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Date: 12/10/02 03:12
Game Type: Strifeshadow
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Hello everybody and welcome to another Psycho Raver report! Er. Right. Anyways! In case your retarded and haven't noticed that the title says "Strifeshadow" Which isn't WC3 OMFG HAX! Also, I will be making this a 1 report BR. Sorry to disappoint you fellows who liked my 2 part BR.

This was a game that come out about, oh, a year ago by a gaming company called Ethermoon! The game was created by well known gamers such as Zileas, YourRoleModel, .Praetor, BigChill, and Artius! Although they have all gone on to better things, their minds are still lingering back to SS. As of now, Zileas has a job at Blizzard now and makes mucho money, YRM is a proud father, while Artius just got married! Yes, the Ethermoon team is livin it up do to the great sales of their game.

Ok that was kinda a white lie. While the team is doing what I said they really didnt make that much profit on Strifeshadow but hell I'm sure it was fun to make! Now if you want an in-depth read on how SS works, go read YourRoleModels report because I'll only explain how the money system works. Also, drop by Ethermoon and leave a message in the forum!

Alright, enough chatting bout the good ol' days, Strifeshadow has been coming back from the dead and some rockin games have been played. I got this little replay from my good friend, Mr who played in the recent Tournament I held.

So lets get ready to rumble!

Took me 5min. to do this. I feel so proud.

As most of you have probably never played a SS game in your life. Here's a map of the map they played on. The Blighting. This map has the opponents start on raised ground facing each other across a large flat open ground, and they completely mirror each other. There are two exits, top and bottom. The top leading to more Aether Pools on the flat ground, the bottom giving you a quick access to the enemy's base, also along the flat ground.

This is probably the most balanced map for 1v1's

The game starts off to a roaring start when Mr makes a few comments. "So.. FU. Harp Boy." To which Bard replies ":-)" Yes, you can tell these men have a heated hatred for each other.

In case you haven't noticed from the picture above, Mr is the Witty Dark Elves and Bard is the Dreaded Accursed. Now I cant really compare them to any Starcraft races so I'll just say that the Dark Elves can build troops about as fast as a terran can and Accursed can build troops as fast as zerg, with the same kind of body armor and HP involved. To put it as simple as possible of course.

Now to gather money you must build these little things called "Aether Towers" They are what supply you with money, thus eliminating peon pumping by about 95%. Then there are "Mines" where you can mine Ikon, gas for your heavy tech units, and Arikon, gas for your magic-users using only !!!1!!! peon to mine them both correctly.

Duff man cant breath! OH YEA! -DeonDaPeon
Ok on to the game! Sorry for sidetracking! Bard scouts Mr to see what he is going for, although scouting this early in the game provokes some responses from Mr not to mention that Bard still wouldn't be able to tell if is enemy is going to rush or not, as the enemy is still building towers to increase his income.

After Bard takes a leisurely stroll though Mr's base, and a hostile "Go away!" from his adversary, the Zombie Thrall, is forced to depart from his Kobold Slave who was about to give him mad sex. Leaving though the top exit of Mr's base the Thrall notices another Kobold setting up an Aether Tower, so the Thrall thinking quickly, places a trap in the nearby trees, to keep an eye on the nearby mine, and to ooze any enemies that walk over it.

But that wasn't Mr's plan. As he built a his 6th tower, *to successfully connect with the Aether pool on the low ground, just near the top entrance of his base* Mr has sent a Carver and a Offensive Kobold to Bard's top ramp, catching a wide open Aether tower with no defenses. Mr quickly places a trap behind his carver as he places him in between a tree and a cliff, sealing him off from a rear attack as he pounds on the Aether Tower.

I think I meant strike...But that plan falls apart when Bard's Thrall appears and destorys the trap, letting his 2 skeletons come to finish off the Carver. While Mr micros his Carver to try and kill the Thrall, he has his Kobold building traps like mad.
The carver is successful in killing the Thrall and keeping the Kobold alive as it built its traps. The traps then kill the two skeletons chasing the carver. So I have to say, first battle goes to Mr because he has managed to kill the Aether Tower and the two skeletons with no losses.

