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"when the game started it lagged so much that it seemed Starcraft had suddenly had become turn-based."

Old School PvT
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Date: 05/12/03 02:05
Game Type: Starcraft
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Old School PvT


Napoleic, Protoss
The.Confessor, Terran


I'll start with a brief introduction to both players. The.Confessor has been around forever and definately deserves the old school label even if I do not. He has always been in the upper echelon of skill and has a lot of respect in the community for his badass reports as well as his badass terran. He hasn't been able to play anything but vanilla sc for the longest time, and only recently got Brood War restored on his comp. Although he did keep roughly in practice with vanilla, he is definately rusty compared to when he was at his peak, and as we all know, vanilla tvp is quite a bit different without the dt threat.

I myself have been a regular for roughly 2 years now, though when I first came here I was little more than a newbie. While I have been hanging around the community, the community is not where I learned to play, unlike many others, perhaps such as Fessor himself. I spent most of my early playing time in x17 with my various clans, [LoR], The Chosen, and Rice. It wasn't until I got gamei and moved out that my skills truly developed. At my peak I was a 1600 player, and while I cannot boast that kind of ranking today, especially not since gamei has gotten considerably more competitive since then, I do try to keep in some modicum of practice. My strong point has always been my strategic understanding of the game, as my mouse speed and hotkeying have never been anything more than mediocre, and, having played in live tournies for Rice, I would know.

The same will be true for The.Confessor however. Since he is so out of shape, and I have never been an overpowering force at the mouse and keyboard, this series will be a test of wits more than anything, between one of's oldschool finest, and myself, who, while never having made a name for myself skill-wise in this community do believe that I can hold my own with the best.

The series will be taking place on the wgtour season 3 version of temple, a version I am comfortable and familiar with. It features repositioned minerals at 6 and 3, an effort to balance the strength of zerg lurker drops mostly, and basically a non-factor in the tvp game.

Game 1

I drew the 9 oclock position while The.Confessor started directly across from me at 3. The game started with me making a critical error, accidentally failing to properly set the hotkey for my scouting probe, resulting in it's early loss to The.Confessor's walling in scv. Without the valuable scouting that probe could have provided me with, I decide to turbo rush to obs. This decision was also influenced by my only previous game with The.Confessor, in which he elected to 1 fac dropship me, a strategy which came within a hair of working and was only stopped by lucky scouting. This time, I would be fully prepared for the strategy, and went robotics before making a goon. Since The.Confessor had properly used his scouting scv, he scouted this build. I hoped that his rust would throw his intuition off, but clearly it was still firing on all cylinders as he went for a 2 fac rush upon noticing how late my dragoon was. When my dragoon did pop out, it was able to kill his scouting scv, but the damage was already done. I sent in my goon as a bluff, but The.Confessor called it with a second scouting scv. I had 2 goons by then, and they killed the scv while on the way to his base, but the gig was up and Fessor left his base with 3 scvs, 4 rines, a vulture with mines, and a tank.

My 2 goons took a few potshots at the bamboo rush but were both promptly blown up with some nice mine laying by Fessor. The situation looked grim for me already, but the good news was that he accidentally wasted his vulture against some reinforcing goons. As soon as I noticed his rush I forgot about making a nexus at my nat and had put up 3 gates and started a shuttle with the excess minerals. I also, naturally, had a few observers out already. In the end, he set up in the middle of my natural by starting a bunker and sieging his tank. I had 3 goons then, and came down my ramp to engage. Splitting apart the one that the tank was shooting on, I prevented splash damage. I also told a goon to finish off the hurt marine before the bunker could complete. It all went to plan and I pushed back the bamboo rush with only 1 further loss. I expanded to my natural immediately, guessing that The.Confessor was probably starting work on his CC already. My guess was wrong however and this move turned out to be another mistake.

Rather than give up, The.Confessor had elected to reset his seige outside of my mineral only natural with seiged tanks, vultures with mines, and scvs constructing an ebay to combat shuttles and dt's. Although his push consisted of only 3 tanks and 3 vultures, I had only 3 goons and a shuttle myself with my expansion. He pushed forward slowly while I waited for more troops. When my natural was up fully I had 6 goons, 2 in the shuttle. I decided then to attack him, my observer was positioned nicely over his forces. While my drop micro was less than stellar, I managed to get 2 tanks and 2 vultures for the loss of 4 dragoons. Not exactly a victory but with my superiour economy all I really needed to do was buy time. I could tell by an observer in his main that he was not even starting to expand to his natural.

