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Back to Plunder Isle: A 1 vs 1
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Date: 10/27/02 12:10
Game Type: Warcraft 3
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Back to Plunder Isle: A 1 vs 1

"Dude, I just watched a totally wacked out battle royale on Plunder Isle. All the mines except for one collapsed and, like, the back-and-forth tension was ass-burning!"

You don't hear people say things like this very often; mainly because it would indicate that your friends sound like morons. But despite its reputation as a poor man's Fading Realms, Plunder Isle can be the source of plenty of action in the hands of players who know how to milk it. This map's strengths come from its small and easily accessible mines, which force players to interact more throughout the game, instead of creeping to their ultimate spells and staging a frontal assault.

I hadn't planned on writing another report so soon, but this amazing matchup between psyonicXsmurf and HurtnTime screamed for publicity more blatantly than President Bush did when he invented his Axis of Evil. So without further ado, let's return to the scene of my previous report for a battle chock full of No Upkeep goodness.

About the Map

Note: This map guide provides the same information as my previous guide to Plunder Isle and is intended for readers who may not be familiar with Warcraft III. Feel free to skip ahead if you've read this before.

Plunder Isle is a two player map that obeys Blizzard's law of bland symmetry. The map is larger than your standard NWTR matchups, but small enough that you're always close to your enemy. Players tend to expand quickly or win before an expansion becomes necessary. It's even possible to win by simply defending your main and preventing your opponent from expanding.

Players start in the upper right and lower left corners of the map. Each base has two large entrances that cannot be easily blocked off. You will rarely see spread out bases in good games on this map.

Each player has two expansions readily available. The central expansions are on an easily guarded plateau and are situated right in the middle of all the action. The outer expansions have no natural features than can be used in defense, but are guarded by creeps with more treasure. Since all the mines have the same amount of gold (12,500), it is usually player preference that determines which expansions are taken first. The map is small enough so that a wily player can easily check every expansion on a regular basis, limiting the feasibility of just building an unprotected town hall. The main mine doesn't collapse any earlier than on other maps, but the paucity of extra mines on the map usually spells trouble for anyone who gets contained.

Neutral Buildings:
Each plateau comes with its own Goblin Merchant, making them nice places to expand, regroup, heal, drink beer, and pick up fine ogre chicks.

Plunder Isle has the most graduated creeps of any Blizzard map, ranging from Level 1 Gnolls to Level 10 Dragons. Most players have their favourite creep routes they follow which allow them to steamroll their way to uber-heroes without losing any units.

Corner Expansions A: The corner expansions are guarded by a fairly large gnoll pack with assassins. In the distance, you can also see a nook full of murlocs. Like the Jets in West Side Story, they just like to think that they're badass, but no one's ever seen them actually leave their nook and lay the smack down on the gnolls.

Main Bases B: Close to the main bases are a small pack of harmless gnolls and some murlocs. These are usually the first creeps to die in newbie games, although they won't even level your hero when combined. All Blizzard maps place strong creeps in unused start locations to prevent other players from having an early and easy expansion. Plunder Isle does not do this, because you would have to play a one-player game to take advantage of it, thus labelling yourself as a desperate retard with no friends on

C: Here be gnolls, yo. Though not particularly photogenic, you can see them posing in the title picture.

Plateaus D / E: The nook nearest to the main base contains two gnolls whose experience-worth is like your paycheck after taxes. However, the bigger fellow has a tome, which can be a tome of experience. If you rush the two tome-carrying gnolls, sometimes you luck out with two tomes of experience, putting your hero halfway to Level 3. It also scares new players who think you hacked the map into removing their favourite gnoll creep. The plateau itself is guarded by ogres. The mine is protected by two vanilla ogres and a bloodlusting magi. Although they're easy pickings for any decent micro'er, they tend to scare new players. The Goblin Merchant is protected by stronger creeps, including a Level 7 Ogre Magi who can decimate your army with Shockwave. Luckily you can build an expansion here without alerting them, but they drop nice items if you can defeat them early.

Dragons F: These nooks are guarded by Level 10 Red Dragons, two Level 6 Drakes, and a couple whelps. Unless you're a tower-creeping fool, these creeps are more of an endgame bonus, being too hard to tackle early on. If you have the time and power to creep these locations, chances are that you've already won the game.

You can attain Level 6 on a single hero just by creeping the non-dragon spots if you're fast enough. With two heroes, you will not be able to get both to Level 6 unless you creep the dragons or kill off the enemy a couple times. Because of this, games on Plunder Isle are more army-centric than on other maps.

