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"this Jewish Starcraft player has been pulling down games with us even when he learned that we were all gentiles. But we can't seem to figure out why he keeps hogging all of the minerals..."
- mattzarella's The Pentagram Paradigm

Nightshift FFA
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Date: 10/08/02 07:10
Game Type: Warcraft 3
Labels:Image Heavy(1), Warcraft 3(1)
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Report Rating: 8.5, # of Ratings: 2, Max: 9, Min: 8
Lifetime Rating for MuLepton: 9.0833
Sorry for the inconvenience, but I couldn't get my report to work/look properly with this submit-thingy here (BG coulour/tables looked screwed up).

So please click here to get to the report.

Standard disclaimer:
This report is optimized for a resolution of 1024x768. Also, if you have the favourite-bar-thingy switched on in your browser, I advise you to turn it off, as some parts of the report might look strange otherwise.
No refunds will be given for burned-out modems.

Thanks for your attention and enjoy!
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