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A Game Called Starcraft
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Date: 07/13/03 12:07
Game Type: Starcraft
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A Game Called Starcraft

Press play once loaded.

he Protoss duo of REXO & B-NyCe_X began at 12 & 6 respectively, while a Terran randompubbie was forced to build at 3 map-opposite his Protoss ally cedric_quebec. Builds were typical considering the flavour of the matchup with REXO the first to speak up. A pair of Zealots headed to the ramp at the 3 base only to find a Terran wall blocking the apex. REXO pulled out with no casualties and his thoughts turned to the undiscovered base at 9. Scouting on both sides was poor early on but never the less REXO & B-NyCe_X coordinated their forces and headed towards cedric_quebec's rag tag base. You could practically hear REXO's lead Zealot sigh for this ramp too was blocked.

utnumbered and outclassed, cedric_quebec focussed on self preservation by installing intrabase defense and training the elusive Dark Templar. No detection for the attackers meant it was only a matter of time before the last Dragoon would tumble - and tumble it did!
Towards the end of tensions randompubbie felt he had the resources to allocate two shiny Siege Tanks to help out his weary partner. Only one made it due to a poor effort at handling a pair of enemy Dragoons. Still it gave cedric_quebec a chance to relax a tad or even better, to try a DT drop on REXO.

he timing was lovely as both REXO & cedric_quebec were using Dark Templar - but no Observers. All REXO could do was watch and wait for an Observer to become available. B-NyCe_X loaned out one of his own and despite a few botched attacks(cliffed tank@6, DT attack@9) things returned to normal.
For the next 2 or so minutes, everyone paced their way to the ultimate goal of securing an expansion. cedric_quebec trying to act fancy landed on the North-West island expo. The plan lost fruition around about the time REXO dropped by with a Reaver and 2 Zealots.

nother expansion enomoly was the cause of the first major battle between the 2 teams. B-NyCe_X's over eagerness to expo whore was not taken lightly by randompubbie. Seige Tanks and Vultures approached the outlying area of the 6 mineral only Expansion, assuming a rushed formation before letting loose with all they had. The battle swung towards an early Terran favour until a few Zealots broke through to point blank of the Tank line. Casualties were high on both sides, with merely 2 Tanks able to retreat. B-NyCe_X could keep his Expansion, for now...

he North/South Protoss alliance was powering with a total of 4(dry mains) working Expansions and looking at grabbing another on the South-East isle. After just had dealt with a pesky/innefective Reaver drop, randompubbie once again felt the need to limit the extent of Protoss powering. One dropship loaded with 2 Seige Tanks headed over untamable terrain to the cliffs above 6 Natural. Unloading and Seiging, the Tanks dispatched an entire set of B-NyCe_X's Probes. Not waiting round for dinner the Tanks reloaded and moved inside the 6 Main.
Poor old cedric_quebec had his first attempt at Expansion defense against a detatchment of REXO's army. The defense was adequately successful with some elegant PSI Storming, and *cough* the guardian angel Seige Tank.
Once again randompubbie's Dropship deployed, this time on the cliff overlooking B-NyCe_X's mineral only Expansion. The Tanks helped themselves to another session of Probe target practice before being overrun by angry Protoss relatives.

ot one to discriminate against colour, randompubbie lead a team of experts to the small mountain overlooking REXO's Natural Expansion. The cliffs were pre-emtively protected by a few Cannons, unfortunately not enough to stop a determined Seige Tank Commander. The task of removing anything Protoss from the hill was very drawn out, giving us time to look at REXO's newest attack on cedric_quebec's Natural. Without a thought for the safety of his own troops, REXO forced fire onto the previously damaged Nexus. REXO suffered pure casualties but managed to take the Nexus down, leaving cedric_quebec's poor economy even worse off. Another Nexus was warped but funds were scarce.
At the North-East cliff area randompubbie's strengthened attack group had moved in Seige Tank range of the mining operations below. With great force the Tanks reigned shells down upon the Nexus and the Probes working there. Progressive attempts to dislodge randompubbie's Tanks were made first by REXO then shortly afterwards and successfully by B-NyCe_X.

or the fist time in the game a coordinated attack was attempted by the partnership of randompubbie & cedric_quebec. The idea was to overwhelm B-NyCe_X's forces at his base entrance and then to gradually move in and take it over. Hmmm, well it didn't quite pan out as expected since both B-NyCe_X & REXO were ready for it with troops in close range to flank with. It was a heavy loss for the Terran/Toss team, but not too heavy.
It didn't take long for randompubbie to get back to his old trick of dropping expansions. This time he popped into the undefended South-East Island Expo and wiped it clean within seconds.

ALP! Came the call from the middle West. One look and you could see why; not 1, not 4, but 2 very adequate Protoss divisions marching right up the ramp at the 9 Main and not helped by the fact an orange Dark Templar had been told to force fire on the Nexus. There was little randompubbie could do to help really so he continued the Expansion killing, taking out the 6 Natural next. cedric_quebec held on for dear life, loading probes into a shuttle and transporting them to start a new life just below the 3 mineral only Expansion. Meanwhile REXO felt comfortable in taking the Top-Left island Expo

ith REXO's forces scattered around the map, randompubbie felt confident his Metal hoarding ass could cause some damage. Half a dozen Dropships took the short journey to the 3 Main and unloaded amongst a variety of Protoss structures. Seige Tanks deployed and Vultures laid mines making the area more hostile than North Korea on a Wednesday. Within seconds of the seige, troops were rallied by both Protoss enemies.