Item-drops are run-off-the-mill and usually not enough to change the course of the game. The Ogre Magis occasionally drop a Red Drake Egg or a Book of the Dead, both of which can turn the tide of a battle if used at the right time. The big grandpappy dragons used to drop Sceptres of Mastery before they were robbed in Patch 1.03, but now they normally drop Masks of Death, which are great for your melee heroes, and Crowns of Kings, which boost hero stats a great deal. Treat the suffixes as if they were on Diablo items, and you have the general idea.

The Opponents

psyonicXsmurf: Random Orc, lower left
Fun Facts about psyonicXsmurf:
  • Level 13 Solo
  • Has a completely Random record.
  • Once got streamrolled by Jaood, who massed steam tanks in an FFA on Crucible.
  • Writes battle reports under the moniker, Psyonic_Reaver.
  • Has a hero kill rate of 5.95 heroes per hour.
HurtnTime: Human, upper right
Fun Facts about HurtnTime:
  • Level 12 Solo
  • Generally a chooser of Humans
  • Was hit with worldwide embarassment in the Smurf Tourney for trying to wall-in on Booty Bay.
  • Has a hero kill rate of 5.06 heroes per hour.
  • Has shown an increasingly disturbing trend of winning in battle reports; a trend that must be stopped at all costs!
  • Says that your mother is fugly.

Early Game:

Both players begin with builds which are not blatantly idiotic. HurtnTime builds a farm, Altar of Kings, and barracks, using his trained peasants in succession. When the Altar is complete, he begins training that perennial favourite, the Archmage. Meanwhile, Psyonic constructs an Altar of Storms and orc burrow. He sends his next peon to chop wood before realizing that Barracks in 1.03 don't require any sort of layaway period. While the lumberjack peon switches gears and works on his erection, Psyonic trains a Farseer at his Altar. No doubt he is going to rush to Level 3 Farsight, which on Plunder Isle lets you see about sixty percent of the usable playing field for only 50 mana.

The Archmage is the first out of the blocks, and immediately begins creeping the nearby trio of gnolls with the aid of a water elemental and a slowly burgeoning footman army. Showing his elite multitasking skills, HurtnTime simultaneously turns one of his peasants into a militia man to scout his opponent's base.

Tiny Wolves

Psyonic throws up a War Mill as his Farseer finishes training and runs to his tome-carrying gnoll, which he beats up with the help of ankle-biting baby wolves. Judging from the picture, it looks like he put his first skill point into Fetal Spirits. LOLZ! This skirmish nets him a Tome of Experience, which he almost forgets to pick up.

HurtnTime's next stop is the murloc nooky next to his main base, and defeating them is so demanding that he fails to protect his scouting militia, which reverts back into a sniveling peasant and dies on the axe of a freshly trained grunt. In memory, HurtnTime constructs the Ernest Joe Williams Lumber Mill, named after that hapless soul. Though only halfway to Low Upkeep (23/40 supply of food), he begins upgrading his Town Hall into a Keep. At this point, he could be rushing to get a second hero, or to gain access to Human magic.

Psyonic evidently read my other battle report because his next journey takes the Farseer and grunt to HurtnTime's tome-carrying gnoll for some dirty thieving. Luckily though, HurtnTime is creeping the map in standard newbie order, and arrives there just before the Farseer. Psyonic's Level 2 Farseer softens up the footmen with a Chain Lightning and some more wolves, but he is ultimately forced into retreat by the larger army. He returns home to lay into his own gnoll trio, while HurtnTime kills the gnolls to get a Tome of Agility. Then, to show just how manly he really is, HurtnTime goes tome-commando and leaves the Tome of Agility on the ground there for the rest of the game.

What follows this rendez-vous is a standard Warcraft III round of "I will ignore you for as long as possible while I kill all the creeps with my masculine army". HurtnTime starts off by stealing Psyonic's easy plateau ogres (his way of saying "F_ck you and all your orcish brethren"). This makes him wealthy enough to construct a Blacksmith back home, and he continues creeping Psyonic's end of the map in the lower right corner with the aid of a baby-faced Mountain King. After clearing the corner expansion, HurtnTime returns to Psyonic's plateau to finish off the heavy-duty ogres. Apparently, he deemed the murlocs in the corner beneath his notice, as they remained alive. He chose not to upgrade his footmen at all, opting instead for an upgrade to Castle. A castle and a smith with no upgrades? This could only mean... gryphons!

