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Faith // Kill Them All
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Date: 04/18/03 03:04
Game Type: Starcraft
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Faith // Kill Them All

INTRO: Hi again. It's me, Elated, and after a week of work and several months of putting off adding the final touches, I’ve finished my second report. Unfortunately, the months haven’t given me any further inspiration on what should go in an intro, so I am once again stuck. I guess it will do to say that after two attempts to make a flash intro ending up in my Recycle Bin (the first being trashed for sheer stupidity and the second for spiraling into an excessive number of MB) I have temporarily abandoned the effort. Oh well. Luckily, the game I chose to report on is a spectacular PvP between AMD Grrrr... and [pG]FiSheYe with lots of actions and pretty pictures, so I hope you’ll stay entertained.

Like last time, minimaps can be accessed as popups by clicking the eye symbol. () My most heartfelt thanks go out to Katome for proofreading the thing, and to you for (hopefully) reading it. Once again, I hope you enjoy the report.

The map is Neo Legacy of Char. As you can see, Grrrr ends up with his brown Toss on the lower left plateau. He chooses to tech rather then power and starts his Assimilator and Cy Core from one Gateway. Up on the other side of the map, Fisheye is busy expo whoring; he decides to forego an early gateway for a faster expansion, and starts a Nexus at his natural around the time Grrrr is warping in his Cy Core. When he can afford it, Fisheye adds two late gateways to the mix.

Grrrr discoverers all this as he reconnoiters with a probe, so he starts warping in a Dragoon and a robotics facility shortly after. When the first goon finishes, Grrrr sends it off in Fisheye's direction and runs into Fisheye's first two zealots in the middle of the map. With only one base to keep track of, Grrrr can focus on microing hit and run tactics with his goon, so he abuses this with all the tenacity he can muster. There's nothing Fisheye's Zealots can do, so they turn around and run home with Grrrr's dragoon taking the occasional potshot as it follows them back. While this happens, Grrrr’s facility finishes and he starts warping in a shuttle and a robotics bay. Fisheye meanwhile has been taking advantage of his risky early expo by adding a third gateway and a Cy Core to the mix.

At Fisheye's natural the Zealots have gotten home and the Dragoon is busily sniping at them while it takes practically no damage. Fisheye pulls some probes off from mining duty and throws them and the zealots at the goon, probably hoping to drive it back with sheer numbers. This seems to be working, until they realize it was just backing up to join the second dragoon from Grrrr’s base. The goons, now numbering two, finish off a zealot and start murdering probes. Fisheye at first pulls all his probes off minerals to attack the goons, but it's pointless because Grrrr is microing flawlessly. Eventually, Fisheye produces couple of dragoons to scare off Grrrr’s troops, which quietly retreat having killed one zealot, damaged the other, and blasted seven probes to bits.

Fisheye chases the enemy Dragoons for a while but gives up around the middle of the map. At home, he starts making a citadel of adun and a forge. Meanwhile, Grrrr finishes his reaver and sends it in a shuttle towards Fisheye's base with his now four dragoons. The goons kill a probe Fisheye just sent to scout and this prompts the purple toss to pull all the troops from his main to his natural, leaving his primary minerals completely open to attack. Grrrr seizes this opportunity immediately and drops his reaver in the midst of the mining probes. . .

In the valley below, Grrrr’s goons are in firing range, but instead of stopping to engage, they run right by Fisheye's troops (6 goons, 3 zealots) and up the ramp. There they stop for a bit and utilize higher ground to kill an enemy zealot and dragoon, then continue running back to where Grrrr is wreaking havoc with his reaver. His first scarab was a success and blew six probes to pieces, but he was forced to spend two scarabs to kill a nearly finished photon cannon which let most of the probes escape. Grrrr kills another couple of probes with his reaver, but by then his goons are along side it and engaging enemy forces. Fisheye daringly sends his probes back to mine, and Grrrr targets a big clump of them with a scarab which somehow explodes right next to them without doing a hit point of damage.

Grrrr picks up his reaver and flies back a bit, then tries to help his dragoons by hitting two attacking zealots with a scarab… but by then the goons are mostly dead. The reaver turns its attention back to the probes but the next scarab gets stuck behind a mineral patch and explodes harmlessly. The enemy goons, having finished off their counterparts, turn their focus on Grrrr's reaver and shuttle and Grrrr gets off one more scarab that manages to kill a satisfying clump of probes before his reaver collapses under the concentrated plasma fire.

