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A Journey Into the Stars: A EV:N BR, Part Two
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Date: 03/25/03 05:03
Game Type: Other
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A Journey Into the StarsHello, and welcome to my second Escape Velocity: Nova report. Those of you with photographic memories will know that I've written one of these before and it's main character, Lord ZOD!, was mildly well-received. However, he was cruelly slain in the crossfire of an Auroran Carrier and a Federation battlefleet (Fusion weapons + an estimated 161,947,164 Raven Rockets = death), so the second BR never got published. However, after about a year, I have decided to make a new one, new improved and shiny and glowy with that "New car" scent. Unlike the previous br, I will not be doing this in the half-story, half BR format, due to the fact that Writers Block is the devil. Thus, I give you:

Wahooooo!  We're back!  My EV:N BR - Part Deux!

Welcome! This will have less pictures than my previous report, so if you want pictures out the aft thrusters, go read a WilliamWC3 report. My previous report has some good pictures on what the game is like, ect., so go read it to get an idea of what I'm talking about. (Although likely you won't anyway.) So, since Lord ZOD! went to the big Parrot Cage in the sky I'm going to create a new pilot. But this time, I'm using Plug Pack v12, which has new outfits, target graphics and new starting ship packs. This allows you to start the game, instead of with your regular Shuttle, anything from the Shuttle to the Antonida Kestrel. Fun, eh? I decided to start with a Federation Patrol Boat, which you can find information on here, with EVula's excellent EV Survival Guide. You start with the Standard Variant.

Yeah, because I'm egotistical I decided to name the pilot after myself.  If I were someone else I would flame me.

Yes, the Executor I. The Roman numeral I means 'one', thus implying I plan to buy another ship after this.  Also, I chose a clichŽ name like 'Executor'.

After naming myself after myself and christening my new Gunboat, I clicked through the Story screens - which, by the way, you can see in my previous br - and started play.

As I entered the game in Sol, I landed on Earth. This is sound idea, as many good missions are available on Earth early on in the game. Since I started with a good Legal Status in the Federation, I could get these missions right away. Most missions' Avail% depend on Combat Rating and Legal Status. I visited the Spaceport Bar and got the Cunjo Hunting mission, which is great because it's easy and it pays 75,000 credits, and enormous sum early on. I also, when visiting the shipyard, got paid a visit by Rodney Andrews, liason for Sigma Shipyards, who gave me his mission. This is good because it's four jumps all told, going to Kolan and back, pays 20,000, and gets you the Sigma Shipyards upgrades, which although they cost an arm, tooth, leg, kidney, liver, inner ear bone, ect. are well worth it if you have the money, and you can, if you wish, buy a Leviathan or a Pegasus or a Liner. I then upgraded my ship a little bit: 2 more Raven Rocket pods, allowing me to dispense with my ammunition at an even more prodigious rate, and 40 more Raven Rockets. Then I completed the Sigma Shipyards mission and bought 200 more Raven Rockets, and started on the Cunjo hunting.

I completed the Cunjo Hunting mission without incident. Well, actually, there WAS one incident: An Auroran Firebird attacked me just as I was jumping into hyperspace out of Greenwich, but it didn't even damage my shields. As I got back to Earth and got my pay, I bought three items: an IFF Decoder, a Gravimetric Sensor and an Auto Recharger, all of which I feel are essential. The IFF Decoder allows you to tell if a ship is hostile, friendly, or disabled on the Radar, the Gravimetric sensor allows to tell the relative size of a ship, and the auto recharger... If you can't tell what this does, please post your name and address in the comments section so that I may dispatch the Gene Pool Cleanup squad to come to your home and kill you. This left me with exactly 60,000 credits - just enough for the Traders Bank account! This is one of the new outfits in Plug Pack v12. It gets you 800 credits per day, a very good - if expensive - outfit. Also, when visiting the Bar, I got the Take Scientists to Trishka mission. Pretty easy, almost no risk, and pays 25,000. Being broke, I took it.