Minimap UpdateWhen Psyonic discovers fresh skeletons at his plateau, he flies into a rage, not unlike the whiny bear in the Goldilocks fairy tale. He spies HurtnTime's army slipping away, but rather than ambush it mid-creep, Psyonic decides to pay HurtnTime back in kind by creeping the upper left territory. He also begins upgrades and throws down a second Barracks to combat the fact that grunts train slower than arbiters. He finally upgrades his main base with a Stronghold while eliminating both sets of ogres on HurtnTime's plateau. After this, the entire northwest corner of the map is cleared of creeps in quick succession.

Following his ogre ownage, HurtnTime's human army heads for Psyonic's main base. Enroute, they stumble upon a secondary army consisting of a Blademaster, headhunters, and a few peons. Of course, this little colonization party is no match for the humans, so they quickly run away. In an attempt to show that he is the alpha male in this game, HurtnTime Storm Bolts a fleeing headhunter, and then murders it with five Defending footmen and two water elementals. Smelling the sweet scent of weakness, the human army continues towards the orcish base and attacks it head-on.

First AttackThis did not turn out to be a smart move because Psyonic's main army arrived to reinforce the Blademaster, pincering the humans between several grunts and a row of spear-firing orc burrows. They surrounded the Mountain King and effectively beat the snot out of him. Sensing a moral victory in the making, HurtnTime quickly town portals back to his main base.

But wait! It turns out that the Mountain King had picked up an Ankh of Reincarnation from his earlier creeping. Not one second after the Archmage teleported away, the Mountain King comes back to life in the middle of a very hostile situation. It tries to run, but those stubby dwarven legs weren't built for any kind of mobility and Psyonic scores another hero kill!

At this point, Psyonic controls a Level 5 Farseer and a Blademaster that's just inches away from Level 2. His heros are backed by a mixed army of 1/1 grunts and headhunters, with nary a magician in sight. HurtnTime has a Level 3 Archmage, a dead Level 2 Mountain King, and two 0/1 footmen. With 1500 gold saved up in the bank, it looks like it's about time for him to make two Gryphon Aviaries.

The party has just begun...

Mid Game:

HurtnTime wastes no time after his teleportation. While his peasants build his secret weapon in the back of the base, he sends his Archmage and wounded footmen off to creep his plateau, only to find that Psyonic has come and gone already. He is sitting on the plateau looking befuddled when Psyonic knocks on his front door with an army of four grunts and three headhunters (and another four units on the way). Rather than buy a new scroll of Town Portal, Hurt just gallops his Archmage back to the fracas. With the aid of militia and a resurrected Mountain King, HurtnTime is able to repel the attack, but the results aren't pretty. HurtnTime loses all but one of his peasants and is forced to show his uber-strategy by using two gryphons in the battle. With all of his headhunters dead, Psyonic calls the retreat, and is chased all the way home by the angry gryphons and a small army.

They clash again at Psyonic's main, where he's bought the time to train more headhunters. In this skirmish, Psyonic focuses on the gryphons with headhunters and Chain Lightning, and then treats the Mountain King in a like manner. Soon, the Archmage is left by himself with three water elementals, but chooses to stay on and fight like a man. Bleeding profusely from the nose and elbows, he continues to murder headhunters with his elementals until he reaches Level 5, and then gallops off into the sunset. He flees to the nearest Goblin Merchant for a healing potion, while Psyonic's Blademaster has gone to the other Merchant for the same reason.

HurtnTime had a peasant in his control group during the previous chase, and it was too stupid to return home after losing its militia status. Rather than kill it outright, HurtnTime punishes it by giving it tower-building duty at Psyonic's hostile expansion site. Psyonic's Farseer sees this happening, and counters it by sending three peons of his own to tower the tower. HurtnTime counters this by attacking those peons on the plateau, and Psyonic counters this counter by ambushing the lone Archmage with his standing army.

The Two Towers

The Archmage rightly earns the title of "Manliest Man in the Whole Downtown" by soloing the orcish army until he has only 23 hit points left. At this point, the resurrected Mountain King and two new gryphons arrive to cover his escape, and the Archmage rides safely away, leaving the remnants of Psyonic's army facing a Level 3 Mountain King and gryphons.

Well... almost safe. "Safe" is a relative term, and this maxim is proven when the Archmage escapes down the same canyon that Psyonic's Blademaster is arriving from. It only takes one bitchslap from the Blademaster and the Archmage is dead on the ground.