During all this action, Grrrr has been researching shuttle speed and has made an expansion at his natural. An observer he sends off towards Fisheyes base spots a force of six goons, two zealots and two Dark Templar heading towards his base and closing fast. The enemy troops pause for a second to regroup at Grrrr’s second natural, then head in to Grrrr's expansion. Grrrr has five dragoons and a photon cannon defending. He also has a reaver in a shuttle, but Fisheye effectively neutralizes it by sending his Dark Templar to carefully follow the shuttle around and swipe at the reaver whenever Grrrr tries to pop it out. Quickly, Fisheye finishes off Grrrr’s defending Goons, as well as the reaver and two freshly made dragoons, then starts pummeling away at the probes.

Grrrr has to make a mass probe exodus back to his main, and Fisheyes surviving two goons and DT's batter the buildings for a bit until Grrrr’s second reaver finishes. He picks it up with the shuttle, carries it over, and unleashes it on the enemy troops. Two scarabs immediately kill both goons and one DT with the splash, so the other DT turns tail and runs back home. After the battle, Fisheye takes the opportunity to turn on the macro and adds three more gateways for a total of six. Grrrr only has four.

Grrrr has been actively scouting the map with observers and finds that Fisheye has been rallying his troops to the center of the map. Having finished a second reaver, he loads both of them into his shuttle and sends them towards Fisheye's base, carefully avoiding the troop building up in the center of the map. He evidently catches Fisheye completely unprepared for another drop; multiple clusters of six or seven probes each explode as the miners try to run away. It's going about as well as reaver drops go until the miserable reaver AI sends a fully loaded slug meandering into a photon cannon. =/

Well, it's either bad AI or a misclick by Grrrr. The second option would be understandable; Grrrr is probably distracted because Fisheye has opted to use his forces in the middle to launch a fresh assault on Grrrr's natural rather than helping his own main. Grrrr's troops are somewhat outnumbered, so Grrrr picks up his surviving Reaver and sends it back to his base. It turns out to be unnecessary; as the Reaver flies back, Grrrr directs his probes to go run interference and block his canons, and Fisheye chooses to withdraw rather then pressing the attack.

Grrrr's reaver turns around and flies back to continue its reign of terror. It has 19 kills already, and gets a few more when it drops in the middle of the probe line at Fisheye's natural. The probes retreat almost immediately at the sight of the shuttle, and the first scarab explodes maddeningly harmlessly right next to a stack of probes that's about ten thick and headed towards the main. The reaver kills a zealot and three more probes, then picks up at sight of two dragoons and flies along the top edge of the map. When it's above Fisheye's main, it takes an abrupt downturn and seems to be headed for the probes when it spots a high templar in a clump of Zealots. Grrrr unloads, targets the Templar, and kills it, drawing the zealots into the attack. Grrrr tries to pick up the reaver again, but he overshoots it with the shuttle and the reaver ends up dying with 26 kills as it takes down two more zealots.

At this point both players decide to expand. Grrrr moves up and takes his second natural, while Fisheye sends a probe in a shuttle to start warping in a nexus at the top middle island. Fisheye then waits for another 400 minerals and starts another expansion at his own second natural. This is of course spotted immediately by a purple observer, and Grrrr marches his troops over to outside the warping Nexus. Fisheye has been holding his army back behind the expansion instead of in front of it and it seems like there will be a major confrontation, but Fisheye decides he's not ready to engage Grrrr's force and cancels the nexus. At the same time, he sends a shuttle down the side of the map and starts an expansion at the bottom middle island.

Seeing the Nexus canceled, Grrrr doesn't press on. He seems to have decided on a policy of containment and withdraws his army to the center of the map as he simultaneous starts two additional expansions; one at the top left main, and one at the lower right main. He's expansion whoring, and it seems like he might just get away with it. With the troops gone, Fisheye re-expands to his second natural and Grrrr chooses not to respond. He does, however, place two high templar on the ridge. I'm sure we'll see more of them later. :o

Meanwhile, a purple shuttle has been quietly traversing the sides of the maps and now glides to a stop at its end destination: the small cliff above the natural of Grrrr's main. Two High Templar float out and instantly psi storm everything, killing about 15 probes. Grrrr, being the Protoss master that he is, responds immediately; he quickly warps in a . . . pylon . . . in his mineral line and then maynards some probes from his second natural to fill the vacant mineral patches. Unfortunately the lone pylon does nothing to stop the two Templar from jumping out and psi storming everything again. :P

At the same time Fisheye was owning probes at the lower left expansion, he was also harassing Grrrr's fledgling expansion at the top left main with two Dark Templar. Because there are already photon cannons up this meets with more limited success. However, the Dark Templar are able to kill a cannon, a pylon, and several out of range probes before Grrrr eventually warps in enough cannons to cover the entire area.