Mr, who is feeling quite confident now, decides to continue the push into Bard's base when reinforcing carvers arrive on the scene. I glance into Bard's base and only see two skeletons for defense. Great, one of the best is losing to a rush. Thus the battle begins with Mr having his Kobold leading the way to begin placing traps while the carvers distract the skeletons and kill any passing Thralls. Suddenly, I saw what Bard had been spending all his money on. During the battle, Bard had placed down a Strifeshadow Node, and a Infernal Hive, which produces the quick and annoying Dark Locusts, WHO FLY, thus giving Bard the advantage in the battle as soon as one arrives! The rush is beat off as Mr orders a full retreat after a carver is slain to the flying bug. 

Sorry for making the pic so big and only showing the battle to the side, but for some reason I just had to include the Thrall and the Kobold having a reversed staring contest.

Mr hasn't been totally caught by surprise though and has local defenses being erected in the form of 2 Gremlin Turrets inside his main in hopes to stem the tide of flying insects that Bard has pumping from his now upgraded Infernal Hive, (It means that he can now build 2 Locasts at a time) and the bugs are also currently harassing Mr's Aether Collecting. Took me half an hour to find a picture of some scissors.

Bard looks to be on a comeback after he destorys two of Mr's outlying Aether Towers, thus limiting him to draw from only 3 pools of Aether. Bard shows excellent micro as he manages to slay 2 Kobolds trying to start new defenses without any losses, well the reason why that is is because A) Mr moved them too far outside of existing tower range to protect them and B) He has no anti-air troops.

Yes this looks like the end for poor Mr as Bard moves his army of 4 Locusts around to what looks like an attack on the Dark Eleven Outpost, but passes it by deciding instead to just waste his time looking for expansion Aether Towers, that sadly, were never built in the first place. Giving Mr time to research Moag Raiders who are a weak type of anti-air while teching to Marksmen, which are the very good anti-air damage dealing units, to scare off the flying pests. SHE FUC*ING HATES ME

Bard wasn't expecting Marksmen so soon and wasn't prepared to deal with the threat, having spent all his money on expanding his Aether Towers to new pools to increase his income, and panics. He has built during the small excursion as shown in the picture above, a Spirit Beacon that enables the production of Spectral Archers, which is kinda the counter to marksmen and just rapes Moag Raiders, but I think he forgot one little thing. Moag Raiders are a combination of a carver and a moag, so Mr can separate the two, thus creating two whole new units, and vice versa. Now moags are strike troops. Which rape ranged units, like archers for example.

Anyways, Mr feels a shift in power and rushes the top side of Bard's base and kills three Aether Towers, before heading to the main entrance where he manages to lure Bard's forces out in the open. Bard's forces unfortunately are composed mainly of Spectal Archers, so when Mr has his carvers unmount his moags, Bard suddenly has an army just as big as his now, and is now equipped with strike troops to deal with his archers. Bard tries to use his Dark Locusts to his advantage but they are killed within two vollys by Mr's Marksmen. I'm out of ideas for alt text. I'm sure this has happened to countless other people before so....

With Bard's army destoryed Mr pushes up the ramp leading into Bard's base where he finds a small scattering of skeletons that arrived too late to help out their fellows in that final battle.

After a few minutes of struggling, Bard surrenders with a GG, leaving Mr as the winner of the match! And he also goes on to win the Tournament. GG's to him and to Bard! Thanks for the game guys!


Thanks for reading! I hope this report will make people want to try the game out again! Go download the demo! Its free!

Also, I got some shout outs from Mr, "Pillars! You're secretly a little girl who cries a lot!"

Right. Zileas also has something to add. "Pillars has a hack of being to good at SS which will be fixed in patch 1.04"

Merry Christmas All!


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