As I left Earth, I did a quick scan of the ships, and found a Drifting Derelict Leviathan.

This is the Leviathan, a ship with 4000 tons of cargo space.  The blast of it being destroyed is so huge it brings all ships in the system to 35% armor.  I keep saying to myself,
Now, Drifting Derelicts can be three things: 1.)A disabled ship, with credits equal to that of a normal disabled ship of it's class. (Oddly enough, it's Capture chance is the same as a normally disabled ship as well - if there were crew left, wouldn't it be option three?) 2.)A ship that sends out a signal for a pirate fleet to warp in. 3.)A mission to take some passengers to a system for 75,000 credits.

Now, if Lord ZOD! were piloting the Executor I, he would refuse stating that 75,000 was a pitiful sum, insult their mothers, shout abuses out them, then proceed to pull down his pants and jump out the window. As you can see on the right, this turned out to be option number three, which those of you with photographic memories will know that I explained this above. However: This is not the mission I took with the Executor I game. Due to the fact that I am a nimbus, I forgot to take a screen shot of the event of finding the crew. Luckily, I did find another mission of the same type to a different planet. The planet I am suppose to go to in the Executor I game is Sirrusa, one jump away from Sol. The management asks you to please disregard the fact that the author is a total, blathering idiot and continue to read the report. Thank you.

Thus did I change course from Trishka to Sirrusa.

Now, after collecting 75,000 credits for the trouble of one jump (heh), I went without incident to Trishka and collected 25,000, which, for you Comp Sci majors, will know adds up to 100,000. With my newfound riches, I decided to buy some heavy-duty weaponry to spice up my Gunboat. I was going to buy some Medium Blasters but discovered I had not yet gotten any licenses! Imagine my shame. So, I decided to check out the Mission Computer.

Sigma Shipyards.  Nowhere else in the universe can be found such a wretched hive of scum and villany.

Well, this is good. A 20,000 credit mission that makes me pick up something, then return to Sol where I can buy Licenses! Joy and happiness abound. By my troth, I am off!

I reached Moonview without combat. In Kerella and Nesre Secondus there were some Auroran vs Fed battles, but nothing that I wanted to bother with. I got the cargo from Moonview, and bought the Stellar Bank Account, which costs 100,000(!) but gets you 1,000 credits per day. Along with the Traders Bank, you can make 1,800 credits EVERY DAY. Worth it. This puts me at 15,000 credits. As I took off, I engaged in my very first Space Battle. Joy! A Rebel Viper was fighting a Pirate Viper. Happiness! I quickly took the Rebel's side as I entered battle. I hate Marauders, which ignore even the rules of Pirating...

Die!  Die you impotent collection of scrap metal!

My three Light Blaster Turrets combined with the Rebel's Light Blasters quickly look away the Viper's shields and armor, as you can see. Now, combat is rather simple: Primary weapons (Blasters, Railguns, Turrets, Fusion Weapons, most beams, ect.) are fired with the Primary Weapon Fire Key, which, in my case, is mapped to spacebar. If your Primary weapon is turreted, it will fire at whatever target is currently selected. If not turreted, it will just fire. Turreted weapons will not fire unless a target is selected. You can cycle through Secondary Weapons (missiles, rockets, torpedoes, all ammo needing weapons, ect.) with the Secondary Weapon Cycle Key, which, in my case, is mapped to alt. To fire, you press the Secondary Weapon Fire Key, which, in my case, is mapped to Command. If your weapon is guided, it will fire at whatever target is selected, tracking it. If not, it will fire dumb. I closed on the viper and opened fire with my Primary weapons, three light blaster turrets. Victory was swift. But, as I am a Federation ship...

Die!  Die you impotent collection of scrap metal!

Yes, I turned on my former ally(or vice versa) and disabled it. Unfortunately, as you can see, my last shot connected before I could board it, destroying it. Oh well...