The orcish army retreats to get reinforcements, and the Mountain King does the same. HurtnTime instructs his AWOL peasant to build another tower at the plateau, apparently blind to the watch towers that are going up on the other side of the trees. When complete, the two nearest towers begin to duke it out, arrow to arrow. This call to arms is answered by both opponents, and another battle ensues.

The Two Towers II

The winner of this sortie is obviously Psyonic, since HurtnTime's army still consists of only three units. The Mountain King humbly retreats and travels to the Goblin Merchant on the north side of the map for healing, where he is joined by the resurrected Archmage. Meanwhile, Psyonic goes expansion hunting in the northwest, and surprises the human army on the plateau. The odds do not look good, but HurtnTime refuses to teleport away. With effective use of water elementals to confuse pathing and Storm Bolt to assist in general ownage, he isolates the Blademaster and scores a hero kill. The Farseer and grunts retreat a short distance and then teleport home. Could HurtnTime be on the rebound?

Next comes the first lull of rebuilding. HurtnTime begins training gryphons in earnest, and travels to the northwest corner only to find that Psyonic has already cleared out the creeps. Psyonic, meanwhile, tries to creep his own corner while waiting for the Blademaster to resurrect, and comes up mostly empty-handed as well. Since he already has towers built on his plateau, he decides to put up a town hall there and call it home. He also sends two peons north to search for expansions, but these are discovered and brutally molested before they can report any intelligence back to the boss. At this point, Psyonic is slightly ahead in the leveling game, with a Level 6 Farseer and a Level 3 Blademaster. The human heros are Level 5 and 3, respectively, since the Mountain King spent so much time pushing up daisies.

Sensing no immediate threat, HurtnTime decides to attack the eastern dragons with his 0/0 gryphon army for massive cash prizes and recognition. He only loses a single gryphon, and in return he gains a Crown of Kings for his Mountain King, and both heroes go up in level.

But all is not well in Hurtville. While the army was preoccupied with dragons, Psyonic sent his Farseer to Hurt's main and cast an Earthquake underneath the Gryphon Aviaries. Because the buildings were so close, he managed to demolish two Aviaries and a Blacksmith. HurtnTime rushes home, perhaps forgetting that he had just earned a skill point for Mass Teleport. He arrives too late to prevent the unnatural disaster, and finds the Farseer gleefully electrocuting all the lumberjacks. The wily orcish hero is finally killed with the aid of three Storm Bolts and plenty of chasing.

Late Game:

Twenty minutes have passed and the main mines have now collapsed. Psyonic upgrades to a Fortress at home while learning Shaman spells at a recently built Spirit Lodge. He has a second expansion under construction in the lower right corner, and his Level 3 Blademaster is on the prowl for human expansions with a goon squad of 2/1 grunts and headhunters. HurtnTime has five unupgraded gryphons, two heros, and a dearth of peasants. He starts a new town hall on his plateau, feeling that a late expansion is better than none at all, especially since he has no source of income. He decides not to rebuild his Aviaries now, because the tech tree would require that he rebuild his Blacksmith first. Instead, he takes his standing army and heads south to cause trouble.

Minimap UpdateIn fact, trouble finds HurtnTime. The Blademaster and his sycophants discover the plateau expansion before the town hall is complete, and murder all three peasants before HurtnTime can react. He tries to Mass Teleport, but cannot use an incomplete building as a destination. Tragically, he is forced to cancel the expansion attempt.

The human army launches retaliatory attacks on Psyonic's plateau expansion next, and the Blademaster's gang is quick to Town Portal in its defense. With the knowledge that the orcish army is holed up in the expansion, HurtnTime changes direction and beelines for the main base, which is mostly undefended. There is only one peon onsite to man the orc burrows, and the fugly Farseer is still resurrecting at the Altar. Because of bad pathing, HurtnTime gets a short period of uninterrupted attacks on the base before the Blademaster army dawdles into town. The Farseer finally wakes up as well, but Psyonic runs it away, out of Storm Bolt fear.

When Gryphons Attack II

Once again, Storm Bolt becomes the catalyst for success, and the Blademaster falls while attempting to run away like a frightened three-year-old. Left to his own devices, HurtnTime proceeds to demolish the entire base with his crazy gryphons.

Psyonic scores a minor victory when his Farseer discovers peasants on the northern plateau and kills them before they can rebuild an expansion, but this doesn't exactly balance out the cost of a lost main. Plus, the fact that HurtnTime had made no units in the past fifteen minutes meant that he had quite a nest egg saved up for a rainy day, and could easily start another expansion later.