Unfortunately I really didn't buy as much time as I thought. Within seconds he was pushing again, and although my army had grown considerably, the positioning was even more in his favour as the battle moved deeper into my choke. When I decided to try to push him back again it was with about 8 dragoons with 2 in a shuttle, against 4 tanks and 3 or 4 supporting vultures with mines. The battle was going nicely until a mine got into my damaged dragoons and killed 4 at once. This left him with 3 vultures and a tank to advance right into my natural mineral line almost unmolested.

Luckily new troops were arriving from my gateways and I was able to distract his forces while most of my probes made a getaway. Still, it was looking quite grim, the only thing in my favour was The.Confessor's lack of a natural expansion. I picked up a zealot and a dragoon in my shuttle and went around his forces. He commented that he thought I was expanding with that shuttle when we watched the replay together, but actually I was just going around his turrets and dropping my forces behind him. With some actual decent micro on my part I was able to climb down my ramp with several zealots and dragoons and finally break his push. There was bad news though, I had finally lost my shuttle. Luckily I had not lost my nexus, so I sent my probes back down to mine and my economy was still a bit stronger than his, however my main was almost mined out. The.Confessor also expanded at this point, with it clear that his early pushes were not going to be able to finish me off and his own main mineral line running out.

I had bought myself some breathing room, but The.Confessor's chokehold was not entirely broken, as he was able to reestablish some stability to the front outside my mineral only natural. My observer in his base still put me ahead in economy, and while I had lost some battles, the last one was mostly in my favour so I figured I was still in decent shape, if far from out of the woods.

We continued to build up while taking small potshots at each other for a short period of time. Even though the battles were basically continuous I considered this to be a build-phase of the fight since I refused to commit to a head-on assault while he was unable to push any deeper on me. I traded a few goons and zealots for some vultures and mines in preparation for my breakout phase.

Since he was still powering it would be critical for me to break out soon, before he caught up in scv's. When my speed zealot research finished, I went for my breakout play. First I lured his vultures into combat with my goons, and managed a fairly even trade despite tanks raining down fire. When my speedy zealots arrived on the scene, he had no vultures left. His remaining tanks were more than enough for my dragoons, but my speedy zealots got in close and with the help of a mine, I managed to kill the last tank with my last speedy zealot. Then more troops arrived from my now 5 gateways and I sent them towards his base hoping to catch him overpowering.

He made no such error however, and the only thing I was able to take from winning the center was my third engineering bay kill. On the other hand, with the advantage in both economy and military, the game was essentially mine now. He had neither the capacity to defeat me in a center fight now, nor had the ability to outproduce me over the long term, especially not when I established expansions at both my own mineral only, and the 12 mineral only. The.Confessor was not without a trick up his sleeve however. Sloppy play cost me dearly here, as I failed to reproduce my lost shuttle from my breakout effort, and thus I was caught with my pants thoroughly around my ankles when a tank appeared on my cliff.

I had so many probes at that base that it managed 12 kills even though I started to send them all home even as he started firing. To add insult to injury, he dropped a vulture at my main base which started pelting my undefended probes. The Brotherhood is not without it's own defenses however, and after losing 6 brave probes, the posse surrounded and killed the vulture. The damage was more than done however. I had to start a new shuttle from scratch as I did not even have enough dragoons to safely remove the tank from low ground.

Adding further to the calamity was my ill-fated decision to launch a counter assault on his main base. My observer was still in it and reported only 2 tanks and 4 vultures on defense, to which I had 2 dragoons and 14 or so zealots. With decent micro I was sure I could break in and cause some havoc, possibly kill enough scvs to maintain an economic edge. However my observer failed to notice the other 4 tanks and 4 vultures sitting further up The.Confessor's plateau. As my zealots tried to run around the wall and engage his 2 cliff tanks up close, the rest of Fessor's troops fell upon them like 4th graders on the fat kid and none of my zealots got into position before getting vaporised. Now our situations were reversed: I was the one who was behind both economically and militarily. My shuttle completed and I removed the tank and resumed mining, now from 3 bases to his 1, but I had been without significant income for over a minute. If The.Confessor did nothing for about 2 minutes I'd be back in it, but he was on the offensive again in about one. I had a big gas buildup and as such was able to get out 3 archons before his attack came, along with some dt's, but the edge was still with him when his attack came. He dispatched 3 vultures to put the kibosh on my 12 mineral only and then pushed in with half a dozen tanks and an equivalent number of vultures. If I'd had the chance to research storm my lone templar might have been very effective, but I did not, and as such despite my best efforts his push barely held my counter attack.