So, after getting my 20,000, I bought a Missile License and a Heavy Weapons License. Then I remembered something: To get into the Federation storyline, which is my ambition, you need to have an Average combat rating, or 150 kills. I started with Little Ability combat rating, or 15 kills. What's that? You don't understand? I'll explain: Each ship you destroy has a certain number of crew. Each crew counts as one kill. For example; if you destroy a shuttle which has one crew, you will get one kill. If you destroy a Patrol Boat which has 10, you will get 10 kills. Follow me? Good. So I think to myself, "I've got to get some kills." Now, the Nesre Primus system is frequented by Rebels and Pirates. So I go there, and see a Rebel Thunderhead and a Derelict Pegasus. I engage the Rebel Thunderhead, firing Raven Rockets and blasters like there's no tomorrow, when I discover an important fact:


Thank you, I had to get that off my chest. As such, from now on you will most likely only see the screenshots of the aftermath of a battle unless it is a battle between me and a fighter, ect. Anyway...

Ha ha ha!  I have disabled you, little annoying Thunderhead!  Victory is mine!  Cheap wine for everyone!

Yes, I disabled it. I used up exactly 100 raven Rockets in that battle. They cost 100 each, so I'll need to pay (gasp) 10,00 to replace them! It was worth it. Now, in retrospect, I SHOULD have fired one or two light blaster shots into it. Why? Because each shot when a ship is disabled makes it easier to capture.

Sheesh.  Not even any money.  Cheap rebels.
This is the Boarding Screen. A ship can have Cargo, Credits, Energy or Weapons Ammunition. In this case, only Energy. Also, you have a chance of Capturing a ship if you want. But, if you fail, you can't loot anything else. And every time you loot something it has a chance to activate the self-destruct. Unfortunately, I failed to capture the ship.

So, after that, I checked out the Derelict Pegasus.

Oh, yippy, another group of people wanting to give me their money.  I love this place.
Yessir, another mission to take passengers somewhere for three quarters of a hundred thousand. Sometimes, EV:N is a very lucrative place.

So then I landed on New Babylon to replenish my Raven Rocket Stock. Then, as is my usual, I checked the bar to see if there are any interesting missions. There was.

I have a wish concerning Bill Gates and this mission.
Well, this is interesting. Let me tell you a story: One day, I decided to use Escape Velocity:Nova's support of Third Party Add-ons. I downloaded a program called Mission Computer that provided a nice GUI for making Plug-ins for EV:N. This is nice, because I find Dr.Ralph's excellent Nova Tools a bit daunting and confusing. So anyway, with Mission computer I'm making a plug-in called Nova Plus that expands the universe, adding persons (special, one-of-a-kind ships), fleets, dudes(groups of ships or one ship that make up the EV:N universe), and other things. One of these things is this mission. It pays 75,000 and requires you to take a passenger to Sol. It also makes some pirates come and try to kill you. Anyway, I accepted.

As I left New Babylon, I did my usual check of the ships in the system. I saw the UFS Bismark, a person Fed. Carrier. And then the Hostile Ship alarm went off. A Free Trader (Pirate) Manticore was after me! The Bismark moved to intercept.

Bismark, Bismark, he's our man.  If he can't do it, no one can!

The Bismark launched a lot a fighters and began to kick butt. It's heavy turrets and missiles and the fighters brought the manticore to 43% armor REALLY fast.

Haha!  We got you, you big nasty round pirate you!

First off, I am blue in this picture because the manticore hit me with it's Ion Beam Weapons, which Ionize you. Making you slow and blue and hurt. I am at 50% armor right now. I shoot it with some Raven Rockets and blow it up, giving me Average combat rating. Yay! I start to jump to Sol. Easy 75,000. As I land, I noticed I have 125,000. Good, enough to buy a Handblaster Upgrade. This gives an extra 5 or 10% to your capture % rating. Handy. Then I headed of to Sirius II to get my 75,000 for rescuing the pegasus crew. On the way, I ran into Hannah Chick who works for ATMOS, who made the game. Neat. I collected my 75,000 and checked the mission computer. Sigma mission, Dunroamin, 20,000. Let's go.