he first Protoss wave from REXO had a hard time running the Tank/Mine gauntlet and were sent packing. B-NyCe_X felt he could help out an old friend and so redirected his 9 Main-stomping division to the Terran pest up north.
Things looked to be heading for a repeat but B-NyCe_X was no fool, for coming to a hover over the Tank array was a lone Protoss Shuttle. One at a time the Zealots unbuckled and attacked the Tanks head on. This distraction allowed other units to come into attack range, Terran casualties mounted fast and full.

oy was to be shortlived for the Protoss duo, particularly B-NyCe_X who's recent efforts were not appreciated by Terran Command. To hang onto the shred of momentum he had, randompubbie assembled a second, larger drop force. The journey to the centre of the 6 Main was less bumpy than expected, picking up old friends along the way. Before they could sneeze the Seige Tanks were ordered to deploy, this time Goliaths acting as backup. The Campaign was harsh yet honest.

ithin a few short moments the 6 Main was wiped clean of the colour Purple. B-NyCe_X was unable to scratch the Goliath/Tank itch.

eeling the ground war was unwinnable REXO started a Carrier production facility at the empty 9 Main. B-NyCe_X's Main and Natural had just been decimated leaving the mineral only Expansion open from all sides. randompubbie quickly capitalised to RANDOMPU... no he moved once again to the ledge overlooking the 6 min only and blasted it to Hades.

ollowing the success of recent Terran drops, randompubbie kept the ball rolling by setting up for another[drop]. The target this time was REXO's open base at the top of the Temple basin. Like clockwork the drop team Deployed and Destroyed leaving more craters than you'd find on the face of a McDonalds employee, and giving cedric_quebec a little room to breathe or stockpile cannons.

Zerg~Ling and EldritchEvil are a poopoo heads

tretched resources meant that Dropship allocation had to be booked in advance. The pickup point was way back down at the edge of the 6 Main, where the remainder of drop force 2 was busy dealing with the angry natives. Arriving with little time to spare they headed West to the Mysterious 9 Main. REXO's hidden base had been found and the shit hit the fan. One of only 4 available Carriers was shot down trying to remove the Terran presence.
randompubbie's cash flow had stopped a while ago and only when a Command Centre landed at the South-East Isle Expo did it start up again. Prioity was given to anti-Carrier units namely Goliaths and Wraiths.

ot forgetting the task at hand, randompubbie rallied his ground troops above the 3 mineral only and sent them North. First to cop it was B-NyCe_X's Nexus at the 12 Natural, leaving the Purple Toss wondering what the hell to do next. Ascending the ramp into REXO's 12 Main was eerily easy. A short skirmish between races transpired before Terran dominance prevailed and the base was cleared. randompubbie made immediate use of the Natural, it being one of the few remaining Expansions.

tubborn and old fashioned, randompubbie loaded up another drop team and headed North-West to REXO's island Expo. Like something out of a nightmare, the Terran drop went horribly wrong with unloads failing all over the place. By the time REXO's Carriers had arrived to save the day, night had fallen. The Carriers were still in attack formation, so the order was given to head East toward the Terran occupied territories.

he first notable attack came at the just finished 12 Natural, and both sides well aware of each others capabilites. A scan, then another from randompubbie revealed several Observers accompanying the Carrier fleet. A small rear cloacked Wraith assault on the Observers was very effective, leaving the 12 Carriers as sitting ducks till more detection could arrive. A lone Observer came to the rescue and after one Carrier fell the 4 remaining Wraiths retreated.

etermined not to let this setback lower his morale, REXO upon gathering another 3 Observers moved even further into the Terran Base. The first 30 seconds went smooth and it looked as though things were under control. Like Kryptonite, the sound of a Comsat scan rang through the sensors of the Observer trio. A mere 7 Wraiths were enough to swat the detection and usher the Carriers out. Only 6 of the original 12 made it out, perhaps less had not 2 Wraiths uncloaked due to low energy and NOT an Observer's presence as thought by randompubbie. Unmistakably the worst move in the game, REXO flew his Carriers past the cedric_quebec's very immobile Cannon field. Another Carrier bit the dust.

change of direction matched with a restock of the fleet saw REXO head South-East to the only functionly Terran Expansion. The attack came without an immediate thought of backing down. The inevitable arrival of randompubbie's Wraiths came but a scan revealing 9 Observers made him think twice before engaging, but hell it's not a time for chickening out when your last mining base is being attacked by 11 Carriers. The Wraiths got 7/9 Observers but with Interceptors everywhere on the screen it was hard to tell what was going on. randompubbie pulled out giving REXO enough time to achieve his objective of destroying the Command Centre. The Carriers once again came under fire by the few surviving Wraiths from before. Still too many Observers made it a suicide run with the poor result of 3 Carrier kills.

t became a war of resources, randompubbie's 12 Natural falling victim to Reaver attack and REXO's 9 Natural/Min only facing Vulture shock. The bulk of randompubbie's attacking force was airlifted into the 9 Main where it faced the returning Carrier fleet. The Goliaths were uneasy but managed to kill all but 3 Carriers before purchasing their collective farm. These Carriers headed towards the 12 Natural to try and strike a final blow.
REXO shuddered with relief for just as the 3 ship fleet had destroyed the Command Centre, along came a half dozen pissed off Goliaths. Only 1 Carrier made it to the safety of the ledge where it stayed for now.

tense situation arose for randompubbie. He had no Minerals to spare and just 1 Command Centre left. It was decided that a last ditch effort to liberate the entire 9 choke point was neccessary. The units avaiable to fight were Goliaths and so off they headed. With his last Minerals REXO had started Warping a Nexus at the 9 Min only and was prepared to defend it with anything and everything. The Goliaths were met by 3 Archons and dispite superior numbers, were not in the mood to die. randompubbie's Command Centre had just landed at the 12 Natural when it came under fire from that pesky Carrier.

ow moreso than ever randompubbie felt the game was unwinnable and gave a sincere GG.

The End
The Replay

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