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"Slings: I found God for you. he's hiding behind these brass knuckles"
-CynicalMagician and Fox^1

Brood Claus
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Date: 12/22/02 04:12
Game Type: Starcraft
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Brood Claus
Mary Xmas

Happy Birthday baby Jesus, It's also my bithday did any of you know that? Of course you didn't! Ooooh Jesus got nailed to a cross and did some magic tricks, HE'S OUR SAVIOUR! Meanwhile poor ol' Santy Claus has to make and deliver 10s of billions of presents to billions of whiny little kids all over the world, what do I get? Cookies and Milk ooooh thanks a lot. Oh sure I get some "help" - from those lay about elves! YOU never hear it but they're always trying to claim workers compensation for frostbite, dammit these guys are born with frost in their blood for crying out loud.
Since no elves showed up to work today(frostbite season ughh), I decided to go home at lunch time and play some Brood War, my fav game next to Dwarf Tossing(w/ elves).

After kicking off our live-in Elf, I quickly found a game. It was Evilshadowboy(9 Terran) & I(3 Zerg) teamed against Darkness.(6 Zerg) & Pillars_Boxer(12 Protoss) on what else but Lost Temple.
Evilshadowboy allied straight up, allocating 40% of his time to gameplay and the other 60% talking crap.

Deck the halls with bounds of Holly,

He built a Barracks and trained Marines from it . . . I morphed a Hatchery at the 3 Natural, and a Spawning Pool at my main also sending an Overlord to the 12 Main. The Overlord spotted Pillars_Boxer warping a Gateway and Forge.
Darkness. made the nessecary buildings for Lurker tech. He then sent 3 Hydralisks to the edge of the 9 choke, whereupon Lurker Aspect evolution completing, he morphed them into Lurkers. The Lurkers strolled casually into Evilshadowboy's base, passing now 3 Barracks' still training Marines, and heading to the Mineral Line. Evilshadowboy was with lack of a better term, screwed!

Fa la la la la, la la la la.

The only detection available was one of my overlords which slowly flew up from the 6 Main. It didn't help though, Evilshadowboy was forced to vacate -
Evilshadowboy:"Help me!"
Santa_Claus:"Float to the Island"
Evilshadowboy:"where's that?"
Santa_Claus:"-_-V top-left or bottom-right"
So off went the 6 buildings, floating across the map to the bottom-right island Expansion.

Darkness. had a few more units ready at this point. He sent them to my choke, the Hydras fighting the Sunkens while a pair of Lurkers slipped in behind my own Main mineral line. All drones were transferred to my Natural until I could remove the Lurkers. My Spire had just finished and I was awaiting the morphing of 9 or so Mutalisks.
Once they Mutas were ready, they attacked and killed the Lurkers, then headed towards Darkness.'s Natural. Finding moderate anti-air defense at both the 6 Natural and Main, the Mutalisks focussed on killing enemy Overlords before pulling out and regrouping.

Within a short time, I rallied together 24 Muta/ 24 Lings just below the centre of the map. They rushed in together attacking the 6 Natural, creating a headache for Darkness. who decided to give up.

T'is the season to be jolly,

What about Pillars_Boxer? Well you know what normally happens when you allow a Protoss player to stew for 12 or so minutes...
Heh, not this time though, Pillars_Boxer attacked, but not with the might you'd expect. The white Goon Patrol was smashed from both sides by the returning Muta/Ling and everything else in the area.

Fa la la la la, la la la la.

Pillars_Boxer's exodus brought an end to the game, but not my gaming lust...

"Dear Santa, for Christmas, I would like Peace on Earth." - Sally
Well Sally, I very nicely asked Osama and Saddam about your request. Both declined, only because they hate the name Sally, sorry kiddo ;[

Once again I found myself playing a Lost Temple map, WCG version this time. I was relieved when the creator pointed out it was TvB(Top vs Bottom) because my ally had such a rad name.
iwillwingohome(12 Zerg) & me(6 Protoss) made up team beta, while GiTM.Ace(3 Protoss) & ZyThaN[LM](9 Zerg) made up team beta7.

