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requiem for a game
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Date: 04/11/03 10:04
Game Type: Starcraft
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Requiem For A Game

Press play once loaded.

There were quite a number of cool people in Clan ~NoHunters that day - unfortunately none were willing to play. So instead we have a Free-For-All involving the following bunch of disfigured personalities -

* random_digit - Nice guy, but hangs around Clan ~NoHunters like a hungry dog waiting for supper.
* StoneColdNewbie - Affectionately/Unaffectionately known as SCN by everyone from Mark4 to his very own mother. The kind of person you love to hate.
* randompubbie - Despised by all. Once played Monopoly by himself and still only came runner-up in the beauty contest.
* probey` - The original pranking Sociopath who you wish you could strangle through your monitor.
* Twip- - His name is an enigma wrapped in a riddle and sauced by a find-a-word.
* DivvyO - Charismatic coniseur of cakes, recently revealed a love for Michaelangelo; the party dude.
* Jaood - Mean, Tough, Angry, he knows all these adjectives and more. Forum replies in 30 seconds or they're free.

By themselves they may not seem special, but put them together in a game of Brood War and you've got ~*magic*~

Things started like you'd expect - the Terrans walled off and the Zergs expanded to thier naturals. The only race retardation came from the two Protoss players, but that is unimportant for now.
To kill some time before his expansion was baked, randompubbie sent 6 Lings towards the 12 Main. They ran into random_digit, but retreated before the Marines could react. The Lings went south, then broke up to scout the other locations, all dying in their own manner.
random_digit's Marines headed south aswell, stumbling upon probey`s raw Expansion Hatchery, and some dosile Lings. There was a short fight in the Marines favour, but Zerg backup was swift, and deadly.
During the melee, for 1 of 2 reasons [the least likely being the single red Ling in his base] DivvyO was disconnected from the game. Sad I know but this is war.

After some base building and troop gathering, StoneColdNewbie thought it might be fun to drop a couple of Siege Tanks behind probey`s distressed Expansion - probey` didn't appreciate it at all, rushing north to StoneColdNewbie's not quite Ling proof base. The first wave broke the wall but were escorted out just as soon as they had entered. A few moments later and the second wave ventured deep into the Terran base, ravaging anything hostile to thier cause. StoneColdNewbie gradually regained control thanks to his loyal SCV thugz.

Over the other side of the map, Jaood had been crawling towards the centre of the map with a wierd Tank/Bunker push. A few wild shots against a nearby Protoss base spelt nothing but trouble for the purple Terran. Why you ask? Oh, just that Twip- had a mixture of Dark/High Templar and Zealots ready for such an operation.
The fight was thrown into favour by 3 Dark Templar who did nasty things to Jaood's Expansion before dying to Science Vessel/Tanks.
Speaking of Tanks, StoneColdNewbie was at it again, this time dropping them at random_digit's top-left base Expansion. They killed the majoity of SCV's but were shooed away by a single wraith.

While preparing for a drop on the Terran base to the left, randompubbie did something extremely stupid by raiding Twip-'s mineral line with Mutalisks. Twip- not being one to sit on his arse, rushed north with as many Zealots/DTs as he could find. They arrived at the Zerg Expansion and proceeded to rip flesh from anything even remotely red. randompubbie was forced to cancel the drop plans, instead unloading on Twip-'s men.

The Zerg troops were still eager and so a counter-attack was rushedly organised. randompubbie's advance was lacking in every department and was easily crushed; precision PSI Storming didn't help either.
A crafty Jaood thought up a new strategy for dealing with Twip-. Placing Tanks below the watery gap in bases, he was able to remove a Pylon, which was powering a Cannon, which was in the drop zone of his Metal landing force. It was a small but elegant move, the only real downer being that the landing party was crushed shortly after.

probey` took it upon himself to add a touch of spice to the game, or perhaps he was just bored. The Queens were Broodling abled and there were definitely some choice targets available.

probey` kept himself busy with that, the same while building up an army of Hydralisks.

Like it were some sort of hobby, StoneColdNewbie again drops random_digit's Expansion. This time however there is no escape, authority is stamped down with the force of BattleCruiser tech however random_digit is not out of the poop just yet.
The first to cross the river were the Guardians, striking from the distance and clearing the way for the ground troops to land. As randompubbie's Hydra/Ling passengers touch down they are greeted by the BattleCruisers fury. The skirmish was ugly, with Zerg blood and razed Terran buildings all over. A Zerg retreat was ordered luring the Cruisers across the river towards randompubbie's unguarded natural Expansion, destroying it before returning home.

To counter the increasing worry of more BattleCruiser raids, randompubbie started a Defiler Mound, along with as many Hydralisks as the softened budget would allow.

probey`'s Queen oriented fun was brought to a halt with the arrival of a large Metal army. Yes Jaood was back in action and seeking revenge for all those tanks that had been Broodlinged.
A beautiful setup allowed the Metal militia to take out close to 85% of probey`'s entire army.

It took a while but the siege wore down with the influx of many Lings; probey` not excited by the renovations.

During the mayhem of the probey`/Jaood conflict, StoneColdNewbie had boldy attempted to take the centre of the map. DeJa Vu as Tank shells rained down on poor old Twip-'s Expansion. A small but tough group of Protoss came running out to meet the guests. StoneColdNewbie retreated and Twip- followed, all the way to the land bridge where the skirmish unfolded - it was short and in Protoss favour with no immediate aftermath.

