X spams water elementals and Inner Fire. slimon counters by using his Wand of the Wind on the Mountain King. Aether-X nullifies the dwarf-tossing with a spellbreaker -- he removes the cyclone from underneath the Mountain King and drops it on one of slimon's grunts instead. slimon then Hexes the Archmage (who's spent more time this game as a frog or a crab or a seal than a human) and cyclones the Mountain King again, only to have the cyclone stolen and placed on his spirit walker instead.

History repeats, and soon all that's left are the heroes and their summoned pets. slimon tries to lure the enemy back to the burrows again, but Aether-X is older and wiser during this battle. He waits on the edge for reinforcements and then begins destroying the nearest Voodoo Lounge.

The Mountain King reaches Level 5 during the battle and a Level 3 Stormbolt spells D-O-O-M for the Farseer. As his Spirit Lodge crumbles, slimon finally waves the white flag and surrenders to Aether-X.


* Download the Replay (requires patch 1.11)
* Download the Map (click the Games tab and find Warcraft III Maps in the left-hand menu)
* Read more reports by ~CattleBruiser~

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