Things started out slowly, I tried the risky move of expanding at 13 suply with only cannon support early on. Team beta7 caught on, and GiTM.Ace leapt into action, simutaneously expanding to his own Natural. 3 enemy Zealots walked straight through a few warping cannons and started to harrass my Probes. I pulled some fancy Probe dancing micro while warping in more cannons. The Zealots were eventually cornered and left to die. I started work on several Gateways.
The 2 Zerg players were also busy, iwillwingohome expanded just earlier than GiTM.Ace and morphed in a Hydra Den, working on Main base defense aswell. ZyThaN[LM](9 Zerg) breifly stuck to his Main, breaking out to the 9 Natural the same time as his Spire had started.

After a lull in agression, ZyThaN[LM] grouped his new Mutalisks and flanked my Main mineral line. The Mutalisks took shots from a couple of Cannons till they positioned themselves behind the minerals. My Probes retreated to the Natural, leaving 6 Mutalisks with the option of attacking 3 cannons, or retreating - they chose the latter.

Siiiilent Niiiight

In retalliation to the Mutalisk attack, I let loose all the Zealots I had(7ish) on ZyThaN[LM]'s Expansion. At the same time, GiTM.Ace was doing the exact same thing to MY ally, only with more success : [

Hoooooly Niiiight

My attack fizzled, but team beta7 took down the Natural and prepared to enter iwillwingohome's Main.
I rallied my Zealots & Goons, about to send to them to the 12 Main to help defend when all of a sudden, at 12 minutes into the game GiTM.Ace just leaves...

aaaaaalll is caaaalm

I was dissapointed, ZyThaN[LM] was dissapointed, iwillwingohome was thanking his lucky stars.
I said in a manner tone, "Ally End", ZyThaN[LM] emoticonially smiled and team beta moved in for the kill.
Sairs attacked Overlords and Mutas, Zealots rushed the freshly laid Sunken field, and Goons gave cover fire where needed, heck, even a few of iwillwingohome's Hydralisks joined the party. At the 15 minute mark, ZyThaN[LM] surrendered, and team beta allied up ; ]

aaaaaalll is briiiight

2-0 Santa, better than any of those newbie elves could do...

"Deer Jesus, I liek you bettar then Santa becasue he is fat." - Pete
Hi Pete, this is Santa Jesus, Santa is my hero and god, and since you don't like him you are going to Hell!

More Z&P v Z&P action in game 3, myself(12 Protoss) & FabulOuZ(9 Zerg) vs after_bite(6 Zerg) & NecroMenZa(3 Protoss) on Lost Temple(duh).
Since it worked the previous game, I decided to early expand again, this time going Forge before Nexus. I had a case of De Ja Vu as NecroMenZa sent in a single Zealot, followed shortly after by 3 more. Zealot no.1 died to mass Probes, Zealots 2-4 ran the Cannon gauntlet, 2 dying to Probe/Cannon at my Main Nexus, the third casually hiding in the shroud below - NecroMenZa seeing no immediate threat decided to expand aswell.
FabulOuZ & after_bite both found eachother with their scouting Overlords. FabulOuZ played it safe by sticking to his Main base, getting a Spire as soon as he could. Meanwhile after_bite got a Hydra Den and felt safe expanding to the 6 Natural. No matter how safe and right it felt, that expansion would cost after_bite dearly, for just as his Drone maynard arrived, so did FabulOuZ's first attack troops - the small Muta/Ling group overwhelming after_bite's Hydralisks, causing a retreat back to his Main.
Rather than pursue, FabulOuZ pulled out and headed towards the 3 choke.
The thin Protoss defense was an annoyance, but not strong enough to put a stop to the attack. The surviving Mutalisks kept up harrassment in the area.

All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth,

While poor old NecroMenZa's Natural was being torn apart, his ally after_bite was deciding where to attack with his new Hydra team. Remember that one Zealot that hid at the bottom of my base? His hiding spot was just above the 12 Mineral Only Expo where I had recently expanded. "What a target" after_bite figured, attacking without a second thought. My Zealots were already in NecroMenZa's Main wreaking havoc, and 2 Cannons were just not enough to save the Expansion.

after_bite regathered and headed right to help his ally. FabulOuZ had now taken out the 3 Natural with Muta/Ling and NecroMenZa struggled to remove my last few Zealots from his Main. after_bite's Hydras flushed out all hostile units in the area, but did not stay long, heading to the opposite side of the map.

