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I am schooled in the ways of island.
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Date: 07/09/99 10:07
Game Type: Starcraft
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I Am Schooled In The Ways Of Island

The Cast

MikeyMonty(myself): Yellow Zerg, Top Left
[G]-Ryder: White Protoss, Top Right

The Map: Dire Straights
The Game: Vanilla SC

My opponent had already beaten me once today, irradiating my Zerg into pools of blood with his control group of science vessels. Both of us were looking for another game, and Dire Straights was agreed upon to be the source of our conflict.

I went for an early power hydra drop, and morphed double layers for overlord upgrades. Unfortunately, I accidentally evolved a second hydralisk den instead of a second evolution chamber, and this error significantly slowed down my build. Scouting overlords and after the game conversation revealed that my opponent had gone for a standard toss tech build, with a late refinery and gateway, cyber core, etc. He was uncertain whether I planned on mass mutas or hydras, and so went for the solid defense of mass goons (seems like we've heard that before).

As soon as my layer upgrades were completed, I dropped four drones and 2 hydras at the lower left starting position and instantly got my expansion up and running. I made a few sunkens and spores, and hatched some hydras to defend it. While jumpstarting my expansion I loaded 12 of my 16 1/1 range and speed upgrade hydras into overlords and dropped my hydras near the minerals of [G]-Ryder's main island, which was defended by 5 goons and a cannon, and had three partially completed goons in its gates. Using good micro, [G]-Ryder held off my hydras long enough and did enough damage to them to allow the three goons from his gates to finish them before they did significant probe line damage.

I loaded up a second drop of twelve more hydras, but his range upgraded goons ambushed the transporting overlords and only three hydras managed to unload in an undefended peon line. However, the goons moved in and finished them off again before they did more than minimal damage.

My opponent warped in a second robotics facility, and soon everywhere my traveling overlords went, they noticed either shuttles (which I was later told were hallucinated) or observers. My opponent must have had total map recon.

I saw my opponent had consolidated an expansion, and defended it with cannons, goons, and temps. I felt that hydras and mutas would not cut it, and switched gears to a different strat (one of the benefits of being zerg). I placed a queens nest, hived, and put up a defiler mound. I upgraded melee attack and carapace upgrade, as well as speed and adrenal glands. I researched plague, consume, and broodling (for temps), and began cranking spellcasters and lings like there was no tomorrow. Parasite revealed no temps in his main. So I loaded up 26 2/3 zerglings and 3 defilers. I snuck to the back of his main and dropped, and again used this distraction to try to expand again. I swarmed areas of his base, and managed to take out his templar archives and a few key buildings, but unfortunately I could not get to the pylons powereing his gateways. During the attack I noticed starports and a fleet beacon up, and a few scouts.

My defilers and cracklings go to work.

The game began to lag up here. I commented on this, and my opponent's reply of "Dual attack" was not totally unexpected. He had been quiet up to this point. My island expansion was soon visited by six fully loaded shuttles of 11 goons, a zealot, and a temp. It was burned to the ground, despite everything a pair of sunkens and a few hydras could do. All that was left was a receding carpet of purple goo and some mounds of torn up flesh.

My expansion is razed rapidly by mass goons.

In retaliation I sent my queens out templar hunting and some scourge out shuttle hunting, but more often then not my vengeful units wasted their talents on decietful hallucinations. Instead I switched to parasiting, as my opponent was beginning to go overlord hunting and I was losing recon.

Back at his main, my opponent used the distraction of his attack to draw my lings out of swarm with zealots, and killed my defilers with dragoons. His main was already mined out, and mine was near dry, so I desperately tried to expand to two places at once. One overlord I sent witha drone and three hydras stealthily to the bottom middle island, hoping my opponent wouldn't notice it for a while. At the same time I brazenly sent three full overlords of hydras, lings, defilers, and drones, to the island to the right of my main. However, all three overlords were quickly popped by the massve force of goons, scouts, and the pair of carriers stationed there. I cursed his damn overlord hunting. I had little recon anymore now that my opponent had begun overlord hunting with his scouts, and I hadn't seen that fleet assemble.

My other overlord was heading to the bottom center island, but I doubted it would be undiscovered, as it passed no fewer than five observers along its path. When my overlord got to the island, it found it already occupied by some cannons, a monolithic Nexus, and a band of happily working probes. I turned the ol around, but it was hammered by scouts and popped.

This was the final nail in my coffin, as the last of my resources had been bundled up in those transports looking to expand. At home I had nothing but a few zerglings, a few hydras, and a few defilers. My opponent was surely taking over the map, and had me safely contained. I knew it was lost. We chatted friendlily for a time while he amassed a killing force and went on hit and runs against my more expensive defilers.

Eventually, [G]-Ryder dropped the hammer. 12 goons, 3 carriers, and an arbiter rolled in. I put up a last futile defense with my defilers and hydras, plagueing what I could and then swarming the hydras.

My final line of defense.

It was in vain however, as my defiler was hunted down by the great range of the carrier, and my hydras slaughtered as soon as my swarm disappeared. In a last moment of comedy my army of drones managed to bring down a plagued dragoon before the rest of his forces mopped up my main.

His army finishes the job.

Lessons Learned

-One big drop is usually more effective than two little ones. If I had dropped my hydras all at once instead of in two groups, I could have maybe crippled his main.

-Don't be predictable. Had I not dropped in the same place the second time, I could have landed all my hydras in his probe line and done some severe damage to his economy.

-Hold your expansions at all costs. They make or break the game.

-Recon is key, he knew everything I did, and the few units I did parasite he either killed or stuck someplace where they wouldn't show me anything new. He also forced me to bottle up my ols as his scouts roamed the map.

Well, once again advice, questions, and comments are welcome.

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