Fisheye's second natural finally comes online, and he maynards a healthy number of probes over to get it up and running quickly. Grrrr has been waiting for this, and with the delighted cackle of a maniac finally seeing his plan come to fruit, he psi storms everything in sight. It takes a while for Fisheye to deal with them, but one failed psi storm, two half dead dragoons and more dead probes later, he finally clears the enemy Templar from his cliff.

There is a bit more harassment from Fisheye as he psi raids sites all across the map, but few meet with any real success. Grrrr deals with them the best that he can even as he expands yet again to the natural of the top left base and the natural of the bottom right base. Psi raids or not, Grrrr is slowly but surely taking over the map.

At 25 minutes in, the period of heavy harassment is over and things are looking grim for Fisheye. He's maxed out at 200 control and Grrrr is not far behind at 188. Not only does Grrrr have six operating expansions to Fisheyes three and a half (as his natural is pretty much mined out), but Fisheye has also lost his earlier edge in upgrades; he has 1/0/3 while Grrrr is 2/0/3 (armor/shield/weapons). It is clear that even with his near constant Templar harassment, Fisheye is rapidly running out of time. He needs to do something now or Grrrr will solidify his tentative hold over the map and have the resources and production capability to do whatever he wants.

With this is mind, Fisheye groups his forces and tentatively approaches the massive semicircle of Grrrr's troops lording over the middle of the map. He scouts out the enemy entrenchments with a Dark Templar and an Observer while Grrrr calmly watches the buildup with an observer of his own. Fisheye makes a move as to advance but he spots a group of High Templar and pulls back at the last second. Although Fisheye actually holds a significant advantage in troop count, it's obviously that he's worried about how to deal with the Templar. And rightly so; what happens now could have significant implications in the rest of the game.

While Fisheye ponders what to do about the Templar, Grrrr chooses to make the decision for him. He audaciously sends a lone High Templar after the huge enemy army and psi storms a huge clump of them. They wiggle back and forth, evidently torn between going to kill the Templar and possibly being drawn into more storms, or retreating. Unfortunately, the end result of the dilemma is they just sit there, and Grrrr impudently psi storms twice again. Several Dragoons and Zealots are killed and the majority are injured. I laugh. :o

Fisheye evidently decides what to do about the Templar. He hallucinates a large group of Templar, only to have them crumble into powder puffs before his eyes. Yes, emboldened with his earlier success, Grrrr has sent another lone Templar out to wreak havoc on the enemy. Grrrr catches several Templar, some hallucinations, and a few real troops with another three storms before this Templar dies. Fisheye hallucinates more goons to the front of the army, only to have two more Templar from Grrrr float up, psi storm everything in sight, and run away. To make matters worse, the hallucinations are the only things able to actually hit the Templar, and they manage to block all the real troops from getting at the Templar. To sum things up, Fisheye's huge army get just about as brutalized as possible from four Templar. He's been thoroughly raped by psi storm, and he hasn't even engaged the meat of Grrrr's army yet.

Having hallucinated a healthy number of goons and zealot, and stinging from the humiliation of the psi storms, Fisheye finally decides to attack. Unfortunately, he's are attacking from a choke point into a semi-circle of ranged troops, so things can’t be expected to go well. They don’t. Psi storm from both sides flashes everywhere, but mostly from Grrrr’s side. It seems that Fisheye spent the majority of his energy on the mostly useless hallucinations so he‘s forced to morph his Templar into archons. Sadly the battle is mostly over by the time the archons complete and Fisheye ends up getting raped badly.