As I warped into Dunroamin, I saw one of the Beta Testers:

Yes, that's Tom If you touch him, he will kill you.

Pretty cool. I picked up my stuff, and bought two Medium Blasters and a Light Blaster. When I left the system, got attacked by a viper. A. Singular.

Foolish viper.  Never knew what hit it.

Silly viper. You can guess how this ended.

Ha!  You are mine now, viper!  Bow before ZOD-, er, I mean, Eldritch.

Got it! My first capture of the game.

I will sell you at the shipyards for money money money MONEY!! HA HA HA!!!

Yes! Now, you can upgrade a escort to make it more powerful, let it go, sell it for money, or keep it. I chose to sell it for 8,000 credits.

So: I landed on Dunroamin, sold the viper, and took off. My quick scan of the ships showed two Marauders.

But they were both the worst possible ships for marauding in.

The first one was a Terrapin, Standard variant (one blaster) and the second was a Pegasus, 12b model (one turret). Needless to say, my grin was large. I went for the Terrapin first.

It makes you wonder sometimes...

This... Is sad. I don't think I got hit once. I fired Raven Rockets as fast as I could and fired an immense spread of blaster fire, disabling the Terrapin quickly.

I didn't really expect much from this guy.  Probably lost all his credits when, while accessing his bank account, used his disc drive as a cup holder.  Spilling his drink, he shorted out his computer and lost his money while it was in transit.

Got it. I deliberated for a while about what to plunder - Money, Capture, or cargo. I chose cargo - it's fun to sell stuff, capture was too unlikely and money is overrated. (Editor's Note: Please note that the previous statement is not endorsed, encouraged or in any way realized by Thank you.)
As I took the cargo (15 tons of luxury goods), I activated the Self-Exploding Sequence. Bah. Time for the pegasus.

And now, class, we learn why pirating in a floating space station with no weapons is a bad idea.

Bwa ha ha ha ha ha ha! Victory is mine! Glory! Riches! Fame! Riches! Prestige! Riches! Monkeys! Riches! Will all be mine once I capture this pegasus. I OWN this pegasus. It's fate is sealed. It's mine. Gone. Toast. Destroyed. Annihilated. Sold. Tethered to a stake in the yard. It's... Um, Its...

Uh, hold on. I seem to have destroyed it.


Grrrr. I have a sticky trigger finger... Blast.

Oh well. After defeating the two Marauders, I set out for Sol. Why? Because: you can sell Luxury Goods for 1125 credits per ton. Lots of money. I jumped into Sol, and landed on Earth. I went to the Commodity Exchange.

Li fe is good when you have stuff to sell for a lot of moolah.

Yessir, I sold that there Luxury goods then and there. A good trip. And now, I will finish. Done. Yes, this is the End of A Journey Into the Stars: A EV:N BR: Part two. Sad, isn't it? Have no fear, I WILL have a second one done. You won't go long without another EldritchEvil BR! Have no fear! And now, my Thank You's.

I, alone, could never have produced this battle report. I say this mainly incase there are lawsuits. But there are some very special people who need to be thanked:

EVula, for making his survival guide, to which I reference countless times in this BR.

AmbrosiaSW, for continually supporting Mac Gaming.

ATMOS and Matt Burch, for making EV:N.

Dialtone_/OrcDork, for proofreading.

Ed Greenwood, who has no idea I exist or that my imagination exists in his world every day.

Monte Cook, for revolutionizing D&D.


And a lot of other people whom I cannot recall at this moment but deserve praise.

Thanks for reading, don't forget to tip your servers, comment, go to The Warsmith,, comment, send me money, and, finally, comment. I hope you enjoyed it,


Read checkerboard nightmare, or I'll stab you in the face with lasers.
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