Even though my mineral intake was still slightly superiour in spite of the loss of 12, The.Confessor now had an attack upgrade as well as a big positional advantage. He pushed through my mineral only despite my best efforts and I was getting close to the end of the line. My last hope was a big zealot/dt counter attack. Fessor made a nice play with his forces when I sent in my loaded shuttle. Initially my shuttle was positioned behind him in order to flank, but he moved his guys over about an inch as I was dropping, so that rather than flanking and owning him, my dropping troops just got in the way of my advancing ground forces. Because of shuttle drop cooldown my dropped troops were worse then dead--they were pylons blocking my attacking units. Couple that with his +1 attack and awesome vulture focus fire and dancing, and despite having a far superiour force my army was picked off and whittled down to nothing. I surrendered then.

Even though I held him off for a long time with some nice micro and even worked my way into a big advantage, a couple of mid game lapses of concentration cost me big time. Losing those 14 zealots doing nothing, coupled with my failure to have a shuttle at all times lost me the game. If I hadn't made either of those critical errors it would have been a far different game. Congratulations to The.Confessor, whos in your face style had my toss reeling from the 7th minute.

Game 1: The Confessor

Game 2:

This time around I got the 6 position, with The.Confessor the 12. If the positions were reversed I would be at a big advantage, but 6 is a sufficiently shitty spot that the long distance between mains advantage for protoss is pretty much cancelled out.

The.Confessor opened with a very wierd 2 fac expand build. Although my scouting probe did get in there and look at it, I had no clue what he was doing because it looked for all the world like an early push again. I even cancelled my nexus and added gates to prepare for it. He did not leave his base though, just made a cc after his second fac, which my scouting probe did not get to see, and expanded and built up.

Meanwhile I had gone for a standard gate-robo-gate build, made a nexus, then cancelled it and added a gate when I saw his 2 fac rush build. However his rush never materialised so I ended up remaking the nexus, but it was actually slower than his. Therefore, even though The.Confessor's build was mathematically retarded, it still worked to his advantage by fooling me. Point to Fessor in the head games department. I decided that that kind of cheekiness was best countered in kind.

The.Confessor's superiour economy kicked out a large army in good time, and he pushed down to the middle with about 7 tanks and 7 vultures. I had several observers watching all this happen, and I moved my own army, 7 goons and a zealot, to his mineral only. I loaded 4 other zealots into a shuttle, and I had a further 6 or so zealots and a pair of goons just finishing at my gateways. I had 2 armies, one at my own mineral natural, and one at his, with his army sandwiched in between them, blissfully unaware of the impending danger. As his forces moved through the center temple, I sprung my trap.

The battle went perfectly in my way, with my goons and zealots getting in close before he seiged and mined up, letting me get very good cost efficiency. However, The.Confessor still had superiour economy and production, and arriving reinforcements chased my remaining 3 goons home. He began to set up his seige at my mineral only. Things looked extremely good from his point of view, as he had superiour economy and a large containment army that I didn't look like I would be able to break.

I decided to delay him a bit more, because I didn't think he had many tanks, only vultures, so I figured I could pick off a couple tanks, leaving him with only vultures that would not be able to seige into my base without support. I loaded my shuttle up with some zealots and attacked a lone tank off to the side with them, killing it easily. Meanwhile I used dragoons to keep his vultures busy and let my zealots run amok. However he still had plenty of tanks, and it was only now that I realised he was ahead economically. Luckily I still had an ace in my sleeve.

My own cheekiness was soon made evident, as a pair of Carriers entered the fray. Yes, I had gone double stargate immediately after my expansion. He tried to throw up a few turrets to delay me, but naturally I was able to break the push after all. The.Confessor did salvage something from the disaster though: he sent in a group of vultures to my mineral line, and they succeeded both in blowing up some dragoons with mines and in killing all of my mining probes. Luckily I had a bunch more to replace them from my mined out main, so my mining speed wasn't really slowed down too much. By now I had 6 carriers, which I hoped would be enough to finish him off regardless of my economy.