At the end of the fight Grrrr has somehow lost only a handful of troops, and he already has a steam of reinforcements coming in from his main. Grrrr decides to wait for a minute to get back to 200 supply before attacking, so I take the moment to assess the game. It doesn’t take long. At this point, Fisheye looks completely fucked; he just managed to get as raped as he could in a significant battle, and not only that, but he only has three mining bases to Grrrr’s six as Fisheye has by now mined out his natural). Nevertheless, he frantically rebuilds troops from his 12 gateways as he waits for Grrrr’s inevitable attack.

In a couple of minutes Grrrr’s reached 200 supply again and he seems ready to mount his offensive. Incredibly, in this ridiculously short amount of time, Fisheye has almost completely rebuilt his forces. I have no idea how he did it, but by the time Grrrr attacks Fisheye actually outnumbers Grrrr’s army, and he has the additional advantage of desperately fighting for his life.

Grrrr has 15 zealots, three Templar, and 18 goons on that attack, while Fisheye has nearly 30 zealots, 12 goons, and nine Templar of his own. Having just seen his opponent make a woefully pathetic attack, Grrrr seems determined to do one of his own, so he starts out by cleverly leaving half his troops behind for the first attack. Psi storms flashes everywhere and Grrrr’s troops blunder around like decapitated chickens. As his front line troops get overwhelmed, Grrrr finds the other half of his army and sends them into the melee. By then, however, the first wave has been bloodily slaughtered and Grrrr’s new troops find themselves fighting against overwhelming odds. After a few seconds of engagement, they turn tail and run back to the middle of the map, with Fisheye’s army hot behind them.

Grrrr has more templar waiting in the middle as well as some Zealots, but Fisheye, probably remembering his earlier hesitations, charges in without a second thought. The battle is a massive storm explosion, but I think Grrrr was surprised that Fisheye followed him into the center, so his first 5-6 storms are somewhat off the mark and mostly ineffective. Fisheye has much more success, and although hanging onto the game with his teeth, he comes out f the engagement with a lopsided victory. With reinforced troops streaming from his main base, he makes a move as to continue onto Grrrr’s main, but then decides to split his army in two; one, smaller force heads toward Grrrr’s series of bases at the lower right of the map, and the other larger force heads towards the bases at the top left.

It's a blitz. Grrrr figures out what’s going on, so he sends the new troops from his main to try and save his expansions. In the middle, they meet up with a few troops that Fisheye left behind to ... delay Grrrr’s army from saving the expansions. :o Though few, they hold up Grrrr’s force for a few valuable seconds in which Fisheye storms through the top left natural. This done, he continues up to the top left main with Grrrr’s army about five seconds behind them.

Meanwhile at the bottom right, there are many furious micro wars going on simultaneously. Fisheye's goons are engaging a cannon and templar at the bottom bases natural and they dance furiously while Grrrr psi storms everything he can see. A little while away, the zealots and Templar run onto the main, where they fight a horde of probes trying to block the cannons and kills the Templar. Despite a psi storm, the probes actually prevail. Back at the bottom right natural, Fisheyes goons finish off the cannon, Templar, and probes before reinforcements from Grrrr’s main come and finish them off.

At the top left Fisheye commits to attacking the heavily cannoned main base. He tries and fails to hold the ramp with some goons and a Templar, and seeing the number of troops Grrrr has, Fisheye decides to focus fire on the Nexus and ignore everything else. It dies right as Grrrr’s troops throw themselves on the raiding party and overwhelm everything. With this quick slaughter, Grrrr has finished off both raiding parties at he hefty cost of two expansions, most of his probes and numerable troops.

However, before the last of the goons soup has even finished sinking into the barren terrain, Fisheye has another stream of troops on their way to the two unfinished expansions at the lower left. Grrrr still has the troops he sent to deal with the first attack waiting there, but they are vastly outnumbered and the bulk of his forces are on the other side of the map. Seeing this, Grrrr abandons the natural and pulls his troops back to higher ground. The natural nexus falls quickly and Grrrr tries to hold the ramp with five dragoons and a few zealots, but they are shockingly slaughtered by the 20+ goons and zealots. The bottom right main dies hard.

I suppose it should be mentioned that even as this happened, Grrrr tried to send his own newly built troops to counter this threat, but that in the middle they ran into four templar and four baddass archons in the middle and were mercilessly killed. One might ask why Grrrr did nothing with his main army at the upper left expansion, but he’s rebuilding his nexus and I assume he was expecting another two pronged attack.