Later Game:

What's that? The game's not over? Of course not! Only twenty-five minutes have elapsed since our protagonists began, and the game lasted for a full hour. While HurtnTime busies himself with demolishing the main, Psyonic towers up his expansions and begins the slow process of regaining tech buildings. Although he has no army, he still has two working expansions, in comparison to HurtnTime who has no income and only four peasants.

Rumble Rumble Rumble...Mutiny Mutiny MutinyIn some games, the only unit you need to win is the Farseer. Though his skills won't win you any fist fights, his rechargeable earthquake powers can destroy bases through attrition as long as you can keep him alive. Since HurtnTime's army looks busy, Psyonic sends his Farseer to the human base and plants a big earthquake right underneath the Castle. The Castle is dragged down to three-quarter strength before HurtnTime teleports his army back. Again, the Farseer dies to a combination of Storm Bolt and gryphons. HurtnTime ended up losing four farms, putting his supply count lower than the size of his army (35/30).

HurtnTime's most pressing issue at the moment is his lack of income. Earlier on, his repetitive attempts to expand at the plateau had drawn notice of the Orcs, so this time he slyly sets up base at his corner expansion in the upper left corner. While that is being built, he returns to the task of finishing off Psyonic's main base. Psyonic is busy enough trying to keep his heroes alive, and he has an Altar at each expansion bring them back to life. When the Blademaster is back in business, he sends it and a headhunter north to search for expansions.

BadassMountain Kings with the Avatar spell are sexy, and they get lots of women. Wanting this fate for his brave little dwarf, HurtnTime creeps the last remaining dragons on the map and brings his Archmage to Level 7 and his Mountain King to Level 6. The dragon drops a Mask of Death, which allows the Mountain King to leech 50% of his attacks back as added health. On a unit that normally does 45 damage per hit and even more when in Avatar form, this is just a sickly twisted perk.

It's now time for Psyonic to play the harassment game. His opening gambit is to murder peasants at HurtnTime's corner expansion with his Blademaster, while a single grunt attacks a tower at the main base as a distraction (the tower won). HurtnTime rushes his army back to defend the expansion, but in an attempt to show his elite orienteering skills, they get lost on the little backwoods trail behind the dragon site. When the human army chases after the Blademaster, the Farseer hops off his Altar and casts another earthquake underneath the human Castle. Realizing that this is more of a threat, HurtnTime teleports there to defend it, giving the Blademaster free reign to harass the expansion again. This earthquake run is more successful, as HurtnTime loses all of his farms and half the strength of his Castle. The Farseer makes a clean escape but the Blademaster is not so lucky. Further abuse of Mass Teleport and Storm Bolt kills the Blademaster dead.

A lone grunt is attacking the human main base (or what's left of it) so HurtnTime casts Mass Teleport again to silence the fugly critter. Apparently though, the Mountain King and lone remaining gryphon were experiencing motion sickness from so much teleportation. They decided to walk just out of Teleport range when the spell went off, and the Archmage arrived to fight the grunt alone. The fact that it had less than 10% of its life left was helpful in killing it quickly.

Feeling that the world is now a safer place, HurtnTime begins a second expansion at his plateau. His Archmage is just leaving to rejoin the Mountain King when Mr. Farseer shows up again. The Farseer evidently has a Castle fetish, as it cast another earthquake on the ground just between the Castle and the remaining barracks. Luckily for HurtnTime, Psyonic had the Farseer in a control group with his grunts, and when he told the grunts to attack the Lumber Mill, the Farseer stopped casting his spell. This gave HurtnTime's heroes enough time to return to the scene of the crime. The Mountain King (who apparently feels that his massive Storm Bolt can compensate for other things) stuns the Farseer and gives chase.

He's fallen and...HurtnTime is so preoccupied with killing off the Farseer that he doesn't notice his Level 7 Archmage getting surrounded by Shadow Wolves and grunts. Somehow, the Archmage manages to die, becoming an embarassment to his family and friends. The Mountain King manages to defeat the remaining grunts with the help of a water elemental and gryphon, but the damage has been done. HurtnTime now has a half-dead Castle, two Town Halls, a Lumber Mill, a farm, and a Barracks to his name. He doesn't even have enough lumber to make a new Altar, so he quickly moves his peasants to rectify that situation. Figuring that he should probably start making units again (the last non-peasant unit was a gryphon made some fifteen minutes ago), he queues up seven footman at the barracks. Psyonic has two heavily towered expansions with two barracks pumping men, and begins to upgrade a Stronghold for magical fun.