I went for a head on attack first, which would probably have succeeded, but I got cold feet at the sight of a control group or so of Goliaths, and ran away before doing too much damage to his choke point defenses. I then checked on the 3 oclock main, and sure enough there was a couple scvs walling in the ramp and making turrets. My carriers fell upon them with interceptors buzzing, but my scouting observer informed me that his goliath army was moving out. I sent in a couple of zealots to finish off the structures at 3, and sent my carriers to hover over the corner of the 3 main cliff to ambush his goliaths as they came by. However, they didn't come by. The.Confessor was headed for my main. Uh oh.

I sent back my carriers to my own natural cliff, but it was too late to save my natural. He also had about 6 tanks with the 15 or so goliaths, and even though I had 7 carriers by now, I could not kill him fast enough to save the base. I did end up killing his army with the loss of only 1 carrier however.

The.Confessor still looked like a winner with his fully operational natural, and me with no economy whatsoever. I had made dragoons with my last money, and went on the offensive with my 6 carriers and about 8 dragoons. My forces just stormed right up the middle, in flying V formation, as I guessed he had used up all his tanks. I was sort of right. As I hit his main, he countered my main with 8 vultures and his last tank. At first I was going to ignore them and count on the ability of Carriers to raze bases faster than vultures. However if he floated in every direction something might get away, so I decided to send back 1 carrier to save my main. My other 5 carriers and 8 or so goons wiped out his natural base, then climbed his ramp. The.Confessor had 1 last gasp, a saved up goliath army. However, because he allowed my dragoons to get up his ramp, it was relatively easy to outmicro the goliaths with my carrier/dragoon army and kill them with almost no losses. Meanwhile the carrier at my main had mopped up his counter attacking forces. With nothing left, The.Confessor was forced to resign the game he was sure he had won.

The.Confessor's opening strat was very well done, however I pulled off the win with 2 very good moves. The first was my center flank, which I executed almost perfectly. He lost a hell of a lot more than I did, despite having the far superiour force in terms of raw strength. Had I not laid waste to that army so thouroughly my carriers would not have come in time to save my natural, and so I would have only been able to make 4 rather than the 7 I ended up producing. I would not have been able to win with only 4. My second good move was the carrier switch in the first place. Carriers are always a good strat for pvt, it's almost never a mistake to go for them. Other great carrier-centric strats include my own dt rush into carriers, with a fast expansion to another main, as well as Liquid`Crystal's very unique single base single stargate carrier rush. Then there is the incomparable Grrrr with his crazy reaver-drop into carriers strat. Most long games that end with protoss winning end with the help of carriers.

Game 2: Napoleic

Game 3:

The final game of this series was the big one. We had both won a game, and I had already decided to battlereport the series, so the winner of this game is the one who gets all the bragging rights. I drew the 6 oclock position again, while The.Confessor snagged 3. Damn, those spots give the edge to terran. 3 is close enough to early push me very effectively, and the way the cliff overlooks 12's opening makes a midgame expansion to the 12 natural very easy to hold with support from his own base.

This time I had my game on. My scouting probe killed his barracks scv despite the support of another scv, and survived to scout into his main for another few seconds. He made a marine to knock it out, but my probe still evaded him for a while before finally falling. Meanwhile Fessor's scouting wasn't doing so well as my goon took out his scouting scv pretty quickly. I sent in that goon to pressure him, but saw he had a bunker on his cliff and turned back. He sent in another scv to scout but I microed my 2 goons to kill it before it got to my base. At the same time however my observer passed over a third scv on the way to his base. All I saw was a green dot on my minimap and I thought it was a dropship, so I immediately pulled back all my goons to brace myself. This would be a hella fast drop ship if it was one, but I was taking no chances.

Meanwhile Fessor cancelled his machine shop and made a cc after his first fac, going with a more traditional fast expansion. My own nexus was no where in site, so he was poised to take a big lead economically, especially with me worried about dropships coming.