However, after seeing his reinforcements get so brutally killed, Grrrr belatedly decides to send those troops down to try and take back the middle while he launches a zealot drop on the bottom left island. Unfortunately they too run into the pimp squad of archons and are unceremoniously raped. To make things even worse for Grrrr, Fisheye capitalizes on this ugly battle by finishing off the ailing top left expansion and driving home the point that the game is going badly for Grrrr, even though his zealot drop managed to finsh off the island. Left with only his main and first and second naturals, Grrrr simply can’t muster the troops to save the expo. He tries making a small attack with zealots towards Fisheye's main, probably hoping to divert Fisheye’s army from destroying his expansion, but Fisheye will have none of this; he micros a few goons and templar to fend off the attack while he finishes off the top expansion.

Frantically building troops with a rapidly dwindling economy, Grrrr musters enough of a force to prompt him to probe again into the center of the map. Halfway there, they meet up with the bulk of Fisheye's army and several psi storms are exchanged. Grrrr chooses not to engage and Fisheye doesn’t follow; he’s busy starting an additional three expansions at the bottom right main, natural, and second natural and doesn’t want to be drawn into a potentially disastrous attack before he can get his expos running. Grrrr has his own reasons for retreating: he has a very finite army and can’t risk a fight in anything less than critical circumstances.

However, there is a steady stream of units coming from Fisheye’s base, and he quickly opts to go back on the offensive. Probably hoping to end the game here and now, he mounts a rather hasty attack on Grrrr’s remaining territories with a large force of Zealots, Dragoons, Archons and High Templar. Grrrr, outnumbered, finds himself fighting for his life. Thinking quickly, he maneuvers to split the enemy force in two and engages the smaller half with his troops. Meanwhile, he sends his DTs to assassinate the enemy High Templar. Fisheye is busy restarting his bottom center island expansion however, so he’s slow to notice and Grrrr manages to clear his soil of enemy troops.

Though he’s managed to rout the attack on his main, Grrrr recognizes he‘s walking a thin line between life and death. He’s mined out all his expansions and has 1500 minerals but no immediate way of getting more. All his gateways have stopped producing; obviously, he’ll have to spend carefully. For now, nineteen goons, five templar, four zealots and a few Dark Templar are all the army he’ll have and he’ll have to make good use of them. Grrrr expands to the second natural of the top left main and starts long distance mining with his idles probes while he waits for it to complete.

On the other side of the map, the purple Protoss is in a similar situation. Fisheye, although he has just mounted a stunning reversal of fortunes, doesn't have the game put away either. Though he does have one active expansion, it’s nearly mined out and the three bottom expansions have just barely finished warping in. And now they’re dying. What!?

Having slipped a few Dark Templar into his enemies base, Grrrr busily kills the newly finished nexii at the bottom right natural and second natural before Fisheyes observers and dragoons smoke out and eliminate them. =) It’s a tough blow for Fisheye, but he’s still got the bottom right main and he maynards probes there and starts mining.

While he waits to reap the fortune of his new expansion, Fisheyes troops make a move as if they are approaching Grrrr’s forces in the middle, but turn away when they spot two Templar. In a moment reminiscent of his earlier glory, Grrrr decides he will have none of this. Taking the two templar, he audaciously sends them after the enemy army, getting off four psi storms that kill several zealots and dragoons and damage all the others. =)

At this point there are 25 gateways on the map, and none of them are producing anything. Grrrr’s last hope expansion finally finishes, and right when he starts to get income from it… Fisheye storms most of his probes. Then Fisheyes storms the rest of the probes. Then Fisheye comes in with a DT and kills all the probes that somehow didn’t get stormed before Grrrr can do anything about it. Grrrr responds with a weak DT drop on Fisheye’s bottom right main that doesn’t accomplish much of anything. He also makes a move as if he’s going to attack Fisheye's new expo, but he is evidently hesitant and decides not to. Instead, he blows most of his saved money on more troops and tries to rebuild his probes.

Across the map, Fisheye is slowly getting the cogs of his war machine moving again as his new expos (the bottom island and the bottom right main) start to turn a profit. For the first time in a while, the gateways hum as new troops are called in from Auir. Still, Fisheye doesn’t want to waste any of his troops in scouting out Grrrr’s situation. He decides to use many of his Templar to conjure of a plethora of zealot hallucinations, then sends them off in two groups towards Grrrr’s territory. The first group runs into Grrrr’s forces in the middle of the map and gives Fisheye a fresh estimate of the composition and numbers of Grrrr’s army. The second group of hallucinations slips past the middle and scouts the blank expansions at the top left main and natural, exposing Grrrr’s desperate conditions.