HurtnTime's Mountain King is a badass, so he sends it towards the southern corner expansion with the last of the gryphons, hoping to raze it singlehandedly. He bumps into the Blademaster and six 2/1 grunts and retreats after failing to duke it out. Apparently he not yet good enough to be a fully qualified badass. The orish army is rejoined by an invigorated Farseer and they chase the Mountain King all the way back to the northern plateau, where a Lumber Mill, Altar, and scout tower are hastily being erected. After stocking up on potions, the Mountain King returns to the expansion to defend it from the Blademaster and grunts. Meanwhile, Psyonic has sent his Farseer to the northwest corner to earthquake the undefended expansion, while simultaneously sending his headhunters to the human main base to destroy it once and for all.

Even Later Game:

Badass IIIt's here that the Mountain King finally gets to show off how much of a badass he is. While the Blademaster Windwalks away to the Merchant for potions (one too many Storm Bolts), the Mountain King calmly solos five grunts at the same time, aided by his Avatar spell and the Mask of Death which is granting him 30 to 40 extra hit points on every swat. The Farseer successfully destroys the northwest expansion, but the Blademaster is forced to slink away in defeat (Windwalking of course). HurtnTime wryly says he's going to buy a Gem of True Seeing and then resurrects his Archmage at the new Altar.

The dust is settling in the northwest corner when Psyonic sends his Farseer to the human main base to rejoin his headhunters who have razed the Ernest Joe Williams Lumber Mill. One final earthquake destroys the Castle, but at the cost of the Farseer and all the headhunters. Again, Storm Bolt was the culprit.

HurtnTime now has a single expansion consisting of a Town Hall, Altar, Lumber Mill, farm, and tower. His army is a motley crew of heroes and a single gryphon, occasionally joined by a water elemental ringer in some cities. He tries to reclaim the northwest corner again, and the peasants disappear from view just as the Blademaster and friends assault the plateau. The opening volley of a catapult shows that this time, Psyonic means business. HurtnTime has just started his own assault on the southeast corner, and teleports back immediately. No serious damage is done to either side. The Mountain King pursues the Blademaster's army for the sheer novelty of Storm Bolting the catapult and is promptly surrounded by the unwashed orcish horde. Ultimately the Orcs retreat, and the humans again stand victorious.

Like clockwork, the Farseer revives again and goes into the field for more earthquake fun. Following an aborted attack on the southeast corner, HurtnTime abuses Mass Teleport again to defend his expansion, but the Farseer gets away. This is followed by a series of hit-and-run attacks on both sides, including several humourous attempts by Psyonic to offensive-tower the northwest corner expansion, one peon at a time. Psyonic alternates attacks between each of HurtnTime's expansions, forcing him to scramble to keep up. The potent combination of Storm Bolt and Mass Teleport are just too much for him though, and one attack costs him his entire army and both heroes.

End Game:

Sensing the need to do something unexpected, Psyonic creates a Bestiary for raiders while researching Bloodlust at his new Spirit Lodge. Seeing as how HurtnTime is still at 24 supply and has forgotten how to train units, this could prove to be a very successful strategy.

Of course, it just wasn't Psyonic's day. As his raiders rallied to join his army, they walked right past the human heroes who killed them (he even used Storm Bolt). A secondary attack on the plateau with the Farseer was aborted by the Paladin who had just been trained for the first time at the Altar. The armies clashed at the base of the plateau, and once again, the Mountain King turned the tide of the battle with his insane insanity. Faced with numerous grunts, Chain Lightning, wolves, shamans, and Bloodlust, the Mountain King calmly became an Avatar and picked everyone off one at a time.

SuccessThe three heroes pause to watch the Farseer's spirit ascend into the heavens while mourning over the gryphon, who finally died in this battle. Throughout this war, the Mountain King and Archmage reached Level 8, while the Paladin gained a level from this single battle alone.

The remaining ten minutes of the game was filled with wyvern harassment as Psyonic changed gears completely. He was actually successful in stopping HurtnTime's income, but it was too little too late. HurtnTime was just humouring the attacks until he could mass steam tanks from two shoddily constructed workshops, made on a whim at the end of the game.

End Gambit"Le gg."
Gay Chat

Halp halp!

This report is the second in a new series of reports by "Halp Halp, i'm beng reprssed!" Productions, an offshoot of CattleBattle Productions. Please see the author's previous report for his philosophy on this new series.

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