I sent my second observer to look for his dropship, and, seeing nothing, I started my nexus about 2 seconds before his cc finished and started floating to his nat. It was then that my first observer finally scouted his natural and saw the working expansion. I judged that it wasn't too late to double exp and made a nexus at my mineral only. We both built up for a few seconds. Fessor kept scouting with scvs, and noticed my mineral only pretty quickly.

I braced myself for the coming storm. It would be critical that I somehow get enough units to beat back his push before it got to my natural. Unlike the previous 2 games, I grabbed 2 forges, not wanting to get raped by vultures, ala game 2, or upgrades, ala game 1. I also got a citadel for zealot speed, an archives for dts and storm, and 2 more gateways, bringing my total to 5.

It was as those structures completed that his push began. I had 4 dragoons and 2 cannons at my mineral only expansion, while he had 5 tanks and 2 vultures. I lost a dragoon to tank fire while trying to pick off mines and vultures, then a second a little later clearing more outlying mines. If he just unseiged and came in at that moment I'd have been in pretty bad shape. Luckily he elected to start putting up mad turrets instead, possibly anticipating carrier gayness.

He moved in slowly, picking off my forward pylon with tank fire, but I had already made another one further back to keep my cannons powered. My 5 gateways pumped out their first rounds of units while this was happening, and I managed to sneak a small army of 5 zealots and 2 dragoons by going behind my mineral only patches and up along the side of 9 oclocks cliff. I got them all the way up above The.Confessor's push and sitting pretty on the center plateau just below 12. While they were there they stopped The.Confessor from getting up an expansion at his mineral only.

As this was happening my mineral intake was really starting to avalanche. I added a pissload more pylons and brought my gateway count up to 7. By now I was adding dt's and templars to my army. The.Confessor knew about my flanking units and was laying mines in a big circle all around his forces, as well as a bunch more mines at his choke. Clearly he was concerned about my flanking forces, and this suited me great because while he was doing all that he could have been attacking me and killing me, since his army was a lot bigger at that point.

Finally he seiged up within range of my cannons and started taking them down. I should have let it go and fled but I got it into my head that with my flanking forces I'd be able to beat his push already. However his big circle of mines strategy paid off nicely, as my flanking forces did minimal damage, while I mis-timed my main army's attack and failed to get them all going in at once. In the end I lost about 15 zealots, 2 archons, a high templar, a dt, and 4 or so dragoons and killed only a few tanks and vultures in return.

The.Confessor probably thought things looked pretty good for him, but I had been mining more then him for over a minute now and my economy was only starting to kick into high gear. Most of my mineral only probes got away safely so my mining was still in great shape.

He made an extremely sloppy unseiged attack on my natural where I already had another 8 zealots, 4 dragoons, and a high templar waiting. I layed down the smack on his offending 3 tanks with vultures and bum rushed the remainder of his forces. I knocked a tank out right away with storm and my zealots went on a tank eating rampage with his vultures mostly used up.

Reinforcing vultures arrived and made quick work of the zealots but by now my next wave was done and I had anticipated that Fessor would focus on vulture production for his reinforcements. Therefore my next troops were all dragoons, and as the dust cleared the battleground saw about 8 dragoons standing off against 3 vults and a tank. I moved in and blew the fuck out of that shit, then chased away and killed more reinforcements, while mopping up the mass of turrets littering my mineral only entrance.

With the seige completely crushed it was time to take control of the game. I made a head on attack with about 10 goons and an archon. I killed his mines and moved on his tanks, but another round of reinforcements showed up, and the 8 or so vultures chased me home. While I should have turned and fought them once out of tank range I was busy macroing like a fucking whore, so I ended up losing the archon and a templar when I shouldn't have.

Back to that macroing bit. I now had 8 gateways and I triple expanded, back to my mineral only, the 9 mineral only, and the 9 natural. I rebuilt the cannons at my min only, and also made a shuttle for psi raids and to hopefully counter the cliff gayness sure to come. Meanwhile, after I chased his vultures home I kept up the pressure. I had a buttload of zealots backed up with 4 dragoons and he was pretty low on unit count. My zealots barged through his minefield, and took some pretty heavy damage, but most lived. My goons got preoccupied by a floating ebay though, so when more vultures came my zealots had to go it alone. I was busy with something else, so my micro was minimal during this fight. That something else was a 2 templar psi raid. I got off a pair of nice storms into his line but with scvs having a practically immortal 60 hp I only totalled 8 kills. The good news was that with the fight at his choke going on, my accompanying zealot also killed a few scvs while Fessor was busy.