The same can't be said about Jaood's little incursion, it sent probey`'s troops into a blind rage, racing across the bottom of the map to the Terran base in the corner. The Cracklings did some serious damage to the wall-in but were dispatched by approaching Goliaths.

Now this is the part that gets crazy, StoneColdNewbie pushed out near the centre, holding in a non-threatening position. randompubbie pulled a sneaky attack on random_digit's Main, plaguing the Command Centre and then using Dark Swarm to cover a group of Cracklings while they finished it off. probey` sent his entire army towards Jaood, eventually overrunning the whole base - the same time both Twip- and Jaood drop probey`'s Expansion at the 6 Natural, going at it with eachother. Jaood, the winner, attempts to occupy the 6 Main.

StoneColdNewbie pushed close to Twip-'s Natural, the same old story though as Protoss ground troops charged the Terran Metal with Psionic can openers.
Old habits die hard, randompubbie gambles again with a Hydralisk/Defiler drop on his Terran neighbour. Things went horribly wrong though as a very late Dark Swarm came in time to cover only a single Hydralisk.
Things simmered for a while and all players took a few breaths - at the same time a secret deal took place.

random_digit found himself being harrassed once more by StoneColdNewbie. A convoy of dropships flew directly into a gathering of hostile BattleCruisers. probey` and Jaood also met for another round of fistycuffs. probey` tore into the base with very few casualties. Jaood was forced once more to find a new home.
Up in the centre of the map, you guessed it - StoneColdNewbie and Twip- decided to have it out yet again, but wait! this time StoneColdNewbie pulled off a miracle. It turns out that EMP missiles from his Sci Vessels turned the tide on a sure Protoss victory - what a shame his base is under attack from random_digit's BattleCruisers.

To add to the insult, probey` brought up troops from the 6 Main and attacked the few remaining Tanks in the centre before heading into StoneColdNewbie's base.
probey` and random_digit engaged in a mediocre feud, with Terran power ultimately prevailing. StoneColdNewbie's building numbers shrank rapidly and he was eliminated.

randompubbie felt he had enough of an army to go fight someone - anyone, so they loaded up and headed for the centre of the map. There they met with probey`'s approaching army which where actually headed for random_digit's base. Unfortunately randompubbie's convoy ran right into probey`'s. The Overlords despirately tried to unload but where too slow, the Guardian backup were not on attack-move and thus were slaughtered.

Twip- searching for a fight found himself in the rebuilding stages of Jaood's newest base. There was no hesitation, the Zealots crowded anything Terran and killed it. Jaood was able to escape, but only by the skin of his teeth. He found himself at the 6 Main.

After the randompubbie slaughter a minute earlier, probey` advanced to the entrance to random_digit's base, which was protected by his Cruise fleet. Ensnare grouped with Hydralisks worked alright, but numbers were with Terran that fight.

random_digit was unphased by the attack, and headed south to counter.
Resistance was heavy at the gates to the Zerg base, and only the combined might of team Random could breach it. Well not really, randompubbie's contribution just made it a tad faster.
Without a prayer in the world, probey` had no choice but to leave.

random_digit moved right, encountering a sore Jaood. Mo mercy was shown and Jaood went the way of probey`.
With just 3 playes remaining, it was evident that an alliance had been formed. Twip- was not pleased. As the BattleCruiser fleet approached, he was forced to abandon the Terran project and sent a large group of Zealots to the Terran 12 base where they might actually do some good.

In a quick decision, randompubbie morphed a bunch of Lurkers to deal with the Zealots. Once ready, the Lurkers accompanied Zerglings to the Terran Choke point at the top left. The Lurkers burrowed while the Lings drew the happless Zealots to thier deaths.
Back at his base, Twip- had taken control of the BattleCruiser situation.

This just wasn't Twip-'s day. Right as he managed to take out the last of random_digit's BattleCruisers, randompubbie's reborn Zerg swarm from just North dropped in for an unfriendly visit. Red Lurkers/Hydralisks stormed the Expansion at Twip-'s base and fought a tough battle for the ground. Meanwhile, inside the array of Protoss Gateways were unleashed a significant number of Hydralisks/Zerglings via Overlord transport.
Overwhelmed by numbers, Twip- pulls the plug calling team random some nasty things on the way out.

Tired of playing second fiddle, randompubbie pulled a move you'd find in the clearance bin at K-Mart. With no more than a few BattleCruisers guarding the top-left Terran base, randompubbie ordered all proximal forces to attack - instantly ending the alliance of team Random.

random_digit put up a good fight considering the extreme lack of defensive availability. Several newly constructed BattleCruisers stemmed the flow of Zerg invaders but were too few to keep them out forever; eventually being rounded up and destroyed by Hydralisks.

random_digit clung tightly to his building shaped life preservers. The Starport was picked off by Hydralisks - the Barracks slipping to safety hovering above a nearby lagoon. randompubbie's Hydralisks were dumfounded, how the heck could they get close enough to hit the Barracks.. Oh wait there's a bunch of Scourge.

random_digit's last structure was retired with extreme prejudice bringing the marathon of cheapness to a.. umm.. cheap end.

The End
to all the players ;D


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