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Raptor : Call of the Shadows
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Date: 01/11/03 07:01
Game Type: Other
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Hello my friends , welcome to a report made by me , well if your hoping that this is a w3 report you can just .. and if you want sc well .. nevermind this is a report on an oll game i played , just a few minuets ago , it is an exciting action arcade game called raptor . This was origonally intended to become a fanfic with pics , but i like explainig all the details , plus the earlier option would take to much time . I have a life a gf and other stuff ie school so i decided to make this a non-sequel BR .. unless you want more ....

The above picture is my character , each with it's own special abilities , strengths , weaknesses , ect . Lets not stray too far off the arcade blood line , this is no rpg . Now as i described above I am going to try and explain the games mechanics , wepons , enemies and bosses .

Now let me go over a few of the devistating weapons and attachments in Raptor . Like in other arcade shooters , there are some amazing looking weapons , especially the lazers ( my fav !).Many of them are just improvments on the earlier versions , like single lazer and dual lazer ect... I also listed a few powerups including the Shield and Bomb .

The Auto Track Mini Gun is the best bullet weapon , possibly because it tracks the enemy heat signatures and lets go with multiple guns . "The Bomb" is the best missle type weapon because it is just so devestating . The last Few lazers are very impressive , but of course this comes at a price ......

^^ Here are some rare bonuses that any kind of enemy or container could give when destroyed . They can be found anywhere , mostly in containers or ships . The Micro-Fusion Core and Raw Freylium
do NOT come easy , the must be earned by killing hardass bosses ....

Now what would a game be if you could just amass bombs and let them fly at the bosses , Gg? Not very fun is it . This is were the troops come in , the cannon fodder , the expandebles , the ones that make up the majority of your funds . So here you have the bad guys of Bravo sector ( i might br tango and outer later ^-^ ) I have put in those little bars to describe the power ratings of these guys.

I began with 75 life shield , 1000 credits fresh out of the academy on my way to the godly piots guild. I set of on my first mission with my just my reaver guns and a B class fighter . After I had serched a while and my kills were in the hundereds I finally got some missiles!

After a long time of destroying bad guys I finnally killed the first sector boss . I had purchased Micro Missiles , they are always equiped and are good for taking down those extra armoured guys . I also aquired the super gosu firestorm , adding a little energy blast to all my attacks . I also purchased a scanner and a shield .

Now i got my new auto track mini-gun , nothing special without all the upgrades and pre-reques i got . Also i got the dumbfire missles , rightly named because they are so powerful that they shoot off the side until their jets activate and boom!

Finally I got to all the sexy weapons , the plasma cannon that shoots encredibly fast waves of energy , almost coating the screen with destruction . Around this time i maxed my mega bombs allowing me to carry 5 at a time , true screen clearing action happened ! Oh ya also found some ore..

I had a hard time with this boss because he shoots those little orange things out ( very very damaging to shields ) I sold my auto track to get the pcannon so i couldnt kill him from behind , but eventually he paused his onslaut and I killed him after 1 or 2 full patterns . Now on to sector 3!!

This is were the shit gets hard , especially on elite , when you have rows and backups rows of insane missle jets , almost impossible to beat without full upgrades . I also had to abort on the final boss once because i was reckless and taking pics ( you cant fire and prntscrn at same time ;( ) and i had only a small amout of shields left . Also past bosses and mini bosses started apearing making it even harder for me !

At this point im tired of this , i cant beat the final boss for bravo , so i sell of some stuff and get the deathray , buddy you want this .. so amazing instantly clears all the class 1 armour guys ez no prob . Although i had to complete the stage with only 2 shields , no ups and only the ray , it way worth it , so godly , i smash that boss apart , away form his heat cannons . I flew away victorious , the academy was proud , avenging the deaths of so many before me . I left the burning rubble , the once glourious platform..

Well i hope you enjoyed this breakdown on Raptor : Call of the Shadows , i encourage you buy this amazing first gen game . It certianly has good elements of everything . Mabey I could possibly do another rep on this , but Im gonna try and do some good w3 reps when i have some time . For all you newbies out there who think you cant make shit , trust me , use the guids and Br.coms Rep center , you can make BR's just like this!! Thx Br .Com!!, and mark4 for some amazing w3 maps too . Just hope for front page plug....plzplzplz..

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