Almost as if trying to prove that he’s still kicking, Grrrr drops the bottom island again and kills the defending cannons and probes before Fisheyes troops drop in and eradicate the invaders. As this happens, Grrrr finds the money to expand to the top left main again. He probably figures that if he can somehow hold onto his current expansion and get another one up and running, he’ll still be in the game.

Fisheye will have none of this. After expanding again to the second natural of the bottom right base, Fisheye musters his troops and sends them off towards what looks like will be a final large confrontation in the middle. He has a well balanced force of 12 zealots, 10 goons, six archons and seven templar, while Grrrr has been whittled down to an army of 17 dragoons and a few templar. After a brief clash outside the second natural, Grrrr, despite microing for all he’s worth, pulls back towards the top left ramp and abandons his expansion, which is immediately razed.

Frankly, this decision surprised me. I would consider this expansion valuable enough to be worthy of a final, desperate stand. It’s his only income, and even despite being severely outnumbered, it seems to me that saving the army isn’t worth the loss of the expansion. Grrrr must feel that the advantage of the cliff is worth the nullification of his only income source, so he pulls up to the top of the ramp and waits for the onslaught.

Fisheye decides not to follow, although I think that with his High Templar he still could probably fought his way up the ramp and finished off the last of Grrrr’s troops. Instead, he turns around and heads for Grrrr’s main. There is little resistance other than a few photon cannons and Fisheye promptly razes all the buildings at Grrrr’s original main, natural and second natural. Instead of trying to help his main, Grrrr moves his goons from the ramp and goes to kill Fisheye's two operational expansions at the bottom right main and natural. Fisheye must figure that finishing off Grrrr’s main is a fair trade for the loss of his expansions, so he makes no motions to save them. Instead, after finishing off the main, he meets up with some fresh troops for his main and heads off towards Grrrr’s last base at the top left main. Grrrr’s army is all the way on the other side on the map and can do nothing to save it. A lone Templar somehow fails to kill the three dozen troops with two psi storms, and the expansion falls.

Grrrr stubbornly picks up his last probe in his last shuttle and begins building a nexus at the recently cleared bottom right main, then moves his 14 surviving goons above the ramp and tells them to hold position. This is HIS base now, and if Fisheye wants it, he has to take it. The seconds drag on as the Nexus warps in and Fisheye's army slowly masses below the ramp. Grrrr’s goons wait for the coming slaughter, ready to defend the base to the last despite the overwhelming odds. They’re a veteran bunch of troops, most having survived several battles, and they have nearly 60 kills among the fourteen of them. They’re tough, hardened warriors and they’re not going down without a fight. Nosiree.

It’s about then that Grrrr realizes that his new "base" has a total of two exhausted mineral patches, and that if he mines them all out with his two probes, he’d be able to buy one pylon, a gateway, and…. nothing else. There’s not much you can do with 256 minerals. =/ After congratulating his opponent on a well played match, Grrrr leaves the game.

Fisheye came out on top of the stats, although the total score doesn’t reflect just how close the game was at several points. There were numerous confrontations when I believe that if one or two things had gone differently, the shape of the game would have been completely different. Overall, 815 out of a total of 900 units were killed, with Grrrr accounting for 417 slaughtered and Fisheye 398. Fisheye came out way on top in structures, razing 102 to Grrrr’s 28. In resources they were just about even, although Fisheye mined significantly more gas than his opponent. Overall, Fisheyes score was 321,622 and Grrrr’s was 298,216. The game lasted just under an hour.

And so here we are, at the end of my second report. It was a sweet game and a fairly time consuming effort, so I hope you enjoyed it. Please, go forth and populate my comments section with your heart warming praise or witty and inspiring criticisms. Or, perhaps add any of the other articulate and thought provoking commentaries which’s readers compose with such deftness and ease. Thanks for reading (or in Kat's case, thanks for proofreading). Oh yes, and a very special thank you to Nessy for his "moral support" I *cough* couldn't do it without you man. Have a good day.

Until next time,

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