Fessor had 6 facs at this point so his macro wasn't in terrible shape. His next wave of troops easily ended the threat and cleared his natural for business. With a big transfer of scvs from his main he was back in decent economic shape despite the blow I had dealt him. Let's not fool ourselves though, Fessor was in a grim place, with my expansions coming on line and my army more than big enough to keep him from killing them. Only one thing bothered me: I had been in this position before and lost.

I kept the pressure on, attacking as soon as my next wave arrived. My zealots and dragoons wound up with a nice set up as I had pushed his defenses back so far that his vults literally could not run and had to go toe to toe with my forces. I also had a fully loaded shuttle unload on one of his few remaining tanks. The bad news was that the templar in that shuttle didn't get off his storm before Fessor very alertly focus fired on it with his vultures. My 1-0-1 forces did their best, but his high ground and mineral line entrenched siege tanks were enough to hold me off, and after an arclite hailstorm my forces were vanquished.

During the confusion, Fessor had continued to improve his own situation with an island expansion that went totally unscouted by me. With that free income, and the ability of terran to get really gay at any time with dropships, the game wasn't over despite my mathematically superiour position.

Fessor also scanned my 9 oclock expansions and sent in a group of vultures to slow them down. After laying mines he lit into my probes while my cannons were still a long way from done. By the time defensive units arrived I had lost many of the probes despite running them back and forth to the natural as best I could. Fessor's situation relative to mine continued to look better as for a short while my only income was off 2 bases, the same as him. I did have a huge number of probes in total though, so after transferring a few more up that way my economic powerhouse was back to optimum efficiency again.

I had a huge army, sitting around 160 supply at this point, to his 102, and I figured I was in a position to finish him off now. I reloaded my shuttle for another psi raid while positioning my main army for a 3 pronged attack into his choke point. In total I had around 20 goons, 2 archons, and a zealot for the main assault. My shuttle had 2 dts and 2 zealots. However as I was doing this, the inevitable finally happened and Fessor dropped both my cliffs at once. I noticed the 9 cliff dropping immediately and pretty much just ignored it on purpose, expecting my head on attack to work. I did however send down 5 zealots to stand by that mineral line so that the tank didn't shoot at my probes. This prevented the tank from doing any real damage while I microed my psi raid. I didn't notice the drop on my own natural though, and lost all those probes quite badly.

My psi raid, on the other hand, was a big success, my 2 zealots took out both defending tanks while my 2 templar took out 17 scvs. I made an archon while my zealots went apeshit on his miners, and together those forces took out every scv there. After noticing his drops I decided not to attack after all, afraid of losing my army at the same time as my economy ala game 1. Instead I killed the 9 oclock offenders with my shuttle and some zealots, and used my large number of goons to knock out the tank at my own natural from the low ground. I still had a decent number of probes at my mineral only's to transfer to my various bases and with 5 nexus's you can remake probes pretty fast so economically I was back in good shape. I also made the long overdue switch to carriers with a pair of stargates.

The game was basically over anyways. My zealots and archon had gone totally berserk all over Fessor's ass. They had 35 kills between them and wiped out the last of Fessor's scvs which he had sent to mine down there. He was expecting his 8 vultures to take out my archon and zealots before the scvs got there, which is a fair expectation, but they were held up by the 14 goons and 2 archons I had sent to knock on his door.

Although he had 5 high ground tanks and another 10 vultures, my forces were now 2-0-2 and constantly reinforced from my 8 gateways. Even if he was able to hold this attack, my first 2 carriers were almost done, and he had no economy, and no air defenses to speak of.

After I finally climbed the heavily defended ramp Fessor was forced to leave the game in defeat.

Whew, what a great series. This last game was extremely close when he was setting up his push, but thanks to my delaying tactics and a bit of uncertainty on his part, he failed to attack me soon enough. While his push did get into my mineral only, by then I had the economy and momentum to send him packing before any more real damage was done. This just goes to show how critical timing and intuition are. Had he attacked even 30 seconds sooner I might have lost.

Great games to The.Confessor. You can check out other reports by us with a simple search for our names.

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