FabulOuZ was expecting the attack, just not so soon. His Natural Expansion was only a baby and defensive units were scattered. after_bite's Hydralisks and few Lings made their presence felt, cleaning up a sloppy Muta/Ling attack with few casualties. Help was on the way though.. sorta, I had a dozen Zealots and 6 High Templar coming to the rescue. The Zealots arrived first, doing little more than distracting the Hydra/Ling for a few seconds. Half way there, I pulled back the Templar, realising Storm research was not done, oh how silly I felt. after_bite went on to destroy the Hatchery, then retreated to guard his own Expansion at the 6 Natural.

My two front teeth,

With 24 Zealots, 6 High Templar and STORM RESEARCHED, I wasted no time preparing to attack after_bite. FabulOuZ was ready too, bring in more Mutas, and so the attack went forward.
The Zealots ran in swiping like mad and with Muta support, the Hydras were on the run, infact running past my first PSI Storm which managed to hit FabulOuZ's Muta's dead on. The next few Storms hit their marks, all Hydralisks dying and after_bite surrendering.
The loud rumbling of Thunder spooked NecroMenZa, who left 2 seconds after his ex-teammate.

My two front teeth!

3-0, booyah!

"Dear Santa, I know you LOVE milk and cookies, but what should I leave for your reindeers?" - Alex
Dear Alex, My reindeer LOVE Whiskey, there's a couple of bottles in your father's liquor cabinet - the key is under the fishing statue on the mantle ;]

I was getting a little tired of 2v2s, so I scouted the other games available, eventually joining one called 'NEWBIE CHAT ONLY'.
Since noone else was joining, the creator - Ts-PoOh, started the countdown timer, I randommed still not knowing what I was meant to do.

The map was called 'Fastest Possible Map Ever', I set my Probes mining on the stacked mineral stack at the bottom-right base and started some "newbie chat"

Rudolph the red nose reindeer,

Ts-PoOh(1 Protoss) scouted, with all 4 Probes, the base to his immediate left. Finding nothing there he returned to mine his own stacked stack.
I started a Forge early sending 2 Probes to scout the 7 other bases. When my first Probe discovered Ts-PoOh's base, I warped in an offensive Assimilator, unfortunately it didn't work, Ts-PoOh is a Minerals only man. He went on to warp in a Forge and Gateway.

had a very shiny nose,

As time went on, hostilites raged similar to those during the cold war. No man's land was declared on the bridge out of my base. Ts-PoOh's few attempts at rushing in Zealots were extinguished but heavy Cannon defense, the crazy old Tinker from Willy Wonka said it best;
"Nobody ever goes in, Nobody ever comes out!"

and if you ever saw it,

Ts-PoOh continued to warp Cannons and Zealots, going as far as to build a 2nd Gateway. My time was better spent teching, I soon had 2 Robo Facilities, then 3, then 4 then 5. The first Observer to come out went straight up the right hand side of the map, coming to a stationary hover over Ts-PoOh's Nexus. You know the good thing about having 5 Robo Facilities? It means you can get Shuttles full of Reavers very fast, and so at 12.5 minutes, 2 Shuttles w/ 4 Reavers left my base, heading north. Just as they left, Ts-PoOh rushes with his most ferocious force yet, 7 Zealots, and this time, 1 made it through!!OJ!O@JO! That Zealot went on to sit in my base and stare at a rogue Mineral Patch the rest of the short game.

13:00, 2 Shuttles pull up to the right of Ts-PoOh's Nexus, the contents are unloaded and the fireworks begins.

you would even say it glows,

Ts-PoOh sent all the Zealots he could to defend, not the best choice of counter I'm afraid.
3 Reavers were dropped on the edge of no man's land signalling end-game. Ts-PoOh graciously surrendered. Poor guy, after such an effort he deserved a long break, oh well School can be fun too.

*rest of Rudolph song*

4-0 and I feel much better. I think maybe i'll get some "Reindeer fuel" into me and indulge in a bit of Elf Tossing, Merry Christmas to all and yada yada you know the rest.

"Dear Santa, I want an X-Box and all the games" - Johnny
OK Johnny, I gave the X-Box to your parents, if they say they don't have it, it means they hate you, but why would they do that ;o

Seriously, Merry Christmas, Hanaka(sp?), Kwanza(sp?), Ramudan(sp?), Day(athiests etc. ;p) and a Happy/Safe New Year. Enjoy your holidays ; D and happy birthday Santa/Jesus ♥

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